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I thru hiked many years ago and I really enjoyed the return trip this book took me on Very Funny and Accurate to life on trail Characters had real depth and am curious what becomes of them So many have tried to capture the Appalachian Trail in words and, through dialogue and snapshots, Stolz does so with great style Lots of obscure literary references too for all the fellow english majors out there Highly recommend [[ READ DOWNLOAD ]] ↛ Stumbling Thru ⇩ Stumbling Thru Stumbling Thru Is My Story Of Loss, Hope, And Healing To Help Inspire Others To Continue To Grow And Learn From Our Experience Recent Blogs Check Out All The Latest Blog Posts Stumbling Through YouTube Attempts To Play Games Both Old And New, Usually Without Reading The Manual FirstStumbling Thru Keepin On Keepin On ANot Retrouvez Stumbling Thru Keepin On Keepin On Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D OccasionStumbling Thru Hike Your Own Hike A DiggerNot Retrouvez Stumbling Thru Hike Your Own Hike Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion The Jayhawks Stumbling Through The Dark Livevideos Play All Mix The Jayhawks Stumbling Through The Dark Live On KEXP YouTube The Jayhawks Full Performance Live On KEXP Duration KEXP , Views Stumbling Thru Hike Your Own Hike By A Digger In Stumbling Thru, The Appalachian Trail Is Alive We Walk With Walter, Our Reluctant Hiker Who Only Knows That He S Standing Before , Miles Of Trail At The Start Of His Uncertain Journey Characters That Crisscross His Path Early On May Or May Not Turn Out To Be Major Players, But One Cannot Imagine The Novel Without Them Stumbling Thru Home Facebook Stumbling Thrulikes Sharing My Story Of Loss And The Lessons I Learned To Help Others Find Hope And Healing Stumbling Through Traduction Franaise Linguee And, Stumbling Through This Topsy Turvy World Is A Mr Nobody, Martin, Who, Following A One Night Stand, Manages To Get The British Au Pair, Sally, Pregnant I have read several books about people s journey on the Appalachian Trail and enjoyed them This book was not one of my favorites but I will still buy the next in the series I find it odd that it is mainly written in the third person There is actually very little about the author and his thoughts and experiences Although the antics of the other hikers are amusing at times I find the trail names confusing If you have any plans to one day hike the AT I guess there are some tidbits in the book to make it worth reading. Awesome book A fictional story of life on the Appalachian Trail, told through multiple characters This is pt 1 and chronicles Amicalola Falls to Damascus 460 miles out of the total 2200 miles of Appalachian Trail The book is not another tedious trail journal outlining one hiker s journey, but a well rounded book covering many aspects of the trail from friendships, to nature, to food, to hilarious antics The book is a great introduction to long distance hiking for those who haven t hiked, and an amazing flashback inducer for those who have. It was good enough to finish, but not to start the second book As I m given to read trail journals, I was unaware this was fictional Even still, the author never lets on and even denies it in the introduction Maybe it s not fiction The I read, the I was convinced it was I ve read a lot of trail journals, nothing that happens here seems that out of the ordinary for an AT through hike Which makes this book all the frustrating Why didn t the author just tell their own story Am a self proclaimed armchair hiker Have tried to read any all AT books I hear about A friend recommended this one It was fun to read a novel instead of a memoir Definitely a fresh take on trail hiking life.I plan to hike a section of the AT this spring If I meet hikers anything like characters in this book, my trip will be a hoot Very funny, can t wait to see how Bartleby s journey continues in book 2 When will it be out I love this book because of the simplistic way the author describes his personal encounters, his reason for hiking the Appalachian trail and the the numerous people and their personalities he befriends while hiking the Appalachian trail I would recommend this book for all who aspire to hike the AT as a opportunity to see how trail life really is. Funny story Sorry sad protagonist and not much action but still, somehow very engaging.As a subculture, the Appalachian Trail is fascinating Would love to get out there and see some of these antics for myself Can t wait to get my hands on book 2 When s it comign out Most enjoyable.I was a bit surprised to find this is fiction loved the characters and the story is very well written definitely kept my attention not a lot of details about the trail, but instead what it takes to make it emotionally. Four stars is a strong rating for this book There were some parts that got confusing and some was written in sentence fragments, which is easily forgiven if you keep in mind it s rustic nature One complaint I have is the excessive use of descriptive bathroom visits I do understand that s a big part of the trail and maybe one general story about the difficulties and challenges of the call of nature But, maybe just an understanding that it happens and should just be left at that However, this book gave me EXACTLY what I was looking for in a story about the AT The characters were well established.