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Is anyone else so freaking excited for this book Why does it take him so long to write though It s torture.I have so many predictions about what s going to happen, I couldn t list them all here if I wanted to But the main ones are Eragon ends up with Arya I don t really like her but it would be kinda weird if Christopher Paolini threw in a new girl he falls in love with, in the last book Murtagh is going to end up being good He s going to change his name and get free from Galbatorix and end up marrying Nasuada You know it s going to happen Roran might become the new king shrugs He has the leadership skills and is really determined Arya is probably going to be the new dragon rider sigh I don t really like this but it s probably going to happen Then he dragon can mate with Saphira and Arya and Eragon can be together. I am desperately trying to think of one concise word which sums up the sheer misery of the last five and a half days, in which I had to slog my painful way through this 849 page monstrosity The horrors of Inheritance are so vast and so many that I am unable to instead, I find my mind reliving the pain, the awefulness, and the absolute boredom of this book So maybe I should give up trying to express my feelings in one word since it apparently cannot effectively be done and just relate to you the attrocities which face any Reader brave enough or dumb enough, depending on what led to such an unforunate circumstance I was being paid to pick Inheritance up One thing I will say to my fellow critics especially those being hired to read this book you should demand hazard payment Whatever small hopes I might have expressed in my review of Brisingr, they were all crushed Character development Ha Plot twists Dream on Deepening of character relationships If you even wanted that, then you are already way too much into this series and will probably stone me for this review Character deaths My mind is drawing a blank Paolini promised surprises and unexpectedness of all kinds the only thing that surprised me was that I managed to finish this fourth and blessedly last book in this torturous four volume collection as quickly as I did Every single thing that happens is predictable, no psychics needed right down to the end.But don t despair there are some surprises Let s start with the worst of it, shall we Now, I have often commented about the wrongness that prevades these books in descriptions, word choice, and events In Eldest, we were presented with a bathing scene where our oh so lovable hero shamelessly eyes his now naked teacher who is male, by the way from head to toe, and the Author finds it necessary to inform us helpless Readers that Oromis has absolutely no hair on any of his person I didn t think things could get much worse than that, and it doesn t, but my goodness, does it come close There is a certain chapter in Inheritance which I have lovingly titled The Chest Hair Chapter Ladies, if you were picturing Roran as a buff young man with a waxed chest, think again, because our beloved Author makes it quite clear in this section and others that Mr Muscleman is as wooly as a baboon.Descriptions only get worse In the same chapter, Roran is attacked by an assassin, and they fall into a heap at one point, trapped under a now collapsed tent Rather than expressing this in somesuch words as Roran and the assassin fell atop each other in a tangle of limbs, he instead chooses the phrase and I quote directly Roran continued to hold him as the life drained out of him, their embrace as intimate as any lovers I am sorry, but unless you are trying to creep your Readers out, an Author does not use such wrong imagery, because the Reader s mind is going to immediately jump to unwanted thoughts I can t tell you how much I squirmed in my chair and made faces I even got a bad taste in my mouth and shrieked out loud in horror.However, among all of the chaos of just plain badly written battle scenes where Paolini attempts to be like Michael Cadnum and throws in gore, which doesn t succeed there is a proper way to write gory scenes, and he didn t do it , looonngggg nightly character routines we get to read about Eragon s regular spelling sessions , and side travels that shouldn t take as much time as they do, the Reader is finally presented with a character Enter, Mr Fingernails This part, by far, outweighed even The Chest Hair Chapter when it came to over the top unnecessary and ultimately vomit enducing descriptions though the number of flared nostrils nearly did me in Page 414 416 is entirely devoted to describing, in microscopic detail, the clean and cultivated yes, cultivated fingernails of a character whose name you never even find out And I hate to say it, but those fingernails were the only thing in that entire book which had even a smidgen of personality By the end of page 416, I knew those fingernails so well that I was inclined to give them names, and the description is so in your face thorough that whenever the owner of the nails walked through the door, I no longer pictured a man, but a giant fingernail with googly eyes.And if that isn t scary enough, Inheritance abounds with monsters fit for your worst nightmares Imagine, if you are brave enough, being attacked by a giant snail No joke Eragon is attacked by a giant snail, like the sort you find in your garden, which proves, once and for all, that Eragon really is a vegetable If the Author inserted these snails for comic relief, it is a joke which falls flat and wastes time It is plain stupid and adds to the length of an already lengthy novel But apparently Paolini has some fear of insects, because before the giant snails, he introduces us to maggots called again, I am not joking burrow grubs with obscene little mouths I m sorry, but there simply is nothing threatening about maggots Spiders Yes Or even beetles, because there are actual existing beetles which are poisonous But maggots The rest of the book is just disappointing even for an anti fan like myself Anyone who was anticipating an even halfway decent stand off between Galbatorix and Eragon will be really disappointed Not surprisingly, the oh so evil King sets up a one on one duel between Eragon and Darth Vader I mean, Murtagh Also not surprising, Murtagh has a change of heart and does something that helps Eragon kill Galbatorix I thought I would never say this, but for once I would have rather had a cliche hero kills villain death, as opposed to how Galbatorix really dies I am sorry if I an spoiling the book for anyone, but presumebly if you re reading this, you either don t care or you ve already read the book Rather than a sword through the heart or a fireball to the head, Eragon and his accomanying Power Jellybeans kindly show Galbatorix the error in his ways, from when he stole a candycane from his baby sister at Christmas, to his tempting people to join his side with their favorite cookies In the words of the book, Eragon makes him understand Galbatorix is so overcome with all the awefulness he s committed that he spontaneously combusts What do I need to add to this What s wrong with this picture, people The villain the evilest person in the book is killed with sad memories That brings up another point that plagued me throughout the book, and that is Galbatorix s supposed badness When a country is controlled by a tyrant, there are signs of it soldiers in cities, secret police, crushing taxes, executions, people dragged from their homes at night, furtive glances over one s shoulder, starving peasants, closed borders just to name a few If I walked through Alagaesia and a random citizen came up to me and said, Hey, our king is a tyrant I would be flummoxed, because there seems to be no real evidence of an evil monarch Every once in a while, the Author kind of mentions a few high taxes, just in passing, but there has never been any real indication of a controlling king Heck, Eragon and Brom traveled the entire country in the first book with no Imperial soldiers stopping or attacking them No bands of knights or whatever pillaging Nothing And I failed to see his massive evilness in Inheritance when he had occasion to talk with other characters He, in fact, seems no evil than the average evil person He sits in his tower all day, twiddling his thumbs, admiring his riches, eating cookies, making the occasional threat, and watching instructional videos on his plasma screen TV Explain to me how that makes him the Big Cheese out of the evil people in the kingdom.All in all, Inheritance was as I anticipated aweful, painful, and boring If you wanted an effective way of torturing people well, this would be it No one could recover from the giant snails, maggots, fingernails, and chest hair or the fact that the book ends a good seven times All I can say is thank God I am done with the Inheritance Cycle for good And I feel for anyone who had to suffer as I did through it Thumbs up to you critics who bulldozed your way to the 849th page, and didn t cringe too badly at the ending so obvioulsy stolen from The Lord of the Rings I take my hat off to you InheritanceBook 4 of the Inheritance CycleBy Christopher PaoliniA Review by Eric AllenAfter his early success, Christopher Paolini set to the final book of his trilogy Unfortunately, for everyone involved, the outline he d written for the third book wasn t going to fit in a single volume He decided to split it in two I have to question why, but I ll get into that later in the review Now we ve finally come to the end with the fourth and final book of the series Was it a good ending Well, to be blunt, no, it wasn t The best I can say is that it IS the end Thar be spoilers ahead, be ye warned.I m not really a fan of this series I saw the movie and thought it was one of the worst things I d ever seen A friend of mine told me that the book was way different and much better He was right on both counts, though I still didn t like it much It was generic, not exceptionally well written, and it blatantly stole from Star Wars so much I had to wonder how Paolini didn t get sued for it He uses some very awkward, repetative, and inappropriate wording in his imagery, and lingers on describing completely unimportant things as though they are the holy grail One example from this book is something like three entire pages devoted to the fingernails of a character whose name we never even learn Why am I still reading this series Because Paolini, much to my regret, did make a villain compelling enough that I really wanted to see how he would be defeated One thing I can say about him is that the quality of his writing does improve with each book That is like saying of two hot pokers in the eye, one of them burns a little less, but at least he s improving his skills, such as they are Also, you ve really got to hand it to anyone that can so consistently steal from other, creative people and call it his own work with a straight face That takes balls my friend.This book was both too long, and too short That may seem rather paradoxical, but it s true I would say that at least 70% of this book was padding that was completely irrelevant to the story, and the 30% that actually had anything to do with the story was so underdeveloped because of it that it felt rushed and unsatisfying The padding made it far too long, and the lack of attention paid to the relevant plot elements makes it far to too short It s neither a consistently good book, nor is it consistently bad It does have some decent moments, albeit, most of them were shamelessly lifted directly from Star Wars, but if you re going to rip something off, it might as well be quality material.Inheritance begins with several very one sided battles that are full of Paolini telling us that there s tension rather than actually building it into the story The Varden are taking cities from the King on their way toward Uru Baen Unfortunately, these are largely completely irrelevant to the story, and basically do nothing but add padding When your heroes can literally walk over a city wall, wade through an army, waltz into the lord s stronghold, and intimidate the soldiers there simply by the power of their own awesomeness rather than having to fight them, and come out on the other side with little than a few scratches that they instantly magically heal, what s the point They re never in anything resembling peril, and that makes these battle scenes extremely boring I equate the first 300 pages or so of this book to shining a laser pointer in front of a cat, or jingling keys over a baby It adds nothing to the story, but entertains the easily amused It feels very Michael Bay ish Explosions do not equal a well thought out story, and neither do one sided battles where there is litterally not one ounce of tension, because the characters are so much stronger than the ones that they are fighting These sorts of things may dazzle those who don t care about anything deeper than pointless action, like anyone who claims to be a Michael Bay fan, but they ll leave everyone else feeling cheated One such battle involves Roran riding a horse halfway across the kingdom to win a battle in less than a week Why What was the point to that It served no purpose to the plot, the city wasn t anywhere near where the characters were headed, obviously, and Roran did not grow as a character during this excursion After winning, he just went right back to the main army where he was to begin with, having learned nothing, and not having been strengthened by his ordeal We didn t see any new sides of him, and the entire thing is mentioned in passing maybe twice during the rest of the book Why Why did we need to spend 100 pages on this We didn t, because it was completely irrelevant to the plot The only thing of note that happens in the first 300 pages is the acquisition of the completely unpronouncable Spear of Dues Ex Machina, which could very easily have been obtained at Dras Leona, leaving this entire beginning out all together Or better yet, not at all, allowing the characters to use their own strength to triumph in the end rather than relying on magical artifacts that basically fall out of the freaking sky into their hands.After that considerably bloated section of filler, the book s actual plot begins with the siege of Dras Leona, where Murtagh and Thorn have arrived in defense As the Varden wait outside the walls, Eragon trains against the elves with his sword, and with the disembodied Dragon Glaedr in strengthening his mind, basically relearning things he has spent the last two books learning A lot of nothing interesting happens, and then a way into the city is found.In comparison to the rest of the book, the conquest of Dras Leona is a relatively well done, and exciting diversion from the hundreds of pages of meh yet to come A few horrors befall those sent inside to open the gates, placing characters that were basically gods in the first 300 pages in real mortal peril, and the battle itself is rather entertaining if you can turn your brain off for most of it and just roll with Paolini s complete lack of skill in writing action scenes Pointless gore does not make an action scene exciting, especially if it is not realistic, serving no real purpose except to distract from the fact that there s no real skill put into crafting a compelling battle scene full of tension and horror It sets the Varden up to strike at the very heart of the kingdom, Uru Baen, where Galbatorix sits waiting for their arrival The defeated Murtagh attacks in the night after the victory and kidnaps Nasuada, leader of the Varden, taking her back to be personally questioned and tortured by the king, in another extremely long and irrelevant plotline that ultimately leads nowhere Again, why Why do we need 100 pages of Nasuada, a relatively MINOR character being tortured What does this add to the story I could see if maybe she turned to the figurative dark side, or if she pretended to so she could betray the king at the most opportune moment, giving Eragon the chance he needs to defeat him But no, she is bound and gagged during the entire final confrontation, contributing nothing except a sudden case of Damsel in Distress Syndrome Eragon didn t even realize she was there at first Why was so much time and attention paid to a completely irrelevant subplot like this when there were elements of the actual story that needed so much fleshing out And yes, I know this helps Murtagh to change his true name I call this irrelevant because all of the relevant character changes happen in HIM He is the most important character during this part and we focus on HER instead Therefore, this whole section of the book was pointless Following the business model of the Underpants Gnomes, Eragon becomes the leader of the Varden because and leaves to go hunting down a prophecy that may hold the key to defeating the king This is another part of the story that, in comparison to the rest, is relatively well done Eragon flies to the old stronghold of the Riders, seeing for himself the grandeur that was, and the ruin left by their fall There s quite a bit of history given, and some decent character development However, it feels very rushed, and they find a treasure trove of dues ex machina, that basically gives Eragon the ability to stand up to the king without really trying very hard to find a way to defeat or outsmart him Again, why was so much of this book spent on irrelevant filler, when this part was in dire need of fleshing out Eragon races to Uru Baen and the final battle begins He enters the city with some elves whilst the army attacks the walls, drawing the defenders They then sneak past many rather silly traps The final confrontation is very unsatisfying and rather abrupt Rather than outsmarting, converting, or utterly destroying the antagonist on his own strength, Eragon relies on the strength of others and literally pulls the solution to defeating the king right out of his ass on the spot without a single prior word or thought on the method We saw him continuously worry about how to beat the king, but he never actually comes up with any real ideas, so when he does it on the fly, and drawing heavily upon the strength and knowledge of others, instead of his own, it feels as though we re being cheated Eragon is not developed well enough as a character for Paolini to pull this off believably Four books have built up to this moment, and it was completely ruined because he doesn t ever show us any hints of spontaneous brilliance, such as it is, in Eragon s character beforehand He basically became a different character entirely for a few seconds in order to defeat Galbatorix The book then spends far too long tying up every Single Loose End Imaginable And it is EXTREMELY boring Yes, your ending should tie up loose ends, but really, some of these should have been addressed earlier in the story so you don t have them all dumped at the end in a jumble that s frankly a chore to read through, and also, I don t know about you, but I actually kind of enjoy when some loose ends are left It gives you something to ponder over when all is said and done This ending also heavily steals directly from Return of the King, so badly, in fact, that Tolkien must be rolling in his grave And there is a huge difference in storytelling here as well Where Paolini made sure that every single loose end imaginable was addressed in the actual book, making it hugely boring, and a complete waste of a reader s time, Tolkien left most of that junk for the appendices, where a reader didn t actually have to read them, or could skim through and find the specific afterward event that he or she was curious about.The Good There were some passably good moments in this book, the events leading up to the battle of Dras Leona, and the battle itself were ok, as was the trip to the ruined city of the Riders Although my like of these sections of the book may be largely based on comparing them to the rest of the book, rather than on them actually being good They really stand out amongst the rest of the book as they are both relevant to the plot, and by the time they rolled around I was literally screaming for ANYTHING relevant Paolini, as an author, has made some very big steps in developing his talents since his first book, and this one is almost passably adequate, if not for all of the irrelevant filler In this book, he did seem to actually try taking a few steps away from his shameless stealing from other talented authors, and the book was much better for it Though he did return to it in force by the end He could almost be considered a decent writer if he d only just put some effort into coming up with his own ideas for stories.The Bad The amount of time spent on story arcs for minor characters that ultimately lead nowhere is extremely annoying The core story needs a vast amount of further developing, and instead of doing so, Paolini wasted hundreds of pages on Nasuada s storyline, which dead ends in no actual payoff, and Glaedr s storyline about overcoming depression and coming to terms with his new life as an inanimate object Did we really need this No These are minor characters that really don t play a very large part in, or contribute terribly much to, the story, and to spend so much time on them when there were important things that didn t get the attention they needed was just plain stupid The ugly Filler I don t think I ve ever seen an author spend so much time of a book this massive spinning his wheels on storylines that had no point at all to the actual story And in this case, I m not blaming the author When he outlined this book he was fifteen years old The one the blame really falls to is the editor I listened to the audiobook while at work, and there is an interview at the end between the editor and Paolini, in which she makes incredibly clear that she did not do her job on this book AT ALL Rather than sending this unfinished mess back to the author with notes saying 70% of this is irrelevant and needs to be dropped completely or developed further to the point that it is relevant, she basically spent the entire time squeeing over it like an excited fangirl She s probably a Michael Bay fan too The job of the editor is basically to coax the absolute best out of the writer They are the ones that understand the mechanics of storytelling and grammar, and tell the writer what work still needs to be done She failed at that spectacularly This book is unfinished, and rather than pointing it out to the author like she was supposed to, this idiot encouraged of it She dropped the ball so badly that she should be fired on the spot.If 70% of the book is completely irrelevant to the plot, and can be cut out without even changing the rest of the book to make up for the absence, it s incomplete It needs to be cut Everything up to the siege of Dras Leona can be completely dropped without missing a single thing of importance, the entire storylines about Glaedr and Nasuada can be dropped without missing a single thing of importance, and almost everything after Eragon visits Brom s grave, and than a few things before, can also be dropped without missing a single thing of importance The fault of this is partly on the author for not really knowing how to lay out a proper storyline where everything is relevant, but the vast majority of the blame lies on the editor She came at it as a fan, rather than as a professional She should have sent it back saying to drop all of the irrelevance, and develop the rest of the plot to the point that the reliance on dues ex machina for the climax is minimal to none.The final book of the trilogy was split in two, Brisingr and Inheritance Why Brisingr suffered from some of the same problems of irrelevance that Inheritance did If everything I mentioned above was dropped from Inheritance, and the 300 page long tangent about the dwarf king in Brisingr had been dropped as it was ultimately pointless as well, this would have fit very easily into one novel To make matters worse, he broke one of the ten commandments of writing in the previous book, which was a MAJOR problem in this one Thou shalt not make thine villain so powerful that he cannot be defeated Again, where was the editor This is a huge flaw that should have been pointed out and fixed before the third book was even published Now, there is literally no way AT ALL, that Eragon can triumph without resorting to dues ex machina and plot convenience He did not learn and grow as a character until the point that he could defeat Galbatorix on his own merits He used a very large stepping stool provided by others, pulled a baseball bat out of his ass, and hit the king over the head with it when he wasn t looking The entire climax of this book is a complete failure that steals heavily from Return of the Jedi Plus it takes place closer to the middle of the book than the end Again, Paolini seems to have completely missed the entire point of the source material that he is ripping off The duel at the end of Jedi was about the talking, the temptation, the taunting, with occasional clashes of lightsabers as punctuation to the emotion, climaxing when Luke loses his temper and just starts wailing on Vader, leading him to the realization that he could, in fact, become like his father This makes his final defiance of the emperor, tossing his weapon aside, all the powerful, because he s felt the power that could be his if he joined the dark side of the force This is a poorly xeroxed copy, with none of the meaning or emotion behind it, and no true victory over the enemy, only a hollow shell of one There s nothing to tempt Eragon The King keeps saying join me and Eragon keeps saying no It s meaningless, because there is no attempt by either side at temptation He hasn t seen the power that could be his, he hasn t felt it flowing through him, he hasn t almost let it consume him and pulled back at the last possible moment in defiance.One thing I hate when authors do is they will have a character start explaining something and say ok, this is what I m going to do and then skip the rest of the conversation, leaving the reader in the dark on what is about to happen It s a crap transitional element that no one should ever use in any medium EVER Paolini did it at least four times AFTER THE FREAKING CLIMAX OF THE BOOK when there was really no need WHATSOEVER to withhold any information from the reader He did it several times earlier in the book too In fact, he did it so many times that I was literally yelling at the audiobook narrator by the end over it Why Why would you withold information like that, ESPECIALLY when you go on to reveal it almost immediately afterward That s just lazy, pointless, and annoying storytelling in the guise of trying to be clever.In conclusion, this book suffers heavily from an editor that didn t do her job, and a writer with no concept of relevance It is an ending to the series, and some people might call it good, though I think a lot are going to call it bad Most of this book is just Paolini jingling his keys at his readers, and really should have been cut or developed to the point that it actually was relevant to the plot I think he felt he had to add filler to this book because there wasn t enough of the story left to make a full book after the split, but honestly, had he developed the areas of the story that needed it fully, rather than wasting his time with filler, this would have been a much better, if a little shorter, book It s not the length that counts, it s the story If it s told well, a great story can be finished in a page, rather than hundreds.I m giving this book two stars, because there were some genuinely entertaining moments in it, but they are bogged down by hundreds of pages of completely irrelevant crap that should have been cut Paolini is steadily improving as an author, and if he ever decides to stop shamelessly stealing from other authors and figures out how to properly use imagery and metaphors, he might make a decent writer of himself someday When 70% of the book can be completely removed without changing a single word in the rest with nobody noticing it, there is a huge problem that needs a great deal of addressing before the book is ready for publication Shame on the editor for not seeing past her fandom to the fact that this book needed massive amounts of work still Someone needs to sit her down and explain to her what, exactly, her job is, because she certainly isn t doing it.The best thing I can say about this series is THANK GOD IT S OVER I didn t completely hate it, but I wouldn t say I liked it either Check out my other reviews. Before Reading I can t wait for this book to come out, but a tiny, miniscule part of me doesn t want it to come out because if it is not absolutly flipping fantastic, then I may have to kill myself This final book needs to be better than the previous books, which is not an easy feat Plus all the lose ends need to be tied up I for one, am interested to see how Christopher Paolini pulls it all together Two things I am hoping for in Inheritance 1 We will see some action from Galbatorix And I m not talking about his army I want him to actually talk or do something The closest we ve gotten is him talking fighting through Murtagh s body Everyone talks about his great evil, but I want to see him preform some I half believe he is just some terrifying legend made up by someone, but obviously that s not true cause of the Murtagh thing 1.5 The new Rider ISN T Roran It seems that when he couldn t accomplish magic, he would eventually be able to do it I think that Roran is too ready to give up anything for Katerina To me he seems dangerous, and not just in the big hammer way, either 2 Something will happen in Eragon s love life Maybe it will have to do with Arya, although she seems like the wise best friend type than girlfriend Two things that I expect to happen 1 The Rider is Roran 1.25 The girl Eragon cursed, Eva, will cause trouble for him 1.5 Eragon and Saphira will kill Murtagh and Thorn OR Murtagh and Thorn will flee 2 There will be an epic battle between Eragon and Saphira, and Galbatorix and his dragon, whose winner will be decided by a small factor that seemed irrelevant but really was important What I wonder How old is Nasuada ruler of the Varden anyway When she was introduced, begging Saphira for Eragon s whereabouts, Paolini described her as a young woman Who knows The reason I wonder this is because in Brisinger, she meantions that she is feeling alone and wants a relashonship Know of any other young bachelors looking for love But of course we do not know her exact age, so I can t really single any man out for her Update I jusrt re read the second book and it says that she is a few years older than Eragon November is so far away I have to content myself with reading excerpts from Inheritance online Wow, writing that down made me realize how much of a dork I am Sigh Another Update Speaking of excerpts, DOES RORAN DIE WHEN THE WALL FALLS This could change everything Paolini wouldn t make the new Rider die, would he Which means that the new Dragon Rider probably isn t Roran WHO IS IT This discovory is going to keep me up for days of diliberation Could Nasuada be the Rider But she is the leader of the Varden, and they don t want one of the Undying to lead, which would mean she would have to give up her position But I m getting ahead of myself, funny, that seems to happen alot because what if the Rider is on Galbatorix s side NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I really hope Eragon is able to steal the egg back Maybe that was what they were trying to do when Roran got crushed killed at the castle sorry, I started hyperventilating Yet Another Update I just reread Eragon, and the part where he gets his fortune told by Angela It says he will have an epic romance with a woman of noble blood, and who is beautiful and powerful beyond measure This is almost undoubtably Arya Dang it That takes a lot of fun out of my fantisising.What I don t get is the part where Eragon will never set foot in the Empire again Doesn t it count as going into the Empire by rescuing Katrina from the Ra zac Hmmmmm I just realized something I need to get a life But where s the fun in that I m getting sick of the word Update I was arguing with a friend last night about who the new Rider will be, yes, we do argue about things that haven t even happened yet, thank you very much and she offered a different opinion Maybe it will be Arya This hadn t occured to me Some crazy obssesed book nerd I turned out to be shakes head exasperatedly at self Final Update, I swear I just remembered something When Eragon and Saphira are walking to Nasuda s tent in Brisinger, they come across Angela, who asks them to bless two travelers, an older woman and a young girl just becoming an adult When Eragon asks for their names, the older woman says she prefers for him not to know Eragon accepts this and blesses them He notices that the woman has a well ard mind He asks Angela about them, and she says they are pilgrims on their own quest I wonder if they will be metioned That mention of them seemed very ominous I feel tingly with excitment Is that normal With all these freaking updates I won t even have room for the actual review I may have to delete some of this pointless gibberish My predictions have a nasty habit of not coming true, so I wouldn t put to much faith in them But one thing I know is that Inheritance will be a good book Whether it is good enough to end a series as amazing as the Inheritance Series has yet to be seen 6 days 5 days 4 days 3 days 2 days 1 day IT S OUT TODAY OMFG After Reading Wow I very much doubt I could write a review that would do Inheritance justice I m seriously thinking this book has reached HPL Harry Potter Level That s impressive A lot of my predictions were true suprisingly, cosidering I was half delirious with giddiness when I wrote them but a few were a bit off the mark I won t give anything away I m not a spoiler You ll have to read it yourself or ask a spoiler to tell you shameful way to get out of reading a book to get the specific details, but I ll go over the basics The Varden are attacking the Empire Eragon and Saphira are still their only hope Roran makes the impossible possible and captures a seemingly impenetrable city, earning him captain status Glaedr starts training Eragon again Something happens to Nasuada Eragon becomes leader of the Varden Eragon realizes that only he and Saphira remember the Rock of Kuthian, because some mysterious force is making everyone in Alegesia forget it Even Solembum, the werecat who gave Eragon the advice to go to the Rock of Kuthian when all hope is lost, does not remember Murtagh has a change of heart Eragon and Saphira discover something about themselves They find a way to possibly defeat Galbatorix The Varden attack Uru ben Galbatorix has the ultimate power Murtagh helps them Galbatorix That s all I can give up Sorry if the after review wasn t as amusing as my pre review, but I m currently in just finished reading an amazing book shock Christopher Paolini did say that he will write books in the world of Alegaesia in the future ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME I just lived through these torturous past months waiting for Inheritance to come out and now you re telling me that I have to wait some He even goes so far as to say it could be 5 years before he writes it That s it I m not reading his books any Until I learn the title of his next one Then I will become re obsessed.Sigh How fickle I am.Read Inheritance It will knock your socks off This is my ABRIDGED VERSION of my essay review about Inheritance by Christopher Paolini Read the really long version here.So let s break format and start with what I liked.This was my favorite of the Inheritance series It was enough less of a chore to read than Brisingr that I very nearly considered rating this two stars out of five But then I realized I was thinking that way based on hating it less rather than liking it , and figured that objectively I m afraid it still deserves a bottom of the barrel rating Sorry, fans First off, Paolini corrected a number of things that he s had trouble with in previous volumes He introduced horses that actually get tired He introduced characters who dislike the protagonists and don t automatically get written as evil or get punished for it He acknowledged that the elf Arya would be a better fighter than plucky farm boy Eragon owing to over a century of practice He wrote a couple of conversations that felt like conversations There was no Super Special explanation for why Cousin Roran was such a badass Nobody got brought back to life in a cheesy touching resurrection view spoiler And Eragon didn t get married and live happily ever after or turn out to be related to Princess Leia hide spoiler I must admit this has been a tough series for me I had to really push myself through them when I started out But I am so glad I did as this final instalment was incredible Paolini creates a deeply intricate fantasy world filled with its own politics, magic and villainy I loved the deeper focus on all the separate characters rather than just Eragon and to see the way in which the war against tyranny affected so many others I actually felt melancholy when I reached the end I loved this world and everything in it from the majestic dragons, mysterious elves, aggressive Urgals and tough dwarves Also Nasuada is my favourite There were views from the different tribes that I didn t understand and almost disliked but that just reinforced the idea that it is a broad world, like our own but also nothing like it I will definitely be re reading them again at some point as some of the information was so dense that I may have missed it the first time round Overall a beautiful, well constructed fantasy world that I am sad to leave behind. I REALLY enjoyed how the finale came about, and how everything led up to this Everything felt well deserved, and there was plenty of closure The climax came about in a unique and fascinating way BUT, the first half of this book dragged on longer than it needed to in my opinion.This is a truly epic series If you love heroic quests with amazing dragons, interesting magic systems, and little romance, this is definitely one to check out Inheritance The Inheritance Cycle 4 , Christopher PaoliniThe Inheritance Cycle was originally intended to be a trilogy, but Paolini has stated that during writing, the length of Brisingr grew, and the book was split into two parts to be published separately Because of this, many plot elements originally intended for Brisingr are in Inheritance Inheritance is a 2011 novel written by American author Christopher Paolini It is the fourth novel in The Inheritance Cycle Inheritance starts when the Varden attack Belatona, a city of the Empire In the battle, Saphira, Eragon s dragon, is nearly killed by a Dauthdaert death spear called Niernen a spear from the Dragon Wars intended to destroy magical wards and kill dragons Belatona is soon captured by the Varden, and an alliance is later formed between the Varden and the werecats Inheritance starts when the Varden attack Belatona, a city of the Empire In the battle, Saphira, Eragon s dragon, is nearly killed by a Dauthdaert death spear called Niernen a spear from the Dragon Wars intended to destroy magical wards and kill dragons Belatona is soon captured by the Varden, and an alliance is later formed between the Varden and the werecats 2012 1390 1 9789645668790 1 9789645668806 2 9789645668813 1392 21. Why does everything have to be so hard Eragon wondered Because, said Saphira, everyone wants to eat, but no one wants to be eaten. This book makes my heart happy.Eragon has graduated from isolated farmboy to savior of the kingdom Along the way, he s faced trials, tribulations and terror He s fought the shade, the Ra zac, Murtagh and All that s left is to defeat King Galbatorix Easier said than done.The king has held his long reign through than sheer luck He s stockpiled unimaginable power power so great that despite all of the training in the world, Eragon and Sapphira can barely hold a candle to the evil king.But fight they must, for the alternative is far terrifying than either of them are willing to comprehendI am not who I was, he whispered, gripping the edges of the column, but I know who I amAnd I won t give upGAHMy heart is just so happy For context I first read this series in middle school and absolutely adored it.Now, that I m 25, I ve decided to go for a reread all the while crossing my fingers that I still love it am I the only one who gets scared by rereads What if the book doesn t hold to my memories What if younger me had bad taste And oh thank goodness I still love this series The first one will always be my favorite but all in all, I m really pleased by the way this series turned out Angela and the werecats absolutely riveted What little we know of Angela s origins is expanded upon in this novelthough, instead of filling in the gaps, I feel like it s creating whole new ones I m so curious about her life this girl deserves her own bookI love at the hints of Nasuada and Murtagh that pairing completely blindsided me at first but it developed so slowly and naturally that I am just crossing my fingers that there will be a later book that wraps up that story line.And honestly, I wasby the lack of Eragon and Arya Logically, I totally understand why the author did that for the time being Eragon IS of age, but he s still SO much younger than her and yet, just one sentence or two to hint at a future romance would have just cinched this story for me.Overall loved it the first time through, and every time I read it, I fall a little bit in love Audiobook CommentsReally enjoyed this audio, Murtagh s accent was a cool drink of water on a hot day Sapphira s accent was a congested Yoda gargling nails YouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat miranda.reads Happy Reading ^READ E-PUB ↵ Inheritance ☠ It Began With Eragon It Ends With InheritanceNot So Very Long Ago, Eragon Shadeslayer, Dragon Rider Was Nothing Than A Poor Farm Boy, And His Dragon, Saphira, Only A Blue Stone In The Forest Now The Fate Of An Entire Civilization Rests On Their ShouldersLong Months Of Training And Battle Have Brought Victories And Hope, But They Have Also Brought Heartbreaking Loss And Still, The Real Battle Lies Ahead They Must Confront Galbatorix When They Do, They Will Have To Be Strong Enough To Defeat Him And If They Cannot, No One Can There Will Be No Second ChanceThe Rider And His Dragon Have Come Further Than Anyone Dared To Hope But Can They Topple The Evil King And Restore Justice To Alaga Sia And If So, At What Cost This Is The Spellbinding Conclusion To Christopher Paolini S Worldwide Bestselling Inheritance Cycle