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The reason for me picking up and reading Dancing at Lughnasa today was the finale to a few months of me saying "I need to read some work by Friel". I have been aware of Friel for a long time yet somehow I never came across an apt opportunity to read him, which accompanies my mission to read all of the Irish literary giants. Also, I felt somewhat uneducated and embarrassed not knowing his work when his death occurred a few months ago. Alas, this was all solved by my need to kill a few hours at University today, and with no book with me and no desire continue the research I was doing, I went to the bookshop. It was here I found it, spotting the pink cover, and subsequently made the leap of spending eleven euro for seventy pages of ink and paper. It was worth it.

Friel's depictions of life and culture is very accurate, not only touching on some of the more idiosyncratic traditions of rural Ireland but also gives insight into the more troubling ideals of the time. The images of the sisters dancing, brought to life by Friel's masterful writing, is moving, vivid and light. He creates a feeling of place such that it expands beyond the restrictions of the stage. You also see the small rural community on the grassy hills of Donegal. There is sparkle and warm feeling to the play, although this is not always the case. Periods of conflict are countered by spontaneous bouts of dancing and glee. Even with the scenes of clear enjoyment, the five sisters are close, caring, yet troubled by many explored and unmentioned thoughts. Having an interest in all things Celtic, I also thoroughly enjoyed the juxtaposition of both Christianity and Paganism.

Above all, it feels real. That is what I most love about it. A very interesting and beautiful story. Rather melancholy look at the passing of a way of life through a single family. (view spoiler)