Read Pdf ⚖ Sometimes You Get What You Want ♾

This is a short, but somewhat entertaining book that helps to show children the fact that sometimes things happen the way you want, and sometimes they don't.

The illustrations are colorful and cartoonish and depict younger children in a variety of situations. I would recommend the book for younger children (preschool1st grade), but we still enjoyed reading the book together. Great book to read in the first weeks of the school year when creating classroom rules. This book lists a few can's and cant's of what is appropriate at certain times. Illustrates what is expected in the classroom. Students can list what is appropriate and what is not when a teacher states a scenario. These become the class rules and students sign their names. Read Pdf ☩ Sometimes You Get What You Want ⚇ Sometimes You Get What You Want

Sometimes You Don’t

This Is A Book About Those Times This book really had no point. All it talked about was things you can and can't do and at the very end of the story it had a little girl turning the flashlight on and saying that you don't need to go to bed all the time when you are told! Overall this book would be good for the Prek level. Any older, the book would not be interesting. To get any kind of real story line, you have to pay close attention to the illustrations. The text is just a listing of opposites along the line of "sometimes it's your turn, sometimes it's not." Still, it's a decent intro for preschoolers into the concept that life isn't fair. A good, but not outstanding, group read aloud. This book provides basic illustrations to a basic principle of life. This books offers the concept and understandings to children to accept matter of life as they are whether good or bad, positive or negative. We all like when life goes our way, but we must learn to muster through the times where things do not necessarily go our way. Great book. It was a suggestion for autistic kids at the library. It's for all children, but I can see how it can be especially helpful for kids with special needs. Good book with Kindergarten or grade 1 for picking out language patterns. I tried having grade 1 kids write their own thing that they can and can't do on the iPad using the app, My Story, but it didn't work. I think next time I'll have them write first then use the app. They spent too much time making pictures. This is a gentle version of "life isn't fair." It shows a day in the life of a preschool brother and sister during times they do and don't get to do what they want. It ends on an up note: "Sometimes you have to go to bed...sometimes you get to stay up" and the older sister is reading to her brother by flashlight. A book that should be read to every child.