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This book tells the story of Tiddler, a little grey fish who is never on time but has always got a story as to why It sees Tiddler arriving late to school on a few occasions, offering ellaborate excuses for his impunctuality These tales involve octopuses, shipwrecks and turtles, and the stories spread like wildfire, from one fish, to another, and anotherOne day, Tiddler is on his way to school when he is so distracted by daydreaming that he gets cuaght in the net of a fishing boat He eentually gets thrown back in the water and finds his way back to school when he hears some anchovies talking about one of his stories He tracks the story back home and arrives at school just as everyone else is leaving.Tiddler explains hat happened and not everyone believes him, but still the stoy speads until it gets to a writer, which is how the book was written.Reading this book as an adult, I m not sure what t is supposed to teach children On the one hand, Tiddler got into trouble because of his storytelling getting caught because he was daydreaming and no one comes to look for him because of his perpetual lateness In the other hand, his stories are what help him to find his way back home.Is this book suggesting that lying and story telling is a positive or negative thing Perhaps hat question could be posed in class to begin a discussion Despite not knowing the moral of the story, this is a fascinating book and as I read it, I found myself wondering what would happen next The illustrations in the book are beautiful and I can see that children from Early Years to lower KS2 would enjoy the book in different contexts It could be used as a basis for lessons in art, creative writing or PSHE. Another cracking good book for toddlers and preschoolers from the master Julia Donaldson Tiddler is a fish who s always late, and always has a tall tale explaining why But what happens one day when one of his crazy tales does come true Donaldson s rhyming story reads smoothly and is full of wee delights, ideal for reading aloud Scheffler s drawings bring the tale to vivid life, adding to the words and giving little ones plenty to look at and enjoy Perhaps not the absolute best of the pair s offerings, but a very, very good tale that is very re readable. This book doesn t seem very popular in Iowa, neither among libraries nor book stores, so I had to borrow it through an interlibrary loan read for a very short time And that s disappointing, because the book is spectacular I count it as one of the best books by the author We read it at bedtime all nine evenings we had it.As seems customary, this British book suffered being translated for the American audience I really don t get this translations from English to English The first time I noticed it was in the first book I read in English, and it was Harry Potter There are whole paragraphs changed in Harry Potter And I still can t get why What exactly was the purpose of those changes It didn t make the book any better Some words maybeBritish than American, but I m sure Americans know them, even if don t use them very often and if they don t, isn t it a good reason to enrich one s vocabulary Anyway, for Tiddler The story telling fish the main problem is the title I wonder whose fevered imagination generated the idea that this story is a version of a very old one about a boy who cried wolf This someone was apparently so impressed with this idea, the book changed the title under its influence The problem is, the moral here is complete opposite Besides, it s kinda hard to explain to a toddler, why a book called The Fish Who Cried Wolf doesn t contain any wolves or any fishes talking about wolves Just try it.The illustrations are as good as ever Both my son and I were delighted by a Gruffalo Fish Look for it in the book I think it s a very nice touch though my husband thinks the authors have overdone it a bit The Gruffalo Fish is not the only peculiar fish to look for in this book It s full of wonderfull illustrations you can make into a biology lesson for a toddler, they are that good I hope Tiddler The Story Telling Fish will find a wider recognition some day. Julia Donaldson has such a talent for writing children s books with infectious lines, wonderful rhymes and adorably funny stories This is no exception We loved Tiddler and his tall tales, along with the beautiful illustrations and under the sea fun Another must have for the tiny human library Although the title makes it sound as if the reader will learn a lesson from the fish telling false stories, the theme isabout storytelling than lying Since this book was published after the film Finding Nemo, it is hard not to see the many similarities between the two The cartoon illustrations are very colorful and portray the wide variety of animals found in the sea, making the story come alive for the reader The text has a good rhythm to it and would make a successful read aloud for young elementary students. This is a long book, sosuitable for a 3yo than a 2yo, but it s got a good story and lots of interesting pictures Edited later 2.5 seems like a good age The touch of pantomime Oh no, he didn t and the call and response of the fish school make this a bedtime favorite I can t tell you how many times I ve read it now Lovely illustrations and great story Lots of rhyming and could relate to learning about different fish or sea creatures and their habitats. I predict her next story will be about toys that are secretly alive. Tiddler The Story Telling Fish 2008 by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler This is another great story form the accomplished team that is Donaldson Scheffler as per usual it is a great story by Donaldson, well written with the usual rhymes that engage the reader as well as driving and maintaining the momentum of the narrative and as per usual, it is accompanied and greatly enhanced by the imaginative and vivid illustrations from the pen of Scheffler Tiddler is the story of a little fish telling tall tales, who goes on a very big adventure there are obvious echoes and influences here of Disney s Nemo it is a circular story and a very pleasing one Another great book from the winning team of Donaldson and Scheffler. `Free Kindle ☊ The Fish Who Cried Wolf ☔ The Little Fish Tiddler Comes Late To School Every Day, But Always With An Elaborate Excuse That Charms His Classmates And Annoys His Teacher One Day, As He S Thinking Up His Next Story, A Net Sweeps Him Up And Hauls Him Far Away How Will Tiddler Find His Way Home All He Has To Do Is Follow The Trail Of His Biggest, Fishiest Story Yet For Every Parent Or Teacher Who Knows The Boundless Creativity Of A Perpetually Late Child, This Book Is Sure To Become The Next Read Aloud Favorite From The Bestselling Author Illustrator Team Behind The Gruffalo And Room On The Broom