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~FREE EPUB ♹ The Goodbye Bride (A Summer Harbor Novel) ♺ She Only Remembers Loving Him But He Can T Forget The Way She LeftFollowing A Concussion, Lucy Lovett Can T Remember The Last Seven Months Of Her Life She Doesn T Remember Leaving Her Fianc Zac Callahan Weeks Before Their Wedding Or Moving To Portland, Maine And She Sure Doesn T Remember Getting Engaged To Another Man All She Remembers Is Loving Zac Than Life ItselfIt S Taken Zac Months To Move On After Lucy Left Him With No Explanation He S Thrown Himself Into His Family S Farm And His Restaurant Business In Summer Harbor Now Lucy S Back, Vulnerable, Homeless, And Still In Love With Him She Needs His Help Putting The Pieces Together, But Letting Her Back Into His Life Is A Risk And The Stakes Are High If He Follows His Heart He Ll Win Back The Love Of His Life But If Her Memory Returns He Ll Lose Her All Over Again 1.5 Stars I thought about giving it 2 stars because the writing wasn t bad and I think a lot of people would like the story, but at the end of the day, I jut had soooo many issues with this book Lucy was selfish and hypocritical and had no self awareness of it at all for much of the book No one ever called her on it, either, which drove me crazy It really rubbed me the wrong way that she never really took responsibility for what she did to Zac, just because she couldn t remember doing it It took until the second to last chapter for Lucy to finally understand what she was doing and while I appreciated that growth and the message behind it it was almost the very end of the book There was not enough time after that for me to like her. A delightful romance that left me longing for just a bitThese characters are wonderful, and going back to Maine was a treat The story of abandonment will resonate with too many readers but the message of hope that grows from it will be a balm to many. Well, this new book is part of the Summer Harbor series but it is definitely a stand alone novel This is the first time I had been able to read a book by this particular author and I was highly impressed with the beautiful and highly descriptive story that she has created.Both of the characters were highly likeable and you are just pulled right into the story The premise of the story is one that we see often but I really enjoyed the author s twist on it There was a lot of mystery that surrounded the story and keeps you really intrigued as far as what was going to happen.Even though this is a Christian romance and a clean novel, there is so much depth of feelings between two main characters There is plenty of sweet romance, endearing with longing love You really get a sense of how much these two mean to each other I may or may not have shed a few tears over this story The author includes some beautiful sections with an inspirational message of trusting in God and believing He will always bring to you what is good and right in the world Also believing in listening to your heart as that s going to lead you in the right direction as well.This is a refreshing novel that will leave you feeling wonderful and looking forward to the next installment in the series Definitely an author that I m going to be following now that I ve been introduced to her. I always enjoy a Denise Hunter romance, so I was quite happy indeed when this one turned out to be a fun way to spend a few hours She certainly knows how to write a swoony hero, doesn t she Equal parts mystery what with the amnesia and romance goodness did those two have chemistry , this story is a sweet addition to your library You should definitely be adding it to your TBR shelf Lucy, herself, is pretty memorable Considering she has no recollection of the last seven months, she has no qualms about making her opinions on where she should be, how her life should look, and what she s going to do to get it back to what she remembers I have to confess that she frustrated me a bit in the beginning I wished she had been a bitwilling to realize how her actions might hurt Zac I could understand her desire for things to go back to what she was remembering, but when someone you love tells you that your actions have the potential to hurt them, wouldn t you do all you could not to continue doing that Or at least be a bitunderstanding about it I was very happy once she accepted that she needed to take a step back When that happened, the flow of the romance worked better for me.And speaking of, I loved the little glimpses we got of how Zac and Lucy met and their time together in the past I also loved that the angst was kept minimal between them Yes, they hurt each other, most times very unintentionally, but their chemistry was undeniable, even to them These are two people who had an awesome relationship and now have to struggle to understand what happened They both have scars and pain in their backgrounds, Lucy especially, so when they finally reach those pivotal moments, it was wonderful to know they had each other to help work through any future hard.Also, I do love this Callahan family The way they pick at each other and support each other no matter what And the way they re always willing to tell the truth to each other, no matter how difficult it might be Plus the fact that once you re one of them, you re family Unless you do something stupid, of course But Lucy redeems herself, so no worries there I was also very happy that Eden from Falling Like Snowflakes chose to overlook her own fiance and befriend Lucy at a moment when she really needed someone on her side Their friendship was so sweet.A quick and entertaining story that had me smiling once I closed the final chapter If you need an escape into a fictional world for a little, this is a fun way to spend that time I received a complimentary copy through Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. I loved the premise behind this one so much that I was very impatient to read it It came through at 11pm on the 7th from my library, and I read until midnight The next day, I was busy reading at stoplights, at lunch, and between lessons until I finished I enjoyed both characters a great deal.Gripes a bit of cursing one Lord, one Lord a mercy the heroine stays in a room near the office of the hero s restaurant it s plain nothing happens but honestly it was playing with fire on their part longing for hugs and kisses repeatedly Minus one star. This one starts with a bang as our heroine, Lucy, comes to in the bathroom of a caf feeling lost and confused She calls the man who she thinks she is engaged to wanting him to rescue her What she discovers is that time has passed and there is a gap of time that she has lost and doesn t remember This book takes us on her discovery of what she remembers, what her heart remembers and what it will take to find her dreams.At first I thought, Oh, no not another amnesia story But what I discovered was a unique love story and a unique twist on the amnesia story that makes this story worth the read Ms Hunter has developed an appealing story with Zac as the fianc that Lucy had previously left He thinks he s finally over Lucy, but finds he can t stop himself from helping her and getting that close again is dangerous to his heart Zac is definitely a swoon worthy type of guy I like Ms Hunter s writing style and I really enjoyed this sweet Christian love story I read the first book in Ms Hunter s Summer Harbor Series and like it as well Although many of the characters from book 1 are present in book 2, this one still reads as a stand alone.Thanks to NetGalley, Ms Hunter and Thomas Nelson publishers for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. after re read I love this bookthat is allfirst time reading The Goodbye Bride is about Lucy Lovett and Zac Callahan Lucy suddenly leaves a few weeks before her and Zac are supposed to get married 7 months later, Zac is trying to move on with his life when he gets a call from Lucy not remembering anything that had happened in the last 7 months As they try to figure out why she left and what happened Zac tries to decide whether or not to let Lucy back into his heart.Oh my stars this book was so good I didn t want to put it down until I found out why Lucy left Zac is amazing, really amazing 3 Lucy is also a amazing and relatable character I will definitely be picking up the other books in this series I received a free book from Thomas Nelson Zondervan Fiction Guild in return for a honest review. Wow, this is one emotion packed book I really felt for both Lucy and Zac and the difficult situation they find themselves in Zac s struggle to be there for Lucy despite his hurt and anger shows his character and strength Lucy is hurt by his distance, and doesn t understand how she ended up rejecting him when she loves him so much Zac s family is a bit protective of him even though they like Lucy, although she finds an ally in Beau s new wife Eden There s a lot of heartache that Zac and Lucy work out, and the hope for reconciliation is strong as well as their chemistry together There is a bit of suspense wondering when Lucy will regain her memory and find the answers to her secrets I enjoyed the flashbacks to the early days of their relationship and seeing how they fell in love Highly recommend to fans of clean contemporary romance I received a complimentary copy of the book all opinions in this review are my own 2.75 starsA character driven story, so it was to be expected that the pacing would be a slow one Even though the plot was nice and intriguing enough, it was too slow for my liking that it makes me lose my concentration.