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This book takes place in the south where danny the diamondback rattlesnake was born and left by his parents due to the fact that they were captured by zookeepers This is an interesting take on the point of view of a snake who is feared vs a creature who is afraid The drawn illustrations help us to not fear the snake and see him as something to be kind and misunderstood rather than feared as rattlesnakes are The book touches on the topic of family, acceptance, and being proud of who you are despite what others think of you I would recommend this book for grade school level and up. What a fabulous book to read aloud with your child This book has a wonderful story about a rattlesnake that has no idea why the other animals keep running from him It is a familiar storyline, but with the characters in this book, it feel like a fresh tale The pictures are also very impressive If you enjoy reading the Skippy John Jones books to your child, I highly recommend that you pick this book up. As an ostracized member of the community, Danny Diamondback is confused and saddened by other people s reactions The illustrations in this book are reminiscent of major film quality and the storyline is set in the southwest, complete with regional dialect and slang This book is a quality picture book to to springboard the topic of differences and how to becomeaccepting of peers In this text, the very thing that drove many people away from Danny is the very same thing that draws them closer and secures a bond of friendship. I loved this book It would be great for a teacher working with the ecosystem of deserts as it includes the other animals of the habitat in the story The writing is great and the inclusion of Spanish words and the animals that fear a rattlesnake is cute I found this book to be fun and the illustrations realistic The animals react to Danny in the way they are supposed to but the story is interesting with a cute turn of events Danny doesn t eat one of the animals he meets That part is not realistic to a snake s survival. 2008 Fantasy In this book, Danny is left alone by his rattle snake parents Danny goes out to find new parents However, he can not figure out why every animal is afraid of him He finally gains the friendship of a prairie dog Together, they start a band However, Danny s problem of being a snake continues to be an issue for him. 3.75 Stars This is a fun story with great illustrations It is also about accepting people what they are not what you think they are It is also standing up for the little guy.My favorite page is He will kill us all it look like they took a picture with a slow shutter speed on a camera It makes a cool blurred effect Enjoyed this one Thanks Had some very boring average books today .FREE BOOK ☥ Danny Diamondback ♋ Danny Diamondback Is A Young Rattlesnake Who Slithers Into The World On His Own And Tries To Make Some Friends But Two Jackrabbits, A Family Of Sparrows, And A Whole Town Of Prairie Dogs Run From The Mere Sight Of Him You See, Danny S Ma And Pa Never Told Him He Was A Deadly Poisonous Snake But When One Fearless Little Prairie Dog Discovers That Danny S Tail Provides Just The Beat His Band Is Missing, Danny Is Invited To Join The Hoppin Jalape Os Danny Has Finally Found Some Friends At Least Until His Disguise Goes Flying And The Audience Runs Away In Fear Will Anyone Ever See Beyond Danny S Rattles, Or Will He Be A Lonely Snake Forever After living in Oklahoma I love the way this book reads LOL It is definitely a book with a Texan flair The kids love to hear it and I love to read it Cute story about rattle snake that doesn t know that he is dangerous and can t find any friends. Picture book This book is written in a sort of southern speak, so it could be instructional to use in the classroom, but could be equally confusing It also might give a conflicting message to kids, as they need to know that rattlesnakes really are dangerous. I REALLY like the pictures I like the idea of using a rattlesnake as the rhythm section in a band The plot has some fun twists about the standard learning to accept others story.