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( Read Book ) â Veil of Midnight ⚹ Bound By Blood, Addicted To Danger, They Ll Enter The Darkest And Most Erotic Place Of AllA Warrior Trained In Bullets And Blades, Renata Cannot Be Bested By Any Man Vampire Or Mortal But Her Most Powerful Weapon Is Her Extraordinary Psychic Ability A Gift Both Rare And Deadly Now A Stranger Threatens Her Hard Won Independence A Golden Haired Vampire Who Lures Her Into A Realm Of Darkness And Pleasure Beyond Imagining A Combat Loving Adrenaline Junkie, Nikolai Dispenses His Own Justice To Enemies Of The Breed And His Latest Quarry Is A Ruthless Assassin One Woman Stands In His Way The Seductive, Cool As Ice Bodyguard, Renata But Renata S Powers Are Put To The Test When A Loved One, A Child, Is Threatened And She S Forced To Turn To Niko For Help As The Two Join Forces, As Desire Fans The Flames Of A Deeper Hunger, Renata S Life Is Under Siege By A Man Who Offers The Exquisite Pleasure Of A Blood Bond And A Passion That Could Save Or Doom Them Both Forever From The Paperback Edition Solid 5 And the plot thickens Stars That was so freaking GOOD Two really smart, powerful and loyal main characters A lovely slow burn romance And action, action, and action A heartbreaking set up for the next book And oh I can t say anything else Can t give it away As you can tell, I loved it and can t wait for Happy reading 5 Nikko Stars SpoilersVeil of Midnight was so good Nikolai and Renata were one sexy ass warrior couple I loved that Renata was a bad ass fighter able to put a male on his ass with her breedmate power Nikolai was sexy and had honor A total adrenaline junkie Nikolai loved his weapons and getting in the middle of the action Renata had a hard life Caught by Sergie Yakut to be bate in his human hunts, she was only saved when Sergie seen her breedmate power and made her one of his bodyguards She may have been stuck with an evil vampire, but she had a dignity She did everything she could to protect the other breedmate that Sergie was holding prisoner A child name Mira who, Renata loved like her own Renata and Nikolai not only had a ton of passion, they had a sweet partnership They let each other in and their relationship felt deeper than some of the others in this series I loved all the action in this book and I loved the plot Sergie was a pos and I was so glad he got killed Sorry not sorry I m bloodthirsty Mira was so cute, my heart hurt for the fact that sergie was using her up and it was costing her, her sight OMG Hunter melted my heart That part where he said that Mira saved his life The bond him and Mira had was so cute Totally swoon worthy Of course as I have already read this whole series and this is a reread I already know that Hunter is my favorite hero of the series with Tegan a close second Dragos was in this book and he was crazy ass evil He made my skin crawl The fact that he planned to kill off Lucan and Tegan has me wanting him to die painfully and slow And the fact that there were a ton of evil Darkhaven leaders secretly working with Dragos makes it hard to know who can be trusted I can t wait for the next book On a side note I listened to the audible version this time round and Hillary Huber the narrator did an amazing job bring the characters to life and with the accents 2.5 stars There was a decent plot here, but in the end, it just felt unsatisfying While both of the leads were written to be pretty kick ass, neither of them stood out as exceptional to me, nor did I feel much chemistry between them In fact, they had little interaction until about the half way point Then, the romance felt rushed and there were several crammed sex scenes in a row The romance almost felt like filler to build up the continuing arc between the Order and the Big Bad Dragos and Fabien There were almost too many bad guys in this I thought the book would revolve around two baddies and then it went a whole different way It felt like a little too much to shove into a paranormal romance.The Gen One vamp, Hunter, intrigues me I like Andreas Reichen His story is set up here But I disliked how Helene was gotten rid of view spoiler It seemed like a plot device Since she is not a Breed Mate and obviously can t be a viable mate for Reichen which I think is kind of bogus she had to be killed She was turned into a minion and he had to kill her I think that sucks And come to find out, in his book which is next, he is set up with his old flame Helene s death conveniently paves the way to rekindle his old romance Yawn It sounds a bit disappointing hide spoiler I really liked this storyline Although Tegan is still my favorite Breed warrior, I liked Niko Renata was a powerful, admirable heroine I liked that that she was a true survivor I thought it was awesome that she rescued Niko from the interment facility Mira, the young girl with the power of showing people who look into her eyes the future, was an interesting story idea The Midnight Breed series is pretty dark and violent The concept of the alien Otherworlders coming to earth a millenium ago, going on a rampage of bloodletting and killing, and raping and impregnating specific Earth women who are compatible with them, to form the breed alien human hybrids who live off of blood is pretty sinister Although generations of breeding have tamed most of the savage instincts of the original Otherworlders, there is still a dark, violent nature to the Breeds, obvious in some than others Although the body count can be somewhat high in these books, this concept has grown on me I do think that Ms Adrian has distinguished herself with the storyline of the Breed warriors amongst the vampire romance entries I find that I am invested now, as I yearn to see what will happen as the new nemesis of the Order unleashes his army on the Breed and on humans, desiring to take over and bring things back to the way they were before, where the Breed ruled, and humans were merely their chattel and food source.As this book ends, things have come to a very sad turn for the sophisticated Berlin Darkhaven leader, Andreas Richen I expect that he will be very changed in the next book I m looking forward to reading his book, Ashes of Midnight And I am dying to see of Hunter, the Gen One warrior who turns out to be an unlikely ally to the Order I hope he gets his own book I quite liked him I think this is one of my favorites in the series, so far.