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What an unexpected surprise I first checked it out as we were going to have pizza over the weekend and I thought it would be a great tie in But then, we discovered it was a story about a Pizza Maker Dragon and a Delivery Dragon, that brought pizzas, to fairy tale characters We laughed and giggled our way through the book Lexi especially loved guessing which fairy tale character had ordered each pizza Sequel please Cool way to retell old fairy tales I feel like this would be a fun book to show kids who are really familiar with all the old fairy tales already, otherwise this book might miss the mark Also, this book is not for teaching good kitchen cooking hygiene Just so ya know. This was a great book This book somewhat brought several fairy tales all into one book and condensed it For children that have heard some of the common fairy tales, and old fables might recognize them in the book For example when the dragon delivers three pizza s to the three bears and they all have to be just right I highly recommend reading this book, and reading it for children Dragon Pizzeria did a great job of connecting this story to other stories For example, within this story, characters like Hansel and Gretel, the giant and his beanstalk, and several others made an appearance I did not hate this book, but it never really grabbed my attention. ( Free Book ) ♋ Dragon Pizzeria ♆ WELCOME TO DRAGON Pizzeria BeBop And Spike Are Two Friendly Dragons Who Not Only Make Delicious Pizzas, But Offer Speedy Dragon Delivery Anywhere In Fairy Tale Land One Giant Pizza To Beanstalk Castle BeBop Cooks It Up, And Spike Delivers It In His Hot Air Balloon Five Pizzas With Gumdrops To The Witch S Gingerbread House Coming Right Up With Bright And Friendly Art, A Sing Song Text Filled With Fairy Tale Clues, And Speech Balloons Conducive To Funny Voiced Read Alouds, This Is A Perfect Summer Offering For The Preschool Crowd A Map On The Final Spread Provides A Key To All The Fairy Tales Mentioned In This Inviting Pizza Picture Book Deliveries to fairy tale characters. This book is about dragons who open a pizzeria and make pizzas for various fairy tales characters I loved the illustrations and think they balanced out the text perfectly I could do a read aloud and the students could guess who the pizza is being made for just because of how descriptive the text is I thoroughly enjoyed this book This book is about two dragons named Spike and BeBop who make any time of pizza requested From pourage pizza to pizza with candy on the top they will deliever anything I choose this book because the pictures are the main focus of the book which I thought would be fun for children if I were to read it to a kindergarten or first grade class who would be the intended audience of the book I liked the book because it s a fun read for children who are trying to get into books There are several fun activities that I could use with this book such as having the kids draw a pizza with any toppings that they want on the top. Mary Morgan, Dragon Pizzeria Knopf, 2008 Cute, but shallow, book about a couple of dragons who open a pizzeria in fairyland, delivering pizzas to all the usual suspects the game of the book is for the kid you re reading it to to guess which particular fantasy character is getting the pizza It s not a bad little conceit, and honestly I suspect I d probably have beenimpressed with it had I not read this directly after Jerry Pinkney s The Lion and the Mouse probably the best kids book to come out last year, if not in recent memory and were I not so tangled up in Bill Willingham s lustrous and very adult Fables series of graphic novels, which treat many of these characters in a decidedly different way It does make me wonder, though, where the giant from Jack s beanstalk is in the Fabletown world If cute is your main requirement for kidlit, then by all means pick this up to add to your child s collection I ve never found that where kids are concerned, the appeal of guess the person place or thing books diminishes one whit over time, so as long as your kid gets a kick out of it from the get go, it ll bear repeated readings. This book is about two grains, BeBop and Spike who start a pizza delivery service Spike makes the pizzas since he enjoys cooking, and BeBop delivers the pizzas because he likes to go fast They take orders, make the pizzas, and delivery them to their customers which are nursery rhyme characters There are different topics that can be addressed with this book and many things that can be done with this book The first being the way restaurants run and operate, the production of pizzas, the function of money and the provision of services needed for a pizza delivery company It focuses on the economic production of pizza and this could be done with students in the dramatic play center in their classroom to make a pizzeria and make deliveries all over the room.