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Every time I see Rachel Hauck has a new book out, I can t wait to grab it And usually devour it She is a master at what she does Anointed, is what she is, to write the books she does A reader feels the hand of God in her books I know I do Rachel has that supernatural touch of the Divine floating throughout the story Always God speaks to characters in her books Just like He does in the real world I appreciate that she includes the Divine touch in her books because I can feel it when I read her stories I have been blessed so many times I can t even count them during my reading of a Rachel Hauck book This one had just two sentences that spoke to a situation in my life and literally set me free from something that had troubled me for 5 years The Wedding Shop is about a young woman, home from the Air Force, and struggling with problems of her own, who decides that she will try her best to open up the old wedding shop that has been in the town of Heart s Bend, TN for over 90 years Worn out and needing many renovations, about to fall apart in places, and closed down for many years, Haley believes it must be reopened She can t explain why she feels this way, but she does.The story goes back and forth between the 1930s, 1940s, and briefly in the 1950s and the present day We also meet characters from previous books The entire book is awesome I had leaky eyes many a time, once had my heart plunging into my stomach, then soaring again with happiness This is a tale of many people, their heartbreak, their joys and their walk with God Please don t miss it I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for my honest review, which I have given. What a sweet time slip novel Both the current day story of Haley and yesteryear story of Cora were engaging I loved how the author tied the story back to The Wedding Dress with Charlotte and Tim.My favorite character by far was Birch Good His last name is right on track Birch was a good and patient man.The entire series was delightful. #READ PDF ⛄ The Wedding Shop Á Two Women Separated By Decades Both Set Out To Help Others Find Their Dreams When Their Own Have CrumbledIt S The Early S, But Cora Scott Is Walking In Stride As A Career Woman After Having Inherited Her Great Aunt S Wedding Shop In Heart S Bend, Tennessee, Where Brides Come From As Far Away As Birmingham To Experience Her Famed Bridal Treatment Meanwhile, Cora Is Counting Down The Days Until Her Own True Love Returns From The River To Make Her His Bride But Days Turn Into Months And Months To Years All The While, Birch Good Continues To Woo Cora And Try To Show Her That While He Is Solid And Dependable, He Can Sweep Her Off Her FeetMore Than Eighty Years Later, Former Air Force Captain Haley Morgan Has Returned Home To Heart S Bend After Finishing Her Commitment To Military Service After The Devastating Death Of Her Best Friend, Tammy, And Discovering The Truth About The Man She Loved, Haley Is Searching For Her Place In LifeWhen Haley Decides To Reopen The Romantic But Abandoned Wedding Shop Where She And Tammy Played And Dreamed As Children, She Begins A Journey Of Courage, Mystery, And LoveAs Cora S And Haley S Stories Intertwine Through Time In The Shadow Of The Beloved Wedding Shop, They Both Discover The Power Of Their Own Dreams And The Magic Of Everyday Love What a touching story of overcoming adverse circumstances I enjoyed it Oh Oh This book I love In this latest novel, Rachel Hauck continues her Wedding Collections series, as well as returning to Heart s Bend, Tennessee, but The Wedding Shop can easily be read as a standalone If you HAVE read The Wedding Dress and The Wedding Chapel, however, you are in for an extra special treat.One of my favorite things about The Wedding Shop is the gorgeous dual timeline narrative Watching Hauck start with two women one in the 1930s, one in the present day who seem to be quite different from one another at first glance and then watching her seamlessly weave parallels between their stories is truly a delight Tying them both together right from the beginning, and cementing those ties as the novel progresses, is a quaint wedding shop on the brink of destruction and a theme of seeing the value in others, even ourselves.The tenderness of this theme Jesus values you no matter what , matched with the masterful handling of a dual timeline narrative and two deliciously toecurling romances, make this one of my very favorite books this year In The Wedding Shop, Rachel Hauck gives us characters we can embrace with our whole heart as well as a peek into history and a mirror on the present It is gentle and bold all at once, and grace rests on every page like a lacy veil A definite must read I received a copy of this book in exchange for only my honest review See my full review at Reading Is My SuperPower Rachel Hauck amazed me with this elegant story The Wedding Shop was a heartwarming tale about Haley Morgan and her dream of restoring an old, rundown, abandoned wedding shop The dual timeline with Cora Scott gave some added romantic, whimsical flair to the story Cora was the owner of the shop starting in the 20s 30s.I loved the historical perspective from Cora s storyline and then the modern day presence of Haley and Cole Danner The fact that Charlotte character from the other wedding series novels was also brought into this story was just another touch of sweetness to this beautiful book.I highly recommend this read and this author So beautifully written I loved this book Rachael Hauck has become my secret theologian writer, I m atheist Her books so inspire me Yes, I have to read over the God parts and the scripture parts, but I like her meanings I loved that she included the Wedding Chapel in this book Yes, I already read that one There was a time when there was no way I would read book like this I grew up where religion was hell fire and brimstone, its good to see there is another side.I would read another Rachel Hauck book anytime, anyplace In my mind, she is a great author and story teller Thanks Zondervan for introducing me to Rachel Hauck and approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e galley in exchange for an honest review A tale of God s perfect timing that spans the ages She s done it again I don t know what kind of magical mojo Rachel Hauck weaves into her stories but they get me right in the feels every time Every Time Yes, I spent a good portion of this book cryingIn a reflective, happy, sad, mixed emotions and feelings kind of way I m pretty sure not everyone will be affected in this way, but somehow this book hit me right in a soft spot and pressed in Deeper and deeper This book and the characters journey reminded me that God is powerful, influential, and working in this world yes, even though it is a fictional book It s one of the many things I admire about Rachel s writing her ability to gently remind us of the fact that God is a BIG God and capable of doing amazing things He s a God of miracles I remember one line hit me especially where Haley says, but I m not going to let a little thing like money stand in my way What truth And what a great theme considering the fact that God s will is bigger than money or our ability to plan things out but I digress.This story, like The Wedding Dress and The Wedding Chapel, is dual time encompassing a story from history with the present I m not a huge fan of this in general, but the stories have really grown on me If I were to choose which story I liked best between Cora Scott and Haley Morgan I m not sure that I could pick Both were well thought out, developed, and enticing in their own right Haley reminded me a lot of myself not exactly in personality, but at the core of who she is and what she focused on in this book Her devotion to opening The Wedding Shop and her appreciation for its history is also something that resonates deep in me I love history and want to see it cherished and preserved I loved Cora s character and storyline, though I was frustrated with her at times for being blind Then again, aren t we all blind to things we don t want to see sometimes And the ending sigh I won t share much here other than the fact that I was at around 50% one night and finished the rest of the book staying up until 2 am just to see what happened And I loved it If you like present day romance, historical romance, or like this book a combination, you are going to love this book It gives you the best of both worlds and a woven story that will pull you through until the end and have you rooting for The Wedding Shop.Originally posted on my blog received this book for free but was under no obligation to post a review I do so under my own motivation and the opinions I have expressed in this review are honest and entirely my own. The Wedding Shop absolutely grabbed hold of my heart This novel easily ranks among my favorites of this year It is a dual timeline story, with both the present and the past being equally enthralling to me And, wow, the author truly did such a great job of weaving the two stories together There are so many amazing connections between past and present that slowly show themselves the farther you read I found myself catching my breath at times, especially with Cora Scott s story from the past, as she worked to find the right path for her life, while also providing a special bridal experience for every young woman who came to her.There is a beautiful story of grace and forgiveness nestled in these pages Both Cora Scott and Haley Morgan battle with their hearts regarding love, God s forgiveness, and following His leading I absolutely adored the beautiful love stories that unfolded for both women The Wedding Shop is a powerful story that I truly loved.I received an Advanced Reader s Copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own.You can read this review on my blog at When I requested The Wedding Shop, my expectation was for a light well told tale with the features described in the summary I m a bit of a sucker for anything cheerful surrounding wedding stories, and looked forward to Rachel Hauck s spin on a favourite theme of the old wedding dress store, it s story and the transformative power of love through time and dresses Hauck managed to deliver that part fairly well, switching between 1930 s Cora and present day Haley and maintained the narrative nicely However, the novel deviated substantially from its categorized genre of General Fiction and the summary which gave no hint that its correct genre is Christian Fiction Since this is not my area of preferred reading, I was rather overwhelmed with the religiosity and reliance on Divine Intervention that was a huge part of the plot For those who prefer faith based novels, I m sure that it would be fine I simply feel annoyed that the publisher did not include this information anywhere, for me to accurately choose and review based on my preferences Zondervan Publishers NetGalley, free ebook copyPub Date Aug.16 2016