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Only one of the stories, Description, was really good I appreciated some of these and they are different from a lot of her earlier stories.Ok just reread two years later and liked it a lot I appreciate so much of her writing, basically all of it I ve read Images that will stay with me forever The intelligence and compassion to go beyond what is easy or easily digestible While reading My boyfriend the Random House rep gave me a proof I know this is attributing things to an author because of the content of their work, but I want Mary Gaitskill to beat me up, cut me and make me cry Afterward Yeah An interesting thing happened in this one I can t remember whether it happened in the previous short story collections of hers that I ve read, or whether maybe I haven t actually read them where, as it went on, the stories got less, like, evil, and while they didn t become nice stories about nice people having nice things happen to them, they became less brutal, I guess Vicious There were fewer people walking dazed through life post institutionalization, and instead self aware, self obsessed grad school assholes Combined with the fact that specifics would recur from story to story I can t remember any right now, but like, y know how if you use say the word stately three times in three consecutive paragrpahs, it becomes a Thing that you ve Noticed that sort of thing and with the consistent we re all assholes and we re all fucked tone, made it feel really unified, for a short story collection Also, one story, the Agonized Face, is the first thing in a really long time to remind me of how much I used to see potential in and get excited about short stories It threw me off guard That happens so rarely any It s a combination of powderkeg feminist politics and an unreliable likable hateable narrator that had me super engaged, super critical, and ultimately super excited without feeling like any answers or solutions had been proposed Just like it was a new and eloquent way of saying, stuff is weird Oh hey and speaking of answers and solutions I love how, when the subject comes up, debasement usually is the only way to find any kind of release at all Specifically Sadism Or Masochism It s a neat trick how eloquently she bathes everything in kink, and even neater how natural and logical she makes it seem Like sometimes it s pretty overt and sometimes it s not, but maybe it s most overt in the first story or two and then it s less so but since it was so strong at first it feels pervasive Or maybe I m just a pervert and I see kink in everything Or maybe it s really there, or maybe all of em.Either way, whatever I can t recommend this thing highly enough, even though it doesn t even come out for six months or something, which means they might ruin it by then In which case you can borrow my copy. [E-pub] ♕ Don't Cry: Stories ♾ Following The Extraordinary Success Of Her Novel Veronica , Mary Gaitskill Returns With A Luminous New Collection Of Stories Her First In Than Ten YearsBeginning With A Story Of Young People Adrift In The College Town Of Ann Arbor On The Cusp Of The Reagan Era And Ending With The Complex Quest Of A Middle Aged Woman To Adopt A Child In Addis Ababa, Gaitskill Works Across A Broad Backdrop Of American Life And Brilliantly Delivers Her Signature Pleasures Prose As Taut As A High Tension Line, A Supreme Command Of The Interior Landscape, And Characters As Real As The Secret Faces That Peer Back At Us From The Mirror Each Story Is Charged With Her Powerful, Original Language And The Dramatic Engagement Of The Intelligent Mind With The Craving Body Or The Intelligent Body With The Craving Mind That Is Characteristic Of Gaitskill S Fiction Her Settings Are A Surprising Mix Of Real And Surreal In The Urban Fairy Tale Mirror Ball A Young Man Steals A Girl S Soul During A One Night Stand, While In The Stunning The Arms And Legs Of The Lake The Fallout Of The Iraq War Becomes Painfully Immediate For A Group Of Characters Who Collide By Chance On A Train Going Up The Hudson RiverAs Spirited And Intense As The Now Classic Bad Behavior, Don T Cry Shows Us How Our Social Conscience Has Evolved While Basic Truths The Crude Cinder Blocks Of Male And Female Down In The Basement, Holding Up The House, As One Character Puts It Remain Unchanged 50 sfumature di Grey Ma un altro GreyRaccolta assai poco soddisfacente, per quel che ricordo Ma contiene un racconto, Segretaria, che ha il grandissimo pregio di aver ispirato molto liberamente assai Secretary del 2002, lieve film su sadomasochismo e a a lieto fine illuminato dalla presenza di Maggie Gyllenhaal In giorni di tristezza e masochismo elettorale, la visione di Maggie Lee alle prese con il dominatore Grey sic un sollievo Potere degli occhi azzurri.Dell altro Grey, mio grave limite, conosco solo l esistenza Mi basta. I remember the first time I read Self Help and when I picked up Lust and Other Stories There was this intimidation, this contempt, this other sadness I wanted to be this good I wanted to crawl, to burrow into the reader and make myself known Dammit.Gaitskill s collection creeps in like that at first I was kind of bored I wasn t impressed with the beginning stories it was what I had been experiencing this entire year with the books that I ve chosen to read Meh But, with Mirror Ball I began to feel that clenching, that annoying jealousy With an opening lineHe took her soul though, being a secular minded person, he didn t think of it that wayI was right back at that growling, mewling MINE stage Seriously, this sucks.I am not a good person, I want to applaud these women, I want to feel some sisterly bonding with them, but I know that if I had the chance, I would so pull their hair and scratch at their eyes I am the effaced soul on the musician s floor, I am the agonized face, I am the monsters, the demons, the Alzheimer s, the malaria ridden day laborer, the stupid trysts.I am angry. Not every story in the collection is a wow but enough of them are and the book works as a whole The story, Don t Cry, which I originally read in the New Yorker, and loved at the time, grows larger and poignant within the context of the collection which seems to me a hallmark of a great short story collection.There s formal range here than in Bad Behavior and Because They Wanted To She takes some risks in this sense.Yes, she has a bit of a potty mouth This has never bothered me about Gaitskill because I think she is using it metaphorically, particularly in this collection where some of the somewhat crude sex talk is seemingly so casual and thrown in I think she is making a statement on how inured we have become as a culture to violence, and in Gaitskills book, sex is always a form of violence, even when it is consensual.In that sense, what may strike some as crudeness seems essential to the development of the characters, who have all experienced emotional violation in some way at the hands of others, at the hands of the culture. Unmitigated, Unreadable Despair The stories in Mary Gaitskill sDon t Cryreflect characters who are profoundly vexed, but not in a profound way It seems that Ms Gaitskill has contrived both them and their situations with the simple goal of shocking her reader The stories are visceral, yes, but they lack substance, and the fact that Gaitskill herself seems to harbor nothing but disdain for her characters makes it impossible for the reader to feel anything for them either That s all that there is to this collection a shame, because Gaitskill does seem like a talented writer, albeit one whose brain I would never want to pick over coffee By the halfway point I began questioning the point in slogging through the rest of the collection, and when I was about seventy five percent through I gave up This is not something that I typically do Yet I have no regrets.I had decided to read this collection because I was interested in reading Gaitskill s novelVeronicaEmphasis on was Instead, I ll be looking for a writer with a touch of empathy, whose goal is not to shock and appall for no purpose other than the joy of having shocked and appalled.Grade D i have a soft place in my heart for mary gaitskill for various reasons but this book was kind of bad most of the time i admire what she does, because it is beautiful and truly grotesque, but there comes a point where it gets boring most of the characters felt like either representations of or foils to gaitskill and that actually made me uncomfortable but then again, it usually makes me uncomfortable to read literary fiction about people who write literary fiction the last two stories are good, and linked, and the agonized face i liked in spite of myself, just because it addresses ideas about women s sexuality and how dangerous it can be for women to fetishize their own sexuality that i think about a lot of the time i also really enjoyed some parts of mirror ball but half of it could have been edited out and made a much beautiful story all in all, it is not the worst thing i ve read, but definitely a disappointment after bad behavior. This is one of the places where the star system breaks down, because I loved five star loved some of these stories so much that I became obsessed and thought about them all the time But then I liked the ones towards the end less and less, and wound up really feeling repelled in a bad way by the last two stories, so rating books with stars is so stupid anyway This is all ridiculously subjective and shouldn t be quantified like that, right I looked at some reviews on here of people who felt the opposite way I did about which stories were good, which I d guess could have to do with how the reader feels about Gaitskill s take on sex.As it happens, Gaitskill and I seem to be pretty much on the same page about sex, specifically about mostly straight female sexuality, and I loved most of the first half of this book so much because of that She leads with the forgettable and harmless jab College Town, 1980, then delivers a crushing right hand with Folk Song, which knocked the wind out of me Folk Song was my favorite story in here, even though in theory it seems like some dumb intro fiction exercise a woman s response to three articles that happen to be on the same page in the newspaper But this story made me freak out from how good it was and how shatteringly it cut through to all this really intense stuff about sex and being female I almost know and almost think about but haven t ever even considered trying to put into words myself I felt similarly about The Agonized Face, a narrator s response to a suspiciously familiar feminist author who had apparently been a prostitute at some point in her colorful youth, and who had gone on record describing prostitutes as fighters against the patriarchy She would say stupid things like that, but then she would write some good sentences that would make people say, Wow, she s kind of intelligent There are some extremely good sentences in Don t Cry, and I d venture to say that Mary Gaitskill is a bit than kind of intelligent I ve read her stuff before, but for whatever reason some of stories in this collection affected me in a way that most of her other work hasn t I do see where people are coming from when they get annoyed with all the sex and masochism and what have you, because that kind of thing is annoying and seems gratuitous when it doesn t come off like it s supposed to, and I ve read Gaitskill s eighties hooker stories in the past and just been like, Whatever But sometimes here when she writes about sex and sexual violence and what it s like having a vagina and being a woman around here, she really nails it and pushes through deep into some very dark and out of the way places And not to get all gross or cheesy anything heaven forbid but a few of these stories touched me in a way that left me feeling really almost violated, but also quite moved.These stories had another effect on me too, that I think s maybe worth noting In the most general sense I read fiction to escape from the banal and stupid shitshow that s my life, and successful fiction rescues me from my surroundings in two ways It either takes me outside of my world, as the sleazy crime fiction I ve been reading does, by essentially constructing painted cardboard panels all around me then projecting characters onto them, so I ll be distracted and amused and shielded from the mundane reality still going on, hidden behind the screens Alternatively and okay, this maybe is too silly or snotty a leap, but it might point to a distinction between simple fiction and capital L Literature books can also bleed out of themselves and wind up coloring the way that I experience my life, so that I m seeing my same world but in a completely new way While I was reading this book I was no longer stuck in Jessicaland, and instead found myself living in a Mary Gaitskill story It s different from the cardboard magic lantern thing, though, because instead of hiding my real life, the stories left me in it, only the way that I experienced that life had changed Like I d be riding the subway or looking around at people on the street, or thinking of people I know perhaps even in the Biblical sense and suddenly they d all be Mary Gaitskill characters too Which like, might not seem like a purely good thing, but I appreciate that kind of novelty I can t just live in my own crappy fiction all the time, and having someone gifted come along and rewrite things can be refreshing The stories in here made me think about everything differently, which means they re good, or at least that they were good for me Although I can see how someone else might just make fun of it, Mirror Ball was another one I particularly enjoyed that I think changed how I see things somehow not just human relationships, but possibilities for how to tell a story I also really liked Today I m Yours a lot, though as with Folk Song if someone had described it to me, I wouldn t have wanted to read it.I did not like the stories towards the end of the book, which are less explicitly about sex and about boring short story people whom I didn t like or care about, only not in a fun way But even writing about this collection especially after reading Greg s take on it, which is the exact opposite of mine makes me wonder what the point of any of this Bookfacing is My response to this book felt very, very personal, and seems irrelevant to anyone considering whether or not to read it.God, you know, I don t even remember why I used to review books on here all the time, what I thought the compelling reason for doing that was I do like having a record for myself of books and what I thought at the time, because otherwise three weeks on I have no memory of having read them What I thought of while reading this book was a time that my friend Kristi s family took me with them on their vacation when I was fifteen We were someplace, who knows where, and I guess there was a fountain or something that looked kind of like a slit in the concrete And Kristi and I discovered that while we well knew and liberally used the word phallic, we had absolutely no idea what the female equivalent was At this point Kathy, Kristi s stepmom, helpfully interjected and told us that the word we wanted was yonic Which it turns out is not in a lot of dictionaries, but that is in fact what it means.Anyway, the lady can write, and I hugely admired Gaitskill s use of language even in the stories I didn t like I bet most people could get into some of these stories, though maybe not too many people would love all of them I would recommend the first half Don t Cry to men who are curious about what it s like to have a vagina, except that as noted elsewhere I ve noticed a lot of them would rather not know. Don t Cry was a disappointing reading experience At first I found the book to be kind of annoying The first story was quite unappealing, in both the characters and whatever it was that was going on Then for the next few stories the unappealing just kept happening None of the stories could seem to escape feeling like there were shocking things being said for the sake of being shocking Mostly they had to do with fucking, and oftentimes with the fact that women have vaginas I realize this fact, and maybe if I had read these stories in Edith Wharton s time the shockingness of the black hole of mystery that is a cooter would have made me go into a convulsion of some sort, or maybe if I had read this as a woman in the sixties I could have rallied around the vagina ness of all womenkind, but by 2009 it s not that shocking nor mysterious So that s disappointment one, I wasn t enjoying the book About 2 3 s through the book I already started formulating some review ideas in my head I was ready to tear this apart I dreaded having to slosh through another 1 3 of the book, but I was ready to do it, just to be angered Instead here comes disappointment two The third to last story is actually really good What the fuck No mysterious vaginas, no dime store versions of Levinas theory of The Other the face of The Other turned into some silly Feminist thing that held no water what so ever No characters just blurting out things like, My ex boyfriend fucked me in the ass, and then spend a half a page ridiculing people who find comments like that to be uncomfortable as prudes what to think of the reader who feels uncomfortable for a writer who thinks something like this is shocking, or gritty, or real , and also no Eggers like ironic distancing of oneself from the faults already showing in earlier stories through a separate story None of those things Instead a very good story And then that story was followed up with two not quite as good stories, but still quite good ones What the fuck I couldn t even hate the book in peace, instead it had to end with three solid stories that were enjoyable, and if I hadn t had to read the first 2 3 s of the book, I d consider Gaitskill as a writer I should check out and read of Instead I m left with a weird feeling of indifference, not knowing if the last three were a fluke or maybe signs of what her newer mature work is like I guess the only way to find out is to read of her books, but I don t know if I want to deliberately set myself up for disappointments.