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It s a little too long, I think The kids didn t quite make it to the end with their attention spans intact But the pictures are really cute And it s a nice message. Often, die cut books fall flat for me I open them up, flip through the pages, and quickly realize that the story is just a vehicle for the cut outs Fun for a minute, but that s about it Round Like a Ball is better than that With a story that reads like a guessing game as die cuts slowly reveal the answer, this one stands out.The fun begins on the first page, with a simple sentence Let s play a guessing game On each successive page, the reader is given another clue as a cast of characters make their guesses one by one Sister, brother, dad each put in their two cents about what the object could be All the while, a circular cut out keeps getting bigger and bigger, slowly showing the reader that the object in question is Earth The final page gives some tips for protecting our planet.I haven t read this with kids yet, so I m wondering how well the guessing game will work I m curious how quickly youngsters will come up with the correct answer That will have an effect on the success of this book.The collage illustrations use tiny brush strokes and roughly mixed paints Characters are depicted with rounded features, adding up to an attractive whole.So if you ve given up on cut out books, thinking they re all show and no substance, take a look at Round Like a Ball A pleasant surprise. Good for a story time for preschoolers on shapes Not a bad book, goes through different round objects. This book isof a guessing game of what comes next It engages the children by asking them a guessing question and throwing out clues Children can participate in guessing and learning new words as the story is being told It sof a science book because it talks about earth and what it contains I think this would be an excellent book to introduce children to the way earth looks and it is made up. Round Like a Ball by Lisa Campbell Ernst is a die cut riddle book Each page reveals another clue to what is being described The book opens with an invitation to play a guessing game.One by one the clues introduce children to another aspect of what makes the Earth the Earth It s a nice gentle book that s a good way to get children talking about Earth sciences, geography, the environment, Earth day, and so forth.Harriet picked out this book from the library She enjoyed it enough to re read it a few times before returning it She also read it to me a couple times. This is a great introductory book to science for young children In this book it begins as a guessing game to what a circular object could be It allows kids to begin to use describing words for shapes that come in circles or spheres Through guessing many different circular shapes the book ends with the answer to what kept children guessing throughout the book, earth *Read ↡ Round Like a Ball ⇚ Is It A Meatball A Basketball A Pearl As The Round Hole Through The Pages Of This Book Grows Larger, Readers Will Come Closer And Closer To Guessing The Identity Of The Object That S Round Like A Ball, Hot And Cold, Every Color, Always Moving, And Home To Us All With A Simple Text And Glorious Collage Artwork, Lisa Campbell Ernst Offers A Gentle Tribute To Our Planet And A Timely Reminder That We All Need To Take Care Of It YES A unique book for toddlers pre schoolers about the Earth A series of clues have a whole family guessing what is round like a ball, colorful, wet and dry, surrounded by air, etc The guesses in the book mimic guesses that would be put forth by children Would be GREAT for a Green Storytime, or an Earth Day Storytime Or just fun for summer A fun guessing game for preschoolers One doesn t learn until the final page that it s the earth, a precious gift End notes of ways to take care of the earth make the book evenappealing to parents and teachers and earth lovers.