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Twas the Day before Zoo Day is refreshingly creative with a spin off of the old classic, Twas the Night Before Christmas Written in verse, you re taken through the entire zoo animal by animal There is a lot of information woven into the rhymes about each of the different types of animals It all builds up to the end when the zoo is finally prepared and all of the children come for their field trip The back of the book features questions, matching, andinformation about the animals in the book This is a wonderful little read and I would definitely recommend it to children grades K 2. Fun preschool 2nd grade zoo book based on the rhyme Twas the Night Before Christmas Activities are in the back for teachers or parents to use with kids. Here s one to use with older preschoolers and early elementary students The illustrations are lovely and this is set to a well known tune the children will recognize and appreciate The matching section in the back of the book is something I would like to replicate as an activity to use after reading this to a group of children. To read our full review that includes the kids opinions , go to ( Download Book ) ♾ 'Twas the Day Before Zoo Day ☢ Delightful Adaptation Of Twas The Night Before Christmas, That Shares Preparations For Zoo Day But The Llamas Won T Quit Spitting, The Giraffes Are Drooling, And The Zebras Aren T Happy At All With Their Stripes Meanwhile, The Zoo Keepers Are Busily Getting Ready Will Zoo Day Go Off Without A Hitch All Sylvan Dell Titles Feature Free Educational Resources At SylvanDellPublishing, Including The For Creative Minds Sections And Additional Teaching Activities The For Creative Minds Educational Section Of Twas The Day Before Zoo Day Includes Animal Adaptation Matching Activity An Animal Facts Chart All About Zoo Keepers Creative Sparks Imagine You Are A Zoo Keeper Animals Include Alligators Antelopes Black Bears Elephants Flamingos Geckos Giraffes Gorillas Lions Llamas Meerkats Monkeys Rhinos Snakes Toucans Turtles Zebras awesome bookGreat book that my son loved reading Perfect Spanish book for his reading level I would definitely recommend for kids in dual immersion classes Kindergarteners would get a kick out of this. A cute take on what animals and zoo workers do the day before the zoo opens told in a twas the night before Christmas style.Fun, cartoony illustrations. zoo animals, excellent choice for elementary level read aloud incredible curriculumn connection This is a cute take on twas the night before Christmas as it shows all the animals and zoo keeper getting ready at the zoo.