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Silly and fun Our library does an after school program for kids in grades 1 6 though I ususally don t get many 5th or 6th graders , so I m always on the lookout for picture books to read that the kids won t think are too baby ish This one fit the bill The kids enjoyed the fact that they didn t know ahead of time that the book was going to be from the dragon s point of view There were lots of giggles, even from the older kids. Our draconine narrator stumbles across a young boy in Dragon Wood in this charming picture book from Timothy Knapman and Gwen Millward illustrator of such titles as The Bog Baby and The King of Tiny Things , and is immensely excited at his discovery, which is called a Benjamin Taking his new Benjamin home, the little dragon shows him to his parents and, the next day in school, to his teacher and friends Benjamins are rather odd creatures, with their lack of wings, scales and tales, and their curious inability to roar and breath fire On the other hand, they know some wonderful games, and, like little dragons everywhere, tend to get homesickI was really quite excited when I saw that Guess What I Found in Dragon Wood was chosen as one of our April selections, over in the Picture Book Club to which I belong, where our theme this month is mystical magical creatures, as I am a great fan of the illustrator, Gwen Millward, and hadn t yet had a chance to pick it up I was not disappointed, as the colorful and quirky artwork was immensely appealingthan living up to the standard set in other works, like the adorable The Bog Baby I loved the dragons, with their bright hues and elongated snouts, and found the Benjamin poignantly cute, with his spindly legs and oversized stripey boots The narrative too, with its inversion of the usual boy finds dragon storyline, was quite engaging All in all, this was a picture book winner, one I would not hesitate to recommend to young dragon lovers, as well as to fans of the artist Oh, I just loved this the dragon was so cute I wanted to squeeze hug it Benjamin too All the dragons Adorable So, there is a twist to this book that reminded me of view spoiler Patricia Polacco s book Emma Kate hide spoiler Guess What I Found in Dragon Wood by Timothy Knapman illustrated by Gwen Millward, is about a little dragon who finds a Benjamin in the woods and brings him home to play When the Benjamin gets homesick, though, what will little dragon do Millward s colorful illustrations were created with watercolor and pencil My favorite images include Benjamin found, strange things about Benjamin s, soccer, funny way of saying Hello, and last illustration.Writing this story with from the point of view of a young dragon who finds a little boy makes this a fun read I m not always a fan of whimsical books, but the humor and appealing illustrations entertained me and should make this popular with K 2nd graders The cut out cover makes thisunique There s a funny twist at the end, and soccer fans will enjoy this tale For ages 4 to 7, dragons, humans, humor, fantasy, soccer, point of view, and fans of Timothy Knapman. A young dragon finds something unusual a Benjamin He takes it home to his parents and even brings him to school the next day All the dragons are amazed at how different this Benjamin is He does not have scales, sharp claws, wings, or breathe fire but he does know how to play soccer and he teaches all the dragons how to play too After a fun day, the dragon learns that the Benjamin leaks water from its eyes when he is homesick The dragon makes the journey to Benjamin s world, where he is greeted by strange boxes and birds that make funny sounds Knapman s humorous story about a dragon and a boy is enhanced by the bright and detailed illustrations by Millward I love the little arrows and captions that are added to the illustrations to offer information or point out things the reader needs to know, such as the names of the dragon s school friends, and how the Benjamin wears stripped rain boots Does this book portray dragons as mystical and magical creatures No The book does have a scene where the dragon comments how silly it is that the Benjamin world believes dragons to be make believe from books but I am not sure that counts as presenting dragons as magical creatures. Guess What I Found in Dragon Wood is a clever story It took me a moment as I was distracted by my toddler while reading and laughed when I realized it wasn t the dragon that was found in the woods but rather a boy named Benjamin It was a fun read out loud book We enjoyed the illustrations and it kept my little ones attention It was amusing to see the view of the dragon and his conclusions of the little boy Children will relate as the dragons do many things that children do like going to school, learning to play soccer, and bringing home friends to meet parents. Told from the point of view of the dragon, this is the story of finding a boy in the woods and trying to figure out what to do with him It doesn t seem to be hungry for fish and worms They aren t sure if he can sleep in a bed And instead of breathing fire, he leaks water out of his eyes When the boy begins to describe his own magical land, the dragon is amazed The boy teaches the dragons soccer and then finally is returned home where the dragon is met with less than a warm welcome.The text and illustrations here really work well together, setting a light and humorous tone The boy, Benjamin, is a fluffy haired blonde with a constantly worried expression The dragons are huge, multi colored but not scary in any way Their confused looks and engaged expressions make sure that no one would be frightened by them The text is very funny with just the right touches and tone The illustrations are busy, colorful and worth the time to explore fully They often have small arrows pointing out details, making it all theenjoyable.A great read aloud, this one can be added to your dragon story time Appropriate for ages 4 7. This is a funny story about a dragon who finds a boy and brings him home It s a humorous juxtaposition of a child being treated like a stray animal, alien or pet The narrative is humorous and the illustrations are colorful and cartoonish We really enjoyed reading this story together and we have read it a couple of times This story was selected as one of the books for the April 2012 Mystical Magical Creatures reads at the Picture Book Club in the Children s Books Group here at Goodreads. Cute story with a twist Looking at the cover, you probably think the little boy found a dragon, right I certainly thought that, especially since the illustrator did the illustrations for a book about little girls finding a magical creature the fabulous The Bog Baby but, no, it s a little dragon who finds a Benjamin in the woods and brings him home to play When the Benjamin gets homesick, though, what will little dragon do This is a fun little story but the novelty wasn t quite there since I d read a story with a similar twist a month or so ago Peter Brown s Children Make Terrible Pets Since Knapman s book was published first, I guess this verdict isn t really fair as his was theoriginal idea but nevertheless, the story remains very appealing. `Download Book ⇛ Guess What I Found in Dragon Wood ⇱ Here S A Wonderful Twist On The Familiar Theme Of Boy Meets Dragon This Time, It S Not The Boy Who Finds A Dragon It S The Dragon Who S Found The Boy It S Called A Benjamin, The Dragon Drolly Explains To His Family The Benjamin Is A True Novelty No Wings, No Tail, No Fire Breath , And All Of The Dragons Gather Round To Examine The Strange Creature, Right Down To His Plastic Boots And Leaking Eyes Chock Full Of Clever Situations And Charmingly Illustrated, This Unique Picture Book One Part Fantasy, One Part Fairy Tale, And One Part Tear Jerker Is Sure To Entertain Children On Many Levels