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The Little Matador is about a boy who does not want to follow in the family tradition of being a Matador Instead, he wants to be an artist His family encourage him to follow in the family tradition This book is very good at encouraging children to follow their dreams and to speak up about the tings that they enjoy doing It is a very useful bok to use in a PSHE lesson or Geography lesson looking at Spain and its traditions The images in the book are amazing and can even be used to inspire children to draw their own images just like the Matador in the book for an Art lesson I would use this book in a KS1 and Lower KS2 class. Some books can be too wordy and loose kids attention, but this one has the opposite problem Not quite enough story The illustrations are well done and do help to tell the story, but I would have liked just a little bit . What a great debut picture book for Julian Hector I loved all the illustrations, especially the ones with the animals That frog was too funny What I liked best about the story is that it taught a lesson about following your dreams Will the Litte Matador become a bullfighter or an artist Read The little Matador to find out I enjoy finding good picture books that I can use with my first graders I give this 5 out of 5 YUPIs Can t wait to share this with my students Perfect to go along with the nerdcott challenge, plus the art is fantastic.Update My students LOVED this book, especially the posing frog and the rad endpapers. Wanting to do something else than what your parents want I thought it missed the mark. Sort of like a Ferdinand the Bull story but in reverse. .Pdf ♵ The Little Matador ♧ The Little Matador Comes From A Long Line Of Proud Bullfighters, But He Would Rather Draw A Bull Than Fight One Despite His Father S Best Efforts To Get Him To Follow Tradition, The Little Matador Spends Most Of Days Daydreaming And Sketching Animals In The Meadow One Day When The Little Matador Is Caught Making A Scene In The Town Square Drawing A Scene, That Is His Father Decides He S Had Enough The Little Matador Gets Dragged To The Arena To Face His First Bull He May Have Decided He S Not Going To Fight, But The Bull Has Other Plans That Is, Of Course, Until The Little Matador Pulls Out His Sketch Pad Our Talented Hero May Have Won Over The Bull, But Can He Overcome His Father S Disapproval In This Little Book About Dreaming Big, First Time Author Illustrator Julian Hector Teaches Us All About The Importance Of Being True To Your Heart Even In The Face Of Great Family Expectations And Charging Bulls The Little Matador is a great book that shows you can dream big The main idea of this book is to teach about the importance of being true to your heart even when other s expect something different from you This book shows children that when you follow your heart you can be anything you want The main character of this text is little matador who wants to be an artist, but is struggling with his family tradition of bull fighting In the book, it shows that drawing makes little matador happy and being an artist is great skill that makes him unique The genre of Little Matador belongs to Folk tale This story that is passed on shows tradition of bull fighting As a teacher this would be a great book to add to the classroom because it encourages leadership, courage, confidence, and individuality The students can easily interact with the story, and pictures of the book This is a great step towards practicing on motor skills with the student s drawing a picture Children can also work on drawing what they want to be special talent This is a great way to incorporate the main character, because the children are drawing like the little matador Also, the students are drawing a special talent or what they want to be and this helps practice the moral message of the story I unfortunately could not find anything on Julian Hector s cultural background He also published Ferdinand The Bull and both illustrate maybe a personal Spanish background The author does a great job at illustrating this background into bullfighting, but Little Matador shows a different passion for painting The book shows his talent is different but also special The emphasis on being different and finding your own talents is a good message for all children and relates perfectly to our topic of Individuality The Little Matador is about a boy who is born into a family of bullfighters At first he has no choice but to follow in their footsteps However, he has a secret passion to draw animals He pursues his dream, and his family accepts his talent and calling in life I think this story can be use to teach students to follow their dreams and to do what they desire in life I also like the book because it is about a culture unknown to many children in the U.S Many of my ESL students come from cultures that do have bullfighting and have some backgroung knowledge in this area. The Little Matador is about a young boy who doesn t wish to follow the family tradition of being a Matador, Instead wanting to be an artist, he is discouraged by his family and pressured to change his mind.This is a useful book to use in KS1 and Lower KS2 within lessons such as Geography and PSHCE The stunning illustrations can be used as a stimulus for an Art lesson and discussions about what it is we like to do and our aspirations.