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`Read Pdf ⚧ The Barrytown Trilogy ô Roddy Doyle S Winning Trio Of Comic Novels Depicting The Daily Life And Times Of The Rabbitte Family In Working Class DublinThe CommitmentsStill One Of The Freshest And Funniest Rock N Roll Novels Ever Written, Doyle S First Book Portrays A Group Of Aspiring Musicians On A Mission To Bring Soul To DublinThe SnapperDoyle S Sparkling Second Novel Observes The Progression Of Twenty Year Old Sharon S Pregnancy And Its Impact On The Rabbitte Family Especially On Her Father, Jimmy Sr With With, Candor, And Surprising AuthenticityThe VanSet During The Heady Days Of Ireland S Brief, Euphoric Triumphs In TheWorld Cup, This Booker Prize Nominee Is A Tender And Hilarious Tale Of Male Friendship, Midlife Crisis, And Family Life Back Cover I had read The Snapper and The Van before, but the price for The Commitments was better as part of the trilogy so I started reading all three again The Snapper and The Commitments were excellently funny novels that really captured Dublin of the era They also were just challenging enough to make the reader have to think about how the characters ended up where they were Especially The Snapper which took on Sharon s encounter with the father of the sanpper as rape, which was and still is today it seems, seen by many as her own fault for being too drunk to say no However, The Van waschallenging for many reasons First of all, it s pretty to the point of showing just how depressing being unemployed can be, to the point of bleakness For me this made some of the comedy feel off That said, most of the comedy is hilarious and I did have numerous chuckles while reading My second problem with The Van was Jimmy Sr s leering at the young women almost everywhere he went Even though I understand the point Doyle is making about Jimmy s slide into depression as he stops making an effort, it still feels really perverse to read about a 40something year old man with an erection at the shop counter I m not sure if I missed a nuance here and this was some dig at society, but either way it just was not to my taste Overall, this trilogy is a great read Each story is unique and interesting and somehow sticks to the parameters of a hero story Each time our flawed hero Jimmy jr, Sharon, Jimmy sr faces a problem and is thrown into extreme situations but always comes out on top. Really enjoyed this trilogy featuring the Rabbitte family from a town outside of Dublin It was the second and third book in the trilogy which really captured my attention.All of the books are written with humour but important themes such as family ties, self respect and friendship are well expressed.I initially had some difficulty with some of the wording but as I read on it was easy to get the gist of what the author was saying I laughed out loud in places and even though the trilogy was extremely funny there were pertinent themes addressed Really enjoyed the trilogy overall. Lots of Irish slang and written to capture some of the accent This trilogy centers around the Rabbitte family Each book has a different tone, which was interesting to me since the bulk of the story is conveyed in oddly formatted dialogue Why is that interesting at all I struggle to write beyond mere summarizations so I get overexcited when I think I recognize the craft in writing.The first is this chuckling wind up, not really about the family but following the eldest son who forms a soul band out of the whitest of whities that falls apart due to personalities Spoiler alert Crass and funny.The second my favorite focuses on the dad as he deals with his eldest daughter s out of wedlock pregnancy and seemingly just a glancing sweep of the daughter But the way the father is drawn and colored in Very sweet The pregnancy itself is treated a bit briefly,a prop for the development of the father character Ignoring the inadequate treatment of that whole situation, this one is crass and hilarious.The third takes place a few years later and the times have gone downhill Again, the father is the focus There are still the humorous bits but it s the struggle to maintain self respect in this particular culture and the slow death of a friendship It actually became hard to read Crass and depressing. The Barrytown Trilogy is a collection of three novels The Commitments, The Snapper, and The Van which all follow members of the Rabbitte family in their lives in a small town outside of Dublin.I picked this book up for two reasons I previously only knew Roddy Doyle through his short stories that are sometimes in the New Yorker, and he had been on my list of authors to look into for some time Once I started looking at his novels though, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he was the mastermind behind The Commitments, a movie I love Thus, with a bit of hesitation, since I didn t want the novel to be a let down after the movie, nor did I want the novel to make me disappointed in the movie, I picked up the Barrytown Trilogy with the intent of initially just reading The Commitments.Instead, I could not put this book down The movie of The Commitments completely captures the witty dialogue of the novel, and I was just as smitten with the characters in the book as I was in the movie Doyle s informal writing style perfectly captures the grittiness of the people of this small Irish town, and their attempt to become an Irish RB Soul band, modeled after Chuck Berry, Marvin Gaye, and others, is endearing, entertaining, and just plain fun.I enjoyed The Commitments so much that I continued on to read The Snapper and The Van immediately The focus of these two is on the Rabbitte family as a whole, whereas The Commitments only featured Jimmy Jr The Snapper looks at the events surrounding 20 year old Sharon s pregnancy and the resulting effect on her family Family patriarch Jimmy Sr is the real hero of these novels Doyle gives him a tough exterior but it is clear almost immediately that Jimmy Sr is a gentle, loveable man His relationships with his children, his wife, and his best mate Bimbo make for some of the most heartwarming and laugh out loud funny dialogue that I have ever read The Snapper ends with the birth of Sharon s daughter Gina, and The Van picks up with the Rabbitte family just a couple of years later At this point things have changed drastically Jimmy Sr is on the dole, eldest son Jimmy Jr has moved in with his girlfriend, and second son Leslie has disappeared after getting in trouble with the law The tone of The Van issomber than the other two novels, but the concern Jimmy Sr has for his family, along with the warmth of his interactions, was a bright light in an otherwise subdued narrative Overall, I would highly recommend any of these novels, either individually or as a trilogy.