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Actual rating 3.5 stars.This is the second instalment in Doyle s The Barrytown trilogy, following on from The Commitments The focus has shifted to the former protagonist s father and elder sister, and details another generation of life inside suburban Ireland Sharon Rabbitte is pregnant But the juicy gossip around town isn t her unwed status but concerns over who the father is Is it her best friend s balding, overweight father like is rumoured Or the one night stand Sharon claims it is And why does it matter either way For Sharon it matters little For her father, it is the world.Despite dealing with quite a dense subject matter, the tone of this book managed to remain light hearted As before, there was a hilarious use of dialogue that made this both a fast paced and entertaining read This was used to ease the darker subject matter in to the narrative, and the reader remains unaware in the shift of tone until it has actually occurred.There were some truly tender moments, as the father daughter relationship was explored, with an additional insight to 1980 s urban life, where societal opinion was markedly different from today This made it a markedlycomplex novel than the former trilogy s instalment and gave it the emotional depth I was desiring from this series I can t wait to see where The Van takes us, next. I loved this book so much I would read it out loud to myself just to give myself a 2nd laugh Lots of the F word on EVERY page and it just added to the flow I loved interpreting the little bit of Irish dialect which was included which wasn t hard actually fun and reading this book was like reading a play The author didn t waste precious ink on flowery descriptions of scenery He saved it for the impact of the statement Simple lines like They roared referring to a group of girls in a bar chattin about men and their foibles so funny The central family dynamics held this story together beautifully.Hey this is no Dr.Zhivago or War and Peace It s not meant to be It s just a GOODREAD One drunken evening young Sharon gets a kneetrembler outside some scuzzy club from a most inappropriate person and finds herself up the duff She is then presented with several difficulties, involving the seven major types of embarrassment When should I tell my folks, when should I tell my best mates, when should I tell the dad She briefly wonders if the initiatory event might be classed as rape, but dismisses that as they were both plastered At no point does she even think about termination this is Dublin in the 1980s Should you need a short tale about the warm beating heart of the Irish working class and their dogs and babies and general rambunctiousness, this will do, but please note absolutely everyone swears like troopers all the time Sample dialogue from random page Sharon is talking to her best friends about her medical examination She asked me did I eat chips an tha , your woman this mornin None of her fuckin business Yeah I said I didn t Ah, she s nice though She says I have the right kind o nipples Lezzer Ah stop, for breast feedin Me blood pressure s grand I m very happy for you Fuck off, you.Anyway, I liked it It was a very friendly book. It was okay A relaxing read for a lazy Sunday afternoon with some time to spare and a way to not think about anything serious That s what I thought.An Irish family, the Rabbittes, have to work around the pregnancy of the oldest daughter, a new dog, and how everyone adapts to the situation The dad is the numero uno character highly lovable and really funny It is a busy family with neighbors and friends dropping in enhancing the craziness and mayhem around the daughter who refuse to make the sperm donor known I have a good reason for calling the sleaze bag, who got the girl pregnant, the sperm donor The narrative is mostly written in dialogue form, and in dialect, which makes it a concentrated read, but the warmth and cheeriness of the characters are great There were some scenes that really grossed me out but I am not adding any spoilers here WHAT I DID NOT LIKE The dialogue in the book is probably there to make an adaptation into a play or movie script easier In fact, the book has become a major film I also found it scratchy chalk on a black board that the reactions of the characters were scripted in For instance, a set of dialogue and then laughter Then a set of dialogue and laughter It is as though the reader is reading the script and told where to laugh The movie might be a real hoot when the script comes to life, but as a book it did not work for me at all There are no descriptions of the background of the story at all It is like reading scene 1, then scene 2, and so it goes It is not a novel It is a script hastily turned into a book to sell as quickly as possible The props have been left out, so to speak This was a book borrowing swap with a friend Although I love wit and humor in books, and Irish authors are favorites with me, this did not work Various blurb writers on the back page described it as a cease me upper In fact, it was most often the opposite and I had shivers running down my spine for some of the incidences I was totally grossed out.Take away the over indulgence in dialogue, add some really good prose fit for a real novel, and I might reconsider, but I doubt it A novel it is not But not even remotely so.Okay Forgettable Did not work for me. For me,than anything, this is a book about family and above all fatherly love I love Jimmy Rabbitte s affection for his daughter Sharon who becomes pregnant Sharon s pregnancy is the result of a drunken encounter with an older neighborhood in the parking lot of a party These days this would be considered rape because an intoxicated person is considered incapable of consenting to sex I have used this film in a class I teach and interestingly the young students all recognize it as such, but I had an older student, a man in his 60 s who argued it wasn t rape Finally one of the young women in the class was able to get him to understand that now it would be considered sexual assault Another sign of the times is Sharon s heavy drinking throughout her pregnancy something that even in the 80 s was discouraged, but perhaps not in 1989 working class Dublin These comments make this sound like a dreary story On the contrary, it is a look into a family that sticks together through the trials of one daughter s out of wedlock pregnancy with humor and love The novel notes the times in Ireland are changing and women can keep their babies even if they are unmarried The dialogue is always hilarious and Doyle is a genius at it. Like Juno, but without the annoying hipster music and with lots of drunk Irish people yelling at each other.This was a fun read You know I embarrassed myself a few times by laughing out loud on the subway This story chronicles a young, single, Irish girl from a blue collar Dublin family who finds herself pregnant She won t reveal who the father is Despite the Lifetime movie setup, this book is hardly melodramatic It s a funny, lighthearted look at pregnancy The dialect and conversations are hysterical You can really hear the characters as you read Sharon, the pregnant girl, her best friend, Jackie and her father, Jimmy Sr are the funniest in the book and, fortunately, also get the most page time.This book doesn t always feel like it s going somewhere because it scharacter than plot driven, but that works in the story s favor It is a charming and chipper read, even when people are cursing and throwing half full pint glasses at each other.You ll love it.Though I d like to register my dismay at the amount of pregnant drinking in this book I don t care if it s written and set in 1980s Ireland the year is 2009 and I live in Brooklyn and I know what FAS is That said, when I forced myself to adjust I got over it and started to laugh when on every 3rd page the pregnant Sharon says I m pissed or I m knackered. This book is almost totally dialogue, hilarious dialogue Back with the Rabbitte clan after The Commitmentsand they are in fine form Jimmy is a DJ, Les is no where to be found, the twins are irritating as always, Darren is sweet and enthusiastic and Sharon is in a spot of trouble This book focuses on Sharon and Jimmy Rabbitte Sr I love Jimmy Rabbitte Sr, he is is hilarious the whole way through his reactions are never what you expect and always entertaining No matter what important matter is being discussed he will not miss a chance to berate or complain about eldest son Jimmy Jr Even as Sharon is telling him and his wife Veronica that she is up the pole pregnant he stops twice to call Jimmy and idiot and then askswhat is wrong with that boyMatter at hand JIMMYSharon finds her self pregnant after a drunken night of partying, she questions only to herself if what happened to her was rape I think its fair to say that someone having sex with her while she is unconscious would be considered rape That s as far as that is dealt with, I know it was rape, you know it was rape But the subject is now closed, which was kind of gross The book covers all of Sharon s pregnancy and the scandal it causes, which is pretty hilarious Also Jimmy Sr reads the What to Expect when Expecting and questions Sharon at inopportune timesif her her hormones are causing her troubles Do you have problems on the toilet How ya sleepingSharon finds these questions off putting as well as surprising as her father has 6 children and never seemed to notice any of these pregnancies or was present for any of the births But that s Jimmy ya never know what he is going to do.Really funny *Ebook ↛ The Snapper ↡ Meet The Rabbitte Family, Motley Bunch Of Loveable Ne Er Do Wells Whose Everyday Purgatory Is Rich With Hangovers, Dogshit And Dirty Dishes When The Older Sister Announces Her Pregnancy, The Family Is Forced To Rally Together And Discover The Strangeness Of Intimacy But The Question Remains Which Friend Of The Family Is The Father Of Sharon S Child I loved this book I think it is the strongest of the three books that compile the fascinating Barrytown Trilogy The narrative never gets bogged down, it sweeps along with a pace and vigor I would love to emulate in my own fiction There is not a spare scene or extra word in the whole book and that is quite a feat for an Irish writer I get tired of the constant father son relationships in so much of our fiction, it was truly refreshing to show a father daughter relationship in such a tender, humorous way In fact the humor of this book belies the very seriousness of the issues that Doyle tackles Teenage pregnancy, rape, social exclusion A generation previously Sharon might have been put into a laundry Now her dad can be proud and step up to the plate and show his support for his beloved daughter Society as a whole is much better off as a result This illustrates how all the social changes, largely brought about by the women s movement and the loosening of the grip of the Catholic Church on Irish society, has improved the lives of both men and women The only reason I don t give it the full five stars is this My only small cavil is that when Sharon has the baby she names her daughter, Georgina, after the Rapist, George I don t buy that and it upset me the first time I read it and upset me again this time I once asked Roddy Doyle at a reading why he did that and he said that she was doing it to annoy her father It is something I didn t think plausible Sharon was raped by an older man when she was drunk in the parking lot of a disco Her father supports her decision to have the child and she calls it after the rapist This, as I said, is the only false note in an otherwise perfect read. Sharon Rabbitte s pregnant, did yeh hear Your one, Sharon Rabbitte s up the pole Sharon Rabbitte s havin a baby I don t believe yeh Jaysis Jesus Are yeh serious Who s she havin it for I don t know She won t say She doesn t know She can t remember Oh God, poor Sharon That s shockin Mm Dirty bitch Poor Sharon The slut I don t believe her The stupid bitch She had tha comin Serves her righ Poor Sharon Let s see her gettin into those jeans now Sharon giggled Fuck them Fuck all of them She didn t care The girls had been great.So Sharon Rabitte is pregnant.She is not willing to share who the father is, and when pressed she says it is a Spanish sailor.She is not married and lives with her parents and brothers A cozy family living in a working class neighborhood How her family accepts it, how her friends accept it, how society accepts it, how does she herself accept it I was especially touched by her father, Jimmy Sr, who manages to shed off his rough Dublin working class exterior and connect with his daughter s experience in special ways.The book, sometimes funny, and sometimes sad, revolves around this issue The language is very authentic and takes time to understand.This book is part of a series and the first is The Commitments I did not read it , but the movie based on this book is clearly one of my all time favorites While the book did not impress me as the Commitments movie did, I still found it refreshing and entertaining, because of the language and the window it opens into the working class of Dublin.