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[Read Epub] ♪ How to Have Sex in the Woods ♶ Sex In The Woods Is Not As Simple As It Sounds Sure, You Know The Basics After All, If You Don T, You Probably Shouldn T Try It In The Wilderness , But What About All The Little Details That Should Be Considered Before Embarking On An Alfresco Rendezvous That Can Make The Difference Between Love Under The Moon And Stars And Love On The Cold, Hard Ground For Example, What Sex Essentials Should Be Part Of Your First Aid Kit What Kind Of Camping Equipment Provides Particular Comfort For Two What Are The Effects Of The Elements On Condoms, Spermicides, And Other Contraceptives How Do You Find That Perfect Spot For Your Love Den And How About Foreplay, Personal Hygiene, And Protection From Pesky Plants Or Adverse Weather Conditions While You Re Exposed How To Have Sex In The Woods Answers These And Other Questions For The Millions Of Hikers, Backpackers, And Campers Who Know That There S Than One Way To Commune With Nature And That A Campfire Is Good For Than Just Roasting Marshmallows How To Have Sex In The Woods Is Full Of Useful, Factual Information, Covering All The Practical How Tos That Every Amorous Camper Should Know But May Have Been Afraid To Ask It Is A Must For Anyone Looking Forward To His Or Her Next Outing Deux Some common sense advice mixed in with the ridiculous not much new to be gleaned from this book.