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~Free Pdf ☤ Kiss of Snow ⚓ Since The Moment Of Her Defection From The PsyNet And Into The SnowDancer Wolf Pack, Sienna Lauren Has Had One Weakness Hawke Alpha And Dangerous, He Compels Her To MadnessHawke Is Used To Walking Alone, Having Lost The Woman Who Would Ve Been His Mate Long Ago But Sienna Fascinates The Primal Heart Of Him, Even As He Tells Himself She Is Far Too Young To Handle The Wild Fury Of The WolfThen Sienna Changes The Rules And Suddenly, There Is No Distance, Only The Most Intimate Of Battles Between Two People Who Were Never Meant To Meet Yet As They Strip Away Each Other S Secrets In A Storm Of Raw Emotion, They Must Also Ready Themselves For A Far Vicious Fight A Deadly Enemy Is Out To Destroy SnowDancer, Striking At Everything They Hold Dear, But It Is Sienna S Darkest Secret That May Yet Savage The Pack That Is Her Home And The Alpha Who Is Its Heartbeat 6 1 11 I m replacing my old review with this one, as promised, b c this one contains spoilers for the book.A little background I picked up Nalini Singh s Psy Changling series on a whim back in 2006 with Slave to Sensation and when I was finished with that book, I was immediately drawn to Hawke s story and my fervent hope that eventually A it d get written soon and B his HEA was Sienna Lauren who was 16 at the time Each subsequent book after that I read hoping for bits and pieces of Hawke s story and wanting to know what Sienna was up to Suffice it to say, this was my most anticipated read of like, forever.Cut to 2011.Ms Singh was kind enough to send me an ARC which I found out I would be getting during my birthday week which was the best birthday present of ever and I literally devoured this book when it came in the mail.Kiss of Snow is amazing It s amazing, intriguing, and delicious There s a lot that goes on in this book, and so many storylines are finished and begun that I can see why Ms Singh said that it was going to be longer than her others in this series It will be on my re read shelf forever I ve re read it about 20 times already and it never gets old NEVER.Hawke is the alpha of the SnowDancer wolf pack a position he s held since he was 15 when all of the adults in the pack were betrayed by a trusted member of the pack and subsequently destroyed from within It s something that has haunted the pack ever since, and is one of the reasons why Hawke is so protective of not only the pack hierarchy but in maintaining pack honor and loyalty He loves his pack with a ferocity that is almost overwhelming in nature he d do anything for them and they d do anything for him.He also lost the girl that would have been his mate when he was 10 It s unusual for anyone to discover their mate that early he was 7 at the time and he lost her 3 years later It devastated him as a child and he s convinced himself that he ll never mate Ever.Imagine his surprise when he realizes that he s inexorably drawn to one Sienna Lauren, a Psy defector who entered his pack with her family 3 years ago He s tried to keep her at a distance and so far it s worked Until now.Sienna is an X Psy the only one that she knows of in existence Not only that she s a cardinal X Psy something that, as far as she knows, has never existed before She considers SnowDancer her extended family, and is as ferociously protective of them as she is of her immediate family Her attraction to Hawke threatens to overwhelm the shields that she desperately needs to contain her abilities That doesn t mean, however, that she doesn t push his buttons, push him, whenever the mood strikes her, trying to get him to see her as she so fervently wants him to.What she hadn t realized until now he does see her He always has That s been the problem.The dance between the two takes up two thirds of the book The attraction between them is palpable and obvious but the conflict comes from them actually having to learn to understand each other, and learn each other so that they can become the true alpha pair that SnowDancer needs.Nalini always writes awesome alpha male characters, and Hawke is the alpha of all alphas in this book He s a force to be reckoned with He s confident in his position as alpha, in his physical abilities and in his physical attractiveness He loves his pack, and would do anything for them while at the same time, he s demanding of those around him, and uses his dominance to ruthless effect It is this very dominance that is the main reason why, as mentioned early on in the book, any female would have to have brass balls to take him on.Sienna Lauren has them and She s had to live with and learn to control her formidable abilities since she was very young, a discipline that has affected her profoundly and yet she has still been able to keep the core of who she is true She s fiercely loyal to those that she considers her own, and her love for her immediate family, and the SnowDancer wolf pack whom she considers an extended family is palpable, and a driving force behind a lot of her actions concerning her abilities She s funny and quick, and while she may be young, the things that she s had to go through in her life has shaped the woman she s become, and she s stronger for it A strength she needs when she finally decides to pit the force of her personality against that of Hawke s Reading how well the two of them compliment each other, in both public and private scenarios, is a joy.One of the main conflicts between Sienna and Hawke, aside from the age issue which was handled really well early in the book is Sienna s desire for the mating bond, and Hawke s belief in his inability to give it to her How this conflict was wrapped up was extremely satisfying for me, since it had been an ongoing debate between a friend and I for the past year What was even fun to read about is Hawke teaching Sienna to play Aside from the huge sexual attraction between them Sienna has never played before, since at an early age, the destructiveness of her abilities has been drilled into her and she s never been able to be anything but an adult The parts where Hawke and Sienna are just hanging out and enjoying each other s company are some of the best parts of the book, especially since there is a war that is about to explode between the two strongest changeling packs, SnowDancer and DarkRiver, and the Pure Psy zealots under Henry Scott With SnowDancer being the largest of the two changeling packs, that s where most of the strategic strikes against changelings occur And boy are the strikes devastating The war is most definitely on It is not tied up as completely as I would have liked, or even expected, but it is finished in a way that completes the arc while also allowing for other stories in this universe to continue.There are some really great moments in the book too, that have nothing to do with Hawke and Sienna, and everything to do with the love of the pack for their alpha They understand the sacrifices that he s had to make to be the leader that they need, and they re grateful and love him for it I don t often verbally Aww while reading books, but there is a scene later in the book between the pack and their alpha that definitely made me verbally Aww.Both Judd and Brenna make significant appearances in this book, and Judd s just as awesome as usual He s still one of my most favorite heroes in the Psy Changeling universe outside of Hawke, and he had some really great moments with both Hawke and Sienna The poignant moments that he had with his mate, Brenna, were great, and really spoke to the depth of love those two share Lucas and Sascha are also in the book quite a bit, with both of them helping both Hawke and Sienna learn to understand each other, fight against the Psy and Henry Scottand most importantlythe baby is finally born We also get to see of Kit, whom I d been pretty indifferent to in past books Seeing him through Sienna s eyes makes me interested in his story There s also quite a bit with Walker and Lara who get an emotional side romance as well , Nikita and Kaleb, the Ghost, Vaughn, Riley, Indigo and Andrew I would have loved to see Vasic but you can t have everything and there is plenty in this book that made up for it The Arrow Squad has always intrigued me, and where they end up falling in this war on Silence still remains to be seen.We even get a flashback scene to that very first meeting between Hawke and Sienna I LOVED THAT Seriously I had been wanting something like that for years right along with a hint at the shenanigans that happened around Sienna s 18th birthday party and we got that too This book hit every note that I could possibly want it to hit and a few.Overall, the love story between Hawke and Sienna is an emotional one, and by the time they both come out on the other side, they truly are the alpha pair that I envisioned all those years ago when I read StS, and I noticed Sienna noticing Hawke and Hawke noticing back.To sum up this book in 2 words Awesome Sauce This book is awesome sauce. 4.5 a little confused Stars Spoilers I have been looking forward to Hawke and Sienna book since book one Annnnd I was not disappointed I knew going into this book that Hawke s mate died when they were children and so he is not suppose to be able to mate again As wolves only get one mate So my only problem with this book was the confusion over Hawke and Sienna s mating I was prepared for Hawke to just love her or for him to figure out that Rissa wasn t really his mate I was looking forward to finding out which scenario it was going to be, but instead Nalini Singh s just kinda glossed over it Sienna and Hawke did mate, but he still talked about Rissa like she was his mate so wtf Was Rissa his mate and because she was too young and they didn t claim each other he got a do over Did I miss something as I was listening to the audiobook that could totally be the case as I had a house full of kids and I had to keep pulling my earbuds out to yell stop picking your nose, or kicking your sister, or breathing your brother s air lol I totally felt Hawke and Sienna s love for each other, but the unanswered question about the whole mating and the following confusing left me feeling annoyed Overall I still loved this book. Re read 9 24 15Just as good Every Single Time10 MILLION EPICALLY FUCKING AWESOME STARS.Holy shit this was good And thank FUCK Because I had been lusting, pining, and rendered almost UN functionable during the wait and build up for this books release So much so, in fact, that I was worried that my too high expectations would doom the book to failure But silly me, I should have known Nalini Singh would blow me away as usual Seriously, she is the alpha PNR goddess I LOVED everything about this book, especially since there had been so much build up between Sienna and Hawk up to this point These two rocked my world and I have probably re read this book at least 5 times since its initial release And YES Yes I AM going to show as many pictures as possible of my Sienna and my Hawk getting jiggy with it together Because HOT My Hawk Drumroll please My main man Taylor Kinney I mean Jesus effi n Christ How hot is this fool Seriously, it s ri goddamn diculous And my Sienna Purty lady.But seriously though, how awesome are these two Perfection I tell you.Sorry Can t.Stop. Hawke Snow SnowDancer Alpha and Sienna Lauren PsyExcept I never had a prayer when it came to you You re in my every breath and every thought, intertwined so deep inside me that love s not a strong enough word you have my devotion, your name branded on my soul, my wolf yours to command A hundred years It ll never be enough I want eternity Tears, slow and quiet, ran down Sienna s cheeks He wasn t finished You have the power to tear me to pieces, to wound me so deep and true that I ll never recover I am super happy with the story of the imposing and dominant Alpha and the much younger but powerful psy girl Their story was building since several books until now In the previous books Hawke was always trying to avoid Sienna and Sienna always seemed to want something from Hawke.Their book starts in the same manner Sienna now is an adult who is playful and happy, she likes having a good time, she has good friends and she is balanced with her powers Moreover she likes teasing Hawke secretly hoping that at some point he will break.Hawke tries to resist by running away all the time and by punishing Sienna all the time for little things, while he has vowed to stay faithful to the ghost of his intended mate He never succeeds to get her Sienna of his head The funny thing is that everyone has realised his feelings Some even tease him without taking into account that he is a scary Alpha wolf.I loved the fact that Hawke and Sienna dance and play around each other It is like they have started a mating dance without realising it.The problems that they need to face are two except the memory of a dead girl of course 1 Enemies who want to destroy the Snowdancer pack and who keep attacking 2 The finite of Sienna s life As her powers grow stronger, Sienna does not have much time left.But Hawke will never let her goAh baby, you know I do what I want Rubbing his chin on her hair, he squeezed her hip Man and wolf, we both adore you No way am I letting you go after the hell you ve put me through over the years Besides the story of Hawke and Sienna, there is also the secondary story of Walker Psy and Sienna s uncle and Lara changeling and pack s healer in this book, which I also found fascinatingWho do you belong to, Lara he asked quietly You It was a whisper Only you 5 BLOWN AWAY STARS OH MY GOODNESS THIS BOOK THIS AMAZINGLY, BRILLIANTLY, FANTASTICALLY WRITTEN BOOK BLEW ME AWAY To say I m on a book high would be an understatement Oh, how I LOVED every single minute spent reading this story It was everything, EVERYTHING I knew it would be, and MORE I hesitate to say much about this AMAZING book because I don t want to accidentally give spoilers that could ruin the experience for potential readers And honestly, by this point in the series, the overall plot arc is so complicated and intense my words wouldn t make sense to anyone who has not read these books What I will say, shout, and scream hehe is that Kiss of Snow, its main couple, and their beautiful love story is PURE GOLD. Update and it s as good the x time as it was the first time after another reread, I m happy to say I just love Hawke and Sienna This is HANDS DOWNS the BEST BOOK in the Psy Changeling series.It deserves 6 stars Kiss of Snow was everything I hoped for and so much Finally, finally, after nine books of waiting, Hawke and Sienna finally had their HEA Nalini Singh had us waiting for a long time and it worked The anticipation almost killed me But the delivery just amazed me.After many teasers, tidbits and rumors, Hawke finally wrestled his demons, misgivings and listened to his wolf and went after what he really wanted Sienna As the pack alpha, such a decision was not easy, and his struggles were evident and raw The age gap was a huge consideration on his side, a hurdle that felt as deep as a chasm His concern was understandable but Sienna, so mature for her age, kicked that notion to the curb pretty quickly And I just wanted to stand up and applaud her That girl was something else Sienna was strong, down to earth, knew exactly what she wanted, and was prepared for the outcome as well for whatever the future held and threw into her path She would conquer it all The sexual tension was literally explosive The wait for Hawke and Sienna s HEA was as excruciating as rewarding Both needed time to accept the fact that they were missing pieces to each other s happiness They completed one another With Sienna, Hawke could just be Hawke, and in contrast Sienna didn t have to be afraid letting go They complimented each other in the best of ways And filled the missing pieces to their happiness.Kiss of Snow is the best book she s every written and as a bonus, Hawke and Sienna s story continues in Tangle of Need One and a half books of Hawke and Sienna how PERFECT is that Favorite Quote You sure you want to play with the wolf, baby Favorite Quote 2 The crowd was chanting, kiss, kiss, kiss when Hawke walked inside.That was when Sienna learned the meaning of the term alpha.Favorite Quote 3 Scared Hawke s smile held no humor You should be baby Then he kissed her and it was no tender exploration, no playful tease This was the kiss of a man who knew precisely what he wanted.Hawke, alpha of the SnowDancer pack and Sienna, a Psy that has found refuge with the SnowDancers have been dancing around each other for some time now They both might have acted on their lust for each other but Sienna is just now 19 Sienna is also an extremely powerful X Psy if her powers get out of control, she can decimate everything around her Now living outside of Silence, no one knows exactly what is going to happen to her Her powers are extremely volatile She may be the only X cardinal ever born No X Psy has lives past their 25th birthday And that was within Silence.Hawke can t deny the attraction, but he lost his mate when he was very young Knowing a wolf only mates once, he doesn t know if Sienna can handle the demands his wolf would place upon her But as he says Pack is life, and Pack knows these two are meant for each other With their support and threats from Sienna s uncle these two take a chance.Meanwhile, the Psy Council is disintegrating Sides are being taken, betrayals are in progress There are those who want a race of Pure Psy where Silence is law While a civil war is on the horizon and some want to take the shifters down with them.Kiss of Snow is one of my most highly anticipated books of 2011 I fell in love with Hawke many books ago, and we finally get his story with Sienna First let me say I love how Nalini writes her shifters So sexy, sensual and physical And Hawke does not disappoint Some of the things that come out of his mouth melted me into a puddle of goo He calls Sienna baby a lot and it s hot He has to learn to walk the line between being Sienna s alpha and her lover He is of course alpha down to his core, and Sienna soon learns playing with his wolf is fun than she ever thought They play games, they dance around one another and in the end, they have a beautiful relationship.While the sexual tension is off the wall, halfway through the book, maybe even a little farther I was ready for it to progress to than just tension There are so many almost moments they almost kiss, they almost embrace, they almost get physical But Hawke s phone rings, or Psy attack, or someone interrupts them At a certain point it became a little frustrating and distracting But by the end of the book I was able to look back on their moments together with fondness.Sienna is a X Psy, and kind of in the dark with how to control her powers and what her eventual outcome will be At a young age, she was taken from her home to be Ming s prot g She went into silence by the age of nine There is a lot of unknown for her out in the real world There is rumor of an elusive journal written in the 70 s that might give her some answers, and this plays in well in the book I think Nalini Singh does a nice job portraying Sienna she has inner strength and confidence, but when her power flares up she really loses all control.I have been disappointed in the past few books with how the Psy war has progressed or how it has not progressed In Kiss of Snow I think that storyline has a little meat I still want maybe just from the Psy s point of view But at least in this one, the Psy mean business and it felt like they are a threat to the shifters.Walker Lauren, Sienna s uncle has a really nice romance in this one with Lara, the SnowDancer healer I really liked both of them and thought their romance brought a lot to this story We also get a lot with Judd, Sienna s other uncle since he is so close with Sienna and helps her with her volatile powers Oh Judd you sexy former Psy He has some great lines and one in particular very smexy scene It s so nice we get an intimate glimpse into some of the characters that have already had their book.Sascha and Lucas have a storyline that will make you smile I really enjoy the relationship the Cats now have with the wolves It feels like a brotherly relationship with good natured bickering very entertaining to read.For such an anticipated book, Kiss of Snow delivers I even think this one can be read as a stand alone You might be a bit confused on the Psy war, but overall I think it would read well on it s own Of course, this entire series is great, and I recommend it to everyone.Rating B I started my re read and have only one thing in my mind for this This book just blew my mind Bye Bye brain After waiting through 9 books to get to this one yes, freaking 9 , freaking although fantastic books I have to say IT DIDN T DISSAPOINT Kiss of Snow is one of the best books I ve read not just this year P it deserves atleast a 100 of these guys After dancing around each other for the last nine books nine , Hawke has reached the limits of his self restraint, and Sienna s control over her abilities is virtually non existent when she s around him She s no longer a teenager defected from the Psy, she s a member of the wolf pack and trained as a soldier What few know, is that she s the most powerful Psy that ever existed A X Psy, rarity in itself, she s a cardinal, with powers beyond measure Hawke is the wolf pack s alpha And when I say alpha, you can imagine the most alpha male you ve ever read and multiply with a 100 He is intense, his inner wolf is almost always at the surface, wild, posessive and sexy as freaking hell The chemistry between them was bursting all over, and when he finally decided to go for it finally, finally , oh boy, that caused my total meltdown They are both strong personalities, Hawke, of course, being alpha, and Sienna, being trained as a child to be the perfect killing machine They fight all the time and flirt all the time and the sex scenes HOT Amazingly HOT Those two aside, I loved all the other litte stories in here, Sascha had her baby, Walker and Lara had a lovely romance, we get to see almost every couple from the previous books, Judd having a slightly bigger role here did I mention I just love him 3 , and The Ghost helped him with Sienna Who the hell is that guy So, this was such a great book, from page one I was like this , mixed with stupid sensless giggling and grinning and clutching my e reader and basically acting like a crazed teenager hahahahah I guess the anticipation got to me Some of my favorite scenes view spoiler Sienna asking Hawke not to touch her when Hawke went to the bar to pick them up, oh how he went wild Hawke and Sienna dancing by the car I think this one s my favorite, just beautiful their play in the forest, when she set traps for him the second time Hawke went to the bar oh I couldn t stop laughing at that one XD the strip poker the sex in the cabin one of the best sex scenes I ve ever read Just wow when he finds her in the forest after she view spoiler runs away hide spoiler 5 stars Paranormal RomanceWOWZA The most anticipated installment in the phenomenal Psy Changeling series definitely delivers the goods and lives up to the hype It s an intense, passionate, and emotional epic romance with smoldering sensuality and thrilling action that is pure tribute to Hawke fanatics It satisfied my super high expectations and then some I was completely and utterly captivated by every word from beginning to end, and my only complaint is that I didn t want it to be over I loved it, loved it, loved it Hawke in all his alpha, growly glory is a sexy, magnificent thing to behold I want to take a big bite out of him, and have him bite me all over in return YUM Don t get me wrongI love Hawke and Sienna together and think they re an amazing, unforgettable Romancelandia couple But I still want to be Hawke s mate and have his wolf babiessighs and swoonsOh wait, I m already mated to Lucas I guess I ll have to beg settle for being the center of a wolf panther sandwichnaughty girl grinHotAlphaWolfKiss me forEternity My favorite quotes She came to, to find a very satisfied wolf at her side He was drawing patterns on the sweat sheened skin of her navel with his finger How was dessert she asked, her throat a husky reminder that she d screamed at the end A flash of teeth I plan to go back for seconds in a bit She sucked in a breath Bad wolf Sliding down his hand, he tugged at her damp curls Hungry wolf Right then, Sienna knew she was sunk Absolutely and gloriously.You re in my every breath and every thought, intertwined so deep inside me that love s not a strong enough word you have my devotion, your name branded on my soul, my wolf yours to command A hundred years It ll never be enough I want eternity You have the power to tear me to pieces, to wound me so deep and true that I ll never recover Hawke in his majestically beautiful wolf form note the Kiss of Snow on his nose My Hawke Eric Dane Sienna note the ruby red hair and cardinal like eyes Sienna alternate