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The Wedding Chapel entranced me from the very beginning The dual timeline added an element of intrigue that kept me turning the pages and inhaling the words as quickly as possible I especially loved the fact that readers get to see the story from various perspectives as the focus alternates between the four main characters To me, this kept the plot flowing and the emotional investment strong.As always, Rachel Hauck writes with grace and heart, her words flowing masterfully across the pages The vivid characters felt like real people, and I was sad to say goodbye to them when the story concluded I could have easily set up camp there in Heart s Bend for quite some time, and that s in large part a result of Hauck s talent for descriptive phrasing and depth The town, the plot and the people wrapped around me like a hand stitched quilt and refused to let go.A fellow reviewer mentioned that she felt sin was excused, justified, and even glorified in The Wedding Chapel but I personally saw none of that here What I saw was a family torn apart and devastated by sin I saw broken hearts and wasted lives and needless pain One small decision that could have been justified as only affecting two people rippled out and tangled countless people in its destruction Some innocent Some not so innocent Tucked away between the family history mystery and the wedding chapel is the evenimportant theme of love Not just romance But true love, the kind that lasts for sixty years even when rejected time and time again The kind that sticks it out when the marriage falters or veers off course The kind of love that confronts painful secrets and difficult truth and still forgives The kind of love that accepts the abandoned, the orphaned, the hard to love and models the Divine picture of adoption without manipulation or agenda In today s world, this reminder is all theimportant and vital, and Rachel Hauck paints it beautifully.I could not help but think as I read The Wedding Chapel that it would make the perfect book club read or a Hallmark movie It has all the right elements emotional tug, compelling characters, an enduring story, and romance of course I would easily recommend it to fans of Kate Morton, Katie Ganshert, Susan Meissner or any of Hauck s previous novels, for that matter This is a wonderfully uplifting and incredibly engrossing story that will remind you of the power of secrets and restoration and how the Truth and the love of a Father will set you free I received a copy of this book in exchange for only my honest review. My Thoughts Wow Wow,wow,wow,wow,WOW I do not have a clue how Rachel pulled this off but I am so glad she did Why am I so surprised she did Let me list the reasons 1 I generally am not a fan of stories about couples with marital problems I read fiction to escape stress and that feels like non fiction to me.2 The story is not just told from one persons point of you but from four FOUR 3 This is one of those books where it switches from one scene to another this one happens to be from 1948 to 2015 4 I didn t feel lost when it ended This is not a bad thing, read to the end The funny thing is, those are all things that make it difficult for me to get into a novel with That and the fact that I had 2 days to read it I finished it in 3 1 2 hours No food No water No bathroom breaks I don t know what you call it but around herethat s called obsession.I was entirely and completely obsessed with this book It was beautiful Heartfelt Well written Captivating Enchanting Breathtaking Surprising Endearing There are not enough words to describe how much I loved this book Absolutely worth reading 50,000,000,000 times And I will Believe meMy overall thoughts The best contemporary historical mixed novel I have ever read Beautiful and redemptive, this story will captivate you from beginning to endMy Rating I give The Wedding Chapel by Rachel Hauck 5 stars I received this book from litfuse, the publisher, and the author in exchange for an honest review, which I have given All thoughts were my own and I was not compensated in any other way. #FREE EPUB ã The Wedding Chapel Ø An Old, Forgotten Chapel Holds The Key To Love And ForgivenessRetired Hall Of Fame Football Coach Jimmy Westbrook Never Imagined Anything Would Come Of His Labor Of Love Building A Wedding Chapel For Collette Greer, The Woman He Fell In Love With InBut Now A Realtor Wants The Land The Chapel Sits On, And He Sees No Reason To Hang Onto The PastPhotographer Taylor Branson Is Trying To Make A Life For Herself In New York Leaving Her Hometown Of Heart S Bend, Tennessee, She Put A Lot Of Things Behind Her, Including Her Family S String Of Failed Marriages When She Falls Head Over Heels For Jack Gillingham, A Top Ad Man, Their Whirlwind Romance And Elopement Leave Her With Doubts Jack, While Genuine In His Love For Taylor, Can Never Seem To Find The Right Way To Show Her He Really CaresWhen A Post Mortem Letter From Taylor S Granny Peg Shows Up, Along With An Old Photo, She Is Driven To Uncover Family Secrets And The Secret To Her Own Happiness, Starting With An Assignment To Photograph An Unknown, Obscure Wedding Chapel Back In Heart S BendTaylor Begins A Mission To Convince Jimmy That The Chapel Is Worth Saving And That Forgiveness And Healing Might Happen Within The Chapel S Walls For Both Of Them Like a Hallmark Channel telefilm, this sweet story shows the power of loveand that, as 1 Corinthians 13 says, love endures all things. Make no mistake, this is the type of book that must be coupled with a steaming hot cup of tea and a cat curled at your feet Rain or sunshine, completely optional The Wedding Chapel is also one of those books that generally readers have a good indication about how the book is going to turn out For me, it was a good weekend read purely for pleasure I loved the four people in this story, Taylor, Jack, Jimmy and Colette Sometimes in this vast and often frightening world, it is nice to be able to escape into a story that is all heartbeat and rainbow I know, I know, I haven t really delved into the plot, but it s only because I don t want to give even a morsel of this beautiful story away. The Wedding Chapel by Rachel Hauck Oh my, what a sweet, sweet story.Taylor and Jack, a young couple that eloped and is now questioning their decision A past that keeps Jack from opening up emotionally and Taylor, who s family dynamics hold secrets and divorces that make her feel as if her story has already been written and a successful marriage and true love is not in the plan for her Between exes, regrets, lack of communication and emotions, their marriage is on the rocks.Colette, a soap opera actress whose sixty years of acting on a show that had cast members like family, is coming to an end and she is questioning everything, including a lost love from a past that won t let go As she embodies the spirit of her character, Vivica, she tries to confront the past and get answers she feels she deserves Jimmy, residing in Heart s Bend, Tennessee, is being pressured into selling the wedding chapel that he built with his own hands The stunning building hasn t see a single wedding, but Jimmy is still reluctant to sell it It s a staple in his life and it s not fair to see it fall into someone else s hands.The Wedding Chapel follows the lives of these four people telling their stories and sharing their perspectives Let me just say, this book really surprised me Flashbacks into the past, secrets exposed, heart breaks, heart aches, and tender moments that leave you swooning Oh this book gave me all the hallmark movie feels but also threw in some twists I never saw coming.Beautiful book and sweet filled read The last two chapters were my favorite I love this author but for whatever reason, I didn t care for this book shrug A wedding chapel that has never seen a wedding The football coach who built the chapel stone by stone as a tribute to his lost, but never forgotten, love The elderly actress with past regrets A newlywed couple with communication problems Coach Jimmy Westbrook poured his heart and soul into building a chapel for the wedding he hoped to have with his high school sweetheart, Collette Greer For over sixty years, the chapel has stood vacant It s a place where Jimmy s memories live Photographer Taylor Branson left her hometown of Heart s Bend, Tennessee to make a name for herself in New York She doesn t believe in love based on the track record of her family s failed marriages When she s swept off of her feet by Jack Forester, also from Heart s Bend, Taylor opens her heart a bit to love Jack s got his own demons that are hurting his relationship with Taylor Despite his very real and deep love for Taylor, he struggles to share his heart When Taylor is asked to photograph a wedding chapel in the hills of Tennessee, she reluctantly returns home The beauty of the chapel, and Coach s obvious love for the woman he built it for, touch something deep inside Taylor The longer she s in town, theshe discovers that she doesn t want to give up on her marriage She s captivated by the beauty of the chapel and Coach s story Yet Taylor also discovers that her own family is connected to both Jimmy and the chapel in a way that she never imagined Will Jimmy live in the past or be willing to move on And can Jack and Taylor build a strong marriage despite their rocky beginnings And for Taylor s elderly aunt, Collette Greer, will she be able to finally gain the peace she longs for from the past that haunts her Wow That s really all I can say about this book Having read several others of Rachel s books including The Wedding Dress, I had a good idea as to what to expect with this one.She has seamlessly woven the past with the present and four differing viewpoints to make this a novel I really couldn t put down Even though the book is told from Taylor, Jack, Jimmy, and Collette s perspectives, I wasn t lost at all Each piece just peeled back another layer of this remarkable story.Why did it capture me so much First of all, the story telling My heart hurt for Jimmy and for Collette I wanted Jack and Taylor to talk to each other Needless to say, I was enthralled by the characters and their lives.While this one is very different than the Royal Wedding Series, I still loved it It was similar in style to the Wedding Dress.I received this book for free from BookLook Bloggers for the purpose of reviewing My thoughts and opinions are my own.Recommended to fans of women s fiction, Rachel Hauck, Julie Lessman, Karen Kingsbury, Jody Hedlund, Denise Hunter, Irene Hannon, Susan May Warren, contemporary fiction.Rating 5 starsNote The review will be posted onon or around November 17, 2015. Although this book had its well written moments, I tend to struggle with how Hauck tends to write mystical or supernatural events into her stories In The Wedding Chapel, she wrote about a heartbeat that two characters would hear loud and clear This is weird to me and would honestly creep me out, but thats beside the point When such mystical events take place it just ruins the credibility of the characters that she honestly does develop quite well The second thing that I didn t care for, was the lack of communication for a duration of 60 years To claim that you are in such deep love, yet to just walk away, is kind of unfathomable for me Regardless of these personal frustrations with the book, Hauck does prove that she can pen strong characters that feel real, and that she can weave a message of forgiveness and hope with ease I thought she did a good job of jumping back and forth between four point of views and two time periods smoothly I enjoyed the book overall Its just not a book i would be interested in reading again. The Wedding ChapelOkay, sothis one called up some pretty decided opinions from me, so I m going to do my review in a slightly different format than usual to be sure I accurately express my thoughts feelings 1 Readability Score 2 5 I tried months ago to read this book and laid it down in the first chapter I tried again a few weeks later, the week it was coming out, in order to get my review up in time I made it four chapters in and got frustrated and put it down Last week I read a friend s review and decided to give it another try, so I knew I d have to keep reading if I was going to manage Once I got halfway, the going was better, as I d gotten interested in the characters.The grammar drove me batty I honestly would have been able to readeasily if I d had a print copy and a red pen so I could fix it along the way Misplaced modifiers and passive verbs intruded a couple times as well There were spelling errors on nearly every page in the last third of the egalley copy I hope that a lot of this would have been fixed before final publication, but after seeing how much made it into the final copy of Hauck s last title, I am doubtful that all of it was fixed.2 Characters Score 5 5 Honestly, it was the characters who got me to the last page I wanted muchof Jack and Taylor and their attempts to make their marriage work They re in love, but they come from broken families, and they are having a really hard time with communication and assumptions I wanted them to fix things and have their happily ever Collette I didn t particularly like until the very end, and I found Jimmy likable but not compelling.3 Plot Score 3 5 Sweetest thing ever that a man would build a wedding chapel for the girl he loved, stone by stone and beam by beam The rest of the plot, secrets and all, I guessed accurately by chapter 10 Peg s secret Taylor s surprise Learning about her grandparents The history about her father Sorry, got it all Does that make me a jaded reader Maybe.4 Is it clean Score 2 5 Ages 18 Cursing he swore nothing specific stated, other than a golly g which in my world is a swear Sex stops short of explicit descriptionshows pretty much everything else mentioned quite a bit Morals sleeping together outside of marriage, affairs, living together before marriage view spoiler It was a major, major deal breaker for me to have the chapel touted as a holy or miraculous place, and then to realize for certain that the man who built it took his true love s virtue before marriage right there on the floor Ummcue major blushing hide spoiler