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I don t want to feel anything for you, Dante God, Tess, I don t want to feel anything for you eitherNow, that s a relationship Built on mutual disdain for feelings I m hooked aw, that s the nicest thing you ve ever given me So, in this book, we get Vishous Dante s story He has terrible visions of the future AhemWhile out one night, fighting the enemy, he gets shot a bunch of times and ends up at a veterinary clinic where the doctor helps him cough And, then he erases her memory of the incident Mmm hmm.He also gets paired up with a civilian vampire cop Yes, cop He starts out giving this guy a hard time, but they eventually become bffs.Totally original storyline The good news is that there are some differences, and they are all for the better It s like someone figured out all of the bad things about Black Dagger Brotherhood and made them better So, don t worry, we don t get a ghost girlfriend at the end Ghost girlfriends are soooo played So, even though there is the whole this is totally stolen from another book vibe going on, I for one am really enjoying this series JR Ward is giving positive reviews of these books, so if she doesn t mind, I m cool with it. Breed warrior Dante Special ability Having visions of the future Age Around 240 years oldBreed mate Tess Special ability Heal or kill through touch Occupation Veterinarian Mark place Right hand, between fore finger and thumbSettings BostonI loved Dante and Tess together He is like the ultimate bad boy in leather called the Stallion , and she is a loner, completely dedicated to her work independent woman The book is a real page turner I read it in one go What we learn in this book We learn that the breedwarriors abilities are inherited by their mothers There is a new situation with a new drug called crimson which may influence vampires but not humans We meet agent Chase who is looking for his nephew Very conservative guy, not very likable His personality is developing in the next books. Kiss of Crimson by Lara AdrianGenres Adult, Mystery, Paranormal, Romance, Suspense5 Stars Review from August 20th, 2019I absolutely loved reading this a 2nd time I think I actually loved itthis time than the 1st read.I had completely forgotten how much of a part certain characters played in this story.I also forgot about the 2 Harvards A fantastic read that I highly recommend to lovers of Adult Paranormal Romance.It has everything you need for a great fun read.The romance is hot and steamy.AND Everything I said below is still true Review from March 5th, 20166 Stars Full of action and suspense Extremely well written I was drawn in immediately and loved every second Dante and Tess are awesome, so well defined you feel connected to them immediately Filled with surprises, you are never sure what will happen next The world and characters felt real and fluid I am now obsessed with the Midnight Breed series 2011 reread Edited to 5 stars because DANTE IS SEXY AS HELL Kiss of Crimson is another solid read by author Lara Adrian Dante s story is one of intense passion and love The chemistry between Dante and Tess is instant and electrifying From the moment they meet, it is clear from the beginning that they are meant for each other Adrian does an amazing job at telling Dante s story I found that I instantly liked Tess the moment she was introduced As a private practiced vet, she seems to have most of her life in control However, everything changes when Dante steps into her life For some reason, Dante has his way of getting through Tess barriers that she walled up when she was a child Seeing those walls crumble before her and allowing herself to be vulnerable in front of Dante is a beautiful thing to see Here she learns to trust others again and herself And Dante the wicked, hot vampire that wields the twin malebranche blades How hot is he Dante kicks some serious ass in this one and I loved every single moment of it However, there s also another side of him that is muchvulnerable These two sides put together make Dante so desirable He s my favourite warrior yet Sterling Chase is also introduced in this book And although I didn t like him at first, he s starting to grow on meandChase has got his own demons to deal with and I m really interested to see where Adrian takes him. This book was a dud It was boring, there is tons and tons of filler that detracts from the romance , there are too many clich s and stereotypical romance story moments and it s still too similar in my opinion to JR Ward s Black Dagger Brother Hood series the difference there being that Ward s is top notch The love story between Dante and Tess is not well developed and the vampire world story takes up too much space between the brief times the couple make it back together again Nothing really happens between them until a good 150 pages into the story even This isa paranormal story than a paranormal romance The story outline on the back cover is very misleading it s like a movie preview that looks really good but those are the best parts of the 2 hour movie and everything in between is a waste of time I didn t particularly enjoy Book 1 in the series but Book 2 is certainly worse I like a good paranormal but not when it copies off every other book out there and rolls it into a weak story. Yup yup, everyone liked it.Well, I can t say that I didn t but I expected a bitfrom it, to be frank I ve read this story numerous times I don t want something original, but I want the characters to be a bit different than the rest Or the friend characters to be special Or the writing style Or even the names to have something special Ok, Dante, the main male character, is also from Italy the 18th century though , that was a nice touch, but I m selfish like that, I wanted .So unfortunately, this was a meh read for me Not bad, but not exceptional either Just ok. 3.5 Crimson Stars I feel so dirty saying this, but I am loving this series The BDB similarities continue unabashedly, but I can t not read it The second book in the Midnight Breed series tells the story of Dante and Tess Dante is yet another hot, broody vampire aren t they all dreamy sigh Viciously wounded, he is found late one night by Tess, our very likeable heroine, who tries to help him and ends up as a blood source Too late into the piece, Dante discovers that Tess is actually a breedmate and by drinking from her, he is halfway through completing a blood bond with her Whoops I really liked the twist on this relationship Tess is in the dark about what is actually going on for most of the book after having her memory wiped of her first encounter with Dante, but she cannot help but fall for the gorgeously hot but mysterious man that suddenly appears in her life And I loved watching Dante fall hopelessly in love with Tess and become fiercely and swoonily protective of her Running alongside the romance is a storyline about young vampires going missing and a drug that turns vampires into Rogues The Breed boys are joined in their operation by Agent Sterling Chase of the Boston Darkhaven this would be the Butch character I initially thought Chase was a bit straight laced for the rest of the boys, but after a very surprising visit to a nightclub, I ve gotta say I m intrigued I really like him as an addition to the story, and loved the snarky relationship that he develops with Dante I m looking forward to seeingof him in future books There is also a bit of a set up for the next book with the mysteriously dangerous Zsadist Tegan having a bit of a moment with emotionally scarred Elise Looks like there are going to be many obstacles for the two of them, but I can t wait to see them get their HEA The action is good with a few surprises thrown in There are some very steamy scenes, and quite a bit of swoon The ending was a bit abrupt, but I expect that the storylines will continue into the next books, so I m not too concerned Overall, a great read I m looking forward to (BOOK) ⚝ Kiss of Crimson ï He Comes To Her Dead Than Alive, A Towering Black Clad Stranger Riddled With Bullets And Rapidly Losing Blood As She Struggles To Save Him, Veterinarian Tess Culver Is Unaware That The Man Calling Himself Dante Is No Man At All But One Of The Breed, Vampire Warriors Engaged In A Desperate BattleIn A Single Erotically Charged Moment, Tess Is Plunged Into His World A Shifting, Shadowed Place Where Bands Of Rogue Vampires Stalk The Night, Cutting A Swath Of Terror Haunted By Visions Of A Dark Future, Dante Lives And Fights Like There Is No TomorrowTess Is A Complication He Does Not Need But Now, With His Brethren Under Attack, He Must Shield Tess From A Growing Threat That Includes Dante Himself For With One Reckless, Irresistible Kiss, She Has Become An Inextricable Part Of His Underworld Realmand His Touch Awakens Her To Hidden Gifts, Desires, And Hungers She Never Knew She Possessed Bonded By Blood, Dante And Tess Must Work Together To Thwart Deadly Enemies, Even As They Discover A Passion That Transcends The Boundaries Of Life Itself 5 stars Vampire RomanceGreat second installment in the wicked good Breed series I loved the Breed warrior Dantehe is dark, sexy, sweet, and romantic The relationship between he and Tess is well developed I love this series