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!Read Pdf Ý Succubus Revealed ì In Georgina Kincaid, Succubus And She Demon, New York Times Bestselling Author Richelle Mead Has Created One Of Her Most Enticing Characters But With A Shot At Love, And Maybe Even Redemption, Is The Ultimate Seductress Finally Going Soft Like Hell She IsGeorgina Kincaid Has Had An Eternity To Figure Out The Opposite Sex, But Sometimes They Still Surprise Her Take Seth Mortensen The Man Has Risked His Soul To Become Georgina S Boyfriend Still, With Lucifer For A Boss, Georgina Can T Just Hang Up Her Killer Heels And Settle Down To Domestic Bliss In Fact, She S Being Forced To Transfer Operations Las Vegas The City Of Sin Is A Dream Gig For A Succubus, But Georgina S Allies Are Suspicious Why Are The Powers That Be So Eager To Get Her Away From Seattle And From Seth Georgina Is One Of Hell S Most Valuable Assets, But If There S Any Way Out Of The Succubus Business She Plans To Take It, No Matter How Much Roadkill She Leaves Behind She Just Hopes The Casualties Won T Include The One Man She S Risking Everything For There will be minor spoilers,major ones will be hiddenThis is one of the times that I need half stars cause this book is worth than 3 stars but is less than 4 for me, so I ll just have to settle for 3 stars.The writing,plot and characters in this series is up to point, this book tied up all strings and I certainly love how it ended.Can t believe this is the last book in the series, will definitely miss the characters Their witty banter and comments is just so hilariousGeorgina doesn t need material things any, teased Cody She s paid in love now Jerome fixed the young vampire with a cold stare Do not ever say anything that saccharine againLike we all guessed Georgina and Seth got their happily ever after, but they were casualties, one that I love so dearly The revelations blew my mind view spoiler Roman sacrificed himself for Georgina Seth is Kyiakos her human husband and the reason why she sold her soul, also Seth sold his soul ages ago for reincarnation to meet Georgina, and all her star cross lovers through the centuries were him, they both got their souls back cause their contract contradict each other, hell wasn t happy to loose two souls at once hide spoiler How we love others is affected by how we love ourselves, and for the first time in a long time, I was whole I knew who I was and in turn was able to appreciate just how much I loved him Finally, Georgina and Seth get the happy ending they deserve view spoiler Omg I am so exciting that Seth is Kyriakos or Kyriakos is Seth I really loved that they were soul mates hide spoiler Succubus Revealed is both satisfying and excruciatingly, mind numbingly predictable Nothing much except Georgina s personal woes propels this series finale The book starts on a fairly ridiculous note Georgina for some unknown reason works as a Santa helper at a mall Continues in the same ridiculous way when she and her gang of friends are forced by Jerome to participate in a bowling tournament with another demon s crew Things start picking up when Georgina is suddenly transferred to a new location Las Vegas Only then does our succubus start questioning why the Hell is so involved in her business And then spends entirely too much time on unveiling the transparent mystery surrounding her contractIf you have read previous 5 books in the series, you know exactly how it all will end No surprises, no new revelations All elephant size clues given by the author prior come together to culminate in the ending 99% of us expected Satisfying Yes An exciting reading experience NO.The book is not entirely a waste though It is a one long series epilogue, a farewell to the characters of sorts Melancholy and bitter sweet, with a few touching moments All in all, this series is not a bad one if you are willing to overlook the fact that the main characters are morally rotten and never truly atone for their indiscretions , but a couple books too long Richelle Mead s mistake here is that she stretched her story way too thin, especially in the last two novels that are almost void of mystery and consist mainly of relationship melodrama.As for Georgina, I will let Jerome speak for meYou know, I might miss some of your witticisms when you re gone, but one thing I won t miss Your overwhelming sense of melodrama and despair It s too much even for me Why the fuck are people rating it 5 stars when the book isn t even out yet Just mark it as to read , you twats.