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Half Broke Horses is about an earlier America that has been mostly forgotten until works such as this kindly remind us There is a heart beat in this book that found its way into my reading chair and remained there until the last page The writing style is simple but artistic, with a well crafted storyline and a strong, dynamic primary character This book is also well written with many believable and colorful characters that I found enjoyable The story drew me along and took me away it took me into a time and place in our past that has long been discarded, where dirt roads run for miles, away from the lives we know today of traffic, computers, social media, CNN, media, commercials, and billboards strewn along asphalt highways To a time when our hands were in the earth with the bend of our back and the sweat of our brow From the first chapter I was intrigued with the simple way of life that seemed both easy and hard at the same time lives of honest, hard working people who were the salt of the earth and the backbone of our country This book is somewhere in between a memior and a fiction novel, as Walls takes liberties to complete the story of her grandmother living in the rural west I would recommend this book to anyone who has a sense of American history in their blood and wishes to be taken back in time when things were simpler and life was a little straightforward 100,000 plus GR ratings I d say this book was well read and loved 5 star Recommended Courtney Allen, author of Down From the Mountain and Orange Moon. This is the second book I ve read from Jeannette Walls, and for the second time I ve really enjoyed her writing The voice in this story is different from The Glass Castle but equally as engaging, and once again it s all true It also inevitably makes you wonder for those who ve read the GC how this story ties into the lives of author s parents, and why things turned out the way they did.It s a great escape from the reality we live in now, with computers, text messaging, and the crazy speed at which technology moves us The first person narrative of Walls grandmother brings us to another time and place, bringing us alongside her life growing up in the southwest riding horses and living on a ranch, among other things It s especially gratifying to read about how strong a woman can be, without having to apologize for it This book ended too quickly, and made me want to know about all its characters. @Download Book â Half Broke Horses: A True Life Novel Ô Jeannette Walls S Memoir The Glass Castle Was Nothing Short Of Spectacular Entertainment Weekly Now, In Half Broke Horses, She Brings Us The Story Of Her Grandmother, Told In A First Person Voice That Is Authentic, Irresistible, And Triumphant Those Old Cows Knew Trouble Was Coming Before We Did So Begins The Story Of Lily Casey Smith, Jeannette Walls S No Nonsense, Resourceful, And Spectacularly Compelling Grandmother By Age Six, Lily Was Helping Her Father Break Horses At Fifteen, She Left Home To Teach In A Frontier Town Riding Five Hundred Miles On Her Pony, Alone, To Get To Her Job She Learned To Drive A Car I Loved Cars Even Than I Loved Horses They Didn T Need To Be Fed If They Weren T Working, And They Didn T Leave Big Piles Of Manure All Over The Place And Fly A Plane And, With Her Husband Jim, She Ran A Vast Ranch In Arizona She Raised Two Children, One Of Whom Is Jeannette S Memorable Mother, Rosemary Smith Walls, Unforgettably Portrayed In The Glass Castle Lily Survived Tornadoes, Droughts, Floods, The Great Depression, And The Most Heartbreaking Personal Tragedy She Bristled At Prejudice Of All Kinds Against Women, Native Americans, And Anyone Else Who Didn T Fit The Mold Rosemary Smith Walls Always Told Jeannette That She Was Like Her Grandmother, And In This True Life Novel, Jeannette Walls Channels That Kindred Spirit Half Broke Horses Is Laura Ingalls Wilder For Adults, As Riveting And Dramatic As Isak Dinesen S Out Of Africa Or Beryl Markham S West With The Night Destined To Become A Classic, It Will Transfix Audiences Everywhere One way to really get me pissed off is to tell me that the past was innocent and simple What you really mean when you say that is that your childhood was innocent and simple, which is probably also debatable, but at least seems fair from a nostalgic standpoint The farther we look back to our childhoods, the innocent life seems, and so things that happened before we were born must be the most innocent No Not true People have always been just about as fucked up as we are now I would say we ve never been significantly better or significantly worse That is why I love honest memoirs and biographies like this one It is tough to even wrap my brain around the amazing and horrible things people have done and still do, and I want to hear about all of it.As you probably know, Jeannette Walls wrote Half Broke Horses about her grandmother s insane life Talk about a real life superhero The book starts out with a harrowing description of Lily, Walls s grandmother, saving her little brother and sister from a flash flood by making them climb a cottonwood tree and cling there overnight while the flood subsided She quizzed them on multiplication tables and trivia to keep them awake through the night so they didn t fall out of the tree In the morning, when the children limped home through the residual water from the flood, Walls describes their reunion with their parents Dad was on the porch, pacing back and forth in that uneven stride he had on account of his gimp leg When he saw us, he let out a yelp of delight and started hobbling down the steps toward us Mom came running out of the house She sank to her knees, clasped her hands in front of her, and started praying up to the heavens, thinking the Lord for delivering her children from the flood.It was she who saved us, she declared, by staying up all night praying You get down on your knees and thank your guardian angel, she said And you thank me, too Helen and Buster got down and started praying with Mom, but I just stood there looking at them The way I saw it, I was the one who d saved us all, not Mom and not some guardian angel No one was up in that cottonwood tree except the three of us Dad came alongside me and put his arm around my shoulders There weren t no guardian angel, Dad, I said I started explaining how I d gotten us to the cottonwood tree in time, figuring out how to switch places when our arms got tired and keeping Buster and Helen awake through the long night by quizzing them.Dad squeezed my shoulder Well, darling, he said, maybe the angel was you And the story basically just takes off from there As a teenager, Lily rides her pony five hundred miles across Arizona to teach in a rural school She moves to Chicago to experience love and heartbreak, and she basically dominates the entire time The Chicago story is nuts, like every other story in this book I love it all, and while I was reading it, I just thought, I KNEW you assholes lived crazy lives Why isn t all of history THIS Because these are the people I care about people like Lily Casey Smith who take life head on and drain every drop out of it I love that I want to hear about all of it.I think a couple of things are going on here, though, with the fact that this book wasn t as much of a hit as The Glass Castle I think The Glass Castle actually, counter intuitively, benefitted from its off putting child molestation cover It hit the Oprah audience square on with that cover, but then it was actually brilliant, so to the extent the anti Oprah crowd could be convinced to try it, it was gritty enough for them.We all came to Half Broke Horses, though, with that history and expectation Like, we wanted to have that, OMG SO MUCH BETTER THAN I EXPECTED experience with this book, too But, since we expected brilliance, it was kind of an impossible standard So, I really, really loved this book I think it was at least as good as The Glass Castle, and it presents this incredible American history that I have never known or imagined Where The Glass Castle was me and my childhood and my life, this was the alien landscape of our past of the weirdness, bravery, and cruelty of American genealogy But, if I had expected that surprise of something genius wrapped in an off putting cover, and if I had counted on that, I think I would have been a little disappointed, like a lot of people were I was the opposite of disappointed This book was spectacular.I know a lot of people treat their own personal histories as though they are a social faux pas We hesitate to say what makes us who we are and pretend that we magically dropped into our successes and failures, that we were never victims, that we were always proper and never broken And, while I would never encourage self indulgence, there is nothing beautiful to me than personal histories These stories of floods, horseback rides, men with backup families, backbreaking work, and fierce family loyalty are that magic to me Those are the magic that dropped us here, and I want to know and understand it all. This is the story of the author s grandmother, Lily Casey Smith It is called a True Life Novel because it is written from the stories that the author, Jeannette Walls, remembers her grandmother telling, rather than from personal papers.Lily comes across as a pretty amazing woman, who is also a survivor She makes her way through life in a pretty no nonsense kind of manner, always managing to find a way to make things work, whether it is The Great Depression, or tornadoes and floods.I read this entire book, and didn t not enjoy it, but I can t say I really liked it Maybe because Walls was the one creating most of the dialogue and the arcs of the story, as she could remember hearing, but Lily seemed like someone who would not be that enjoyable to spend time with, and who was a little bit to in love with herself She just seemed unwilling or unable to admit that she was ever wrong, or that anyone else could have ever come up with reasonable solutions I can see the appeal of this book to lots of people, as Lily is a strong female character, not letting her gender or her financial status hold her back from doing what she sets her mind to doing But in the end, I was kind of glad to be rid of her. This book is based on a real person, Liley Casey Smith She was a tough woman who learnt enough lessons in her life to make her survive in any which way possible Along the way she learns not to trust people, and with reason.Born in a dug out in Texas with a anti authoritarian father with a physical disability, but a very strong mind, and a mother who cared about lost social standing than physical hard work, Lily quickly learns to make up her own mind and let things happen Riding five hundred miles alone on her pony, at the age of fifteen, to become a teacher in a remote town becoming a rancher with her husband in Arizona trying to learn to fly turning a hearse into a school bus selling illegal moonshine from her home, and taking on the mighty Mormons in her teaching of their children, all adds color and adventure to an impressive CV of life view spoiler To call yourself a pilot, you must be able to land a plane on a solo flight She never did that, so cannot really claim to be a pilot, and did not spend enough time in the air either hide spoiler I am in the midst of this read but I have to say as soon as I read the first page I was invested in what was to unfold It was a real grabber of a opening I finished this book and enjoyed every moment of reading It was so interesting It covered many changes in the main characters life and it represented how most people will deal with what comes their way, with grace and acceptance Very good book. A great story, just as in The Glass Castle How could a mother and daughter be any different To me, there were 2 sins of omission here one, I really wish Walls would have put a map at the beginning of the book of the west where Lily lived because I m not familiar with the distances and all the moves back and forth The other, since it is a work of fiction based on her grandmother s life vs a biography Walls could have extended the book by another 100 pages or so to really emphasize some of the remarkable things Lily did, make of a build up copied review By age six, Lily was helping her father break horses At fifteen, she left home to teach in a frontier town riding five hundred miles on her pony, all alone, to get to her job She learned to drive a car I loved cars even than I loved horses They didn t need to be fed if they weren t working, and they didn t leave big piles of manure all over the place and fly a plane, and, with her husband, ran a vast ranch in Arizona She raised two children, one of whom is Jeannette s memorable mother, Rosemary Smith Walls, unforgettably portrayed in The Glass Castle Lily survived tornadoes, droughts, floods, the Great Depression, and the most heartbreaking personal tragedy She bristled at prejudice of all kinds against women, Native Americans, and anyone else who didn t fit the mold I never knew a girl to have such gumption, Mom would say But I m not too sure that s a good thingHalf Broke HorsesI loved this book It s a true life novel about Walls grandmother, Lily Casey, who had an amazing life She was born in 1901 in a dugout in Texas, and learned about ranching from her father At 15, she left home to be a teacher in a one room schoolhouse in Arizona She was also an accomplished horsewoman, she knew how to repair cars and she learned how to fly a plane Lily reminded me of my own grandmother, who also had a lot of gumption and who could teach you a thing or two about life.There were so many good quotes in the book, but one of my favorites is from when she started college I wished I could take every course in the curriculum and read every book in the library Sometimes after I finished a particularly good book, I had the urge to get the library card, find out who else had read the book, and track them down to talk about it Lily Casey is the kind of character who stays with you long after you ve finished the book What a woman Update I finally read The Glass Castle, and even though Walls wrote that first, I m glad I read Horses first because it gave the story of her grandmother, and then Castle is about Walls mother There are some references to Lily Casey in Castle, and I appreciated them having already read Horses So if you re new to Walls, I would recommend reading Horses first. Jeannette Walls s original intent was to write a book about her mother Rose Mary s childhood on an Arizona ranch Rose Mary convinced her that it was grandmother Lily s life story that needed to be told Having read the book, I have to agree What a life Hard times and hard work in the early 1900s, trying to scratch out a life on ranches in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico Lily lived on Route 66 when it was still a dirt road Walls chose to call the book a novel because she got all the stories secondhand, from Lily s daughter Rose Mary However, I m shelving it as a nonfiction memoir It reads like a memoir, and the stories are true Walls wrote it in the first person, as if Lily Casey Smith were telling you her life story After awhile I got so into it that I forgot it wasn t really Lily speaking Walls is such a gifted writer The stories come alive and move along so easily If you ve read The Glass Castle, you ll also appreciate the insight Half Broke Horses gives about how Rose Mary s early life made her the unconventional mother she later became If you re not the type to normally enjoy biographies, I recommend giving this book a try It s relatively short and never boring or overdone.