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Verity Truth The Things We Knew by Catherine West brings together a scattered family running from the truth, while suppressing what that truth ultimately cost them As readers, we are challenged to think about the things we know or think we knew, and how that have brought about our life s decisions Layered with rich, compelling characters, topped with a story line within a story line, The Things We Knew filled every page with meaning that at the right moment, revealed itself How I love turning each page, knowing that there sto explore,to learn about each of the characters in The Things We Knew No one was a filler Each one have something to give and in all, giving us the intricate dynamics of a once happy family to what happened Gray s story held strong onto my heart His fall, his fight, his mistakes, his reasons to run, to his admission, his redemption and his strive to do the right thing all spoke loudly throughout His emotions can easily jump off the page Chapter 32 may honestly be my favorite chapter in the whole book Yes, Gray was all there, but Lynette s emotional struggles to repressed memories and feelings tugged something in me as well She s not my favorite character, but there s something of her past and her dreams that makes me want to root for her Yet, it s also Nick that I want to root for too I don t know what to say, but I guess I can root for all of them, all the Carlisles and honorary Carlisles That s what The Things We Knew can do to you It grips your mind and your heart in wanting to knowabout this family, their home, Wyldewood and its history Along with being set in the beautiful town of Nantucket, you ll be transfix to its story and to its characters for a good long time, even after you ve finished it Strong personalities run wild in The Things We Knew However, the strength of the faith message may very well outshine them all It s not simply thrown in there at the end, tying everything in a neat bow Faith was once present in this family, but as days passed, as each one venture away, it too was lost What is so lovely is how the author weaves it in throughout their lives, sometimes reminding them of God s presence unexpectedly, and ultimately allowing a way back into their lives and hearts The themes of forgiveness, grace and truth held onto and wrapped this dysfunctional family individually and together The Things We Knew isthan a typical inspirational novel It has it all romance, mystery, developed characters, plot and a message that will have you reflect on the things you knew as well This is one book NOT to miss This review first appeared on Just Commonly blog.NOTE I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review All opinions expressed are my own For my review policy, please see my Disclosure page. This is my second Catherine West novel and while I liked the first one Yesterday s Tomorrow , I enjoyed The Things We Knew evenMain character Lynette Carlisle was a young girl when her mother tragically died She has suppressed memories and wants to remember, yet doesn t at the same time.There are a full cast of characters including her aging father, a neighbor, two brothers and a sister It was a touching story that had this reader smiling and feeling the sadness of the characters.My gratitude to the author for a complimentary copy of the novel I was not required to post a review and the opinions expressed are my own. @DOWNLOAD EBOOK ⚫ The Things We Knew ⚢ When Their Tragic Past Begins To Resurface, Can He Help Her Remember The Things She Can T After Her Mother S Death Twelve Years Ago, Lynette Carlisle Watched Her Close Knit Family Unravel One By One, Her Four Older Siblings Left Their Nantucket Home And Never Returned All Seem To Harbor Animosity Toward Their Father, Silently Blaming Him For Their Mother S Death Nobody Will Talk About That Dreadful Day, And Lynette Can T Remember A Bit Of ItBut When Next Door Neighbor Nicholas Cooper Returns To Nantucket, He Brings The Past With Him Once Her Brother S Best Friend And Lynette S First Crush, Nick Seems To Hiding Things From Her Lynette Wonders What He Knows About The Day Her Mother Died And Hopes He Might Help Her Remember The Things She Can TBut Nick Has No Intention Of Telling Lynette The Truth Besides The Damage It Might Cause His Own Family, He Doesn T Want To Risk Harming The Fragile Friendship Between Him And The Woman He Once Thought Of As A Kid SisterAs Their Father S Failing Health And Financial Concerns Bring The Carlisle Siblings Home, Secrets Begin To Surface Secrets That Will Either Restore Their Shattered Relationships Or Separate The Siblings Forever But Pulling Up Anchor On The Past Propels Them Into The Perfect Storm, Powerful Enough To Make Them Question All They Ever Believed In Catherine West s latest novel The Things We Knew is one of those books that gripped me from the first page to the last, and when I had finished the last word I sat and soaked it all in.The Things We Knew is blessed with a whole cast of compelling characters with strong personalities, the best and the worst of family in all its ragged glory And while I was of course drawn to the relationship between Lynnie and Nick, perhaps the character that lodged the deepest in my heart is Gray Lynette s brother Gray, the troubled rock star, is at times in the story both the strongest and the weakest member of the family As a matter of fact, that could be said about each of the Carlisle siblings All of them harboring secrets, all of them fighting their own separate battles emphasis on separate but each one gets a moment where they stand strong for the others Or in spite of the others But Gray stayed with me, possibly because out of all the siblings I believe he is the deepest thinker and as such his scenes were some of the most touching and the most heartbreaking I would love to see him get his own story at some point Perhaps a prequel or even a follow up novel The intricacies of The Things We Knew are unpacked layer by layer as Catherine West feeds us just the right amount for us to absorb before offering a bitShe doesn t sugarcoat the dysfunction but there is light on every page Emotions run high, tensions run high, and regret runs high But faith and mercy and GRACE run higher still.And that is the exquisite beauty of Catherine West s latest novel While neither faith nor mercy nor grace come easy for the Carlisle siblings, these ARE the things they knew before their family became so fractured, their own lives so dysfunctional These are the things they slowly come to know again.Bottom Line The Things We Knew isthan a story of family drama to tug at the heartstrings It sthan a mystery to unwrap It sthan a romance to savor It sthan a masterfully written piece of fiction It is, in fact, all of those but it is also a story rich with healing and honesty and hope It is a novel that will hold you captive until you ve finished the last word and one which will linger in your heart long after This should be on everyone s summer reading list Or fall reading list Or MUST READ SOON reading list Or all of the above Keep some tissues handy, but be prepared to smile and even laugh too Most of all, be prepared to fall in love with Nantucket, with the Carlisle family, and with Catherine West I received a copy of this book in exchange for only my honest review Read my full review at Reading Is My SuperPower Lynette Carlisle 24, is taking care of her father in their old family home, but he is not doing well and refuses to go back the the doctor She is doing her best to help make ends meet, but is also having disturbing dreams about the night her mother died when she was 12 When her childhood friend and neighbour, Nick, returns she has no idea he knows about some of the darkness of the past, or that he finds he is still in love with her Something needs to be done, and she has to consider the possibility of selling their old Nantucket home on the beach, but in order to do that her long gone older sister and brothers have to all come home that much was stipulated in her mother s will.While the writing wasn t as lyrical as some other books I ve read, it was well done, and this book is not Christian fluff, butof a meaty novel There are plenty of not so pretty things going on in her family Lynette had no idea about as she is forced to deal with the past. The Things We Knew by Catherine West is a contemporary Christian novel with a twist and I absolutely loved it It s about a family, a family with its secrets, its vices and its difficulties A family who has split apart but when a crisis looms, comes together again, determined to seek out and face the truth.The novel deals with many different themes, a major one is that of fathers There is only one father who will not let us down and He is God Within the novel there are several fathers and none of them are perfect Nick on his childhood, eventually he Nick got tired of waiting, tired of hoping Nick s father was never there for him, and as an adult, Nick s father has very little faith in Nick, when you screw up Nick is still waiting for his father s approval Sometimes we approach God in this way, trying to work our way into His good books but God loves us just as we are We are His and we already have His approval, without ever having to work at it.Very few characters in the novel have a relationship with God Their relationship with their earthly fathers has coloured their view of God Lynette has a faith in God She still believed God would show her what to do However God seems silent to her God speaks when He wants tocould be you re Lynette not listening How often do we think God is deaf to our cries, when really it is us who are not listening Wyldewood is an old family home, only Lynette remains of the siblings, looking after their father Few of the siblings have perfect lives They have faced between them, domestic abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, and they all fear returning home as failures but home is where you come to heal This is a motif for us and God We do things we feel ashamed of We mess up We think God won t want us but God longs for us to return to Him He opens His arms He welcomes us He extends grace to us to give us what we do not deserve.Grace is a major theme within the story One of the brothers finds fame, fortune, alcohol and rehab before returning home Cecily the housekeeper, wisely says It s our job to show him grace We must remember that too When we mess up, we need grace When others mess up, we must extend grace and not judgement.Throughout the novel there is the search for truth Lynette s mother died when she was twelve years old Lynette has blocked out all memories of that night She is now searching for answers, searching for the truth It comes in snatches It comes in dreams What has she blocked out Other characters have been concealing the truth too They need to be honest with themselves and with each other, forgiving one another s faults.Memories are linked to the character of Lynette s father who has early stage Alzheimer s It is a cruel disease as he can be perfectly lucid at times and trapped in the past and violent at others Catherine West sensitively tackles this subject.The novel deals with the area of dreams The truth can come through dreams The truth can appear as nightmares There is also the laying down of personal dreams to fulfil family obligations He Nick was a marionette, and his father pulled the strings Dreams are important God wants us to follow our dreams He wants us to pursue our passions He does not want to be the God who pulls our strings and stifles our passions.There are many varied and complex relationships within the novel Life is never simple but we need to work through difficulties and restore broken relationships.The Things We Knew was an amazing read I always love Catherine West s novels They have great plot lines and characters and they make you think and examine your heart and relationships Every time I pick up a Catherine West novel, I know that I will be in for a treat.Treat yourself today and pick up The Things We Knew.I received this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review No monetary compensation was received and all views expressed are my own. Reviewed at The Power of Words The truth will set you free John 8 32 I couldn t help but think of these words of Jesus as I made my way through Catherine West s exquisite novel, The Things We Knew, for they reflect the essence of this beautiful story Grace, mercy, forgiveness and hope are very much present also, but truth is foundational.Whether you classify this story as contemporary romance or women s fiction, it resembles the type of novel that I used to read in the general market and have long wished to seeof in Christian fiction The Things We Knew is a family drama centered around Lynette Carlisle and her four siblings, and it has everything that makes for a memorable read idyllic setting, rich characterization, sweet romance, mystery, a plot that engages the emotions, and a spiritual message reflected through the characters struggles and victories I ve been blessed to visit Nantucket and it s hard for me to describe the feel and beauty of this small island community, but Catherine has conveyed this so vividly that I could almost hear the waves break on the shore of the Carlisle family estate There s a realism reflected in this dysfunctional family and serious elements are treated with sensitivity alcoholism, drug addiction, Alzheimer s, etc There s also a spiritual reality that I think many readers will relate to, and that s how life sometimes causes us to drift away from a childhood faith until circumstances lead to a renewal or rediscovery.I was drawn to Lynette, who anchors the story, from the very first page She has a fierce determination in the face of several daunting obstacles, loves her family, and freely shares her faith Tension builds and layers are slowly peeled back as Lynette s siblings return to Nantucket and are forced to confront the truth The rekindling of a lost friendship with Nick that slowly builds into somethingis also a delight.Catherine is an excellent writer and she doesn t waste a single word There s a strong ensemble of supporting characters, and each one is important to the intricacies of the story And I have to mention one brother who touched me so much that I long for his story to be told, and that is Gray.Several important messages stand out grace both the giving and receiving of it and hope that helps us rise above seemingly hopeless situations And finally, truthTruth that had the power to blast though thick concrete walls that secrets and deceit hid behind Truth that overshadowed lies, spoke of grace, mercy, and forgiveness Truth that bought revelation and healing Highly recommended.Thank you to Litfuse Publicity for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. 3.5 starsA pleasant summer read set on Nantucket Island Lynette Carlisle is the youngest of her 4 siblings and still living at home, taking care of her aging father who is showing signs of dementia Her mother died in an accident twelve years earlier and Lynnie thinks she might have been witness to it but seems to have blocked the memory Now nightmares are haunting her and she is trying to coax her memories to come forward through her paintings She even signs some of her paintings Verity because she is seeking the truth But the once stately family home is now crumbling around their ears from neglect and there is no money to pay for repairs Should the family sell the house and see it torn down for the development of an hotel on prime ocean front property Their mother s will stipulates that all her children must agree to sell and must all be present on Nantucket to make that decision So siblings who haven t been home in five years are called to come home and they do, bringing their personal load of problems and issues with them A tale of family dynamics, with a bit of romance, a bit of mystery, a touch of Christian values as Lynnie works through her problems with faith The only reason this didn t get a higher rating from me was that it seemed too predictable and familiar I ve read a number of books this year where the elderly parent might hold the answers needed but is suffering from dementia, e.g Burying the Honeysuckle Girls, We Could Be Beautiful.Thanks to Net galley, the author and the publisher for the opportunity to read an arc of this book Loved spending some time in Nantucket The Things We Knew is such a poignant and beautiful story of dealing with the secrets of the past and the sometimes complex dynamics of family relationships Oh my this was such a good family drama I counld not put this book down or stop thinking about the people in the story and what would happen next Catherine West did a excellent job of creating characters that you feel so connected to This book takes on the deep emotional pain of Lynnette and her family who lost their mother 12 years ago, now as adults they have to take care of their aging father with dementia, and the upcoming financial concerns occur Lynette s siblings return home to Nantucket to determine what to do with their childhood home which causes memories of joy and sorrow.There were so many great themes in this book about choices, forgiveness and showing grace and love not based on what people deserve but with God s love This is definitely a must read for the summerGrace.we don t know where he s been, and surely only the good Lord knows where he s going But as long as he s here, for as long as he stays, it s our job to show him grace The Things We KnewCatherine WestARC received from NetGalley for an honest review.Wow What an awesome story THE THINGS WE KNEW hooked me from the very first page and never let me go until the very last Once I started reading, it was very hard to put this story down Catherine West has written a contemporary story that takes place on NantucketAnd is filled with strong, caring characters that everyone will be able to relate to and care about Soon, you will feel as if you are on the island with the Carlisles, struggling to figure out where their lives are going.Lynette is trying to keep it all together despite numerous tries to get her family involved Their mom died years ago and their dad has been a mess ever since He was gambling and drinking heavily and squandered most of the money Their childhood home is in disrepair and Lynette needs help She goes to the bank for a loan and there sits her childhood crush and neighbor, Nick Cooper THE THINGS WE KNEW is all about family and the past and the secrets that come out are heartbreaking Everyone is trying to protect Lynette from the truth but it is something keeping her up at night and she needs to remember what happened.THE THINGS WE KNEW is filled with twists and turns and had me flipping through the pages like a woman on a mission I had to know what was going to happen to Nick and Lynette and all the secondary characters I hope there is going to be another book and that this becomes a series or at least a trilogy I want and needcontact with this family The characters are all well written and totally believable.THE THINGS WE KNEW is without a doubt one of the best books I ve read in 2016 so far I was instantly emotionally invested in all of the characters and especially with Gray I needof his story My heart broke for Lynette and Nick and for all they were dealing with but Gray shredded me Something from their past effects them all and once the truth comes out many lives will be changed Catherine West really knows how to write about family drama, heartbreak, and forgiveness I can not wait to readby this wonderful and heart tugging author Well done Ms West, you have a new fan.