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I m sorry to say that I haven t enjoyed this book as much as I expected Comparisons are usually worthless, but I can t help but think of Courtenay s former novel, The Power of One and find that Jessica lacked originality and spirit Whereas I loved Peekay and Doc and the way the story flowed, with its easy prose, written almost like a fairy tale, with strong conviction and hope I wasn t drawn to Jessica or her problems I thought she was a grown up woman when she has to deal with the sneaky ways of her family it was hard to believe that a mother could be that evil and I believe her supposed stubbornness to protect Jack is what mostly brought her to such a desolate destiny Didn t feel sorry for Jack neither, who finally betrays her without a blink And then, after all this unearned hardship, she has to earn the reader s respect in the last part of the book, where she fights for the rights of the Aborigines while helping black Mary Sympson to get her children back, although I have to admit that I was shocked by the end of the story and a bit shaken while reading the last pages.All in all, I found the novel a cheap copy of The Power of One , the same topics are discussed the unfairness of life, strong characters who fight for justice, racism there s also some Jew characters who play an important role at the end of the novel , human rights and war All theses issues are discussed in the book, which is fine, but not great if you have had the pleasure of reading his masterpiece before It has to be really difficult to write something that good and then be able to create something better. READ IT One of the best books ever I m going to re read it this summer 3 [Free Ebook] ♬ Jessica ♈ Jessica Is Based On The Inspiring True Story Of A Young Girl S Fight For Justice Against Tremendous OddsA Tomboy, Jessica Is The Pride Of Her Father, As They Work Together On The Struggling Family Farm One Quiet Day, The Peace Of The Bush Is Devastated By A Terrible Murder Only Jessica Is Able To Save The Killer From The Lynch Mob But Will Justice Prevail In The Courts Nine Months Later, A Baby Is Born With Jessica Determined To Guard The Secret Of The Father S Identity The Rivalry Of Jessica And Her Beautiful Sister For The Love Of The Same Man Will Echo Throughout Their Lives Until Finally The Truth Must Be ToldSet In The Harsh Australian Bush Against The Outbreak Of World War I, This Novel Is Heartbreaking In Its Innocence, And Shattering In Its Brutality A Deserved Bestseller, Based On Fact, A Story Told With Heartbreaking Honesty Australian Women S Weekly Courtenay Draws On The Social Satire Of Jane Austen And The Dark Forces Of Thomas Hardy, And His Tragic Heroine Parallels Antigone Herald Sun I struggled with this story mainly due to the way Jessica was being treated by her own family For some reason the writing came a bit close to the bone I skipped a few bits but persevered and finished feeling very benevolent towards Mr Courtney Only to discover that he had recently died Over the years I have had a very inconsistent attitude towards his books Matthew Flinders Cat is one of my all time favorites and of course there is a special place for The Power of One Yet Tommo and Hawk and the Potato Factory were just a too difficult for me to get past the first chapter Now posthumously I read about the man and understand a little , he is clearly a gentleman and one to be admired His gift for understanding the human condition was outstanding and his death a huge loss For me the way he depicts alcoholism, racism and sexual proclivity have always been a source of admiration and I have the utmost respect for his honesty Not surprisingly it appears he accepted his terminal illness as many of his fictional heroes did with dignity and grace, I take my hat off to such humbleness in one so talented.So thank you Mr Courtney for the memories Jessica will always be the book that bought his challenging books for me and my favorites together in one place Rest in peace Jessica is memorable vibrantly for not only its shocking story, but also its beautiful setting of rural Australia. For anybody who has ever tangled with hardship, heartache, pride, love, pain, losses, joy and sorrow, this book is for you Seven years later I can remember almost every single thing about this novel, that is how much it stuck with me, the writing was magnificent and elegant, the plot riveting and tantalising, the characters, enigmatic, engaging and all too powerful for their own good.One of my all time favourite novels, taking me on an incomparable emotional journey that will leave the reader feeling cathartic and de constructed, this is not a novel of happy endings, nor is it a melancholy Dickensian piece or a romantic novel, but one which transcends all realms and can only really be described as a vessel for the reader to be transported into the very vestibules of human nature.It explores the manners in which people will go to any extents to accomplish their goals, even if it means obliterating their supposed loved ones in the process, the reader can almost physically perceive the precariousness in which the most powerful human emotions can blend and bleed within each other, how love can all too often accommodate hate and intolerance, and ambition is all to easily the bedfellow of cruelty and ruthlessness Get ready to have your heart in your throat for much of this novel, and don t expect much reconciliation or even karma, this is the cold harsh, unkind reality of life. This is one of the finest novels I have read It s based on a true story, takes place in Australia Jessica is still well loved by the aborginal people In the early days of the 20th century all aborginal children fathered by white men were taken away from their familys and given to whites to raise This is Jessicas story..A young girls fight for justice against tremendous odds A tomboy, Jessica is the pride of her father, as they work on the struggling family farm One quiet day the peace of the bush is devastated by a terible murder Only Jessica is able to save the killer from the lynch mob..but will justice prevail in the courts Nine months later, a baby is bornwith Jessica determined to guard the secret of the father s identity The rivaly of Jessica and her beautiful sister for the love of the same man will echo througtout their lives until the truth must be told Set in the harsh Australian bush against the outbreak of world ww1, this novel is heartbreaking in its innocence, and shattering in its brutality. I am not one who takes to books that have a continuous theme of tragedy, and that is how I felt reading Jessica It was exhausting to read I kept waiting for something good to happen but only sadness, cruelty and unfairness were common in the book There were so many things wrong as well as right Joe really irked me He was introduced as this headstrong character whom dominated the household, everybody seemed to respect and fear him in a way I really took a liking to joe, If not initially a bit of a cold shoulder when he first hit Jessica In the face, giving her a black eye It took a few pages until it was confirmed that joe wasn t the bad guy in this book I liked his and Jessica s relationship, I am a fan of breaking the toughest of hearts and I liked seeing joes vulnerable side when he spoke of Jessica appreciatively and stood up for her A very low moment for me was when joe gave into Hester I mean honestly we had heard about joe having lived a tough life and he couldn t say no to cold murder when his wife pleaded him and then the submissive he became when he was forced to outcast Jessica That all seemed a bit low and annoying Someone With that kind of personality doesn t wear into the cruelty of his own wife But apparently he does Or did I discarded joe after that For all the good he may have tried after he realised how much of a prick he was he waited a little too late to set his wife in place and died whilst doing so Which I was glad and sad about because no way joe could get back up on the ranks again Jack was nearly one of my least favorite character I LOVE a good romance, but there wasn t ANYTHING romantic about Jessica and jack He cheated on her with her own sister, married her and then sat around whilst Jessica was in a mental asylum, and wrote letters about his worries If he loved her a much as he claimed then he would have marched down to the hospital just as he had at the court house and seen Jessica face to face Tried harder, fought harder to SEE HER, be with her He makes me too angry to speak about him I truly wish we had seen dept to meg it got a bit boring her being described as the walking, talking shadow of her mother No sister is that cruel or deranged I wish Hester would have died very early on so we could have seen meg grow into her own person and see how she may have treated Jessica without her EVIL mother breathing down her neck I am sure there would be a heart deep down somewhere even for a small apology Character development goes a long way The only character I truly liked was Jessica s lawyer, he may have been a drunk but he didn t have a bad intention in his body I wish the had been of a twist with Jessica s baby s fathers identity and at least one moment of true happiness for Jessica The constant sadness and tragedy just gets depressive and tiring I do have to say though the WAY that it was written, the sadness, badness and tragedy was very effective and constructive as this was one of those books that made you BEG for a miracle Regardless of all the wrongs, this book made you feel SOMETHING and if it makes me feel something then it is already counted to me as a worthwhile good book If I could put a couple stars on this one, I would This is my all time favorite book Courtenay can truly capture the grit and soul of a woman. WOW That was my first reaction to this book It is sensational It is on my list of life changing books as it has helped me redefine what it means to live a successful life Events beyond the control of Jessica alter the course of her life, but how she deals with it is truly inspiring It proves that remaining true to yourself and your ideals will allow you to live the best life you can.Life may not give you everything you want, but how you deal with what it s given you speaks volumes about your character and your success.