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Fascinating, chilling, yet depressing The author sets out to explore how various people are preparing for the possibility of an apocalypse No zombies, or Mad Max scenarios, just people who have an overwhelming fear I guess that s the most accurate descriptor of the end of the world The author visits all kinds of people and sites From underground bunkers in South Dakota, to New Zealand s compounds for the super rich Even to Chernobyl Extremely well written, full of the author s wit, yet not downplaying the scenarios and his own fears for his family I was hoping for an ending whereby the author could reassure us, but it didn t happen While a good ending would have satisfied me, I understand the author s take on the matter Hopefully, we will never come to the point where the apocalypse comes. [Read Epub] ♾ Notes from an Apocalypse ♡ By The Author Of The Award Winning To Be A Machine, An Absorbing, Deeply Felt Book About Our Anxious Present Tense And Coming To Grips With The FutureWe Re Alive In A Time Of Worst Case Scenarios The Weather Has Gone Uncanny Our Old Postwar Alliances Are Crumbling Everywhere You Look There S An Omen, A Joke Whose Punchline Is The End Of The World How Is A Person Supposed To Live In The Shadow Of Such A Grim Future What Does It Mean To Have Children Nothing If Not An Act Of Hope What Might It Be Like To Live Through The Worst And What On Earth Is Anybody Doing About It Dublin Based Writer Mark O Connell Is Consumed By These Questions And, As The Father Of Two Young Children Himself, He Finds Them Increasingly Urgent In Notes From An Apocalypse, He Crosses The Globe In Pursuit Of Answers He Tours Survival Bunkers In South Dakota He Ventures To New Zealand, A Favored Retreat Of Billionaires Banking On Civilization S Collapse He Engages With Would Be Mars Colonists, Preppers, Right Wing Conspiracists And He Bears Witness To Those Places, Like Chernobyl, That The Future Has Already Visited Real Life Portraits Of The End Of The World As We Know It In Doing So, He Comes To A Resolution, While Offering Readers A Unique Window Into Our Contemporary ImaginationBoth Investigative And Deeply Personal, Notes From An Apocalypse Is An Affecting, Humorous, And Surprisingly Hopeful Meditation On Our Present Moment With Insight, Humanity, And Wit, O Connell Leaves You To Wonder What If The End Of The World Isn T The End Of The World Note I received an ARC of this book courtesy of NetGalley Considering just how much anxiety I feel about these present times in general, I was surprised by just how much I ended up enjoying Notes from an Apocalypse O Connell s various tours to explore how different groups and people are preparing for the possible end is done so with both a critical eye and also a great deal of wit Yet as he journeys about and makes his sharp observations, there s always the constant undercurrent of his own very strong, and very open fears about what the future brings, often to the point where he cannot help but empathize at times with his subjects even when he finds them to be otherwise ridiculous in so many ways It s this honesty about his personal journey to try and reconcile himself with what lies ahead that turns a just a genuinely interesting book into a strangely therapeutic work that I think many anxious people this reader included can and will very much appreciate. There is no way of contemplating the catastrophe of our way of life, from the outside There is no outside Here, too, I myself am the contaminant I myself am the apocalypse of which I speak wasn t the impulse to catastrophize, to imagine the collapse of one s world, only the pursuit of a mind shaped by leisure and economic comfort What did I really mean by the end of the world, after all, if not the loss of my own position within it What was it that made me anxious, if not the precariousness of the privilege i had been born to, had passed on with doubtful hands to my own children The end of the world, I knew, was not some remote dystopian fantasy It was all around You just had to look. There are a lot of people who think our time is up That is what Notes From An Apocalypse explores It is a very dark depressing journey, which fortunately ends on a note of hope Mark O Connell is a very self conscious writer He is aware of the contradictions in everyday life, the conflicts in his own being, and the privilege he enjoys as a white, middle class Irish author His examination of where we seem to be heading exploits all of those things in his own personality For example, he points out the invention of the ship was also the invention of the shipwreck Every silver lining, as they say O Connell focuses on doom He drives himself to depression researching things like preppers, who are stocking up for a Mad Max future of every man for himself He notes the obvious selfishness of it, ignoring the suffering in the world or even the neighborhood in favor of guns, powdered imitation foods, and bunkers It s a white, patriarchal vision he can t relate to But then, O Connell is a self proclaimed socialist, so he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders He says What had made America great was the western progress of white migrants It was the northern progress of nonwhite migrants that threatened it He visits a developer selling those bunkers in South Dakota, and traces the route of Peter Thiel, who bought himself a New Zealand passport and lots of land to protect himself from the end times he also thinks are coming in his lifetime just not in New Zealand, apparently O Connell says the freedom to act purely in one s own interest, without having to consider the interests of others seemed to me the most bloodless and decrepit conception of freedom imaginable The notion of escaping beyond politics was, in other words, inescapably political It was a dream of dissolving all entanglements with, and obligations towards, other people This amounted to nothing less, in my view, than the dissolving of life itself Then, way beyond New Zealand, the Mars people come under scrutiny They think moving to Mars and living entirely underground will give them freedom, no government, no regulations, and a new life under a cold planet O Connell doesn t state the obvious, but if that s what will save humanity, they could burrow under Montana and achieve the same thing in proper gravity, air and water.O Connell goes so far as to visit Chernobyl, a depressing monument turned into a tourist trap, exhibiting all the trappings of the set of a sci fi endtimes film Basically, he goes to the ends of the earth to find who is preparing for the end of the world, and what that might look like.And he tells it all to his therapist, who spends her time trying to point him towards cheerier thoughts She also has to deal with his fear of moths The thought of one brushing against his skin is enough to make him leave the room It s a very different premise for a book, but O Connell is an intelligent analyst, and he makes it work.In the end of the book , it is his two young children, possessing no agenda of their own, who give him hope and inspiration that not only must life go on, but that this is the only time for life to go on There are no options offered.David Wineberg Nothing could beimportant in, as it were, the end than unflinching engagement with the reality that we as a species might be finally and irrevocably fucked.A stunning follow up to To Be A Machine O Connell s reliably exquisite prose, penetrating and perspective shifting insights, biting humor, and heart wrenching evocations of emotion are all masterfully deployed in this exploration of our collective eschatological unease As someone who shares so many of his anxieties and fascinations, this is exactly the book I needed to read right now If you, too, are obsessed with the idea of an imminent collapse of civilization, and want to explore what that actually means, I can t recommend it enough.