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I finally understand what everyone has been raving about I may be a late bloomer but I m definitely on The Writing Desk s cheer team now Especially cheering because this is a dual timeline story Birdie with all the pressures of belonging to the upper class during the Gilded Age and Tenley with the pressures of living up to the expectations that come from belonging to a literary family There are interesting parallels in these two heroine s stories though a century separates them Difficult mother daughter relationships and both chasing dreams as they find the courage to be true to themselves.And then there are the men in their lives Blissful sigh Elijah in the historical timeline and Jonas in the contemporary one Men of integrity and faith Elijah determined to do the honorable thing for his family s estate despite his love for Birdie Be still my heart This star crossed lovers story had me on tenterhooks I m still having heart palpitations over steadfast, easy going, steeped in faith Jonas And I m guilty of feeling like Tenley didn t deserve him in the beginning But Jonas proved me wrong and humbled me in the process Because he looks past the baggage and insecurities and sees Tenley as the beautiful daughter of God she is Their witty dialogue still has me smiling So much fun in the give and take between these two But so much heartache too And so much hope as Tenley finally begins to grasp the concept of grace and the hope it can bring to her future.The Writing Desk is the kind of novel you want to savor and share and read over again just because it makes you feel alive and hopeful and inspired to live out your dreams the way Birdie and Tenley do. This dual timeline novel pulled me into its pages and simply didn t let go When I finished the book, I felt as if I d lived two different lifetimes Both stories, present and past, were so compelling I enjoyed the contemporary storyline and wondered how things were going to work out for Tenley She seemed to be digging herself into a hole as she struggled to be the amazing author that everyone touted her to be And the Gilded Age story from the past romantic sigh I just absolutely did not see how things could possibily go right for these two people who were so in love, yet unable to devote themselves to each other Birdie s story completely captured me I ve found myself thinking of the characters in this book many times over the past few days This was definitely an intriguing read I received a complimentary copy of this book All opinions are my own.You can read this review on my blog at @READ DOWNLOAD Å The Writing Desk Ä From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Wedding Dress Comes A New Captivating Novel Of Secrets, Romance, And Two Women Bound Together Across Time By A Shared DreamTenley Roth S First Book Was A Runaway Bestseller Now That Her Second Book Is Due, She S Locked In Fear Can She Repeat Her Earlier Success Or Is She A Fraud Who Has Run Out Of Inspiration With Pressure Mounting From Her Publisher, Tenley Is Weighted With Writer S Block But When Her Estranged Mother Calls Asking Tenley To Help Her Through Chemotherapy, She Packs Up For Florida Where She Meets Handsome Furniture Designer Jonas Sullivan And Discovers The Story Her Heart S Been MissingA Century Earlier, Another Woman Wrote At The Same Desk With Hopes And Fears Of Her Own Born During The Gilded Age, Birdie Shehorn Is The Daughter Of The Old Money Knickerbockers Under The Strict Control Of Her Mother, Her Every Move Is Decided Ahead Of Time, Even Whom She Ll Marry But Birdie Has Dreams She Doesn T Know How To Realize She Wants To Tell Stories, Write Novels, Make An Impact On The World When She Discovers Her Mother Has Taken Extreme Measures To Manipulate Her Future, She Must Choose Between Submission And Security Or Forging A Brand New Way All On Her OwnTenley And Birdie Are From Two Very Different Worlds, But Fate Has Bound Them Together In A Way Time Cannot Erase An intriguing story, set on a dual timeline, featuring two fledgling writers a hundred years apart A stand alone novel with characters whose stories seem unconnected, except by an old desk The past story begins in 1902 3 New York, among the social elites, the old Knickerbockers In a time when American heiresses were being matched up with English Lords who had titles and estates in need of cash flow, Birdie is under a lot of family pressure to marry according to her family s wishes All she really wants to do however is be free to write her stories The present day tale is centered on another young writer who is under a deadline to produce her next novel Coming from a family of successful writers adds evenpressure, then a call from her absentee mother to come help her through a health crisis seems to be the final straw I love how this author adds a twist or two along the way, with a bit of mystery and romance, tying both stories together in surprising ways It took me awhile to engage with these characters, but it becameinteresting as it went Giving both stories a divine thread through a song resonating in the character s soul, reassuring them of a divine presence, was a lovely way to connect them, as they hear, Do not be dismayed, you don t have to worry or be afraid I love the thought of God singing over his people, like it says in the book of Zephaniah I liked the fun dialogue between Tenley and Jonas, and how accepting he and his family were of her quirky ways, helping her with her mom, and showing her a lot of grace Birdie was an interesting character too, trying to please her parents, but not give up her dream of being a writer I wasn t sure how either story would end or how they would connect The mystery kept me reading on, hoping they d both have happy endings It was a satisfying conclusion and worth the wait.Recommend to readers who enjoy Christian fiction with some romance and a redemptive theme Some mature themes may make this a better fit for an adult reader 4.5 stars An e book was provided by NetGalley and the publisher All opinions are my own. I simply loved this book The plot seemed so very original For an avid reader, sometimes it seems so many books are so familiar, but not this read.The characters seem so real Tenley, Jonas, Birdie, Eli, and the secondary characters are all wonderful and create a great story that centers around an old desk I love books that switch back and forth to different time periods.This book was like a layered dessert.The first bite begins, and you enjoy it As I delved further, each layer isbewitching andenjoyable than the lastuntil I found I couldn t stop.I was totally taken in I was the characters I was part of the story I was in the time and place without the ability to stop until I arrived at the delicious endwith a tinge of sadness that it had ended at all.It truly was a remarkable story with a wonderful faith thread woven throughout This one definitely earned its place on my forever shelves.I received this book from the publisher All opinions are my own. Love love love love love Honestly, it s rare that I read a split time book and like both the historical and contemporary storylines equallyusually I end up loving the historical story so muchBut this time, I m so happy to say I adored both And the way both storylines are woven together near the endahhhh, so good Love the writing, love the charactersBirdie, especially And I can t help loving the way Tenley s storyline so perfectly captured the not so glittery side of being a writer. The Writing Desk has inked its way onto my favorites list for 2017, of course, but also the all time fave comfort books that I pull out and reread when I m feeling blah or when I just need the hug of the familiar.Tenley and Birdie in many ways are versions of each other in another era At least at their core When it comes to love When it comes to their mothers Connected through time via one man, a host of novels and a writing desk, Birdie and Tenley have a story for all of us Of what it means to be a woman Of what it means to love a man Of what it means to follow your dream, to be honest with yourself and to find home in the arms of a Savior.And then of course there is Elijah And Jonas Two men, separated by time and about as opposite from one another as can be Yet they too are connected through the women they love and through the men of integrity that they are Rare in Elijah s time Rare in our own Elijah Eli sends readers swooning with his long held love for Birdie, his commitment to do the right thing, and of course his British accent And Jonas will have book boyfriend collectors everywhere scrambling to add him to their collections his heated kisses combined with his commitment to wait for the right girl and marriage will tempt even the least romantical reader to read this book from the safety of the nearest fainting couch.Bottom Line Two stories Two women Connected by time and separated by it, all at once Tenley s wit and adorableness in spite of her searching heart endears readers immediately, and Jonas ability to wit right back seals the deal Her growth through the story is skillfully and gently penned, the simplicity of grace vibrant against the backdrop of faith The Writing Desk is fun, tender, heartwarming, and inspiring All wrapped up in a captivating story that you ll want to hug when finished reading Don t ask me how I know this One of Hauck s best, and that s a high standard to meet since everything she writes is exquisite This one will be on my favorites list for years to come I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book first seen at Reading Is My SuperPower I don t want to fangirl over this book so much that you all ignore what I have to say But, I loved this book so much that I think the only way to adequately describe my feelings is to share my facebook status that I posted just after I finished reading Okay, my bookish peeps I rarely demand you go buy a book but I sat here blubbering like a kid over this ending You cannot miss this book You can t Like, go buy it or we can t even be friends KristinI fell in love with the characters, with Tenley and Jonas but most of all with Birdie She reached right through the pages and gripped my heart and gave it a good squeeze One word sums up these characters endearing.I think most people who read my blog knows that I rarely read contemporary fiction When I do, Rachel Hauck s books are the ones that I pick up Yes, I m a fan Make no mistake though, this book is fantastic and I m not saying that just because I enjoy this author s work.The interesting thing about The Writing Desk is the duel timeline Most authors cannot pull off a duel timeline but Birdie and Tenley s tales were so beautifully woven together Their lives were connected in a way that left me reeling Their connection was beautiful and I kept turning the pages to see where the story would take me.Lastly, I want to say how much I appreciate this author s authentic tale of loss, love and redemption This book was bittersweet and the characters were flawed They were real as real as a book character can be.I hate to be on repeat but this book was just lovely and I truly think anyone that loves a sweet, clean romance would love this story It s not overly preachy and I think some devout Christians may wantBut, I like seeing the subtle hand of God working in the lives of those that need redemption This book had the perfect amount of romance and faith elements for me It felt authentic and not as if the author was trying to beat me over the head with a full plan of salvation She let God find her characters where they were and I loved that Truly, I loved this book.A complimentary copy of this book was provided by Harper Collins Christian Publishing, the author I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this All opinions are my own.This review was originally posted on A Simply Enchanted Life Wow I couldn t put this book down I loved it Rachel Hauck hit it out of the ballpark with this captivating story about 2 women trying to find their way in this world You will find moments of laughter and sadness with hidden dreams that were lost and found This was absolutely flawless Birdie lives in the early 1900s and has a strong love for writing Her mother is very controlling and has specific plans for Birdie s future, she wants her to marry a man for money instead of love But, Birdie has other plans for herself, her dream has always been to write a novel and have it published Unfortunately, in the early 1900s, she was told women don t write books and faced social backlash Birdie found an escape from her mother in the attic where she had a special desk she did all her writing on.Tenley comes from a family of writers where she followed in her father s and great great grandfather s footsteps Her first book was a success and now she is riddled with fear that her second book won t be as successful Just as she is about to pen her second book her estranged mother calls and asks Tenley to help her while she undergoes chemotherapy Tenley agrees in hopes a change will help her get over her writer s block While staying with her mother Tenley uses an antique desk to write her new book the same desk Birdie used 100 years ago This is a beautiful story of forgiveness, overcoming fear, and developing a deep faith in God Highly recommendedI want to thank NetGalley and Thomas Nelson for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. The Writing Desk by Rachel Hauck really captivated my attention Very hard to put this fast paced page turner down Featuring a dual time line, which I love in books the stories take place a century apart but actually have a connection Two very strong women are trying to prove themselves in the writing world Birdie,is from old money and was born during the Gilded Age I just loved the rich and sumptuous descriptions here and the elegance She uses the desk to pour out her thoughts and fears but she has a very controlling and manipulative mother who makes Birdie pay for her, the mother s mistake Coming out into society was all about you associated with and it must be high society Her mother wants to force her to marry someone against her will to further her high society ranking not caring That her daughter has no feelings for this man.Fast forward a century, After an amazing best seller, Tenley is expected to produce another best seller by the quickly approaching deadline Her writer s block is not helped by the stress she feels Her boyfriend is pressuring her to marry him and she s just not feeling it She doesn t have a close relationship with Blanche,her mother who abandoned the family when Tenley was a young child Being raised by her father caused her to feel neglected and abandoned by her mother She is in a tug of war when her boyfriend asks her to go to Paris with him so he can work on his screen play at the same time her mother asks her to go to Florida to help her get through her chemotherapy The pressure mounts from her publisher as her writer s block continues She is using the same desk to write on that Birdie used and she find something amazing in the stuck middle drawer.My take on this is don t settle in life Go for what s important and that you know is right even if it involves waiting and never marry for any reason but real,true love Money and material things are just things but true love will sustain you Amazing Book Pub Date 11 Jul 2017Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas Nelson FICTION for a review copy in exchange for my honest review.