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Riiiktigt bra B rjade l sa boken f rra ret, men fastnade inte riktigt N r jag tog upp den igen f r ngr dagar sedan kunde jag inte sluta l sa Visste n stan ingenting om Iran tidigare Sp nnande, intressant, n dv ndig att l sa Very important book about human rights and Iran s history FREE DOWNLOAD ♑ The Gaze of the Gazelle: The Story of a Generation ⚑ On June During Demonstrations To Protest The Contested And Controversial Iranian Presidential Election, A Young Girl Named Neda Agha Soltan Was Shot To Death In The Streets Of Tehran Within Hours, The Video Footage Of Her Death, Captured On A Roving Camera Phone, Had Circled The Globe It Was Also The Moment Of Choice For Arash Hejazi A Writer Who Had Originally Trained As A Doctor Who Tried And Failed To Save Neda S Life Within Days Hejazi Left Iran To Tell The World The Story The Government Was Denying Neda Had Died At The Hands Of The Pro Government Militia The Gaze Of The Gazelle Is Hejazi S Personal Story Of How That Tragedy Came To Be And How It Will Change The Course Of Politics In Iran For A New Generation In A Tale That Mingles Politics And The Personal, Mythology And History, Hejazi Tries To Answer The Question How Did It Come To This His Quest For An Answer Leads Him Through The Story Of The Decades Long Aftermath Of The Iranian Revolution, When Ayatollah Khomeini Was Brought Back From Exile To Drive The Shah From His Throne And Set Up The Islamic Republic Of IranAgainst The Background Of Saddam Hussein S Invasion Of Iran And The Prolonged War That Followed, Hejazi Skillfully Interweaves His Own Story And Those Of His Family And Friends With The Machinations Of The Mullahs And Politicians Who Seek To Control Iranian Lives This Timely, Moving, And Eloquent Book Describes The Determination Of A New Generation To Recover Hope In The Name Of Neda, Who Gave Her Life In Pursuit Of A Freer And Better World I won a copy of this book as part of the goodreads giveaway I can t put into words how glad i am that i entered this giveaway, this book has taught me so much about Iran s background I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone If you re a fan of Paulo Coelho this book is a must read This took me forever to read because I was deep into editing hell as I read it I probably would ve finished it in 3 4 days otherwise I really like this book We follow the author throughout his life, from the revolution that game Khomeini power, all the way to the green wave, after Ahmadinejad was election It ends shortly after Neda s death, in 2015 The author is the doctor who stood next to her as she was shot, and tried to save her but couldn t, and he retells the story very well.This book is a very interesting look at Iran from the eyes of a technically muslim boy who really is of an atheist from what I understood, and how he navigates the world, how the Iranian government makes his job after he gives up on medicine, disillusioned by corruption and extortion at the hospital he s working at he starts a quite successful book publishing company very difficult, and so on.I didn t even mind reading the Swedish translation of this, and I hate reading translated works. 47 sekunder En ber ttelse om Irans f rlorade generationTr kig. Arash Hejazi put his entire life in an arrow, which is this book and his amazing story, in order to tell the story of unforgotten generations past as well as the current generation of a wonderful young lady named Neda.This book is a memoir of an amazing young Iranian Persian man who witnessed the Islamic Revolution of 79 , survived the Iran Iraq war through the 80 s, went through medical school to become a GP, and even became a well established publisher in Iran which may be one of the most difficult places in the world to publish books.His epic tale and journey is filled with Persian folklore and Iranian history in a writing style that engages the reader to connect thoroughly with a beautiful and distinctly authentic culture that is commonly misinterpreted Among many of his accomplishments, Arash translated and published a Pauolo Coelho book, arranging for him personally to arrive in Iran for a book tour bringing one of the most famous important living fiction writer to a country hungry for his message and writings.I can not speak highly enough of this book and cannot express in words the inspiration that this young man brings to the reader In 2009, during what would be called the green revolution in Iran, a young woman by the name of Neda was shot by Iran s security forces and was killed on the street this was filmed by Arash s employee while he was trying to save the young woman s life Arash then decided to post the video online where it went viral and was watched by the world For this, Arash is unable to return back to Iran and is made an exile.In his written contribution Arash makes himself one of the most important and influential Iranian writers of our time, but for his moral contribution of bringing Neda s image to the world he makes himself something even greater that needs no classification. I got my copy this spring, and I immediately knew that this book is different, rareI learned about Neda s life story just a day or two right after her death and I covertly hoped that there would be someone to tell about her, about the then Iranian society the election of 2009 , Iranian facts including history, writers, politics etc And Arash did it And he did a perfect job I have read many books concerning Iran and its issues but The Gaze of the Gazelle gave me a proper view of the Iranian matter This piece of non fiction should have been shortlisted. Quando ho iniziato questo libro ero un po scettica avevo paura di andare incontro ad una lettura troppo pesante per essere apprezzata in un caldo giorno di Agosto sotto l ombrellone Mi sbagliavo Ho iniziato ad appassionarmi sempre di pi e mentre le ore passavano mi trovavo davanti decenni di storia iraniana Fino a tre giorni fa di questo paese non conoscevo quasi nulla oggi, grazie a questo libro, posso dire di conoscere un po di pi la storia di un cos grande e coraggioso popolo Ho trovato particolarmente bella la prima parte del romanzo, quella in cui Arash parla dei suoi primi 20 anni e della sua grande voglia di libert , di democrazia, di giustizia Leggere questo libro mi ha fatto riflettere su un aspetto che noi diamo per scontato e che molto spesso non apprezziamo neanche, ma per il quale, in altre parti del mondo, vengono uccise centinaia di persone la libert.Per concludere voglio precisare che ci sono state anche parti, verso la fine, che non ho apprezzato quanto le prime e che ho trovato meno coinvolgenti, ma nel complesso un romanzo che mi piaciuto molto e che mi ha fatto conoscere un meraviglioso Paese Lo consiglio. A compelling story of a brilliant, ambitious and courageous man who grew up during the Iranian Revolution This is the life story of the passerby doctor who tried to save Neda Agha Soltan after she was shot by Iranian Security forces during a protest of the 2009 presidential elections.It was an interesting read but I was very disappointed by the editing errors including 4 5 blank pages missing text I genuinely hope this book will be re edited and re released so it can be received with the respect it is due.