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`Download Ebook Ø Ecstasy Unveiled ⚣ A DEMON ENSLAVEDLore Is A Seminus Half Breed Demon Who Has Been Forced To Act As His Dark Master S Assassin Now To Earn His Freedom And Save His Sister S Life, He Must Complete One Last Kill Powerful And Ruthless, He Ll Stop At Nothing To Carry Out This Deadly Mission AN ANGEL TEMPTEDIdess Is An Earthbound Angel With A Wild Side, Sworn To Protect The Human Lore Is Targeting She S Determined To Thwart Her Wickedly Handsome Adversary By Any Means Necessary Even If That Means Risking Her Vow Of Eternal Chastity But What Begins As A Simple Seduction Soon Turns Into A Passion That Leaves Both Angel And Demon Craving Complete SurrenderTorn Between Duty And Desire, Lore And Idess Must Join Forces As They Battle Their Attraction For Each Other Because An Enemy From The Past Is Rising Again One Hellbent On Vengeance And Unthinkable Destruction Quick reviewCover It works Rating NC 17 for sexiness of it all Thumbs Up 4Overall Another good installmentCharacters Interesting hand crafted.Plot I wouldn t have dream it up.Page Turner Sure Series Cont Yes Recommend Yes.Book Boyfriend Lore, but honestly he s my second choiceSUMMARY 60 word or less I ve been looking forward to Lore He intrigued me in the last installment But I have to admit, he wasn t as edgy as I pictured him to be He s still great But I think my favorite is still Eidolon The cliff hanger and the guy that holds my heart are the focus on the next Looking forward to it.To see my full review and book boyfriend pic, check out my blog post.http mybookboyfriend.blogspot.com 2Audio ReviewPaul Boehmer seems like he would be a fantastic narrator However, I didn t feel his abilities suited this particular story He didn t have enough menace for what I felt the main character should have Don t get me wrong I didn t feel as though it was money not well spent getting this audio book, I just thought I d rather hear him read a different story He is a very good actor and all the feelings came through I just thought it was Mr Robinson reading West Side Story A little too proper or nice and not gritty enough Oh, well I still recommend listening It wasn t as bad as some have said. You made me need you Crave youHell to the yeah This was amazing AMAZING Once again, Larissa Ione has taken me to a place where a few authors have been able to I can t really put into words or can t even come up with a review that will do this book justice.I loved Lore I loved Idess I loved Eidolon I loved Azagoth Gosh, I loved everything about this book Lore is half human, half Seminus He was given an order from his master to kill Kynan, a Marked Sentinel and his three brother s best friend If he failed this assignment, his twin sister, Sin, would die.Idess is a Memitim, an earthbound angel assigned to protect the Primori, and Kynan was one of her two Primori After waiting for two thousand years to ascend and earn her wings, failure wasn t an option She would never ever let anything happen to them.Lore s task wasn t that easy like he thought it was Idess could sense Kynan s danger and then came to protect him immediately Moreover, his brothers warned him to stay away from Kynan Shade and Wraith clearly said that if it came down to a choice between Lore and Kynan, they would not hesitate to choose Kynan and they would kill Lore if he made an attempt to do Kynan any harm.In order to save everyone s life, Idess decided to team up with Lore to find out his client and kill anyone who was behind the hire, then the contract would become void Nobody got hurt and nobody died They were all winners However, the situation was far dangerous than they thought, and there was also a price to pay if they wanted to beat these bad guys And how could demon and angel be together As the story progressed, I was so excited to see things gradually fall into place and I was genuinely pleased by an unexpected turn of events There was breathtakingly wonderful romance between Lore and Idess, lots of ingenious twists and turns, and added plenty of heart stopping action, all packed into this great book which captured me right from the very start And as a result, I really had a hard time putting it down By the way, this was the book that I felt like I couldn t turn the pages fast enough, and yet didn t want it to end For those who love reading PNR novels, this riveting series will definitely knock you out.Undoubtedly, this was a winner for me Loved it It is highly recommended that you read the books in this series in orderI m risking Sin s life by putting off what I have to do to Kynan I m doing that for you Not for Kynan or my brothers I took a knife for you I ve kissed you over and over when I never kiss anyone So why the hell would I want to see you sufferHer strength humbled him Devastated him Made him want to make her his no matter what the cost. She d been a survivor for two thousand years, but all that meant was that she d existed Now, as she hugged Lore to her, she knew that she was living. 5 stars Paranormal Romance Reading one of Larissa Ione s Demonica novels is a naughty good time, like getting a pedicure and going shopping with your best friend on a hooky day from work, eating the best Vosges or Godiva chocolate, getting flirted with at the grocery store by a hot guy when you re in sweats and wearing no makeup, or having a happy hour with your best gal pals and laughing and talking about men and sex over Mexican martinis YepEcstasy Unveiled is deliciously wicked fun alright with a hotter than sin, demon bad boy hero to drool and die for Seminus half breed demon Lore has been forced to act as an assassin for a powerful, malevolent master, but his latest assignment will be his toughest yet and bring him much too close to home, when he s tasked with killing a human friend of his newly found demon brothers, who also happens to be a Sentinel guarded by earthbound angel Idess.Idess is determined to protect her human charge so she can finally earn her wings and ascend to Heaven, and she s not about to let assassin Lore thwart her mission, even if it means chaining him to her bed and using seduction as a weapon But when duty and fighting turns to explosive attraction and wicked desire, can an innocent angel and a bad boy demon find common ground and work together, even as passion ignites between them Whew boy, did I looove Lore and want some He s a dark, cynical, guilt ridden, deeply tortured hero who s lived a life of agonizing pain and brutal violence and been denied intimate human contact due to his gift and curse of causing death by touch, but underneath all that lurks a heart of gold, tarnished though it may be It just takes a beautiful, sweet, kick ass Xena esque warrior angel to unveil his protective, romantic, loyal, and caring nature.I love all the demon brothers level headed and intensely sexy doctor Eidolon, protector with a bondage fetish Shade, and my favorite snarky demon vampire and former playboy Wraith, but I think leather wearing bad boy assassin with a death touch and a soft side Lore just might be my favorite demon hottie of the pack now Yowzahe s just so lusciously yummy Lore and Idess made such a sexy couple and their love scenes were steamy, yet full of vulnerability, emotion, and tenderness.Ecstasy Unveiled is a tantalizing blend of scorching sensuality, dark, sarcastic humor, wicked hot demons, thrilling action, horrific villains, and captivating romance with a H H that you ll fall in love with Ione is a master of paranormal romance and her spellbinding, imaginative world of the Demonica continues to amaze me with its refreshing creativity, sexy, intriguing, unique characters, dark wit, raw emotion, and powerful eroticism I just wish I didn t have to wait so long for Sin Undone to come out Big 5 stars Larissa Ione hit the ground running with this one, and I was along for the ride What can I say I loved Lore I felt so bad for him Ms Ione brought him to full, vibrant life for me I do love my assassin characters, so Lore was already in there for me However, it was his vulnerability and his sense of loneliness which opened the door of my heart fully I wanted to beat up Shade and Wraith for being mean to him He needed their support, and they could hardly judge him, considering that they had some pretty unsavory pasts themselves In fact, Lore was a bit clean cut than both of them Don t get me wrong Lore is definitely a killer, but he does have a conscience He d rather take punishment then harm women or children He feels a serious sense of remorse over the people he accidentally killed with his hand, which can take or give life with contact It makes satiating his need for sex very difficult Fortunately, Lore is a cambion half human half demon , so he can resort to self gratification which is something that the full blooded Seminus demons cannot do I have to admit those scenes were very sexy I liked that he was somewhat innocent in some ways about sex his experience was very furtive, not that satisfying encounters He never experienced the tenderness of a true sensual encounter with someone he could touch fully and spend time enjoying.Just when Lore is hoping that he can get himself and his sister out of the Assassin contract he has with the head of the demonic Assassin s Guild, he s given the worst job he ever imagined He has to kill a man who he only recently restored life to This kill will cause a serious rift in his new found family But, he can t refuse, or his sister will be killed instead So, Lore is sure to make enemies out of his brothers and their family and friends He s between a rock and a hard place.But, he gets an unexpected ally in an Angel in Waiting, Idess Idess has lived two millenia, and she s hoping she will soon gain her wings and Ascend to heaven She must protect Primori, which are people who will have an important role to play out in the world If she does this successfully, and lives a pure life, she can become a full fledged angel Her primori happens to be the man that Lore has to kill, only things shift, and she soon realizes that she has to protect Lore as well As she keeps Lore captive and under her protection, she falls in love with the deadly assassin with a lonely heart Things heat up between this unlikely couple, and that was nice reading But, importantly, I loved the bond between them How they gave each other solace as each of them had led lives of denial Ms Ione did such a great job of pairing Lore and Idess I loved them both Idess was a tough, kickbutt woman, but also had a very warm, sweet nature She truly believed in doing the right thing and was very dedicated to it, even with the tremendous self sacrifices she made.Another thing I loved about this book was the complexity of the storylines There s not just a romance here You see the progression of the storyline at Underworld General Hospital UGH , which is still having problems, due to some rowdy ghosts causing damage, and an outbreak that is killing werewolves And the real culprits behind a lot of the happenings in this book were pure evil They made me shudder It was great catching up with the brothers and their mates I really liked Eidolon in this book Actually, I love him and with each book He has a lot of qualities I admire discipline, intelligence, honor, the ability to make peace He is a great guy to head up this family and UGH I do have to admit, I wanted to punch Shade a few times He was being a jerk in this book Although I eventually found out there was a good reason for why he was being so contrary Lore s sister Sin is an interesting character She s just as tortured as Lore, as the only female Seminus demon in existence that s not as fun as it sounds She s as hard as they come a really tough life does that to a person , but I felt so much sympathy for her I have a feeling her book is going to get me in the gut Yet, I imagine I will do some laughing as she keeps her brothers and her future mate on their toes I couldn t put this book down I know I say that often, but it s really true with this book Larissa Ione knows how to write a very involving story She writes very sexy stories, and the steaminess is so seemlessly integrated into the story and not too raunchy or borderline gross I love that she is able to have this sexy world, but have so much else going on Her world building is incredible, and the emotional complexity of her characters make these books fantastic reads I find myself wanting to shake a character in one scene, and in the next, wanting to give him or her a big hug She gives this world of demons and angels some heartiness This is paranormal romance that I think a horror or dark fantasy fan would eat up if they took the plunge The settings and places in these books are so vivid, I feel like I m there which isn t always a good thing She s not afraid to add some blood and guts when it s warranted, but it s done tastefully There are a lot of layers here, with demons who are good and angels who are bad, and the other way around Yet, she hasn t abandoned classic ideas of the supernatural world that have a lot of power for me but managed to tell her unique stories and integrate those into it very well I am so glad that I read Pleasure Unbound and found this world she s created They make for some hours of true reading enjoyment Thanks for the awesome reading experience, Ms Ione