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He reached for her hand, but it wasn t there.He would have destroyed her, he said Not ever meaning to, he would have He knew it, in the way of knowing something that couldn t be explained People run away to be alone, he said Some people had to be alone Love and summer is an ordinary story of common people set in the Ireland of the fifties, when women weren t able to choose and lives were spent working and doing your duty without thinking too much about what could have been.Ellie is a young married woman, whose husband is a farmer, a widower much older than she He is a good person, he treats her alright, meaning he doesn t abuse her After having tried for some years to have children and not being able to, Ellie has accepted her fate and she is sort of contented with her ordinary life in the farm.Everything changes when she meets a young photographer, Florian, with whom she falls in love almost at first sight As the illicit affair develops, and she gets and tangled, Florian continues with his own plans of abandoning Ireland for good, wanting to leave his past and Ellie behind.A sad and unromantic story, a cross of paths which don t leave track, lacking chemistry and imagination The dialogues were rather dull and slow and the characters were only described on the surface, I felt as I didn t know them well enough to judge.The book fell too short from my expectations, I wouldn t recommend it as a good reading, not even for a boring Sunday evening. Free Epub ♹ Love and Summer ⚆ In His Characteristically Masterly Way, Trevor Evokes The Passions And Frustrations Of The People Of A Small Irish Town During One Long SummerIt S Summer And Nothing Much Is Happening In Rathmoye So It Doesn T Go Unnoticed When A Dark Haired Stranger Appears On His Bicycle And Begins Photographing The Mourners At Mrs Connulty S Funeral Florian Kilderry Couldn T Know That The Connultys Are Said To Own Half The Town He Has Only Come To Rathmoye To Photograph The Scorched Remains Of Its Burnt Out Cinema A Few Miles Out In The Country, Dillahan, A Farmer And A Decent Man, Has Married Again Ellie Is The Young Convent Girl Who Came To Work For Him When He Was Widowed Ellie Leads A Quiet, Routine Life, Often Alone While Dillahan Runs The Farm Florian Is Planning To Leave Ireland And Start Over Ellie Is Settled In Her New Role As Dillahan S Wife But Florian S Visit To Rathmoye Introduces Him To Ellie, And A Dangerously Reckless Attachment Begins In A Characteristically Masterly Way Trevor Evokes The Passions And Frustrations Felt By Ellie And Florian, And By The People Of A Small Irish Town During One Long Summer I don t think I ve ever read anything I didn t like by Trevor, and this is no exception It s subtle and beautifully written, of course, and with one of my favorite themes that of what goes on inside people that others never know It reminded me a little bit of T ib n s Brooklyn which I loved though here we see the interior life of than just the one young woman, as it is also the story of one placid little Irish town As with anywhere, though, it may seem quiet, but there s a lot going on beneath. The New York Times described Trevor s Love and Summer as, a thrilling work of art I would have to disagree Thrilling is not a word that should be anywhere near this book Another reviewer I read said, William Trevor s languidly paced novel is like summer itself brief but charged with the beauty and passion of that longed for season This was my first Trevor novel and his hallmark seems to be noticing the ordinary For me, the novel s simplicity and subtlety fell over the line from art into boring It felt like an author s writing exercise in description, not the careful unfolding of a story In fact, sometimes it gets a little muddy in its telling because it s so caught up in descriptive detail Even the warm, authentic Irish accent of the audio version s reader couldn t bring this book to life for me Bottom line I never cared about the characters enough to feel their emotions or care about their ultimate outcomes I will likely try Trevor again, maybe some of his short stories, but I m not in a rush to do so. Trevor 1928 2016 was considered a writer s writer and a critic s dream for the simple profundity of his prose I had long meant to try his work This short novel is set over the course of one summer in a small Irish town in the 1950s, and opens on the day of the funeral of old Mrs Connulty A stranger is seen taking photographs around town, and there is much murmuring about who he might be He is Florian Kilderry, who recently inherited his Anglo Italian artist parents crumbling country house It s impossible to pay the debts and keep the house going, so he plans to sell it and its contents as soon as possible and move abroad, perhaps to Scandinavia.But he hasn t passed through Rathmoye without leaving ripples Ellie Dillahan, a young farmer s wife who was raised by nuns and initially moved to Dillahan s as his housekeeper, falls in love with the stranger almost before she meets him, and they embark on a short lived liaison Blink and you ll miss that the relationship is actually sexual Trevor only uses the word embraced twice, I think That reticence keeps it from being a torrid affair, yet we do get a sense of how wrenching the thought of Florian leaving becomes for Ellie Trevor often moves from descriptions of nature or farm chores straight into Ellie s thoughts, or vice versa In the crab apple orchard she scattered grain and the hens came rushing to her She hadn t been aware that she didn t love her husband Love hadn t come into it He Florian would be gone, as the dead are gone, and that would be there all day, in the kitchen and in the yard, when she brought in anthracite for the Rayburn, when she scalded the churns, while she fed the hens and stacked the turf This is quietly beautiful writing perhaps too quiet for me, despite the quirky secondary characters around the town including the busybody Connulty daughter and the madman Orpen Wren but I would recommend Trevor to readers of Mary Costello and Colm T ib n I would also like to try Trevor s short stories, for which he was particularly known I think in small doses his subtle relationship studies and gentle writing would truly shine. Whenever I pick up a new book by William Trevor, whether it s a novel or a collection of short stories, I have to admit, I m prejudiced William Trevor is my favorite author I know I m bound to love whatever he writes And, I loved his newest book, the 2009 Booker longlisted novel Love and Summer Love and Summer takes place in the quiet Irish village of Rathmoye in the mid 1950s and revolves around Ellie Dillahan, a young girl who was raised by nuns in an orphanage When Love and Summer opens, Ellie, who left the orphanage to keep house for a lonely widower she later married, is seen by the town gossip, the middle aged Miss Connulty, talking to a strange young man who, we later learn, is Florian Kilderry.Florian, although a stranger in Rathmoye, grew up only seven miles from the town Now, with both his parents dead, Florian, who s always been a master dilettante, wants only to sell their once lovely manor house and leave Ireland behind forever But until that happens, there s the summer and there s Ellie.For Florian, the gorgeous, sultry summer begins as a dalliance, for Ellie, it s an awakening, leading her to a revelation and a choice she never thought possible Central to this revelation is Dillahan, Ellie s husband Dillahan has been a kind husband, but one whose life is still consumed by a tragic loss he suffered years before, a loss for which he unjustly blames himself His union with Ellie has been a quiet one, one of friendship and mutual respect rather than passion.Slowly, as summer progresses, Florian and Ellie become closer Their romance, however, isn t as secret as they want it to be or believe it to be Unknown to the lovers, Miss Connulty when she isn t arguing with her brother, with whom she shares a love hate relationship watches from behind lace curtains, fingering the jewels she inherited from her recently deceased mother and remembering the long ago day her own father took her to Dublin a day that causes her to form an unusual bond with Ellie Dillahan.But Love and Summer is than the story of Florian and Ellie and Dillahan and Miss Connulty It s also the story of Rathmoye, itself Trevor has woven the tapestry of the entire village into Ellie Dillahan s summer awakening At first, we may feel as thought we re looking at the tapestry from the wrong side, but Trevor is such a masterful and assured writer, that by the time we finish the book, though questions remain, we know all is as it should be Love and Summer is a gentle, delicate, almost fragile novel This is vintage Trevor, writing beautiful, incandescent, and totally assured prose Every sentence seems to be a sentence that s needed every word seems to be the best one Trevor could have chosen And just when we think the master couldn t get any better, he tops himself Consider this sentence, which comes near the end of the book They sing in their heads a song they mustn t sing, and wonder who it is who doesn t want them. The characters, too, are beautifully composed, not only Florian and Ellie, but Dillahan, Miss Connulty, her brother, the local priest, and even the strange and strangely amusing Orpen Wren, a man who sees all, yet knows nothing and offers a sadly comic note to an otherwise elegiac novel Like all of the people who inhabit Trevor s books, the people of Rathmoye are ordinary people, yet Trevor delves so deeply into their soul that they become extraordinary They, like Love and Summer, become unforgettable.Note Love and Summer was longlisted for the 2009 Man Booker Prize, marking the fourth time a work by William Trevor has been either long or shortlisted. Update 21 Nov 2016 Re posting this review in honour of William Trevor who passed away on 20 Nov 2016 Love and Summer , his last novel, was published in 2009 and was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize What a loss In this much awaited first novel after The Story of Lucy Gault, Trevor once again, in his parsimonious and elegant prose, created a sensitively written story of a passing summer friendship view spoiler One summer, in a sleepy Irish town, Ellie Dillahan an orphanage girl in a loveless marriage to a widowed farmer encountered and fell in love with Florian Kildery a photographer briefly in town to sell an inherited family house What began as an initial attraction friendship became a pleasurable liaison The simple became complicated Few writers handle the intricacies and subtleties of love as tenderly and compassionately as Trevor does He wrote with a profound understanding of the tangled web of emotions as the Ellie Florian relationship grew anticipation, hesitation, affection, yearning, abandon, confusion, disappointment regret, guilt, and frustration I thought the story seemed to suggest how hard it is sometimes for people to be truly in touch with what they know, how they feel, and what they want The heart is often times perplexing and self deluding truth unfortunately comes too late Trevor also masterfully captures, akin to superb watercolor, the languid feel of summer, the calming placidity of farm life, and the quietness of the countryside Even the mundane chores and earthy activities of small town existence were described with a touch close to sanctity hide spoiler At first I couldn t enter this story I thought it was too fragmented, excessively focused and too detailed about daily activities, too mundane in fact for the novel with such title But slowly I found myself attracted by its flow and quiet narration I felt drawn to its protagonists from among every one had own story that needed to be told.Miss Connulty, embittered old spinster, holding grudge against people and world for her unhappy bygone affair and its effects that influenced her life Or somewhat cranky old librarian from nonexistent any old manor, Orpen Wren , convinced that it is him who is now guardian of memory and papers of his lordship Or middle aged farmer Dillahan who due to tragic accident lost wife and child some years back And here again Ellie Dillahan, foundling brought up by nuns, firstly housekeeper, at present wife of the farmer And finally Florian Kilderry, son of talented watercolourists, still mourning for them and unrequited love for cousin Isabel, undecided and lacking true aim in life, successor of deteriorated, now put up on sale house At first glance it is a simple and unimpressive story set in Rathmoye, provincial Irish town, with its unchanged, rather boring rhythm, where any deviation from the daily routine is immediately noticed and commented, but somewhere under that surface troubles are brewing Orpen Wren is sure that heir of the estate is back in the town, Ellie falls in love with young Florian while the latter is in fact one leg outside not only the town but Ireland actuallyLove and Summeris a delicate and low key story, told with tenderness and melancholy, with pictures, that Trevor draws with such subtlety, blurred and faded as paintings in Florian s houseSummer and Love , what a clich d title one could say, pulsates with tension and sweet poignancy, sadness of recognition and futility our expectations Though it s my first novel of William Trevor but I somewhat sense that it is also typical of him Both in writing style and themes and motifs Just my feeling.3.5 5 If a class of would be writers sat before me and asked how , I would give them this slip of a book and say like this Here is a world where everything matters, every word counts, and cadence connects us all.