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!READ DOWNLOAD ☦ To Wager Her Heart (Belle Meade Plantation, #3) ☸ With Fates Bound By A Shared Tragedy, A Reformed Gambler From The Colorado Territory And A Southern Belle Bent On Breaking Free From Society S Expectations Must Work Together To Achieve Their Dreams Provided That The Truth Doesn T Tear Them Apart First Sylas Rutledge, The New Owner Of The Northeast Line Railroad, Invests Everything He Has Into This Venture, Partly For The Sake Of The Challenge But Mostly To Clear His Father S Name One Man Holds The Key To Sy S Success General William Giles Harding Of Nashville S Belle Meade Plantation But Harding Is Champagne And Thoroughbreds, And Sy Rutledge Is Beer And Bullocks Sy Needs Someone To Help Him Maneuver His Way Through Nashville S Society, And When He Meets Alexandra Jamison, He Quickly Decides He S Found His Tutor But He Soon Discovers That The Very Train Accident His Father Is Blamed For Causing Is What Killed Alexandra S Fianc And Shattered Her World Spurning An Arranged Marriage By Her Father, Alexandra Instead Pursues Her Passion For Teaching At Fisk University, The First Freedmen S University In The United States But Family And Nashville Society Do Not Approve, And She Soon Finds Herself Cast Out From Both Through Connections With The Harding Family, Alexandra And Sy Become Unlikely Allies And Despite Her First Impressions, Alexandra Gradually Finds Herself Coming To Respect, And Even Care For This Man But How Can She, When Her Heart Is Still Spoken For Sylas Rutledge Will Risk Everything To Win Over The Woman He Loves What He Doesn T Count On Is Having To Wager Her Heart To Do It Tamera Alexander has been one of my go to authors since I rediscovered my first love of reading Everything she writes is beautiful, heartfelt, and sincere Her books are the kind you must keep reading until you ve savored every last word To Wager Her Heart is no exception While this is the 3rd book in the Belle Meade series, each book can be read as a standalone Alexandra is my kind of heroine stronger smarter braver than she realizes, yet still decidedly feminine And Sy is book boyfriend material for sure with his black duster, the gun at his hip, the dog by his side, and the tender smile on his face Not to mention those kisses Whew I love the nod back to Alexander s Colorado Territory books, too, in Sy s own roots.But eventhan the romance, I love Sy s spiritual and emotional journey over the course of the novel, as well as the rich history that the author weaves seamlessly into the fabric of the story The Fisk University students and specifically the singers are inspiring and humbling their courageous spirit challenging me in my own journey The scene with the chains y all I was undone The persecution they endured on a regular basis, not to mention as they set out to gain support for their school, and their drive to learn what had previously been forbidden to them like how to read is something I will carry with me for a long time Additionally, the reminder that life isn t always tied up with a neat bow gives this novel greater dimension and grounds it even further in reality.Bottom Line To Wager Her Heart reminds me yet again why I love Tamera Alexander s novels She gets to the heart of the history while maintaining the heart of the gospel Her characters are vivid, sincere, and diverse without straying into stereotypes or losing dimension The historical themes are compellingly timely for our current world, and the emphasis on doing the right thing no matter the cost is timeless Go ahead and plan not to get anything else done while you re reading To Wager Her Heart, because you won t be able to tear yourself away once you ve begun I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book first seen at Reading Is My SuperPower Twas such a lovely story To Wager Her Heart is definitely one of my favorite novels by Tamera Alexander I was surprised anew by her beautiful writing style and rich storytelling.With harsh reality and heartbreak, yet tenderness and fresh chances, Tamera Alexander unfolds this incredible story during the aftermath of the Civil War Amid train accidents, bitterness, and prejudices, Sylas Rutledge, owner of the Northeast Line Railroad, and Alexandra Jamison, schoolteacher shunned by her family and friends, learn to trust, love, and hope again.Sy and Alexandra were both characters I loved and wanted to cheer on I was swept away into this story The school for ex slaves Sy s work with the railroads Alexandra s family struggles The Jubilee Singers The very tender love story.I thoroughly enjoyed it To Wager Her Heart didn t leave me bored, but drew me into these unique people s lives that the author brought to life with such grace She writes with such realness and beautiful historical detail The story isn t perfect everything doesn t work out neat and tidy but the characters find joy and peace despite that And that s real life Some moments left me smiling Others, heartbroken Still others, laughing And then, next, I d be appalled and outraged by the injustice of something that happened But through it all, there was hope for newness.So beautiful The friendship The faith The romance The healing A very well written historical novel A compelling story of loss and faith I highly recommend To Wager Her Heart I received a copy of To Wager Her Heart from Booklookbloggers review program in exchange for my honest review. One thing you can count on in Tamera Alexander s stories is a deep appreciation for and attention to historical detail From the Fisk University a freedmen s school and its internationally renowned Jubilee Singers to hymn writer Philip Bliss to the prevailing prejudices of the time, the story is rich with historical detail While each book in the series is perfectly stand alone, they also fit well together, dealingpointedly with the prejudice in Reconstruction era Nashville, while tying them in with the historic Belle Meade Plantation.Alexandra grows a lot during the story, both learning to find her own way and overcoming deep seated fears and grief Like Alexandra, I found my initial opinions of Si changing Not that I ever disliked him, but I was impressed by how willing he was to ask for help when he was clearly a strong, self made man The romance is sweet, gentle, and believable as they grow into friendship and slowly evolve into romance, each helping the other pursue their dreams.Overall, it was an enthralling and inspiring story, in classic Tamera Alexander fashion.Thank you Zondervan and NetGalley for providing a free e book I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions are my own. Such a sweet conclusion to one of my favorite series I always love Tamera s novels and how she weaves a fictional story using real people, places, and historical events from our nation s past This story takes place five years after the Civil War ended It really focuses on freed slaves being educated, railroads being built, and all the racial struggles that were still very prominent I loved how one of my favorite songs Give Me Jesus was sung and referred to throughout the book Using this song within the context of the story made the song evenspecial for me Although this book wasn t my favorite of the series, it was still a wonderful read. This book is the final story in Tamera Alexander s Belle Meade Plantation series It is rich in historical events that actually occurred in Nashville and Fisk University I learned a great deal while reading this book Things such as actual railway accidents that occurred during that time period as well as the famous Jubilee Singers from Fisk There was also a light romance between the hero and heroine in which I really enjoyed To me though, this book wasabout the history at Fisk and the struggles the students and faculty experienced while keeping the college afloat financially and overcoming horrible prejudices they endured So, for all my fellow historical fiction fans, I highly recommend this book. Welcome back to the Belle Meade Plantation series Book three centers on characters in 1871 Nashville who are new acquaintances, both who have similar struggles to achieve their dreams at the cost of great personal sacrifice It reads well as a stand alone, with some mention of people from other books.This finely written story creatively weaves together real people and events with fictional characters, effectively dealing with issues like prejudice, overcoming fear, and walking by faith towards God given goals I found the history of the Fisk University Jubilee Singers, and the struggles of the freedmen to be educated, to be very inspiring Education is the key to unlocking not only a person s futurebut to helping create a new world Loved all the inspirational songs and hymns used in the story too, especially those of hymn writer Phillip Bliss, and the soulful spirituals the group sang In the morning when I risegive me Jesus The romance is based on friendship, developing slowly and tenderly The story seemscharacter driven, with enough interaction to move it along at a steady pace.Recommend to readers who enjoy historical Christian fiction with some romance An e book was provided by NetGalley and the publisher All opinions are my own. With fates bound by a shared tragedy, a reformed gambler from the Colorado Territory and a Southern Belle bent on breaking free from society s expectations must work together to achieve their dreams provided that the truth doesn t tear them apart first Sylas Rutledge, the new owner of the Northeast Line Railroad, invests everything he has into this venture, partly for the sake of the challenge But mostly to clear his father s name One man holds the key to Sy s success General William Giles Harding of Nashville s Belle Meade Plantation But Harding is champagne and thoroughbreds, and Sy Rutledge is beer and bullocks Sy needs someone to help him maneuver his way through Nashville s society, and when he meets Alexandra Jamison, he quickly decides he s found his tutor Only, he soon discovers that the very train accident his father is blamed for causing is what killed Alexandra Jamison s fiancee and what has broken her heart Spurning an arranged marriage by her father, Alexandra instead pursues her passion for teaching at Fisk University, the first freedmen s university in the United States But family and Nashville society do not approve, and she soon finds herself cast out from both Through connections with the Harding family, Alexandra and Sy become unlikely allies And despite her first impressions, Alexandra gradually finds herself coming to respect, and even care for this man But how can she, when her heart is still spoken for And when Sy s roguish qualities and adventuresome spirit smackof recklessness than responsibility and honor Sylas Rutledge will risk everything to win over the woman he loves What he doesn t count on is having to wager her heart to do it Set against the real history of Nashville s Belle Meade Plantation and the original Fisk University Jubilee Singers ensemble, To Wager Her Heart is a stirring love story about seeking justice and restoring honor at a time in history when both were tenuous and hard won.Everyone of Tamera Alexander s books sit on my shelves and I have enjoyed every single one She writes with great depth and her historical research is impeccable She weaves wonderful historical detail into her stories so seamlessly, that the reader this one, anyway must go and immerse herself in that history I discovered several things I didn t know here in the pages of this book The hymns written by Phillip Bliss, for instance, that I d been singing all my life I loved his appearance in this book The Fisk Singers also moved me very much, especially their rendition of Give Me Jesus I could almost hear them actually singing it This was an incredibly moving novel set in a time where the world was moving forward but still many were holding onto the old, and horrible, ways I was moved to tears several times during the reading of it Alexander writes with such feeling, it seeps through the words on the pages into her readers hearts This is one not to be missed Nor the chocolate chess pie recipe included in the back I was given a preview copy of this book by the publisher All my opinions are my own and honest. This author s writing style is rich with history and a meandering pace that ensures that readers don t miss a thing I haven t read many books set during Reconstruction so I appreciated the new perspective of the freedmen and those in the South seeking to help them Much of the story revolves around the work and issues at Fisk University where Alexandra secures a job teaching men, women, and children It is at the same time encouraging and daunting, with the endeavor receiving both support and opposition There is an emphasis on the importance of education and the freedom that knowledge brings for both Alexandra and her students On the other end of the spectrum is the development of the railroad lines in the area and the politics and Southern etiquette that influences the business that Sy is pursuing Although they have little in common, seemingly chance meetings give them the opportunity to help each other and an unlikely friendship develops between Alexandra and Sy I loved how they interacted Alexandra s propriety not able to mask her strength and spirit, while Sy is unable to keep from admiring her and bringing light and cheer to her life in small and big ways The romantic moments they share are so heartfelt and wonderfully written While the highs and lows of the plot didn t feel particularly compelling or pull strong emotions from me like the previous book in the series, To Win Her Favor , I was glad that I read this book and would recommend it to fans of historical fiction I received a complimentary copy of the book all opinions in this review are my own My favorite thing about this book was the richness of diversity, something you don t always find in Christian fiction And the diversity was authentic and paramount to the story, not tacked on like someone checking of a list of things I must include in my book The book focuses a great deal on Fisk University and the Jubilee singers and I loved being introduced to this bit of history that I didn t know a whole lot about before.Without giving away any spoilers, I think the thing I ll take away most from this book are the things Sy learned on his journey Not everything gets wrapped up in a pretty little bow, but we can still have peace in Jesus.