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~Download Pdf ☪ The Two-Date Rule (Smokejumper, #1) ☿ Willa Frank Has One Simple Rule Never Go On A Date With Anyone Than Twice Now That Her Business Is Providing The Stability She S Always Needed, She Can T Afford Distractions Her Two Date Rule Will Protect Her Just Fine Until She Meets Smokejumper Grady BillmanAfter One Date One Amazing, Unforgettable Date Grady Isn T Ready To Call It Quits, Despite His Own No Attachments Policy, And He S Found A Sneaky Way Around Both Their RulesThrowing Gutter Balls With Pitchers Of Beer Not A Real Date Everyone Knows Bowling Doesn T CountWatching A Band Play At A Local Show They Just Happen To Have The Same Great Taste In Music Definitely Not A DateHiking Nope How Can Exercise Be Considered A Date With Every Non Date Grady Suggests, His Reasoning Gets Ridiculous, And Willa Must Admit She S Having Fun Playing Along But When Their Time Together Costs Willa Two Critical Clients, It S Clear She Needs To Focus On The Only Thing That Matters Her Future And Really, He Should Do The SameBut What Is She Supposed To Do With A Future That Looks Gray Without Grady In It I received this book as an Advanced Reader Copy, but the views are my own I first heard about Tawna Fenske in August of 2015 when her book About That Fling was featured as a Kindle First I have fallen in love with the way that she tells a story Her characters are fun, and even ones you may not like at first tend to grow on you Since then, I have read anything that I have found by Tawna.It was a treat to get to know completely new characters I know that this book is considered romantic comedy but I think that it had a bitserious that comedic aspects At the same time, that s not a bad thing I believe this is one of the heaviest books from Tawna that I have read, and I believe she did a really good job with the subject matter of the book Not to give too much away, but I really connected with the character of Willa I tend to be the person who my family goes to when they financial issues Because of that, I try to have put money aside for them when they need mostly at the expense of my husband and I being able to enjoy ourselves because I m working overtime making sure that our bills are paid in addition to saving money for others This book actually helped me put into perspective that I need to put us first, and not always be the go to person for people that I can t go to if I need help All in all, I really enjoyed this book Although this is a one off book, I would really like to knowabout Grady s family and her friends also. Willa Frank is a woman of simple means, growing up the way she did taught her to not let material things hold too much weight in her life She always made do with what she had, and somewhere along the line it made her a littlefrugal than most, and she isthan okay with that It also taught her to work hard for the things she wanted, and she always dreamed of owning her own business Now that she has it she doesn t plan on letting anything, or anyone, derail her dream which means no distractions and rules to keep herself on task.But an unexpected interaction with a handsome smokejumper spawns a few dates, and suddenly she starts to question her two date rule Nothing says pure entertainment quite like a determined woman with strict rules about love and a gorgeous smokejumper doing all he can to tempt her to reexamine her stance The Two Date Rule was absolute literary magic With Willa having her two date rule and Grady with his no attachments policy you would think they would have an easy time avoiding getting attached, but their rules were no match for love Watching these two love birds try to skate around their feelings and keep things in the friendly zone was quite entertaining, their interactions spawned many laughs and swoons I absolutely adored these two, their perfectly penned love connection delighted on all fronts Highly recommend I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, via NetGalley request, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest and unbiased opinion. Wow, just wow Tawna really hits with this one Willa Frank has not had an easy life growing up Living without a mother for most of her life and having a father that drank and or gambled away what funds they did have, she s determined to make sure her life is financially secure Running her own business she works day and night and therefore limits what social life she has While out with her girlfriends she mistakes a Smoke Jumper for a stripper and makes a deal with him for a date Knowing she has her two date rule, she s not worried Grady is intrigued with this little spitfire and although the first date didn t quite go as planned, it turned out perfect Now, how does he convince her to see him again without it being called a date Grady comes up with some unique ideas on how to make this happen and it s fun to watch how these two keep avoiding that two date rule Things are going great until Willa loses an account that she s wanted forever Feeling like she s let herself and her mother down, she turns Grady away Willa has alot of personal issues with her parents and discovering that her mother is still alive and well comes as a shock but she s determined to get answers Knowing she s made a huge mistake, she tries to win Grady back I loved the way she goes about it These two characters are well blended and the storyline is great I can t wait forof the Smoke Jumper Series I d highly recommend this one for your TBR. If you are looking for a quick , fluffy, rom com, this one is not for your But, if you are looking for a romance with depth that at times is heartbreaking but also heartwarming, this one is definitely the one for you.Willa Frank is a web designer To say that her childhood was not easy, is an understatement With no mother and an alcoholic father, she never knew if she would have the bare necessities in life.This has made her a worrier and a workaholic She doesn t want a relationships and has a two date rule Meaning, she doesn t date anyonethan twice.Then she meets smoke jumper, Grady Billman A man fascinated by her, and one that lives one day at a time, without plans for the future.In order to spend time with her, he decides to create non dates.But what happens when feelings develop between these two seemingly opposites Can they help each other overcome their obstacles, or are they so set in their ways, that their HEA is nowhere to be seen The plot was engaging, the characters perfect in their imperfections, and the secondary characters were ones you would hope had their own stories in the future.I was entrusted a copy of this book by Entangled Amara The opinions expressed are solely my own. I received a copy of The Two Date Rule from Entangled Publishing and Net Galley in exchange for a voluntary and honest review The Two Date Rule by Tawna Fenske is fantastic book and I hope there will bebecause Kayla and Aislin need their own stories as well as some of the hot smoke jumpers that Grady works with I loved Grady and Willa s story so much Willa Frank grew up with no money because her dad had trouble keeping a job due to his drinking So when she built her web design business vowing to never be penniless again When her two BFF, Kayla and Aislin convince her to go to a male stripper show, she never expects to literally bump into a hot smoke jumper Now Grady will test her Two Date rule with every no date they go on until Willa s loses two big contract she ll have to decide if their love will be everlasting or will she let it go.Grady Billman can t believe his luck when he meets Willa and her friends so asking her to dinner will gives him determination to create several ways to take her out making sure they don t get to that second date rule she has He s smack dab in the middle of ten kids and a smoke jumper like his brothers and father he knows that his job could be a a game changer once they start getting to know each other he discovers her fears and goals he s determined that she s the one he wants, now to convince her of this. I really enjoy Fenske s books and while I liked this one it won t rank with my favorites by her Willa has a rule that she only goes on two dates with a guy before she is done Kind of a ridiculous number but she is commitment phobic and needs to feel in control of her life and career at all times Grady is a smoke jumper and also the leader singer of a band composed of all smoke jumpers you better believe I rolled my eyes at that Cuz smoke jumper wasn t enough on its own He comes from a big family and lives in the moment without worrying about the future When the two meet they both think some no strings fun together will be enough but will two dates be enough Or three Or four I liked both Willa and Grady and the complex personal histories they brought to the table I thought some aspects of the story were over the top and some things were brought up in the story but just disappear, like Grady s love of baking and dream of opening his own bakery Overall a pleasant story that was definitely worth reading I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed this book.Two commitment phobic individuals meet and realize that they are interested in each other However, they both have rules that they live by However, rules were meant to be broken or at least bent, right Grady was a fun character to read about He comes from a large family and really isn t a planner He knows that he should start being he has a demanding and dangerous job but he prefers to live in the here and now.Willa is the complete opposite She is someone who needs a plan and her plans have plans of their own She is always thinking about the future and questioning every decision she makes on how it will impact that.The banter and sexy times were off the charts The thing I loved most though was how they were what each other needed Grady needed to make a few plans and Willa needed to decompress from time to time It was cute how ridiculous the excuses they would come up with for it not being a date I also LOVED their first meeting and how an assumption was made and how this individual handled it. What do you get when a woman with a 2 date max rule meets smokin hot smoke jumper was avoids relationships like a dry forest avoids lit matches The answer Total hilarity And obviously another Tawna Fenkse rom com Fenske introduces us to Willa and Grady, who couldn t beopposite if they tried Willa is an only child to a single dad and owns her own website branding company out of her home Grady comes from a massive family and jumps out of planes into wild fires She plans and he doesn t But when it comes time to have the second date and shake hands, neither are ready to say See ya Instead they find clever ways to hang on and hang out, even as the differences pile on Will they drown in those differences Or be able to pull each out from them Every time I read another Tawna Fenkse rom com, I know I m going to laugh until I pee, even as I fall in love with the characters Throw in some fun sexy times, and you can t lose I love that Willa is fun even though she s incredibly pragmatic I also love that Grady funny even though his job is incredibly serious You can tell Fenske took her time to research the character of Grady and his profession as a smoke jumper, making it realistic without being notes heavy I, myself, appreciate when the author takes care to know the tiny details that they don t necessarily write down in the story.If you want a fast paced, fun and funny read full of double entendre and quirky mishaps ending with a heated happily ever after, DEFINITELY grab a copy of The Two Date Rule. The Two Date Rule by the awesome Rom Com author, Tawna Fenske, will have you literally laughing out loud Hot smokejumper, Grady Billman, AKA Smokey the Bare, is mistaken for a stripper, but earns a date in the process a first date to be exact the first of a maximum of two dates, according to Willa Frank s rule She cannot afford for anything to distract her from her businessbut does bowling with friends count as a date or hiking or going to watch a band playIf you apologize onetime for calling me a stripper, I m going to start taking my clothes off in the parking lot while I sing I m a Little Teapot at the top of my lungsI love everything about this one The absolutely hilarious storyline, the perfection of the characters, their backstories, and all of the feels wrapped up in this There are a rollercoaster of emotions I praise and may be slightly envious of author Tawna Fenske for all of the first hand research she did before writing this It brought a deeper depth and admiration to the smokejumper characters I totally recommend this