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When you simply need to laughCoach Tom Gose has a way with words He pulls you into the story and makes you want to experience things like being so cold you drive with a gorilla mask on your face and other assorted adventures Can you imagine the looks Or the stories waiting to be told and laughed about When I need a laugh, this is now my go to book Join me You may dissolve in stitches As the title suggests, this book is about food and travel Goes conversational, self deprecating style is a fun read that at times will have you laughing aloud If you have the traveling bug, grab a coffee and notepad because you re going to want to note some of the truly inspiring places this book takes you to. @KINDLE õ Peanut Butter and Passports à Tom Gose Brings Readers Along On His Travels To Various Places Around The World Starting With A Trip To Hawaii, He Recounts Trips To Peru, Bolivia, Cuba, Canada, New Zealand And Ireland Smoothly Weaving His Comedic Narrative On Practically Every Aspect Of Traveling The Book Includes Brilliant Original Photos What It Is Like To Run Off Of A Cliff The Numerous Downsides To The Front Wheel Of Your Bike Falling Off While Cruising Downhill The Awesome Spectacle That Is People Watching Why It Is So Difficult To Avoid Laughing At Times When You Really Want To Why Drivers Once Saw The Head Of An Ape Behind The Steering Wheel Of A Car On The Highway The Spectacular Aspects Of Each Location Are Highlighted With Full Color Photographs And Tom Gose Dives Into The Absurdities Involved With Traveling And All Of The Truly Entertaining Views Of People He Met And Saw Along The Way The Stories Of His Travels Are Melded With Entertaining Life Experiences That Impacted His Decision Making Process Throughout The AdventuresThe Book Balances Laugh Out Loud Humor With Respectful Views Of Other Cultures And Explains Why Traveling Is So Important To Developing A Well Rounded View Of The World And The People You Share It With This book had me in stitches as I read about each excursion and the near or actual mishaps that happened The narrator had good humor and it appeared that nothing could get him down I now know what Slap Happy means and I too suffer from the occasional case of Slap Happy If you want to laugh your funny bone off then definitely pick this book up It ll wipe that frown off your face and make you Slap Happy too. Fantastic Read Tom does a great job of weaving hilarious stories with intimate knowledge of some out of the way places which serves as a wonderful guide to international travel This is a must read for anyone who enjoys vacationing or has a fondness for comedic relief. This was my first travel book to read and I really enjoyed it As I read I was finding myself giggling at Gose s mishaps and travel stories I have even added some of his travel destinations to my own bucket list. A laugh out loud read that kept me smiling and turning the page From one of the best story tellers I ve ever met, Gose didn t disappoint in his novel It was a light, refreshing read Funny first hand stories from around the globe that everyone will enjoy Amusing travelogueThis isn t my usual genre of books but that said, I really enjoyed this book The stories the author shared were both enlightening and amusing This book has made me want to do some traveling Peanut Butter and Passports is a refreshingly funny take on travel I found myself laughing out loud as my travel bucket list grew and grew I even found myself stopping and reading passages out loud to my husband and we would laugh together The authors view of other travelers mixed with stories of his past are perfect examples of what we are all thinking, but are too embarrassed to say aloud I would reccomend this book to anyone who love traveling, would love to travel , or just loves reading tales from an excellent story teller 5 stars all the way Oh my goodness, I have not smiled this much reading a book in years The author s stories are fascinating as he shares his travel experiences with a depth that helps you to visualize the sites he has seen and experienced I felt as though I was journeying through Peru and his Hawaii experiences reminded me just how beautiful Mauii is If you like to travel and learn about new countries and sites this book is for you Expect to laugh along the way it is seriously that fun I hope that you will enjoy this book as much as I did