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Is it just me or did Dimitri look like a 40 year old cartoon porn star What is the deal with all the graphic novels popping up I have nothing against them, I just don t get it I like having my own visions of the characters, thanks. When I first heard there was a graphic novel for Vampire Academy, I was ecstatic I love the books and was excited to see the characters and scenes layed out for my visual enjoyment Then I saw the cover.As an avid manga reader, I m very picky about art Disliking it will either kill the story or any chance of me even picking it up I almost didn t pick up the Vampire Academy graphic novel Rose is nothing like I imagined her and Lissa WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOUR FACEI don t really know what she s doing with her arm and fingers either but it looks painful.Just tried it It kind of is.Despite this I still wanted to give it a chance because maybe, just maybe, the rest was better The rest turned out to be okay Just okay Not bad enough to turn away from but nothing above the level of decent This is crucial for graphic novels because I already know the story so the images are really the only thing keeping my attention, which they failed to do.I found myself progressing from skimming pages to skipping pages to not even bothering to finish The scenery was just poor, like the artist was too lazy to add any real detail and just wanted to splash on some quick basic color Some scenes were better than others but for the most part I was left unimpressed.The characters were okay The poses sometimes seemed awkward but my biggest peeve was that the eyes were often small and unproportional to the rest of the face This was especially the case with Lissa, who s eyes were practically non existent.Another thing about Lissa is that she s very plain She s supposed to be beautiful but is really just kind of homely Rose may not be what I imagined but she is pretty and a major design improvement compared to Lissa.All the males are very nicely done There were still a few problems but overall the men were easier on the eyes Especially Dimitri It made me wonder if the artist is simply comfortable drawing men than she is women Especially because Rose actually kind of looks like a man in some scenes.So I guess the enjoyment of this is purely about taste I for one have a huge stick up my butt when it comes to art, one that can only be pulled out when it s amazing The art in the VA graphic novel was the type that shoved it a little further in It wasn t awful but it wasn t able to keep me. 4 5 stars St Vladimir s Academy isn t just any boarding school it s a hidden place where vampires are educated in the ways of magic and half human teens train to protect them Rose Hathaway is a Dhampir, a bodyguard for her best friend Lissa, a Moroi Vampire Princess They ve been on the run, but now they re being dragged back to St Vladimir s the very place where they re most in danger Rose and Lissa become enmeshed in forbidden romance, the Academy s ruthless social scene, and unspeakable nighttime rituals But they must be careful lest the Strigoi the world s fiercest and most dangerous vampires make Lissa one of them forever I really enjoyed the Vampire Academy series and after reading the Bloodlines series, I needed to reread Vampire Academy But I didn t have enough time on my hands So my options were either read the graphic novel or watch the movie And if any of you have watched and read Vampire Academy you know that the movie was very poorly done and didn t really do the book justice So, I decided to pick up the graphic novel.This graphic novel was very similar to Vampire Academy, at least what I remember of it It hit all of the major plot points, but didn t really delve into the small twists and turns that really made the book interesting They did add in all of the sexual tension between Rose and Dimitri though, they definitely didn t leave any of that out The book was very fast paced I feel like they rushed through all of the important and crucial parts of the story I was a little confused with the plot even though I had already read the book They should have taken time explaining the world, class system, characters, and bloodlines It might have even been great if they had added a family tree This way you could identify who was related to who, especially since most of the royal families are intertwined The art style gave me a very big anime vibe It was simple with lots of very bold black outlines I thought the style really complimented the fighting ad action scenes that were in the story The art complimented the story and characters perfectly All in all it was nice revisiting the book that started it all The graphic novel seemed a little too fast paced and I wish they had delved into certain story lines like the book did, but all in all it was a good book If you are looking for a quick refresher, this graphic novel was very loyal to the original and is worth the read. So, here s what I liked about it 1 Unlike a lot of books turned graphic novels, this one actually does the entire book in one shot Hey, at least it s over with, right 2 The art was decent And by that, I mean that not every guy in it looked like a chick.Other than those two things, I thought it had all of the same problems you tend to see with these kinds of books Which means unless you ve already read the original novel, the story is going to come across as disjointed, lame, and missing hunks of pertinent information The information you are given comes at you in the form of jerky dialogue and info dumps.I wasn t personally a huge fan of the books, so that may have tainted my feelings for this But I doubt itHowever, if you ve read the Vampire Academy series and you find yourself yearning for from this worldwell, have at it. I am only judging this book on it s art, not on the actually story I ve already read this story in book form and gave it a good rating so don t badger meThe art in this graphic novel is not very good, the character designs are poor and the entire thing looks like a bad dojinshi The only thing of detail was Dimitri s abs and they were better in my mind Just read the book and use your imagination.Peace out. 2 MEH STARS Tercera versi n que leo de esta historia.Primero vi la pel cula, despu s le el libro y ahora le di una oportunidad a la novel grafica No hay mucho que decir, ya que esta adaptaci n es fiel a la historia original, obviamente un par de cosillas fueron omitidas, pero aun as es bastante fiel.Lo que no me gusto, fue que los gr ficos son mediocres, parece que la ilustradora no les puso ganitas a los dise os Aparte de ser cero originales, el reciclaje constate de vi etas era demasiado obvio, por eso los personajes tienen la misma expresi n todo el tiempo.Al igual que con la Novela Gr fica de Legend, creo que las editoriales solo publican estas adaptaciones para sacarle mas dinero a los fans, no porque realmente nos est n dando algo de calidad. I m a huuuuuge fan of the Vampire Academy and yes, I even liked the movie So I was super excited when I finally decided to read this graphic novel The story is not as complete as in the actual book obviously , but it didn t bother me at all It was like having a recap of the actual book I ve been wanting to reread the 6 books, but you know rereading 6 books with all the new unread books I have is pretty hard So this graphic novel was perfect for me I had my dose of Rose and Dimitri and I m satisfied DOh by the way, the drawings are BEAUTIFUL Like really really beautiful Dimitri and Rose are so beautiful I mean, judge for yourself I cannot wait to read the next one Take a look at the first 6 pages of the VA graphic novel here ^Download ✙ Vampire Academy: The Graphic Novel ☠ After Two Years On The Run, Best Friends Rose And Lissa Are Caught And Returned To St Vladimir S Academy, A Private High School For Vampires And Half Bloods It S Filled With Intrigue, Danger And Even RomanceEnter Their Dark, Fascinating World Through A New Series Of Page Full Color Graphic Novels The Entire First Vampire Academy Novel Has Been Adapted For Book One By Leigh Dragoon And Overseen By Richelle Mead, While The Beautiful Art Of Acclaimed British Illustrator Emma Vieceli Brings The Story To Life