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!Ebook ☣ Snow Dance ♡ Pleasant Cartoonlike Illustrations Capture The Whimsical Feeling Of The School Community United For A Cause BooklistRuthie Needs A Day Off From School, But The Weekend Seems Too Far Away A Snow Day Would Be Just Right She Could Wish For A Snow Day, She Could Hope For A Snow Day, Or She Could Make Her Own Snow Day There Are People In The Desert Who Dance For Rain Why Not A Dance For Snow Ruthie Makes Up Her Own Dance And A Song To Go With It As She Goes Through Her Day, The Colorful Characters At Her School Seem Ready For A Break In Their Routine As Well Kids Will Sing And Dance Along With Ruthie As She Teaches Her Song And Dance To Her Friends, The Bus Driver, The Lunch Room Lady, And Even The Principal Eventually Everyone Even The Adults Give It A Try The Town Is Thrilled To Wake Up To A World Of White The Next Morning Anyone Who Has Ever Hoped For An Unexpected Day Off Will Appreciate The Anticipation Created By The Characters Thoughts Of What They Would Rather Be Doing thought the cover was cute and because it was snowing outside I thought I would get it but the story was boring and really long Didn t would keep smaller children entertained. The cover was so adorable that I had to read the book The actual book did not deliver Pretty basic and boring really I wonder sometimes how these books even get published.