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If you like to read a book with a nice story that makes sense and has a moral point definitive ending then you will not want to be friends with Paul Auster Put the book down, that s itgently, now off you go and find something else to read.If on the other hand you can t be dissuaded and carry on reading this the first thing to know is that you should probably disregard the blurb on the back it only applies to the first 72 pages of the book Maybe the person who wrote the blurb only got that far Who knows Now all of this probably sounds like it s gearing up to becoming the damning voice of someone who didn t like this book Actually, I did like this book but again I m never sure why I like Auster books They have that appealing shiny ness, that makes me go oooh then put my hands out to touch it even though I know I shouldn t,much like someone giving you a plate of mercury to play with But behind the shiny is a matted world of weird, part of which, once again is loosely based on Austers own youth wistful yearnings to be a writer, time in Paris translating poetry How much of it is based on Austers on youth I don t know and can t be arsed to find out but right now I m really hoping he doesn t have a sister Although I ll say no on that subject otherwise I ll start turning this review into one big spoiler This book is really three stories tucked up together in between one cover and none of them really draw any satisfactory conclusions, except maybe that as you go through life you will meet a lot of people who are f cked in the head and some of them might be French. [[ Kindle ]] ☠ Invisible ☚ One Of America S Greatest Novelists Dazzlingly Reinvents The Coming Of Age Story In His Most Passionate And Surprising Book To DateSinuously Constructed In Four Interlocking Parts, Paul Auster S Fifteenth Novel Opens In New York City In The Spring Of , When Twenty Year Old Adam Walker, An Aspiring Poet And Student At Columbia University, Meets The Enigmatic Frenchman Rudolf Born And His Silent And Seductive Girfriend, Margot Before Long, Walker Finds Himself Caught In A Perverse Triangle That Leads To A Sudden, Shocking Act Of Violence That Will Alter The Course Of His LifeThree Different Narrators Tell The Story Of Invisible, A Novel That Travels In Time From To And Moves From Morningside Heights, To The Left Bank Of Paris, To A Remote Island In The Caribbean It Is A Book Of Youthful Rage, Unbridled Sexual Hunger, And A Relentless Quest For Justice With Uncompromising Insight, Auster Takes Us Into The Shadowy Borderland Between Truth And Memory, Between Authorship And Identity, To Produce A Work Of Unforgettable Power That Confirms His Reputation As One Of America S Most Spectacularly Inventive Writers 100 out of 5 stars One of my favourite books by Paul Auster 3 Invisible, Paul Auster Invisible is a novel by Paul Auster published in 2009 by Henry Holt and Company The book is divided into four parts, telling a continuous story, but each section told in a different voice, and by several different authors The first section, titled Spring and told in first person The second section, Summer describes the events in Adam s life later that summer in New York sharing an apartment with his older sister, Gwyn This section of the story is told in second person In the third section, Fall we learn that Adam, in 2007, has died before he and James could meet, and has completed only notes of the third and final section of his memoir of 1967 The final section takes place in 2007 James has been told by Gwyn that the major events of the second section of the book are entirely made up, and James wonders whether any of the purported memoir is true In searching for corroboration, James tracks down C cile, now a distinguished literary scholar She concludes the story by describing in her diary how she, in 2007, has a final strange contact with Rudolf Born, at his remote island home in the Caribbean 2009 1388 268 9789643696146 1389 1391 1393 21 Auster 100% , This is what fiction should be, in my opinion Absolutely dazzling, believable yet at times shocking, intellectual without being predictable or dry, compulsively readable but never inane, and above all, completely effortless Invisible addresses three seasons in the life of a young man, Adam Walker In 1967, Adam a university student and wannabe poet meets a French professor, Rudolf Born, at a party What follows is a strange series of events culminating in two main outcomes the first is Adam s brief affair with Born s girlfriend, Margot, and the second is a random act of violence, committed by Born, which Adam is witness to All of this takes place within the first seventy pages, with the rest of the book devoted to the effect of these events on Adam s life immediately afterwards, and their resonance in later years All the usual themes of literary fiction are intact memory, truth, loss, regret but they aren t rendered in that self consciously clever style I ve grown so sick of over the past year Predominantly, this is a story about obsession and sex Adam is obsessed with exacting revenge on Born, as well as sexually obsessed with Margot, and later with another woman whose identity I won t reveal here as it would give away a major and very surprising plot point.The perspective shifts Invisible begins as a first person account told by Adam himself, and at first, I expected the whole story to be told this way but this being Auster, I should have known better than to expect a straightforward, linear narrative In Part II, we jump forward to 2007, when Jim Freeman, a former acquaintance who hasn t spoken to Adam in almost forty years, receives a letter from his old friend with a partial manuscript the first chapter of a possible book, titled Spring , which formed the first part of the story The second chapter, Summer , is also told by Adam, but being far personal and painful for him to recount, it is related in second person, placing the reader at the centre of an intimate and somewhat disturbing tale In Part III, with Adam s health deteriorating, Jim is compelled to assemble chapter three, Fall , from a series of brief notes, and finally, he seeks out some of the others involved in the story to satisfy his own curiosity about both Adam s honesty and the after effects of the events he has described I want to say this is where things really get interesting as the resulting accounts cast doubt on the truth of both Adam s story and Jim s interpretation but that would make it sound like the book isn t riveting from the very first page, and it really is I know Auster is an acquired taste some of my Goodreads friends have given this book lukewarm reviews, and if you want a nice neat ending where everything s resolved and the truth is made clear, you won t find it here But I am someone who generally likes the author s work, and this was by far the best of the Auster books I ve read so far I found it enormously compelling, beautifully written it flows like a dream and genuinely discomfiting It lacks the obvious avant garde tone of for example The New York Trilogy, but retains a certain sense of oddness that s enough to give it a sharp edge Altogether wonderful. A reader writes a book and a writer reads this book That is what Invisible approximately comes up to on the side of the plot Put something in the wrong place, and even though it is still there quite possibly smack under your nose it can vanish for the rest of time Invisible is a novel of moral anxiety, of moral qualms and of moral ambiguity Who is really a villain and who is really a do gooder How much of the surrounding world remains invisible to us How much of the other people s life is invisible too And in the end the novel turns into a profound and ironical contemplation on the nature of truth and deception And I gave my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly I perceived that this also is vexation of spirit Ecclesiastes 1 17How much of the world we see is truth and how much of it is lie Magn fico Um livro que agarra e surpreende do in cio ao fim Uma das melhores leituras deste ano Mas porque que estava h tanto tempo na minha estante para ser lido Recomendo vivamente Um autor que quero ler mais DBlog post com opini o video minha e da Miuda Geek com quem fiz leitura conjunta My favorite Paul Auster novel so far But if you ve read Oracle Night , New York Trilogy , Book of Illusions , then you ve totally read Invisible The brand is unique , but the plotless ness can become quite disconcerting I THOROUGHLY dug this one, reading it all in a day Timbuktu is the only one of his that s not meta Just really really sad. .