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This is a great story for moms afraid to loosen the leash and there are good lessons for kids wanting freedom too A little long for pre K storytime. This was a cute find at the library My daughter loves ducks and the illustrations looked like a style I liked from the cover.I actually really liked the story It was about mama duck constantly reminding her baby to be vigilant about his surroundings Baby duck needed savings a couple times because he wasn t paying attention, but mama was there At the very end, Baby duck saves his mom I think this is a great book to read to young kids to teach them about the dangers of the world While we don t want them to be afraid of everything, teaching them to be vigilant about what and who is around them is key Being cautious is good Being afraid is not good I loved that mama duck still let her baby go play with his friends, but stayed close by watching.At the same time, it has a good message for parents also that you can t be too protective Your kids need the independence otherwise they will never learn how to care for themselves It also showed that he did learn to keep his eye out and he actually saved his mom.I was really happy with this story It also had beautiful illustrations that were almost in a watercolor style They were soft and they filled the entire page This is a book we will pick up again when my daughter is older as part of stranger danger type lessons. Beautiful pictures Watch out little duckling, watch out mama. mama s little duckling illustrated very colorful children s book about how a duck is ready to let her little ducking start venturing out to see the world she tells her to be aware of the bad things out there, in the water, on the shore and in the air.the duckling does see these things and remembers what her mama told her and is able to get back home where she is safe. Dandelion Duckling is an adventurous one His mother often warns him about the dangers in the pond Dandelion ducking is not always paying attention Only when his mother yells for danger does he get out of the way One day, though, it s Dandelion Duckling who yells danger so his mother can get out of the way. Adorable illustrations, but the text is way too long and drawn out Also, I wasn t all that impressed by how the main character solves the problem he is suddenly able to sense danger when he wasn t before. Found the story to be mediocre, but loved the illustrations The story had the feeling of a dime a dozen book. Dandelion Duckling wants to be adventurous, to venture out from his mama and she always cautions him to watch out for danger and to be careful Three times he does not see danger, but his mama does She calls for him, and he races back The fourth time he sees the danger that his mama does not. ^FREE DOWNLOAD ☔ Mama's Little Duckling ↡ Dandelion Duckling Is Ready To Explore All By Himself Soon He S Paddling Across The Pond To Visit With His Friends Dragonfly, Little Polliwog, And The Centipedes Mama Is Watching Closely, Though, And When She Sees Danger, She Sounds The Warning QUACK QUACK QUACKand Dandelion Scoots Right Back But One Day Not Even Mama Sees The Weasel Waiting In The Willows Can Dandelion Remember What Mama Quack Had Taught Him This Time, Before It S Too Late Mike Wohnoutka S Vibrant, Sun Splashed Paintings Capture The Exuberance And Can Do Spirit Of Marjorie Blain Parker S Rhythmic Read Aloud