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Me ha encantado este primer libro de los Cazadores Oscuros El universo que crea la autora es muy interesante y me encantan su sentido del humor y los tiras y aflojas verbales de los dos protagonistas Kyrian, adem s de ser supersexy, es un amor y Amanda es una gran protagonista femenina Pero la escena lgida del final me ha parecido un poco precipitada y desma ada, de ah que no le d , por poco, las 5 estrellas. Kyrian of Thrace Hunter Amanda Devereaux Human Why Kyrian become a dark hunter His older unfaithful wife betrayed him to the Romans and then sat back and watched him being tortured to death He still has nightmares and phobias about it.Amanda An accountant who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.One thing I loved Amanda is given a special Barbie with knives that shoot out of her feet.Settings New Orleans, Louisiana I loved the humor, the story, the characters, the mythology.Favourite quoteSo, you re like Angel He rolled his eyes at her You watch way too much television, he muttered.Then louder, he said, Angel has a soul, I don t Now, you re back to being scary again The look on his face reiterated his earlier words Baby, you ain t seen scary yet Download Kindle ♓ Night Pleasures ♶ Dear Reader,Have You Ever Wanted To Know What It S Like To Be Immortal To Journey Through The Night Stalking The Evil That Preys On Humans To Have Unlimited Wealth, Unlimited Power That Is My Existence, And It Is Dark And Dangerous I Play Hero To Thousands, But Am Known To None And I Love Every Minute Of ItOr So I Thought Until One Night When I Woke Up Handcuffed To My Worst Nightmare A Conservative Woman In A Button Down Shirt Or In Amanda S Case, Buttoned All The Way Up To Her Chin She S Smart, Sexy, Witty, And Wants Nothing To Do With The Paranormal In Other Words, MeMy Attraction To Amanda Devereaux Goes Against Everything I Stand For Not To Mention The Last Time I Fell In Love It Cost Me Not Only My Human Life, But Also My Very Soul Yet Every Time I Look At Her, I Find Myself Wanting To Try Again Wanting To Believe That Love And Loyalty Do ExistEven Disturbing, I Find Myself Wondering If There S Any Way A Woman Like Amanda Can Love A Man Whose Battle Scars Run Deep, And Whose Heart Was Damaged By A Betrayal So Savage That He S Not Sure It Will Ever Beat Again Kyrian Of Thrace I really don t have anything interesting to mention in this review, so let s do it the old school way, simple and effective.Dark Hunter Flashcard 1Name Kyrian a.k.a HunterAge 2,182 last JulyFormer Occupation Prince of ThraceSpecial D.H power Reading minds Reason why he became a D.H view spoiler His wife betrayed him to the Romans and then sat back and watched him being tortured to death hide spoiler SPOILERS ARE HIDDENSherrilyn Kenyon is becoming a better author, but we still have a ways to go.Kyrian is a Dark Hunter Amanda is one of the 9 Devereaux sisters Selena, the psychic from Fantasy Lover, for example, is her sister They wake up to find themselves handcuffed together by an evil Daimon named Desiderius They fall in love and stuff.THINGS I DIDN T LIKE Kyrian is sarcastic and joking While amusing, it failed to connect me to the character I couldn t get worried too much about his tragic backstory because he was just so happy go lucky all the time Frenching a man with razor blades for teeth is not sexy Opening the veins of your lover to drink blood is not sexy Even though Kyrian never drinks Amanda s blood in the book, it IS romanticized and sexualized That, to me, is creepy Twice in this book, Kenyon refers to a man grabbing a woman s butt during a make out session as something I don t know dirty and forbidden As if good girls or proper ladies don t enjoy that kind of dirty behavior As if allowing a man to manhandle you like this LOL pun intended I couldn t help it is wanton and a reason to be ashamed of herself I mean, her heroines allow their lover to do this, and enjoy the hell out of it, but Kenyon never lets it go without saying something about how shocking it is Believe you me, I can think of TONS of shocking or dirty or this is shameful but I enjoy it so much, I shouldn t be doing this but it feels so good behavior, but having a man cup your ass while kissing you fully clothed is NOT one of them Actually, I find this to be a benign and innocuous activity that is fun for both parties, doesn t spread disease, doesn t cause any pain I guess I m just confused by her attitude toward this seemingly mild act Mindreading I HATE mindreaders I find this SUCH a violation of privacy, and can tolerate it when it s treated as a rape or as a serious concern, but I can t stand when it s supposed to be sexy Being with a person who can read your mind is NOT sexy, it s flippin scary as heck I don t care whether the man or woman is doing it if it s an unsolicited non consensual mental connection, it s a violation of a person and it s wrong Both Kyrian and Amanda read minds in this book and I hate it For an amazing, intelligent novel on this kind of thing, I highly recommend Nexus by Ramez Naam Valerius is a total a hole who tortures Kyrian for a month, has sex with his wife in front of him, and crucifies him He does other horrible stuff, too Isn t this guy a hero in a future book What the flip Edit I found out that the Valerius who is the hero later is the grandson of this a hole, not the a hole himself Kenyon flip flops around with her rules She ll mention something, and then forget about it for a while I don t know why she thinks the reader won t pick up on this and be confused Two examples from this book are The mental powers She s like Kyrian is giving up his mental connection into Amanda s mind But then he s still reading her mind for about 10 or 20 pages And THEN it s like Okay, now this time for real He can t read her mind any o.O Just confusing and as if she s going back on what she said earlier It s sloppy.The climax clause Kyrian and Amanda are told explicitly that Kyrian can t climax any or he ll lose his powers So no orgasms for him But then, a few hours later, they re going at it like rabbits and he definitely orgasms No explanation for this is given Even if Kenyon had thrown in a Hey, they were just so horny they couldn t help themselves I would have been satisfied But it s never mentioned or addressed It s strange And also sloppy Orgasm denial What is it with Kenyon s obsession with denying men their orgasms I don t like it Here, it s stated that if Kyrian orgasms with Amanda cause of love and stuff doesn t work with other women then he will lose his powers So This is the second book by her where she s been like Hero No orgasms for you Suffer As a feminist this really bothers me I feel sorry for her male characters when she puts them through a book like this It makes me actually very sad, and I can t enjoy the sex scenes because I am too upset for the hero I totally understand the need to empower females in a sexual way in your book By all means, have the woman climax first and make the guy super attentive and in love with going down on her and stuff By all means Give her 5 orgasms before giving him one Fine Wonderful But please let the man come too It s just so mean The Barbie Amanda is given this special Barbie with knives that shoot out of her feet She loves the Barbie and carries it around with her for half the novel o.O I find this strange and not at all appealing Infantilizing a grown woman who s an accountant and doesn t even normally like dolls or collect them by making her carry a Barbie around is gross Especially at the end when Kenyon stresses the little girl vibe End fight scene if you read the book you know what I m talking about The final fight scene OMG, so lame and silly Just really dumb I was incredulous This is it THINGS I LIKED Kenyon is funny Not as funny as Gena Showalter, but she s funny I like her jokes and her sense of humor It s cute Magical vagina that heals the hero s damaged psyche I know people complain about this, but in romance novels I really enjoy the damaged hero or heroine being healed or set free by love and good sex This was definitely a case of loving sex with Amanda curing Kyrian of his phobias and healing the wounds from his past This is a spoiler view spoiler The fact that Amanda s hand is permanently scarred from putting the soul back into Kyrian Way to do it right, Kenyon I m glad you didn t magically heal her afterwards This is true love and commitment and I appreciated it hide spoiler The story was utterly engaging and enjoyable, so much so that I couldn t put it down Sherrilyn Kenyon has done it again Her writing is practically flawless I loved every single thing that happened in this book.It broke my heart when I knew Kyrian s painful history No wonder he wouldn t trust and love any woman since his wife had betrayed him By the way, There were some interesting characters whom I would like to know in the other books I was absolutely intrigued by this series Just finished my reread and I loved this just as much, if not , the second time No PNR author writes 5 star stories with as much heart as Kenyon does IMO Her books are the perfect blend of tortured heroes, strong heroines, engaging plot, intricate mythology, heart touching moment and the sweetest HEAs I really love how she also clearly had an overall story arc from page one During my reread, I caught a lot of things that set up books far down the series that I never noticed the first time Best PNR series hands down PS, I d recommend starting the series with this book not the prequel Fantasy Lover It s not that I don t like FL, I really did, i just think its not as good an example of what the series is like if you trying to figure out whether or not this series is for you since it takes place in the world, but is not technically a Dark Hunter book since the main hero is not one I personally read it after I finished book 6 and was very happy with that placement. There is a lot of hoopla about this series, so I will give it a few books before judging it as good or eye rollingly tropey cheesey smut There are tons of these type of things Stroking tonguesMoaning into mouthsHot gazesHungry looksAnd meltinglots and lots of meltingOoSo, yeahOn the other hand, the world is really cool and original I like the Dark Hunter origin story and the Greek mythology Those Greek gods sure are assholes.So we have Kyrian, a former Greek commander and present Dark Hunter, and Amanda, an accountant A perfect match There is a bad guy who introduces them by hand cuffing them together Talk about an awkward first date And, of course they are magnetically attracted to each other, and of course she is now in danger unless he protects her.There are many Dark Hunters, they are all gorgeous, and they all have sad back stories, and apparently they are all going to fall in love And, the good news is that they seem to get all hot and bothered by average, somewhat chubby, everyday women Lucky us So, on to the next tortured brooding hot man. This isn t a review, it s a rantI know many readers love this series, but I m beginning to think it isn t for me This was my second book by SK the first was Fantasy Lover and I still don t know what all the fuss is about The concept and the mythology of the Dark Hunters are very interesting, but SK s writing didn t work for me again What annoyed me the most was how all her characters were constantly cracking jokes, no matter how serious and dangerous the situation was Everyone was a smartass and it became too much too soon I enjoy humor, but there s a time and place for it The way SK inserted it into every single scene was distracting and prevented me from connecting with the story and the characters I couldn t find myself bleeding over Kyrian s tortured past and, at times, I wanted to shake silly Amanda and tell her to shut up.Based on what I just said, one might wonder why I m giving this book 3 stars Well, I didn t hate it The story was interesting and there were some good scenes, like the one where Amanda dreams sees Kyrian s past and death Too bad SK s writing wasn t up to that level all the time.The strange thing is, I like SK s writing as Kinley MacGregor How can the same author have such distinct effect on me Oh well, the three strike rule still applies and I m going to give SK one last chance to win me I m OCD about reading series in order and I already know I ll have to work on that because it looks like the next book in the series won t be a winner either I ll have to skip ahead and tackle either Night Play Dark Hunter, 6 or Acheron Decisions, decisions This book sounded so promising, it was my first read by Sherrilyn Kenyon and I d heard many people raving on about how great her Dark Hunter novels were and as a fan of paranormal romance and urban fantasy, I couldn t wait to find another sexy, dark series to get into, complete with the usual array of vampires and mythology.The problem with the paranormal romance genre, and even so the urban fantasy genre, is that after you ve read a few of them they all start to form a similar pattern with characters you begin to recognise from other books plus the same old storylines and ancient mythology I m getting so good at remembering greek gods So, the trick is to give the reader what they came to get but put a unique twist on it, don t write the same story a thousand writers have churned out and surprise them with different characters note broody men aren t even that hot sexy Spike always did so much for me than sulky Angel This story, unfortunately, had nothing new or exciting, it s hard to pick the plot and characters out of masses that I ve read that are chasing each other round my brain I couldn t get into the story or take much interest in either Amanda or Kyrian, their dialogue wasn t the cute, sarcastic banter that I love in good PR and UF but rather it was cliched and annoying who actually says the words made hot, sweet love without laughing afterwards I also had so many problems with Kyrian the dark hunter guy , I really don t care to be told a hundred times how gorgeous he is, when an author does that it makes me think that s all there is to the character and I immediately lose interest He s so beautiful, so well muscled, so this, that and the other Shallow The author seemed to care far about his cute butt than the rushed out back story of his wife s betrayal and his weeks of torture at the hands of her new lover It was almost as if Kenyon decided at the last minute that Mr Perfect sounded very two dimensional which he did and she came up with some weak pity story that just didn t work And, as for the brooding I mentioned, please stop feeling sorry for yourself it s been 2000 years, nobody realistically pities themselves that long I thought about giving it one star but decided that it wasn t that bad It just didn t stand out from any other, and I know I ll find it easy to forget about For that reason, I m not going to bother with the rest of the series But, I will say, I loved the Buffy references if I met a vampire that didn t drink from humans, I d say something like oh, so you re like Angel