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I love books that rhyme Many times these types of books are easier for children to read or to follow along when reading out loud It helps students with word association and how words are related to each other The repetition is also good and easy to read I love how it gives you a chance to guess who the cookie dough thief is It gives the book an interactive feel I think this would be a good one to use as a skit for younger students Easy to read parts. A cute story that kept both my 5 yr old and 3 yr old twins engaged Mother kangaroo is wondering who ate all the cookie dough and goes around asking all the animals, which are done in adorable illustrations The surprise ending even had me guessing Barely enough words to make a level 1 reading book, but still a fun read. DOWNLOAD EBOOK ♩ Who Ate All the Cookie Dough? ♽ Kanga Wants To Make Cookies, But Someone Has Eaten All The Cookie DoughWho Could It Be Join In The Fun And Find Out This Rollicking Whodunit Begs To Be Read Aloud The Refrain Will Remind Teachers And Kids Of The Preschool Game Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar, Making Who Ate All The Cookie Dough A Perfect Story Time Choice In Conjunction With The Popular Classroom GameEven The Youngest Readers Can Solve The Mystery If They Look Closely Preschool Children Will Want To Gobble This Up A good choice for a toddler storytime with its repetition, animals to point out, guesses to make, and a fun surprise for the end The illustrations of the animals are really good, too The story book reminds me a bit of the Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar 6 22 16 6 23 16 Overall the book went well It worked to have it as the last, since the repetitiveness slightly calmed the at the edge of their limit toddler crowd And they all loved the little joey being the guilty party what toddler doesn t like a lift the flap book On Wed I wanted to get the crowd involved, but the only way was to do as I did with the first book So I just had us shrug our shoulders Would have loved the preschool crowd, because they could have joined me in the chanting I suppose I could have tried that with the toddler crowd, but I just wanted to get the book read by then. Who Ate All the Cookie Dough This book takes you through an adventure between many animals that try and figure out who ate all of Kenga s cookie dough Each page looks at a different animal, asking if they ate the cookie dough By the end, they can t seem to figure out who it was, but it ends up being the one you didn t think it would be 3 book topic ideas1 This book can be a good start to a lesson about different animals Science 2 This book could also be used as a simple counting lesson of counting the different animals Math 3 This book could also be used to talk about healthy eating habits Special Activity P.E. This is a great book for storytime I am a huge fan of the author I was a little disappointed in the pictures I wished for something brighter andanimated like in I Ain t Gonna Paint. I give this book a 4 star.This book is about all the animals asking each other who ate the cookie dough They ask everyone but no one seems to know who ate it Finally at the end the Kangaroo realizes that it was his son Boo who ate it Ways to use this in a classroom1 You can have students choose an animal to draw a choose.2 Have the students rewrite the book so that someone else ate the cookie dough3 Write another book similar to this that doesn t have cookie dough in it4 Learn about a place that all these animals could be actually living together in. This is a nice book for young children to read The book involves lots of repetition that children can learn and join in with, particularly during read aloud sessions, which will make the book engaging for young children, especially if they cannot read yet This book introduces lots of animals that children can learn the names of The book has a surprise ending for children of who ate the cookie dough, that that they can try and guess whilst they are reading the book. Mother Kanga is missing her cookie dough and is asking all the baby animals if they know who ate it Young listeners love trying to solve the mystery and the monkey and cheetah are their prime suspects The ending is always a surprise After the culprit is revealed, be sure to go back to the front cover for clues. I love this book and have no idea how I never encountered it before Definitely want to do a storytime around it.