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somewhere between 2.5 to 3. 3.75 wishful stars Blessed by Aphrodite s divine touch, he grew into such a man that no woman could deny him her body For when it came to the Art of Love, he knew no equal his stamina far beyond that of any mere mortal man His desires hot and wild, he could never be tamed Or denied. Fantasy Lover is the first book in the Dark Hunter series, a delicious paranormal take on the genie in the lamp, except instead of rubbing the lamp you make a birthday wish, substitute a Greek love slave for the genie, a book instead of a lamp and a month long pleasure vs three wishes Sounds like a good time right His only goal will be to please you, to serve you To savor you In his arms, you will learn true paradise. But in this case you have Julian, who is trapped in a curse forthan two thousand years, so he is pretty jaded and on the other hand you have Grace, who is too kind who felt for him and couldn t imagine using someone for their own pleasureno matter how tempting they may be Now she has a month to come up with a way to break his curse and set him freeWhat if we could find a way to get you free I assure you, there isn t one Fatalistic, aren t you He cast a droll look at her Being trapped for two thousand years does that to a personGrace takes Julian under her wing and teaches him how to live in the present, wanting to get to know him and shows her the things she enjoys outside the bedroom Julian forgot what it was like to be respected, live with some kind of dignity and have a woman who sees you for you and not just what you can do for them Grace isn t keen on the idea of having sex with out the emotion, she needs to feel for the person andimportantly they need to feel for her How much longer can she keep on saying no, when he wakes everything up inside her willing her to say, yesDo you know, I can feel your presence all over my body With every sense I possessFantasy Lover was an definitely an entertaining read, it had whit, sarcasm, humor, heat and heart While we get caught up in the who s, the why s and the what next, it wasn t that hard to follow and connect the dots It is a sweet touching read, I personally expected it to be all sex, so it was a nice surprise did I wish there was a tad bit , of course, but that is just me for you The book was written in 2002, and in some weird way it was noticeable, I usually don t pick up on those kind of things but while I read it felt a bit outdated Regardless, it was an enjoyable read, not really sure how this coincides with the Dark Hunters, since there really wasn t any hunting going on, but I guess I ll find out as soon as I move onto the next book. #READ EBOOK ì Fantasy Lover á See Original Cover Edition Here Dear Reader, Being Trapped In A Bedroom With A Woman Is A Grand Thing Being Trapped In Hundreds Of Bedrooms Over Two Thousand Years Isn T And Being Cursed Into A Book As A Love Slave For Eternity Can Ruin Even A Spartan Warrior S Day As A Love Slave, I Know Everything About Women How To Touch Them, How To Savor Them, And Most Of All, How To Pleasure Them But When I Was Summoned To Fulfill Grace Alexander S Sexual Fantasies, I Found The First Woman In History Who Saw Me As A Man With A Tormented Past She Alone Bothered To Take Me Out Of The Bedroom And Onto The World She Taught Me To Love Again But I Was Not Born To Love I Was Cursed To Walk Eternity Alone As A General, I Had Long Ago Accepted My Sentence Yet Now I Have Found Grace The One Thing My Wounded Heart Cannot Survive Without Sure, Love Can Heal All Wounds, But Can It Break A Two Thousand Year Old CurseJulian Of Macedon This is not my first book by this author and I actually started off with this series by reading the sequel of this story I know, strange, but it worked for me I liked the sequel enough to read this story And I love, love, loved it The story is a mix of greek ancient time, where gods still rulled the world and the present time where the gods sadly still rule butso in the background But it s not just gods and myths, there are also some other supernatural beeings that make the plot really interesting The hero, Julian, is to die for, he s a tortured old soul but with so much love to give He s been a love slave, trapped in the book, for almost two thousand years and surprisingly enough he s still sane I adore him The same goes for Grace, she s got such a big heart and loved the way those two found their way to each other So sweet They have to sacrifice to gain but the wait is so worth it What a wonderful read. Un libro rom ntico hasta la m dula, con una muy buena dosis de erotismo Es una novela livianita, pero muy, muy entretenida Debo reconocer que me la devor.Al principio, la utilizaci n de la mitolog a griega para sustentar la parte fant stica se hace un poco absurda probablemente es as hasta el final , pero la historia se va poniendo tan entretenida, que hasta eso se perdona. Fantasy Lover is the first full length novel by Sherrilyn Kenyon that I have read, and I absolutely loved it It was packed with thoroughly romantic moments and beautiful sensuality that was sheer perfection for me, and that was even without the hero and heroine actually having sex until the very end of the book I consider myself to be a very girly girl, and I find that Ms Kenyon s writing style has a very feminine quality that is very appealing to me I like the balance that she finds between the serious side of life and finding humor even in dark circumstances I thought that the use of Greek gods and goddesses as secondary characters was a very unique element that made me want to go brush up on my knowledge of Greek mythology Some people seemed to think that the ending was too rushed, and while I could in some ways see where they re coming from, I really didn t mind For me it was full of unexpected twists and turns that engaged my attention so much that I completely lost track of time.I loved both Grace and Julian They were just as perfect for me as the story was as a whole Julian is the classic tortured hero, completely gorgeous on the outside but feeling unworthy of true love because of his past Grace was just as sweet as could be and very relatable for me While some readers thought her to be weak because of her tender heartedness, I thought that she had a quiet inner strength and determination that was endearing What I liked most about Grace and Julian s relationship is how they gave so freely and unselfishly to each other When Julian sold his most precious possession to replace Grace s most precious possessions that were destroyed, my heart just did flip flops Also, being the book lover that I am, I thoroughly enjoyed the scenes where Julian derives so much pleasure from Grace reading to him Sometimes it s just the little things that make a character or a story special for me I know I probably sound like a gushing fan girl, but I really did love this book, and can t wait to readof the Dark Hunter series I borrowed this book from the library, but I will definitely be getting my own copy to place on my keeper shelf It is very rare for me to place an author among my favorites when I have read so few of their works I ve only read one other novella by her , but I relate to Sherrilyn Kenyon s writing style so much, I couldn t imagine that I wouldn t enjoy almost anything she s written. Mi primera relectura de la saga Y fue tal como esperaba Sigo y seguir amando estos libros hasta mi muerte Fin.Pd ya intent lo de repetir el nombre tres veces.NO FUNCION.Mala suerte la m a. The best part of this book Grace s dinner Four pieces of pizza, two Hostess cupcakes, and four glasses of wine Now, that s something I can relate to Conjuring a Greek god sex slave that finds the normal, slightly chubby Grace irresistible Not so much Considering how much this guy has been around.Anything Greek mythology related and I usually love it There was a little bit of mythology, along with some Roman and Greek history But , there was mostly a romance that included a lot of heat swirling stomachs , deep moans , and hot looks And, the main point of the story was for them to avoid having sex so that they could break his curse So much longingAaannnd, he s been with thousands of women and is angsty while she is pretty much a virgin soooo original But, I thought this was a prequel to the Dark Hunter series, so that s why I read it Apparently, I was wrong I know Me, wrong I guess it could happen So, on to the first Dark Hunter book There is someone who has been trying to get me to read this series for years Happy now, Jen With a title like Fantasy Lover I was not expecting this book to be so riotously funny Gorgeous man, yes Sexual tension, for sure Hot sex, hell yeah But comedy Who knew HAHA I m on the verge of busting out into one of those snorting, wheezing laughs that makes your cheeks hurt just remembering the hilarious heinosity I realize that isn t a real word that filled the pages of this book.HimJulian of Macedon is an ancient warrior of the Macedonian variety hence the name Julian of Macedon His mother was Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love So obviously he s smoking hot Blonde Has killer blue eyes And big muscles And he s also amazing in the sack To use one of the heroines phrases, I wouldn t toss him out of bed for eating crackers Well said, Grace, well said When Julian was 32, he seduced a virgin he had no business seducing and was cursed to spend eternity as a love slave And what, pray tell, is a love slave Well A love slave exists solely to pleasure whatever woman summons him to her secret chambers From one full moon to the next, Julian fulfills his masters every sexual fantasy For an entire month, he is compelled to want her To crave her pleasure Every man s dream, right Right Except the gods seem to have taken away his ability to have an orgasm Poor thing 2,000 years laterHerGrace Alexander, 29, has only had sex a couple times and wasn t overly fond of it Despite these odds, she is a sex therapist At the start of the book, she admits that she has been celibate for four years The therapist in her needs to help people and realizes that there isto life than sex So when she summons Julian the love slave to her side as a joke, Grace is far too practical to believe in something so silly as a Macedonian love slave and he actually shows up gasp , Grace makes it her mission to help Julian break the curse and give him back his humanity Saved by Grace indeed CheeseI desperately wish I d written down all the references to cheese in this novel Who knew one would find so many references to cheese, eating cheese and playing with cheese in a smut novel To be perfectly honest, cheese is one of my favorite things Ever Cheese will single handedly be the reason I am destined to walk around for the rest of my life with a little extra padding on my curves and I m perfectly comfortable with that knowledge So the cheese references really spoke to me and sold me on Sherrilyn Kenyon s bizarre sense of humor mild spoilers after this point Breaking the Curse1 Love Slave 1 Born Again Virgin Sex Therapist the following conditional statement if they want to break the curse, they can t have sex for a whole month SexUh, yeah There s a lot of it Sherrilyn Kenyon is a total perv and I love her for it To break the curse, Julian and Grace can t have at it for an entire month, but they re both highly creative people who find all kinds of ways to have sex without actually doing it The voyeur in me was highly satisfied with this arrangement And once they finally had at it, I was so happy I cried Okay, that s a lie But I was very happy for them and was laughing so hard over the last few pages that I was near tears and am pretty sure the other people in the cafeteria were wondering what I was on because I was laughing Quietly But definitely out loud Laughed so Hard I Cried and Almost PeedCupid Julian s brother makes his appearance in this novel as a biker dude and Psyche is his blonde, biker bimbo Both Athena and Aphrodite also show up and both make comments about kicking ass or say kick his ass which is the absolute last thing on Earth I would have expected to hear from Greek goddesses I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.I ve queued up another Kenyon novel to my account with booksfree.com and can t wait So, what s your style preference For what I have in mind, nudity works bestFantasy Lover is an amazing prequel to the Dark Hunter series, based on Greek Mythology, the love story of Julian and Grace.Julian, who was the most feared Macedonian general of his time, was betrayed and cursed to be a love slave for all time Grace is the only one who is able to break this curse.Grace is always rational, maybe too rational she tries to find sense even in lust.She couldn t very well let him join her in bed like that Sure you could.No I can t Please Hush, self, let me think.But eventually her steadiness saves Julian She is honest, perceptive, and always gives regards to Julian s feelings She has a strong empathy for him, she understands him, sees him as himself, not only his perfect appearance She was the first woman to see him Not his looks, not his body, not his warrior s prowess She saw inside his soul. I love Julian, I feel so sorry for his sufferings both in his human life and in the immortal one Despite his incredibly cruel childhood, and past, Julian managed to remain a gentle, caring man.Sherrilyn Kenyon has a special talent to write heart wrenching lines She doesn t simply give a description of emotions, but she is also able to make you feel them Though there is no Dark Hunter in this novel, Julian will appear in the following books, which isthan welcomed Fantasy Lover is a really great start to the Dark Hunter series.