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@Read Epub ⚞ I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings ò Sent By Their Mother To Live With Their Devout, Self Sufficient Grandmother In A Small Southern Town, Maya And Her Brother, Bailey, Endure The Ache Of Abandonment And The Prejudice Of The Local Powhitetrash At Eight Years Old And Back At Her Mother S Side In St Louis, Maya Is Attacked By A Man Many Times Her Age And Has To Live With The Consequences For A Lifetime Years Later, In San Francisco, Maya Learns That Love For Herself, The Kindness Of Others, Her Own Strong Spirit, And The Ideas Of Great Authors I Met And Fell In Love With William Shakespeare Will Allow Her To Be Free Instead Of ImprisonedPoetic And Powerful, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings Will Touch Hearts And Change Minds For As Long As People Read 4.5 lyrical, poignant, honest stars 2018 Honorable Mention Read This was a wonderfully written beginning to Ms Angelou s six volume autobiography I had been wanting to read this for many years and Jean s gorgeous review pushed me over the edge to add this to my shortlist Ms Angelou s writing appears effortless and clear The emotions and honesty ring through and you walk alongside her childhood and feel for her pain, enjoy her laughs and cheer her on her adventures I love that she portrays herself with her anger alongside her compassion and speaks honestly about sexual abuse, abandonment, poverty, race relations, jealousy, desire, perseverance and a deep and uncompromising individuality I will leave you with one of her painful rants about her race and the race of others It was awful to be Negro and have no control over my life It was brutal to be young and already trained to sit quietly and listen to charges brought against my color with no chance of defense We should all be dead I thought I should like to see us all dead, one on top of the other A pyramid of flesh with the whitefolks on the bottom, as the broad base, then the Indians with their silly tomahawks and teepees and wigwams and treaties, the Negroes with their mops and recipes and cotton sacks and spirituals sticking out of their mouths The Dutch children should all stumble in their wooden shoes and break their necks The French should choke to death on the Louisiana purchase 1803 while silkworms ate all the Chinese with their stupid pigtails As a species we were an abomination All of us I look forward to reading the second volume at some point Rest in peace Ms Angelou and bless you for your contributions to poetry and race relations. I must confess I ve read precious little Angelou in my time, but I ll never forget the day she tipped me 20.It was some random gray day in Marquette, Michigan, must ve been the winter of 00, and I was washing dishes as usual at the downtown Landmark Inn Someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, hey, there s a VIP coming in, put on your bellboy hat and head out front I didn t put on my bellboy hat because I didn t have one just the same dirty, drenched apron I wore every day in that year or two between high school and college, at least whenever I wasn t sitting in my shitty little apartment, or wasting time and brain cells someplace else.Stepping out into the sub zero winds, I saw before me the fanciest tour bus I d ever seen in my whole entire life Even to this day, I ve never seen a better one In fact, the only thing fancier than the bus itself was the mink coat on the elderly black woman exiting it, and I ll never forget the words she mumbled to my wet, skinny ass, there on the frozen sidewalk of my youth Boy, you ll catch yo death out here If I d remained outdoors another half hour or so, I suppose I may ve proven her right, but instead I hauled her six or seven massive bags inside, into the elevator, and up to her room on the fifth floor.Maya Angelou gave me 20, and I never even read her fucking book.What an asshole I am Maya Angelou was a poet and Nobel laureate who once gave an address at President Clinton s inauguration Before she won her multitudes of awards and honors, Maya was raised in rural Stamps, Arkansas by her grandmother and uncle during the depression First published in 1969 and now considered a modern classic, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings details Angelou s tumultuous childhood in poignant detail Born Marguerite Johnson and often called Ritie, Maya and her older brother Bailey were taken to live with their grandmother at young ages following their parents divorce Even though the south was still in the throes of Jim Crow and Stamps was at the forefront of segregation, young Maya appeared to enjoy a loving childhood Raised by a strict, church going grandmother and uncle, Maya and Bailey turned to both books and each other for comfort Devouring books like candy, both children quickly advanced through the Stamps educational system, two grades ahead of schedule When Maya was eight and Bailey nine, their father came to Arkansas and brought them to live with their mother in St Louis Coming from a multi racial family, members of Maya s maternal family were light skinned enough to pass for white and some integrated into the German community It was in St Louis, a city that should have afforded Mayaopportunities than rural Stamps, that she experienced the low point in her childhood Physically abused by her mother s fianc , Maya recovered and returned to Stamps and a loving environment She and Bailey continued to live with their grandmother until they had advanced beyond what the education system offered them in the segregated south With no future other than a house servant or cotton picker, the two were returned to their mother, now living in desegregated California While in California, Maya experienced highs and lows as well as Jim Crow rearing its ugly head, the low point of which was living in a car in a junk yard for a month These experiences, including being reunited with both parents and establishing relationships with them, made for events that Maya could reflect on later on in life in this volume I find it extraordinary that Maya could overcome being abused as a young child and still manage to graduate school two years ahead of schedule at a high academic level This is a testament to her grandmother as well as her personal fabric This fabric lead her to be the first colored streetcar operator in San Francisco and later on the poet laureate that people recognize to this day Maya Angelou noted her writing influences as Langston Hughes, Paul Laurence Dunbar, as well as Booker T Washington who encouraged a generation of African Americans to achieve employment through a stellar education In her dedication, Angelou also cites her parents as being positive influences in her life after they reconciled A gifted author and poet who was advanced well beyond her years as a child, Maya graced us with her powerful prose in all of her works of literature A poignant look into a childhood in the Jim Crow, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings reveals the upbringing of a remarkable American woman A courageous glimpse into Angelou s life, this first memoir of hers easily merits 5 bright stars. I really enjoyed this book It was required reading for a University course I took on Adolescent Literature.This book has been placed on banned book lists by needlessly close minded people for it s real life content.The book tastefully addresses issues of molestation, rape, racism But it does so within the context of the trials and tribulations of growing up as well The book presents things in a direct and extremely vivid fashion, but it is not garishly or needlessly graphic These are issues that need to be addressed and talked about with adolescents In fact, earlier generations could have likely benefited from a littleopen discussion about such matters.In any regard, the book is not about these issues, it simply addresses them within the context, which is Maya Angelou s early life from somewhere around age 6 up to about 17 or 18 I believe Worth reading, worth having your kids read Just be sure to discuss it s content with themlike a parent should anyway.