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FREE BOOK ⚡ Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night (Immortals After Dark #4) ⛈ This Seductive Paranormal Series Continues With A Brutal Highland Werewolf And An Exquisite Young Witch, Adversaries With A Blood Vendetta Between ThemHer Breathless Kiss Haunts HimBowen MacRieve Of The Lykae Clan Was Nearly Destroyed When He Lost The One Woman Meant For Him The Ruthless Warrior Grew Even Colder, Never Taking Another To His Bed Until A Smoldering Encounter With His Enemy, Mariketa The Awaited, Reawakens His Darkest Desires When Sinister Forces Unite Against Her, The Highlander Finds Himself Using All His Strength And Skill To Keep Her AliveHis Slow, Hot Touch Is IrresistibleTemporarily Stripped Of Her Powers, Mari Is Forced To Take Refuge With Her Sworn Adversary It S Rud That No One Can Tempt Bowen S Hardened Heart, But Soon Passion Burns Between Them Though A Future Together Is Impossible, She Fears He Has No Intention Of Letting Her GoNo Deed Is Too Wicked For Her SeductionIf They Defeat The Evil That Surrounds Them, Can Mari Deny Bowen When He Demands Her Body And Soul Or Will She Risk Everything For Her Fierce Protector I am stopping half way through Book 5 to write this short review because I was so eager to continue that I failed to say even a few words about this yet another AWESOME story This series is like a book version of Lays potato chips you can t read just one I am addicted and I REGRET NOTHING I ve said this before and I ll say it again Kresley Cole has this uncanny ability to create characters you can t help but fall head over heels in love with She is the only author that made me want to be BFFs with EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HER HEROINES and I am SUPER PICKY when it comes to my female leads And her Heroes GAH is the only word that comes to mind.Basically, this series can be summed up by reading the following gushing non reviews reviews aka my ramblings of The Warlord Wants Forever IAD Book 1 A Hunger Like No Other IAD Book 2 No Rest For The Wicked IAD Book 3 Cheers I am totally addicted to this series Each book only serves to suck me into this story further Who knew that crossing supernatural beings would be so hot This fourth book in the Immortals After Dark series, tells the story of Bowen and Mari, a werewolf and a powerful witch From the start, their relationship is contentious Bowen s family has a long and bitter rivalry with witches.When Bowen begins to feel an attraction toward Mari, he assumes that she has cast a spell on him After all, he s spent years suffering after the loss of his mate following a tragic accident Never in all those years had he felt an attraction to another, so he knows that the witch must be up to something.Believed to be the most powerful witch in her coven, Mari is just beginning to harness her power She s led a sheltered life and has been abandoned by everyone she ever loved She can t deny her attraction to the sexy werewolf, but she refuses to be second best again Eventually, Bowen cannot fight his attraction any longer He has to choose between the love that was, and the love that could be Once he sets out to win Mari over, he s got his work cut out for him He ll have to work doubly hard to undo the damage he s already done.Just when things start to work out for these two, everything gets turned upside down There were some pretty big twists that I didn t see coming In my opinion, this book contains the most surprising plot twists in the series, so far.Overall, I enjoyed every minute of this story It was fun and sexy, with a great storyline More and , I m beginning to draw connections between all of the characters from the different books I listened to the Audible version and the narration was great Bowen s Scottish accent was sexy as hell I highly recommend the audiobook I ll be starting the next one immediately. He crossed to her, clasped her upper arms, and pulled her to her feet.Gazing down at her, his voice breaking low, he said, Doona bring me back to life only to destroy me once What a f cking awesome book I swear, this series is just getting better and better I loved Bowen in the previous books and I couldn t wait for his own, and it didn t disappoint It s my favorite from this series so far and I don t think that will change 3 And again, I LOVE this narrator 3 The way he did Bowen had me melting 3 3 3 3 love this book Bowen MacRieve was oh so charming and sexy The way he takes care of Mari I loved him Mariketa the Awaited She was a super powerful witch that can t control her power She is funny, and sassy and doesn t let Bowen walk on her but she shows her vulnerability as well This book was romantic and action pack and it blew my mind What they go through and the Plot twist shock the crap out of my I so didn t see that coming The Way Bowen talks and the things he says so sexy always talking about her wee hands and wee little witchThe first time the two of them are together Hott until he says the wrong name lol Fuckhead The name s MariKETA Go to hell, The WITCH, doing a creepy spell somewhere right now Mari s Dad made me laugh This is the male she s been seeing He can t even dress himself Aren t you a bit old for my daughter I was a great book and I can t wait to read the next in this series