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This is a particularly good Fancy Nancy story Nancy is thrilled when her friend Bree is about to have a butterfly themed birthday party, and Nancy even has a blue butterfly costume picked out to wear Then she finds out she can t attend the party because she needs to attend her grandparents 50th anniversary party Nancy sulks and mourns, then she finds out her grandparents party is fancy too, and there is a butterfly surprise on that trip as well.This is a lovely story re grandparents grandchildren Anyone who likes butterflies and other Fancy Nancy books will love it I was shocked when I first found out how much I like these Fancy Nancy books, and I continue to remain amazed by their substance and by how good they really are Charming, particularly great for girly girls, and a wonderful way to add to youngsters vocabulary The illustrations are fun and full of delightful details. [[ Kindle ]] ⇥ Fancy Nancy: Bonjour, Butterfly ↝ Fancy Nancy Thinks Butterflies Are Simply Exquisite And That Is Why She Can T Wait For Her Friend Bree S Butterfly Birthday It S Going To Be The Fanciest Birthday Party Ever But When Nancy Finds Out She Can T Go Because Her Grandparents Fiftieth Anniversary Party Is The Same Day, She Is Furious Mad Is Way Too Plain For How She Feels How Nancy Overcomes Her Disappointment And Reconnects With Her Family Is A Fun And Meaningful Story For Young ReadersPerfect For Fans Of The Eloise And Olivia Books From The Dazzling New York Times Bestselling Duo Jane O Connor And Robin Preiss GlasserThis Edition Is A Jacketed Hardcover This third book in the Fancy Nancy series is still beautifully illustrated like the previous volumes, and Nancy is still a very fun character to read However, the story about having to give up going to a friend s birthday party to attend her grandparents 50th wedding anniversary wasn t as interesting as the previous books I think it was because Nancy spent several pages sulking, which gave the book a darker tone than usual. If I was underwhelmed by the second book in this series, this third bookthan made up for it The story was sweet, and taught a good message without being preachy, but Glasser s art stole the show Nancy was a drama queen extraordinaire that s French for Wow, can Glasser draw The gestures and facial expressions of the main characters are exaggerated and melodramatic in a delightful manner, especially Nancy When she didn t get her way, she slumped over a swing, and stormed around blackly in mourning She threw her arms about as if she was on stage, broadcasting her emotions to patrons in the back of the theater Yet the subtle moments were also captured well, from warm and bemused smiles to Nancy s sister exhausted in her mother s arms Meanwhile, O Connor continued to entertain with charming text and fancy words sure to challenge any beginning reader I m glad this book is part of my collection. This book is pretty stinking cute with beautiful illustrations I like that that it dealt with a truly devestating thing for a kid but she learned about the most important thing being with her family. Muchthan just a butterfly book Nancy has to miss her friend s birthday party for a very different celebration Shows how a young girl bonds with her family even after a disappointment. This is a story has Nancy, Bree, Nancy s family, and butterflies It s a nice short story. i lovd this booke It made my hart flutter like roses.this booke made me smile and made my world explod i can only hop for a secnd bok in th seriesNancy must die Awesome it made me love butterfly s. Ok on the good side it talks about validating feelings in a way that I think is pretty constructive ie it doesn t try to minimize or repress how bad the child feels or censor her feelings It also looks at the theme of not getting what you want which is a realistic theme in any child s life and cleverly points out that sometimes you get something better than you expected That s where I begin to have mixed feelings.Nancy is reconciled to missing her best friend s birthday because of externals how fancy and luxurious the trip is and the chance to go to a butterfly house Obviously any child ought to and would be delighted with these things but the book seems to put a higher value on fanciness and consumer experiences than it does on relationships.It s not in her relationship with her grandparents that she finds solace and meaning it s in the way they dazzle her with a wealthy lifestyle I began to feel that the upset was less about her best friend s party in the sense of relationship andabout missing out.It is sad to miss out, I get it But for an extremely wealthy and spoilt child like Nancy missing out is all remediated by bigger, better spoiling This is every child s fantasy of course but not a healthy world view Once again the pictures were as cute and appealing as pictures can get and the presentation of loving, caring, wonderful and wealthy family life will be popular.I did like that her best friend also dazzlingly rich and popular was black That s a bit like Nancy a female character being opinionated and in touch with her feelings and her voice So crumbs of good in a series I still overwhelmingly don t like.