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I am really sad to see this series concluding, although I am happy to see everyone get a satisfying ending To be honest, I wasn t that enad with either Sin or Con when I met them in Ecstasy Unveiled I didn t like the closet hookup, and the uneventful sex and I wasn t sure I could buy them falling deeply in love in their book But, I figured that Ms Ione would have something up her sleeve to turn things around And she really did Sin is a hard person, toughened and disappointed by life I can totally understand why It s bad enough to be a man who is a slave to his desires, but for a woman, that s probably even worse Especially when you have inbred trust issues from having a mother who hated you and wanted you dead Sex requires intimacy Intimacy requires trust Imagine having to have sex daily without being able to trust anyone That s Sin s life And you know how hypocritical men are about women who sleep around It s fine for a guy, but a woman who does it is a slut, and she doesn t deserve their respect, and they show it, even though she chooses to share her body with them I think that sucks So, yeah, I get Sin s issues Surprisingly, I liked her early on in this book, and loved her by the end of the book.As for Con, I really didn t like him after the bet he made with Luc Talking about callous I think he did have some reason to be unwilling to get involved, but not as much as Sin Even still, it was good to see him learn to love a woman than he loved his freedom, or holding onto his belief that he could move on, and change out things in his life at will Even though he was being Mr Double Standard by pushing Sin to open up and allow her to feel, but not wanting to commit to anything out of a deep seated fear of loss But Con has to learn the hard way that you can t close yourself off from people out of fear of loss.I really like how Ms Ione writes these books They are highly sexual, but that s just a layer of the story Although she writes sex very well, she doesn t leave the romance behind to be forgotten and there s so much going on and to be interested in This series is about family, about realizing that one has a place in this world, connections That what you thought about the world being black and white truly doesn t represent the world very well The world is so full of shades of gray, and even , colors It s about perspective than there being one answer, and one path And love isn t denied to anyone.When I read the first book, Pleasure Unbound, I was pretty fascinated with this world of demons that Ms Ione put on paper After five books, I am still impressed The world building in this series is out of this world, and it only expanded with each book That s part of why I m sad to see it ending, because I think there are a lot of stories to tell in this world However, I am glad that she s going to take things in a different direction in this same world with the Lords of Deliverance, and I am intrigued with how she introduced that series in this book Sin Undone successfully fed my paranormal addiction and left me yearning for That s five for five, Ms Ione Dear Con,As with Lore, I would steal you, if I could But, once again, my loyalty and love for Rhonda prevents me from doing so Just know that I love you Now, I don t want you to suffer, so try not to anguish too much over the fact that I can t have you.Besides, like I said before, Shade would just be so painfully jealous that I don t think I could handle it.Love Not Drugs,LeahThroughout this whole book, I felt sad Not because I hated the book, not because it was an especially sad book, but because it is the last book in the Demonica series Throughout the whole thing, I kept wishing that Sem siblings would just come out of nowhere so that there could be about this awesome family Alas, no new siblings came out of the woodwork, so I will just have to settle for rereading these five books whenever I need my Sem fix.That being said, I really did enjoy this book I don t think it was the best of the series Ecstasy Unveiled wins, hands down , but it was still great Particularly because we got to see some of the dynamic between Sin and Con in the previous book, which made me already wonder about them and how their relationship was going to turn out I really wasn t disappointed This book was so good and I really enjoyed reading about Con and Sin s adventures and how they helped each other grow, especially emotionally Also, one thing I really liked about this book was that the main focus was on Sin and Con and their relationship With the first three, it was the same way but, with Ecstasy Unveiled, too much else was going on around the main storyline that sometimes Lore and Idess got lost in the shuffle I didn t feel that was the same with this one because, while there were other storylines, such as Luc and Kar, there was much on Con and Sin In general, though, I just love those two I don t even know what to say about Sin and Con except that I just love them They were so dynamic together and so funny and cute and I just want them to be so happy I loved that Sin gave up her assassins master ring so she could go and be with Con I love that Con died so he could break the bond he d formed with her because he didn t want to take her freedom And I love Con s transformation at the end because I was very upset and distraught over the aforementioned death I had tears in my eyes and I started swearing If there hadn t been a way for him to come back, someone would have been getting the Beat Down a la Leah Now, here I m about to be contrary with regards to what I mentioned before I said before that I wasn t sad throughout the whole book because it was a sad book and, while that s true, this book definitely was sad First there was Sin Fever, which was killing off wargs left and right, and the guilt that Con forced Sin to face over that, instead of causing herself physical pain I think that Sin s story in general was pretty fucking sad, and Con s had son sad bits too But the other really sad thing was the warg wars It was hard to see them going at each other like that when they should have been banding together and helping each other in their time of need But, oh well, nothing I can do about it.I absolutely loved the introduction of the Four Horsemen of the Apoclypse in the series, which will be what Larissa Ione s next series is about So, now I can t wait for Eternal Rider to come out so I can read that right away The side story with Luc and Kar was really sweet and I loved how that all turned out.And, finally, I just have to say again how much I love Sin s brothers Eidolon, Shade, Wraith, Lore, and Kynan Yes I count Ky as her brother since the other Sems consider him their brother They are all just sofantasmic I m gonna miss these guys.Overall, I m very glad to have read this series I don t know how I missed it for this long, but I thank all my friends who told me about it and forced encouraged me to read it You guys rock and I loves you Sin has been a very very unlucky girl Being the only female Seminus demon, she has lived a very lonely life as a paid top assassin Until recently only her brother Lore knew about her existence and he was trying to protect her as much as possible Lately the other three bothers found out about her and they try to protect her in every cost especially Shane who has already lost another younger sister.So, Sin is a Smurfette I just love the following quote from the previous book Ecstasy Unveiled , where Tayla and Wraith are trying to explain to ignorant Eidolon what a Smurfette is Tayla cursed under her breath I was just explaining to Eidolon that Sin is a Smurfette Wraith swung his big body around to study Sin with blue eyes that were very different from Shade s, E s and Lore s Sin s, too Nah Smurfette is way hotter What the fuck is a Smurfette Eidolon was seriously getting annoyed now There s this cartoon called The Smurfs, Tayla explained, slowly, as though Eidolon were the child here They re these little blue people, and they re all male But one day a female shows up She shouldn t exist, but she does Eidolon considered that for a second How did she get there An evil wizard named Gargamel made her, Tayla said In a lab or something So you re suggesting that an evil wizard made Sin Of course not, silly I m just saying she s a Smurfette A lone female amongst males Eidolon frowned Did the Smurfette mate with the males Dude Wraith grimaced It s a cartoon Sin also has a deadly gift She can create viruses in order to kill her victims and her enemies One of her viruses is now out of control It is a lethal new werewolf virus and Sin has just started realizing how stupid she was when she created it in the first place.Conall Dearghul is a dhampire a rear half werewolf, half vampire breed and he is immune to the virus The only thing that could be relevant to his immunity is that he tasted Sin s blood, when they had a little fast hookup in a closet at UGH Underworld General Hospital.Conall is hot as hell and he is oozing sexyness He is the perfect much for Sin who has a wicked mouth and hidden golden heart.The two of them will try to hide since Sin is the most wanted person in the underworld and not in a nice way , while Eidolon and his team will try to develop a vaccine Obviously they will fall in love It is time for Sin to stop being so lonely and for Conall to make sacrifices in order to keep her.Secondary stories which are included in the book The love story between Luc Conall s friend and warg and Kar Aegis agent and a girl with many secrets The beginning of the story that is told in next book Eternal Rider.What can I say This is one of my favorite books in the Demonica series Amazing world building, breathtaking stories By far, it is the best series about Demons. This book was of a caugh in a moment buy, so I honestly didn t know what to expect And to be honest, I only read the first book in this series, so when I started reading this one I wasn t exactly sure what was going on, since the story starts with the heroine and hero already knowing each other and to say their relationship is simple would be the understatement of the year They ve slept together before, briefly, and since Sin is kinda responsible for the illness that s killing his kind he s not so happy about having to work with her to find the cure But aside from that, their chemistry is just wow Leave these two alone for a bit and they can t keep their hands off each other That s a love hate relatioship at it s finest Of course they slowly, very slowly, start to acknowledge their feelings of not only hate and annoyance for each other and I think that s where the relationship took a downfall Since Conall has to drink her blood to provide a cure, he s also getting addicted to it and the end result is not pretty Of course he tries to save her from himself but the way he did it is just plain stupid and so unnecessary He hurts Sin pretty badly and I was so proud of her brothers, the way they reacted, I loved it Overall I liked the story but I wanted a good ending that I feel like I ve been cheated out on I m not sure, if I m going to continue with this series but it for sure has great potential. I m finally writing the review, now that I count with the author s permission,lol I know there are many of us who are crazy with this series so I m just too nervous to write a review, specially as it is going to be one of the only ones there will be in here for a while I hope you like it.This book is about Sin and Con They have both already been introduced in the story and have captivated us for a while now What is great and different in this book from the previous ones in the series is that in this one the heroine is a woman.I loved Sin and the fact that she was the only woman in her species of demons,lol She was a bad ass and has the strongest personality It isn t possible not to love her because you can see from the start that she s the one of all the siblings who needs the most healing of them all And that s a lot to say, I mean, remember Wraith She has gone through so much and you just want her to have at least something nice in her life And that s when Con comes in They never thought it would be possible to really care about each other Con is so hot girls, you don t wanna miss him in this book This SEXY half wolf half vampire will keep you girls yearning for him At least I was,lol And I loved to see how he tried to hide his possessive side knowing it would never be welcomed from a girl who just had suffered so much from possessiveness Abut the plot, I can only say that it was very different form the one on the previous stories New enemies, new situations and problems to confront.New characters as well If you like were wolves be prepared for an amazing ride.This book will not disappoint It was everything I wanted it to be Great romance, great action and many surprises I love it when a book hooks me up so badly I can t put it down even for a single second It was so good to get to know about Sin, I knew I would love her since her first appearance And Con just YUMMY This series is the best Can t wait to get my hands in Eternal Rider The Lords of Deliverance, 1 Larissa Ione is such a great author that you just can t help to love everything she writes People if you trust my taste in books, be sure you ll love this one I hope I was able to give you guys some idea about how good it will be for you without spoiling anything. 5 stars Paranormal RomanceAbso freaking lutelyAMAZINGI laughed my ass off at Sin s self deprecating humor Con slid her a glance, one that was almost approving, and for some reason, she felt like a happy puppy that had been praised for piddling outside instead of on the carpet Annoying. And the cover is just like the bookhot, HOT, HAWT |DOWNLOAD PDF ♪ Sin Undone ♀ HER TOUCH IS DEADLYAs The Only Female Seminus Demon Ever Born, Master Assassin Sinead Donnelly Is Used To Being Treated Like An Outcast She Spent Decades Enslaved, And Now Vows She Ll Die Before She Ll Relinquish Her Freedom Again Then Sin S Innate Ability To Kill Her Enemies Goes Awry She Creates A Lethal New Werewolf Virus That Sparks A Firestorm Of Panic And Violence HIS HUNGER CAN T BE DENIEDHalf Werewolf, Half Vampire Conall Dearghul Is Charged With Bringing In Sin To Face Punishment For The Plague And She S No Stranger He S Bound To Her By Blood, And The One Sexual Encounter They Shared Has Left Him Hungering For Her Raw Sensuality Worse, Sin Is The Underworld S Most Wanted And Con Soon Learns He S The Only One Who Can Help Her And That Saving Her Life Might Mean Sacrificing His Own Actual Rating 4.5 starsWithin this series, I think this one might be one of the best books, even though I really like them all The Demonica series is amongst my favorite Paranormal Romance series The world, characters, story lines and romances are unforgivable I value and appreciate the relationship between the brothers and the bonds of family that they preserve In this book, it can clearly be seen how much stronger one can be with the support of your love ones Worth it.Pleasure Unbound Demonica 1 Ecstasy Unveiled Demonica 4 Base Instincts Demonica Series 13.5 The old saying goes, It s been a great ride and may I add a damn sexy one too When I reflect on the Demonica series by Larissa Ione, I feel as warm and sated as a Seminus demon after an incredible romp in a broom closet at Underworld General There are two authors that unleashed my exuberant love for paranormal romance J.R Ward and Larissa Ione Ms Ione has the gift of creating an amazing world of demons, vampires, and werewolves that sucks you in for the ride of your life Sinead Sin Donnelly is a bad ass master assassin, Lore s twin sister and the only female Seminus demon in creation Like the rest of her siblings, Sin has had than her share of a hellish past, but her bad luck has just taken an even darker turn Picking up where Ecstasy Unveiled leaves off, Sin has unintentionally created a deadly virus, labeled Sin Fever, that is destroying werewolves Now that the werewolve s Warg Council is aware that Sin started the virus, not only is the Council out to destroy her, but her own den of assassins want to take her out as well Conall Con Dearghul, a hybrid vampire werewolf dhampire and paramedic at Underworld General Hospital, has contracted the virus He learns that in order produce the antibodies to attack and remove Sin Fever from his body, he has to drink Sin s blood Initially, Con wants nothing to do with Sin After their brief sexual encounter in Ecstasy Unveiled, Con cannot forget the feel of Sin s body or the taste of her blood and though he craves of both , he knows that if he drinks too much it could destroy them While Sin and Con are assisting her half brother Eidolon in trying to isolate a cure for the virus, the Underworld jailers arrive at the hospital to arrest Sin Sly as foxes, Sin and Con escape and go into hiding from the Council and her assassins Now that it s just the two of them, we begin to see both Sin and Con expose their true nature and what lengths they will go to trust and protect one another.Sin Undone is an AMAZING story and is hands down the BEST in the Demonica series Considering I thought the first four books were all 5 star reads, that is saying something I adore so many aspects of Larissa Ione s style and delivery The first 50 pages of Sin Undone had me laughing myself silly Typhoid Mary and Smurfette were a couple of Wraith s pet names for his sister Sin s response to Con feeding from her, I don t let anyone fang me, had me in stitches And, the unfiltered dialogue between the brothers and Sin is real and off the cuff Another great attribute is the way Ms Ione conveys intimacy and sensuality between her characters The dialogue is certainly part of it, but what strikes me most is the unspoken moments a light caress to the throat, a gentle lick to seal a wound or rubbing toes with your lover These moments, woven seamlessly into the story line, are simple, yet all powerful to the reader.And now to the sex scenes Would someone pass me a fan Let me tell you that Ms Ione can write some of the most erotic, steamy sex scenes in paranormal romance Her scenes generate incredibly sensuous, sizzling heat that torches the pages And for the record and for the win, Con teaches Sin what it is to make love and he demonstrates this with his extended erotic play over every part of her body making her his personal playground Not only does their first love making moment spike your temperature to combustion, but another particular sexual moment with a snowball was, and I quote, a fucking mazing Larissa Ione has the brilliance and finesse of creating a unique paranormal world that does not overwhelm you, but draws you in to the complexity of characters, their high strung yet sometimes buried emotions, their comedic one liners and their love for sex Each character has their own idiosyncrasies, self esteem issues, and the overall desire for acceptance, love and a better world While I m sad we ve reached the finale of the Demonica series, I praise Ms Ione for giving it a phenomenal ending and, as a reader, you can t ask for anything Favorite Quotes I couldn t pick just one She felt Con s silver eyes boring into her like drill bits, and to her annoyance, her body flushed with warmth as though remembering another drilling he d given her Your here because wargs are dying, and it s you fault, he growled, a hint of an odd British ish accent tweaking his words It happened when he got all pissy, and it was strangelyhot Don t.leave.me A lump formed in his throat Listen to me, Sin I swear, I ll come back I won t leave you A single tear dripped down her cheek as he squeezed her hand and leaned over to brush his lips across hers A deep, primal rage rose up in him He would get her brother s, and he would tear apart the bastard who had done this to her. Sin Undone is the last book of the Demonica series by Larissa Ione, but it s the first book of hers that I have picked up I am a big BDB fan and so you know that any other paranormal romance books are usually shit out of luck It wasn t the case with Sin.As the only female seminus demon, Sin is up against a whole load of crap from the beginning Her touch is deadly and has the potential to wipe out an entire species of warg Her own assasins are after her position as master And it seems that every other person out there wants her dead too Except Con.Con is such a great character He has that sexy predatory thing going on with Sin, but it s not there in the beginning In fact, at the start of the book, they practically despise each other Their continual banter is also very amusing to watch In addition to their jabbing, they also help each other to face their demons within themselves They open each other up in a way that exposes everything about them, and yet they can still love each other after that Perhaps even now.Another great love is seen between Luc and Kar Kar has many secrets, some of which Luc knows and others he doesn t But given the dire circumstances they are in, Luc finally stands up He becomes responsible and in the end, I think him and Kar make a great couple.I loved Ione s dark wit and mindblowing worldbuilding It s hard to find an author who can integrate politics without having it taking control of the characters She is able to set up a situation and she lets her characters figure it out There is no straining and pulling that makes the character look as if they have suddenly grown a pair and become this master killing machine The growth in character is gradual, but still very much evident Ione is great at what she does.And the excerpt for Eternal Rider Can I just say what a way to start a new series Fantastic idea, hot men and lots of kickass fighting in the very first chapter I love it already I am super excited about this one Favourite Quote I m going to take a look at you She felt her shirt being unbuttoned, and despite her misery, she smiled Any excuse to get your hands on me I don t need an excuse You re easy You Her eyes flew open, but when she saw the rare smile turning up his lips, she knew he d been teasing her Which was weird, because she would not have taken him as the playful kind You should smile often Can t He grunted as he opened her shirt to expose her chest My face might freeze like that Sin Undone, p 239