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Two and a half stars, rounding up to three There are a couple of plays here from the Irish dramatist J.M Synge, and one was far better than the other I thought The Playboy of the Western World is Synge s most famous play, as I understand it, and it s also the one I liked least I get the feeling it s meant to be funny, but this story of a big talking brat who never quite manages to murder his father, and the community that falls for and spurns him on a dime, just inches too far into farce for me to take it seriously There are some amusing bits but it s too silly for me to really enjoy, and it felt dragged out over three acts It gets two stars from me Farcompelling was the one act Riders to the Sea, a sad little piece based on life on the Aran Islands, and the death of a family s final son by drowning Three stars for that one, it s short and affecting and evocative. I d seen this play once or maybe twice before reading it in Modern Drama this semester It s been a while since I saw it, but I remember thinking it was totally crazy and nonsensical, and my mom thinking something similar, which is saying something, so it was exciting to read it in an academic setting and find out what the hell it was supposed to be about.So apparently, it s all about poking fun at the Catholic church, which is painfully obvious once you know the main character s name is Christy, after all The play is pretty amusing, considering it s about a village that glorifies a guy for supposedly killing his father Aside from the humor, the range of language is impressive mostly grounded in earthy peasant chatter, but also beautifully poetic at times.Fun to think that this play provoked riots when it was first performed Too bad people don t riot at the theater any .CHRISTY What did I want crawling forward to scorch my understanding at her flaming brow I first read these two little plays in an Irish Literature course in college At the time, I struggled with the language and found them generally uninteresting Although they are still not my favorite, I was able to better appreciate them this time The language, that I originally deemed difficult, is actually what I most appreciate about The Playboy of the Western World The language forces itself into an Irish accent and forms the atmosphere of the play Playboy is a comedy and really pokes fun at the Catholic Church which is seen in the main character being named Christy I recommend reading the play with this in mind I struggled with Christy being celebrated for killing his da This strange premise is what makes this play difficult for me to enjoy Riders to the Sea is my favorite of the two plays I prefer the characters of Riders over the characters in Playboy In Riders, there is so much pain and loss and I appreciate the way this is reflected in the characters This one act play is backed full of emotion and as a mother, I can t imagine the pain of Maurya Both of these plays by J.M Synge are an important part of Irish Literature and I recommend taking the time to read them I want to see them performed as I feel they are probablycaptivating when performed and I want to see Synge s command of language actually spoken. oh christy face palm ( Free E-pub ) ♚ The Playboy of the Western World and Riders to the Sea ♷ The Plays Of John Millington Synge Are Filled With The Humors, Sorrows, And Dreams Of The Country Folk Of The Aran Islands And The Western Irish Coastlands, Where, In Synge S Works, We Have A Popular Imagination That Is Fiery And Magnificent, And Tender The Playboy Of The Western World, His Most Famous Play, Is Sweetly Funny And Ironic As It Follows Its Young Hero S Progress, In The Eyes Of Others, From Timid Weakling To Paragon Of BraveryThe Shorter One Act Play, Riders To The Sea, Is A Dark Elegy To The Fragile Existence Of Those Who Live At The Mercy Of The Sea Both Are Beautifully Crafted Dramas That Celebrate Irish Gifts For Lyrical Language They Are Reprinted Here From Authoritative Editions, Complete With Synge S Preface To The Playboy Of The Western World I love both of these plays playboy and riders to the sea I first encountered them as a freshman in college This time around I found evento love In class we discussed the play in terms of the three main offenses of he play, why it got such a strong reaction from its initial audience sex, geography, and violence Of course, as a modern reader it seems like such a mellow play, but in a nationalist theatre, where patrons expected either a nationalist allegory or a traditional comedy, this play doesn t fit either mold We discussed how this play may have parodied Yeats Cathleen Ni Houlihan Christy s father , how the Catholic church comes in for a fair amount of critique, and even the presentation of a perversion of the Cuchulain myth And those are just a few things we touched There is still the language of the play and the dreaded shifts to contend with And yet the play is still nationalistic in do many ways How brilliant is J.M Synge, right Much love. Initial temporary review Three stars, or four I m not sure, but have decided to be generous for the time being, since there is much that I enjoyed in this play The dialect is brilliantly transporting I amused myself for the first Act reading aloud in a pathetic excuse for an Irish brogue but nobody was around to hear me, so it was all good The characters over realistically wrought, if you get my drift Which means they re classic Hopeless as people, but excellent as characters The Widow Quin is such an astute schemer, and I think she s the only one I could say I like And the circumstances are generally hilarious Still, toward the end I found myself wondering, if nothing was going to tie up, plot wise which it didn t what alternative point was being made Basically, I was left hanging on a rather disappointed thread of What the Heck Thus, I m relieved that we re studying this one first in my drama course Maybe my prof can take the heck out of the what. Playboy of the Western World is a satirical look at Catholicism and Irish peasantry that apparently sparked a riot when it was first performed in 1907 Dublin Christy Mahon wanders into town, claiming he killed his father Instead of finding his actions immoral or his character lacking, the townspeople enjoy his story of patricide and sort of deify him for his strength, vigor, and boldness Synge is quite adept at capturing rhythms and idioms of speech, playing on folk culture and myths to give life to his characters Riders to the Sea is a one act play about how the sea gives livelihood but takes away life on the Irish coast These plays wereinteresting to me for their history than anything else. Short, sweet, and to the point, these plays exemplify in the simplest of terms the life of the Irish experience Riders to the Sea is a simple examination that the nature of our existence may be predestined to a certain fate, and that cultural and professional folklores are likely to follow us through our experience no matter how hard we try to lessen the magnitude and effect Not so fascinating, not so interesting, but entirely effective writing. Somehow even though this is a seminal modern play, this modernist didn t end up reading it until this summer It is dark, funny, and the ending surprised and fascinated meI wish that I had gotten to see a performance of the play because the texture of the Irish dialogue really loses something I am sure being visual rather than aural Also, I would love to see Stephen Rea perform Christy he was pictured on the cover of the edition of the play that I read