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Yay Jonas finally get his story This was truly a come back for Lora Leigh After reading Bengal s Heart, I had hoped that she did not disappoint me with this book and she didn t.I won t go into plot summary but I will say that I truly enjoyed this book Jonas was a great character While I had always appreciated him in the other books, I had fallen for both the man and animal in his book I felt that there was a softer side shown to him and we caught glimpses of why he was the way he was He remained true to character to me He was still the manipulating strategist that readers enjoyed I happened to think that the baby and Rachel just mellowed him out The relationship with him and little Amber was so endearing My heart just melted I felt the connection from the beginning The mother on the other hand was an idiot at times Hence why I dropped a star off the rating At first she started off good I liked how she dealt with Jonas She always played the game well with him but then he revealed she was his mate and all reasoning went out the window She constantly pushed him away when all he did was show her how much he loved her I actually wanted him to kiss her and give him some of that mating hormone Just to make her suffer The interaction with the side characters Leo, Dane, Ely, Cassie, etc were great Readers are introduced to some Breeds and I can see some stories occurring Overall a good read. Lora Leigh is back on her game I ve been in love with Jonas Wyatt since he first came on the scene in Harmony s Way an otherwise less than stellar addition to the series Or was it Megan s Mark Either way, he had me at Hello Since LL tends to be hit or miss at times, I was so afraid she wouldn t do Jonas justice, but rest assured, she knocked it out of the park with this one Jonas Wyatt, The bogeyman of the Bureau of Breed Affairs, knows his office assistant, the cool headed Rachel Broen, is his one chance for happiness With the kind of glaring red target painted on him for any fool bent on the destruction of the Breeds to take a shot at she s the one chance he cannot take.So he keeps her at arms distance through most of their relationship, even while his heart is drawn ever closer to the kindhearted but stubborn willed woman who is his match in every wayuntil a kidnapping of her baby daughter the child he s claimed as his own threatens the ruthless control he s kept over the primal lion that lurks just below the surface.Someone is after the mated pairs and their offspring and they ll stop at nothing to get what they want Lion s Heat grabs you at page one and doesn t let go till the end Jonas knows from the beginning that Rachel is his one true mate, but he s so afraid of claiming her, he doesn t let her in on the information The mating heat, a familiar characteristic in Lora Leigh s gene spliced crossbreeds, is all on him through much of this book, which makes for an interesting turnabout I loved his ruthless control and I loved how Rachel threatened all of that Rachel and Jonas work well together as a couple and as business team, for that matter Their instant chemistry, as well as the love between her baby and Jonas, make Lion s Heat quite a heartwarming book I enjoyed seeing Jonas finally being able to soften and allow the noble hero that I ve always sensed him to be to shine forth.I would have liked to see detail in the beginning of their relationship much of his softening toward her is glossed over with rapid time passage because there had to be some major sparks there But it in no way lessons my love for this book so 5 out of 5 from me Thankfully, much of the editing issues that have so annoyed me in some of Leigh s recent releases are miraculously missing although she does quite a bit of head hopping throughout the book Still, in the end, I can only say very pleased #DOWNLOAD ì Lion's Heat ⚡ The Mating Urge Cannot Be Denied New York Times Bestselling Author Lora Leigh Returns To The World Of The Breeds Where Animal Instincts Can Bring A Feral Pleasure To Every Man And His Willing Female MateBad Boy Jonas Wyatt S Personal Assistant, Rachel, Has Had A Child An Innocent New Life That Has Been Put In Grave Danger Because Of Jonas Perilous Games And Calculations Played In The Shadow World In Which He Lives The Dark And Sensual World Of The Breeds Now, Rachel Is Making Only One Demand Of Jonas That He Finally Take Responsibility And Deliver On The Protection That Only He Can GiveJonas Has Known For A Long Time That It Is Destiny That Rachel Become His Mate He Can Sense It He Can Also Sense Her Reluctance And For That, He Refuses To Claim Her He Wants Her On Love Alone And Not Because Of The Urge Of The Mating Heat But It Is Jonas Destiny To Claim Her And He Will Have His Way Jonas Wyatt is finally getting his dueI had high expectations for this book I ve been waiting for Jonas story almost since the guy first appeared in this series, and seeing how arrogant this lions was, how manipulative, I simply couldn t wait to see him brought to his knees by the right woman.To say I was disappointed is a huge understatement.Rachel sure didn t fill the bill for Jonas mate, IMHO I felt he deserved , I expected, I wanted for him He got a whiny, emotionally crippled, bratty icicle instead of a worthy female and mate.I know it s all about the conflict between the hero and heroine, she has to oppose the mating at first, it makes for an exciting and exhilarating read, but this was a bit too much for me Rachel purposefully hurt him at every turn, knowing what her denial did to him, yet still she persevered in her stubbornness.For two thirds of the story I m all for conflict, but not that much of it.She finally came around in the last third no one informed us readers th mating hormone can bring on a personality change as well , but it was a little too late Where was the feisty, no nonsense woman at the beginning of the story The one who stood up to the Leo, defended her mate The glimpse I got of her wasn t enough and came way too late for comfort.It always comes down to the heroine for me it seems But in this case she wasn t the only problem this book had The lack of actual story bothered me, the villain appeared in the beginning and at the end, leaving a huge gulf in between that was filled mostly with the heroine s overreaction about everything and everyone, and generic, impersonal, going through the motions sex scenes I sure didn t feel the love that was supposed to be between them.The only redeeming quality of this story was Jonas himself, but unfortunatley he lost most of what made him Jonas He wasn t himself any, and I refuse to believe it was the only way for Ms Leigh to do him justice Don t get me wrong, I loved seeing him so helpless against the mating heat it s what I was actually looking forward to , so utterly sweet in falling in love, but the fact he lost a part of himself in the process didn t sit well with me Whether another heroine might have made a difference is a moot point What s done is done. Jonas has finally found his mate, only to find out she is pregnant Once the baby is born, people are constantly after her and Jonas has to figure out how to stop that and win his mate over We finally get to Jonas book and it was almost everything you would expect it to be But let s be honest, it s all about Jonas I loved everything about him, shockingly so He surprised me so much You knew he would just take care of everything but I loved how he was sooo patientand I love how he was with Amber The purring that was priceless I think the only thing missing was the rest of the Breeds getting up in his faceI really wanted some of that payback time I enjoyed Rachel as well I would have liked of a chase or intensity in the beginning While I liked how Rachel wanted love instead of the mating hormones to influence her, it seemed to drag out a bit It was great seeing all the lions coming together I thought Leo and Elizabeth were great in this book My heart goes out for Dane though And of course, I love Cassieeverything she does is so interesting The bad guys were pretty interesting Devon was a jerk and got what was coming to him but Branden is intriguing I did guess what he might have done to Amberespecially when Jonas was able to connect with the baby Overall, another good installment of the Breeds books There is still a lot of sex although not till 60% but a lot less of the porn words Favorite quote It can happen like that It can build slowly It can come like a gentle rainfall, or it can slam into you like a tsunami You are my tsunami, love. I guess I need to stop reading Lora Leigh I have read most of the books in this series not counting the ones that came out originally on ebook The idea is good and the plots are better than in the rest of her books but that s not saying much I have liked Jonas in the other books and I liked him here I hated, hated, hated Rachel She was stupid and vapid and vacillitating and we didn t know enough about her to care She was like a cardboard cutout What I dislike most about this author is the way she ignores what she s already written previously in the book in order to throw in an angsty sentence or something For example here on page 150 Rachel askes Jonas if he loves her He answers yes I love you Then, on page 180, Rachel is in distress because She was falling in love with him, and she couldn t help it There were just so many ways Jonas proved his complete dedication to her His hunger for her His need His determination to protect her.He didn t call it love To him, she was his mate, pure and simple The one gift God had given him that could never belong to another man.But he didn t call it love He didn t recognize it as love WTF 30 pages ago he flat out told you he loved you But I forget You re stupid.This happens all the time in Ms Leigh s books Also, as usual in her books muddy motivations all around Also the waffling on the part of both Jonas and Rachel about whether to mate hop in bed was not realistic or motivated or explained well When they finally did do the deed, I found myself really not caring much These scenes left me pretty ho hum So pretty typical for her books Cover s nice though. I have really enjoyed all of the breed series and was really looking forward to seeing Jonas Wyatt, the heartless boogyman of the breeds, fall in love LL spent no time on character development with Rachel We know that she is pregnant by another man, so not sexy by the way, in the beginning of the book Rachel is always thinking that she shouldn t allow herself to lose control sexually and remembers what her sister taught her about controlling her lust Well there is never any explanation of why Jonas was so tormented from the mating heat that he was afraid of taking her against her will, yet Rachel continued to tease him sexually just to see how far she could push his control WTH And I was disgusted that Jonas wasn t allowed to kiss Rachel and wore a condom the first time they were together in order to spare her from the mating heat I don t enjoy love stories with women getting off on teasing men just to push them to their limit The love scenes were really boring too, none of the male dominance that I was craving from Jonas Ely called Rachel selfish and I almost started clapping in agreement Jonas and Rachel have produced some type of hormone where Rachel feels none of the major discomforts from mating heat yet she refuses to do any tests because she is selfish and undeserving of Jonas.Jonas is the lab created son of the Leo, the original lab created breed There is so much animosity between the two and I was really hoping it would be resolved and some family issues would be worked out in his book since those issues have been mentioned for the past few books The family issues were not worked out and only discussed in the final chapter of the book when Leo accuses Jonas of wanting to take over as Pride leader Oh, and his parents know that he is their son but never admit to it till the final chapter of the book Really Elizabeth never has a conversation with Jonas, never tells her son that she loves him yet we saw her crying over Callan when he d been shot This book felt disconnected Too many sub plots were brought up that were never resolved or explored further We meet Rachel s sister briefly during a fight scene where she is some bad a GI Jane type with her own commando team That just pops up out of nowhere and is never explained David is showing signs of feral fever and says he wants to talk to his dad, Callan, but that never happens so why waist time mentioning it Amber is injected with a mystery drug that has her purring at the end of the book We never find out what was done to her Jonas was still fighting with the Leo by the end of the book Braden is never brought to justice, and so much This book had absolutely no closure So many typo s they were unacceptable Amber s eyes are blue at the beginning, but are green later in the book Rachel doesn t know about mating heat, but then knows all about it a few pages later There are so many problems 3.5 starsOK I just didn t love this book as much as I thought I would Here are some of my reasons 1 Rachel got on my nerves at times I can understand her resistance to becoming mated to Jonas, to becoming mated at all She knows how intense it is I just think her objections to it went on for too long and she never seemed to notice how much that bothered Jonas How hard it was for him to be around her and not release the mating hormones He was a very admirable Breed in that regard She did improve as the story went on I truly enjoyed the scene where she stood up to the Leo and defended Jonas I think she and Jonas were good for each other IMO, she was just a bit too stubborn.2 There wasn t enough build up to show that Jonas loved Rachel Personally, I was surprised when he told her he loved her.3 Which leads me to my next issue About 30 or so pages after Jonas tells Rachel he loves her Rachel thinks about her feelings for Jonas and claims that what Jonas feels for her is the intensity of the mating and doesn t love her She was falling in love with him, and she couldn t help it There were just so many ways Jonas proved his complete dedication to her His hunger for her His need His determination to protect her He didn t call it love To him, she was his mate, pure and simple The one gift God had given him that could never belong to another man But he didn t call it love He didn t recognize it as love Uh He told her he loved her So, that had me going, Huh Those were the things that bugged me the most There were some other things but those stood out to me the most.I thought the love scenes were scorching hot Very well written We also got to see softer sides of Jonas and it was sweet I enjoyed visiting with old characters and the story was good I m interested to see what happens with Amber in the future.This was still a nice edition to the Breed Series and I look forward to the next one. Loved it Finally, the much anticipated story about Jonas is here and it was even better than I could have imagined Rachel and Jonas were a perfect pair.Rachel has been Jonas s personal assistant for a few months During this time Rachel has proven to be very efficient at handling Jonas s schedule and putting up with his arrogant and manipulating ways Jonas knew as soon as he saw Rachel that she was his mate but he refuses to claim her because he is afraid she would be targeted by his many enemies and because she is pregnant Jonas claimed Rachel s baby as his own without her knowing of course and was able to feel the baby s emotions and make a connection with little Amber One night a group of men burst into Rachel s house and take her baby One of the Breeds enemies had taken the baby and injected her with an unknown substance Jonas and his team are able to save Amber from being kidnapped, so they fly to Sanctuary for safety.Once at Sanctuary, Jonas and Rachel have their hands full with finally dealing with the fact they are mates and with figuring out what happened to the baby Jonas wants to give Rachel the choice of being with him, so he willingly endures the pain of unrelenting mating heat because he wants Rachel to come to him out of love Rachel is very confused at all the changes in her life but knows that she and Jonas have something special Will Jonas find the love he never dared dream about Will Rachel put poor Jonas out of his horny misery Wow, this was one heck of a book I loved the thrill of reading this story, it was so exciting Jonas was one of the sweetest mates ever He gave Rachel time to grow to love him and choose him at great cost to himself He was so sweet with baby Amber, he loved her so much and he purred for her awwww Rachel was a compassionate and wonderful woman who understood who Jonas really was underneath all the games he played She saw the love and loyalty he gave to his Breed brothern and the sacrifices he made to keep them safe, but she still kept him in line when he tried to pull anything with her Rachel and Jonas complimented each other very well, she managed to show him how to deal with the emotions he didn t know how to show The love scenes were scorching too There were many scenes concerning the Breeds and Sanctuary so we get to learn about our old friends from other books.Lion s Heat was one of my favorite Breed books I loved it and highly recommend running to read it The action is exciting and the romance is amazing Jonas is one heck of a hero and mate to Rachel, plus he is a wonderful father to Amber Rachel is a strong and capable woman who doesn t bring Jonas to his knees she lifts him up by showing him the strength of his love and honor. I ve waited years for this book Early on I kept telling people that the story I really wanted to read was that of Jonas Wyatt I wanted to see him suffer I wanted to see him have to face the same jokes and the mocking comments he loved to dish out to others going through mating heat I was hoping to hear of Lawe s and Rule s ain t gonna happen to me vows that were so plentiful in Bengal s Heart I have to say I was a tad disappointed in that very little of that actually happened Oh well What we did get was much important Finally, finally we learn what makes Jonas tick We find out that he does have a soft, nurturing side, and a past hurt that goes deeper than anything he lived through in the labs We finally get to see inside the strong, independent, doesn t give a damn Breed that we all loved to hate, and while I was very disappointed in the last installment, Bengal s Heart, I can say with total conviction that Lora Leigh has redeemed herself with Lion s Heat and has written a story worthy of Jonas Wyatt I m not going to go into a lot of storyline or character development here, because followers of the series already know what the Breeds are up against That hasn t really changed in Lion s Heat We still have our ever growing cast of nut jobs trying to wreak havoc against the Breeds, the Alpha Males trying to save the race while avoiding mating heat and the females who love to torment them As with most of the books we get little glimpses into the anomalies each individual Breedmate seems to possess new thing things that hadn t existed before some little something that has the doctors scratching their heads and wondering, what the heck is going on Now, than ever, I m anxiously awaiting Cassie s story.