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~E-PUB ☪ No Place to Run ☨ Sam Kelly Was Her First Love The Last Person Sam Kelly Expected To Pull Wounded From The Lake Was Sophie Lundgren Once They Shared A Brief, Intense Affair While Sam Was Undercover And Then She Vanished She S Spent The Last Months On The Run, Knowing That Any Mistake Would Cost Her Life And That Of Her Unborn Child Sam S Child Now She S Resurfaced With A Warning For Sam This Time, He S The One In Danger Now He S Her Last Chance Sam Has Too Many Questions To Let Her Slip Away Again Like Why She Disappeared In The First Place This Time He Vows Not To Be Seduced But One Look In Her Eyes, And The Passion Burns Again, And Sam Knows He Ll Do Anything To Keep Her And His Child Safe However, Sophie S Dark Past Is Dangerous Than He Imagines, And The Only Way For Either To Survive It Is To Outrun It 4 StarsI want you, Sophie I missed you I can t lie here without touching you I want what s mine again I want to give you what s yoursAnother great installment in the series I loved that Sophie was a strong heroine even though she was in a delicate condition She admitted when she needed help, but also wasn t afraid to stand her ground and fight Sam was a great combination of strength and vulnerability He would do everything in his power to ensure his family and team s safety, but there was so much weighing down on him His doubt of Sophie Doubting himself Can he trust her Did he make a mistake Are his emotions overriding his mind So much to wade through There was a twist that I definitely didn t see coming and of course plenty of KGI men and woman doing what they do best.being Another Re read via audible Still really like this romantic suspense story Sam was a little too distrusting at times, but I get why These brothers are dreamy Moving on to Garrett s book Safety Gang safe view spoiler I marked as Second Chance because they spent 5 months lost to each other But there were no OW OM in between hide spoiler 5 stars Romantic SuspenseI didn t love this quite as much as The Darkest Hour, the first book in the fantastic Kelly KGI series, but it s still a great romantic suspense read with lots of emotional twists, pulse pounding action, and erotic love scenes.Sam is such a sexy, caring alpha hero and a smokin hot, attentive lover , but his mistrust of Sophie frustrated and angered me at times Although that suspicion certainly ran both ways, and Sophie s stubbornness, dishonesty, and TSTL moments annoyed me, too.I can t wait for Hidden Away to find out what kind of heroine gets under gruff, stoic Garrett s tough exterior and brings him to his knees And I really hope Maya Banks writes books for the rest of the Kelly clan, especially Donovan, who s the sweet peacekeeper of the brothers. I ll be better when you re naked When I read a statement like that on the first page of a Maya Banks romantic suspense novel, I know to hold on to my panties for a smokin hot ride After delivering an emotionally gripping opener to the KGI series with The Darkest Hour, Ms Banks continues her action packed quest with the Kelly brothers in No Place to Run.Sam Kelly, a former Army Ranger, is in Mexico staking out an undercover mission with his brothers and their private, special ops team, KGI He enters one of the local bars and is immediately attracted and distracted by a waitress named Sophie, who quickly becomes a regular visitor to Sam s hotel room and bed Their chemistry sparks with intensity from the start and while they know this is a fleeting moment of time with each other, they are determined to make the most of it What Sam does not know is Sophie is only pretending to be waitress in order to get close to him and gain information for her father, Alex Mouton, who is the very man Sam and his brother s are trying to take down Fast forward five months Sophie, believing her father is now dead, knows that her uncle has taken over her father s business Uncle Tomas is in hot pursuit of Sophie because she has the key that unlocks her father s vault which contains his assets and secret information regarding his extensive arms network Sophie is also five months pregnant with Sam s baby She knows Uncle Tomas will kill her in order to recover the key and his men are closing in on her Convinced she has no other option, Sophie runs to Sam, trusting that even though she has betrayed him, he will still protect his unborn child Sam is dumbfounded when he finds Sophie floating in the lake outside his home, shot, pregnant and barely alive His protective instincts kick in and he is determined to find out how and why Sophie found him along with the rest of the secrets she is hiding After Sophie reveals that she is Mouton s daughter and that along with herself, the Kelly family is a target for her uncle, Sam and his brothers derive a plan to take down the organization once and for all.Ms Banks gives us suspenseful, OMG moments with twists and turns you would not expect, but will keep you enthralled until the end What really drives her stories and are my favorite part are the intense, compelling and endearing characters Sophie has been through hell growing up under strict confinement and in fear of her ruthless and evil father Never the less, she is fearless, brave and ready to endure whatever is necessary to protect her baby Despite his tough exterior, Sam is a very tender and compassionate man This is evident when he relishes Sophie s pregnant body during sensual moments and when he rushes to his family s side during a health crisis But his protective and possessive nature takes a strong hold when he fights to protect Sophie and their unborn child Also, I continue to be moved and impressed by the Kelly family, who once again unite to protect one another and are generous in their acceptance of outsiders like Sophie Brothers Garrett and Donovan are initially skeptical of Sophie given her secrets and believing she was nothing than a casual lay However, they quickly learn that Sam s feelings for and connection with Sophie is than just a passing fling They immediately love and treat her like a sister, willing to put their lives on the line to save her because that s what family does Sam, Garrett, Donovan and the other Kelly brothers have a unique, enigmatic quality that will pique your curiosity to know With their robust sensuality and sex appeal, I am at an impasse as to which one I want to come after me No Place to Run delivers everything I love in a romantic suspense Anyone looking for a thrilling, edge of your seat storyline with military brothers who know how to please and protect their women should definitely check out this exciting series Favorite quote I love you, Sophie I can t tell you at what moment I fell in love with you Maybe it was the first time I looked across the bar in Mexico and there you were Maybe it was the first time we made love Or maybe it was watching you fight for our child And then for my mother It doesn t matter I love you That s it That s all I hope to hell it s enough Her heart squeezed She d always tried to imagine what it would be like to here those words To know that she was loved Nothing had come close There was so much joy It hurt It shouldn t hurt, but she felt too small for her skin, like she d burst right out of it. Entretenido y con mucha acci n, me ha gustado que la protagonista no sea una damisela en apuros, pero algunas cosas me han parecido muy poco cre bles y me ha faltado m s desarrollo y profundidad de los personajes principales Sobre todo en el caso de Sam, del que 300 p ginas despu s sabemos pr cticamente lo mismo que al principio. I liked this book I did think there was a bit bleed over from the erotic stories that MB writes than in the first of the series I don t necessarily mind the word choices but I do think that love scenes in a romantic suspense should be kept to a minimum to allow time for the actual plot I was kind of yeah, yeah, move it along What s going on meanwhile back at the ranch No real big surprises plot wise here I liked the heroine She was a pretty strong woman She was also smart enough to know that she was getting to the point with her pregnancy that she would be physically unable to protect herself I did not mind the mentions of her pregnancy Maybe because I remember when I was carrying both my boys A pregnant woman is very wrapped up in what is happening to her and the baby to the point that you really don t think about a whole lot else So I think that was a pretty realistic portrayal I would like to have seen about the heroine s childhood It was this real big deal how she d never had a normal life and yeah, what happened when she was 10 justified her actions at the beginning of the book, but what, exactly, did she do between the ages of 10 and 25 Did she go to school Was she homeschooled Was she illiterate What How did her father treat her A few examples even in a mental musing would have helped pin down her character a bit.Sam was a good character I liked how he didn t spend a whole lot of time doubting her It was like he had some concerns but knew he wanted her so he didn t let them really concern him Sort of a confidence in himself that no matter what she might or might not do or have done, he could handle it so why worry I like all the different characters here They didn t have quite so much screen time here as in the last book I think because we really had already been introduced to them in the last book So they could just stroll in and out naturally in this one Looking forward to the next one, and the next, and the next Check out this and my other reviews at My Blog Book Basics Genre Cont Romantic Suspense Series Book 2 in the series Love triangleview spoiler No hide spoiler This is developing into a pretty good series about the Kelly family a group of ex military brothers whose family run business specializes in hostage victim recovery and intelligence gathering I think I probably enjoyed it a little than the first book, The Darkest Hour, and I expect I ll like the next book, Hidden Away, about cranky Garrett Kelly, even With each book Maya Banks tells us a little bit about the whole Kelly family although still holding back just a little bit on the physical descriptions I need which works to help me connect with them.While undercover with KGI Kelly Group International in Mexico on a mission to take down a despicable arms dealer, oldest Kelly brother Sam 36 , engages in a torrid affair with blonde, beautiful waitress Sophie Lundgren Circumstances cause them to reluctantly part, most likely never to see each other again But five months later, who should turn up floating in the lake outside Sam s house, shot and clinging to life Yep The same woman he had the affair with Sophie And she s 5 months pregnant And running for her life Someone wants her dead And someone wants Sam dead too Sam needs some answers how did Sophie know how to find him How did she know his last name since he never told her Why is her life in danger And how is he connected to that danger Is the baby she s carrying his Instinctively Sam wants to protect her, but he needs to know what he s up against Will Sophie trust him enough to reveal all about her troubled past Can the spark that s still there between them develop into something long lasting And will Sophie s connection to some very dangerous men bring trouble to not only Sam, but his extended family Sophie and SamGood story, easy read, with a great opening chapter containing some hot sex and some surprising action that just grabs you and makes you want to read The heroine Sophie is courageous, strong, and a lot vulnerable, which brings out the protective instincts in the hero, oldest brother Sam Sophie has some big trust issues, and who could blame her with the way she grew up I won t mention details, but she has just about the worst excuse for a father that I ve ever read I m thinking that poor Sophie, after what she goes through in this book, is going to need a couple of years of therapy Good thing she s got Mama bear Marlene Kelly to offer her some mothering For some reason I think of Paula Deen as the image of Marlene KellyIf you like romantic suspense that is similar to Cindy Gerard s Bodyguards series, you ll probably enjoy the KGI series It s got some hot bedroom action, some great family dynamics between Sam, his brothers and his parents, and enough action to keep you on the edge of your seat I think Maya Banks is in the groove now, and I can t wait to read the next book 4 stars. I m surprised how much I liked it Romantic suspense is not my favorite genre, but somehow Maya Banks makes it work I just adore the Kelly family and I m looking forward to continue with this story I was so excited to read Sam s story and now I just want of Rio Will he even have a book Marlene is the best mother everSam Kelly, is that my grandchild you re allowing to stand in my kitchen with its mother shivering cold and barefooted Sam is a wonderful, protective hero and he will do everything to keep Sophie and her baby safe Sophie has grown up with a crime lord as her father, and she does not know how to trust As with Maya Banks books, one might think that Sophie is surprisingly well adjusted and it is a miracle that she doesn t suffer , but I am still utterly charmed If you can leave realism behind, this is a charming, nail biting and escapist read The family is adorable, the story is heart warming, the chemistry is smoking hot and I even giggled a couple of times And the romance Le sighDance with me She melted into his embrace as he turned them around They danced as the last of the sun s rays slipped over the horizon They danced to the tune of the gentle waves lapping at the shore They danced until the stars twinkled overhead and the moon splashed on the surface of the water like liquid silver.