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5 stars Paranormal Romance Urban FantasyPowerful, unadulterated awesomeness Covet is another a Ward winning read from the master of paranormal urban fantasy romance and one of my top favorite books so far this year.I stayed up until 4 30am to finish reading because I simply couldn t put it down, and then I was immediately depressed for it to be over I cursed myself for flying through so quickly and not savoring it , and I was tempted to flip right back to the beginning when I was done to start reading it all over againit s that fantastic This is a read that stays with you days later and makes a 5 star rating seem inadequate It also gave me a strong craving to reread all of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books to get of Ward s clever writing, male bonding and bantering, and dark, snarky humor.While the Brothers of the Black Dagger Brotherhood will always hold a special place in my heart, this impressive, phenomenal debut indicates wondrous possibilities for the future of the Fallen Angels series as well and proves Ward s boundless potential as a writer In fact, the love scenes in this were so beautifully written and scorch the pages hot that I couldn t help but wish that she would make a foray into the erotic romance genre at some point The strong characters, fascinating premise, and snarky humor grabbed me from the very first page and the story never let me go, and the complexities of the character development and intricacies of the world building were well crafted and balanced It encompasses a various mix of genres paranormal, urban fantasy, suspense, mystery, and horror, but at its heart and center is the romance, which makes the story all the potent In the age old battle of good vs evil, Jim Heron, a guilt ridden, loner, ex black ops construction worker, is tasked with saving seven souls from seven deadly sins, and if he fails Well, let s just say that things won t bode well for the future of humanity Jim is the soul of the story, and I simply adored his character He s lived a life full of violence, revenge, and painful solitude, but yet it s obvious that he has a good heart underneath his gruff, hard persona I loved the interaction between him and the other male leads, including Vin, Adrian, Eddie, and his faithful, loyal friend Dog , and there s lots of male love hate friendships and hilarious, sarcastic jesting that had me laughing out loud several times throughout the book I loved Harley riding, leather wearing, pierced out to the max, badass Adrian and hope we see lots of him to come in future books I loved all the great BDB cameos too, especially protective Trez Jim s first assignment is Vin diPietro, an extremely handsome, rich, driven, self made, successful construction mogul who suffers the sin of greed He covets the very best of everything that money can buy the finest clothes, jewelry, gadgets, art, liquor, cars, houses, and even the most beautiful, perfect woman on his arm But what he can t buy is love or happiness, and then he meets a woman who makes him question the true value of all those supposedly important, material things and his life and future Of course, his friendship with Jim helps him wise up a little bit too What can I say about Vin Yum, yum, yum, love, love, loveI went completely gaga for him Ward has such an amazing talent for making stop your heart, swoon worthy, yet imperfect, flawed, troubled heroes, and Vin is one of my very favorite heroes, ever When Vin sees Marie Terese for the first time, he experiences an intense, struck by lightning, stop your heart type of magnetic pull and connection that he simply can t ignore Marie Terese makes such a sympathetic, tragic, soulful, and beautiful heroine She s a woman pushed to extreme circumstances by a painful, cruel past, and I found myself rooting so much for Vin to swoop in on his BMW M6 sans white horse and be her knight in shining armor But Vin needs Marie Terese just as much if not than she needs him Can their faith, trust, and love for each other save them both The romance between them is believable, sweet, smokin hot, sensual, heartwarming, and deliciously, beautifully erotic There s a shower scene that rivals some erotica books I ve read for hotnessI m talking turn down the A C, grab some ice cubes hawt Every scene with Vin and Marie Terese together was pure, enchanting, intoxicating magicI simply couldn t get enough of them There s a big buildup to an epic showdown ending of good vs evil, and let s just say that the baddies in this definitely give a gruesome, horrific edge to the story Although there is a satisfying climax and the issues are mostly resolved in the end, there were a few things left unexplained My only complaint is that I would have liked a bit of a conclusion for the happy couple, or maybe I just wasn t ready to say good bye to my beloved Vin and Marie Terese I really hope we get to see of them in future books.It s a terrific story with superior writing, wonderful characters that you ll fall head over heels in love with I know I did , witty dialogue, snarky humor, and touching, hot romance, and IMO it s worthy of than 5 starsso big 5 stars from this reader For my Vin diPietro casting choice, I kept imagining Vin Diesel in fancy, expensive suits with sexy, silk black boxer briefs underneath leaning up against a BMW M6, as I was reading thisYUMTASM 2.5 starsI must admit that I was completely disappointed with this book I was expecting much So many things were wrong with it it was than the first book syndrome First, there was too much background information, but non of it relevant Moreover, the romance in the book felt fake and forced You never get to know well the characters, which was the most annoying thing with this book You had pages and pages of information but nothing really important to understand what was going on.Leaving the romance apart, nothing really important happens, yes there is a demon trying to mess with Gretchen and Vin, but she never really does anything to harm them I also wasn t really attracted to any of the characters in the book, not even for one of the secondary characters.The story was boring most of the time From the middle of the book I just wanted it to end I m sorry to say that I was disappointed with Ward, she is one of my faves authors and I adore her BDB series, but this new series has too much to improve to be even half as good as the BDB. Minor SpoilersMost who know me know that I am rarely impressed by the premier book in any series They seem to have a slower pace due to setting up background stories and introducing characters Let me tell you, this book is not your usual premier book I have found a new obsession in The Fallen Angels What an aaaamazing story J.R Ward, affectionaly known as The WARDen, never ceases to amaze me with her imagination and her gift of weaving words into a believable, incredible, unforgettable story.The characters in Covet are strong people, struggling to do the right thing no matter the cost I adore them all well ALMOST all of themFans of The Black Dagger Brotherhood will not be disappointed, and we have 2, count em 2 Brother sightings, Phury and Butch, as well as visits to some familiar places The Iron Mask, St Patricks Cathedral, the Commodore, just to name a few.Now, in addition to needing me some BDB , I also need me some Fallen Angels. Okay That was a very interesting book First of all, I applaud Ms Ward for trying to do something different and tackle the whole Heaven versus Hell theme I liked her spin on it, although the unfolding of theology is slightly different from what I m used to The reviews are mixed on this one I can only speak for myself, but I loved it I did one thing that really helped me to go into this book with no preconceived notions I didn t look for Black Dagger Brotherhood If a reader does that, they will probably be disappointed Be happy with the cameos, and take it from there Be open to something different, and I think that will help.This is a very different kind of story from the BDB It s pretty ambitious too Although the WARDen has been accused maybe for good reason of abandoning the paranormal format and going into urban fantasy, I really do believe this is urban fantasy with a strong romance I will concede that the latter BDB books are urban fantasyish, but I still consider them primarily paranormal romance This is the opposite This is obvious right away, with the strong narrative focus on Jim Heron, who is the main protagonist, although not the romantic hero That is Vin diPietro Personally, I kind of like the hook about a guy recruited by Heaven in the Great Game between Good and Evil He s got seven souls to save, and his mission starts now It s fresh and interesting And I love a story about G v E Okay, so what did I like about this story First and foremost, I loved the protagonists Jim and Vin They are strong characters, both deeply flawed, but good men at heart They are very similar in the fundamental ways I liked how they seemed to click as friends They had an ease between them that transcended their so called socio economic dividers I think that Ms Ward is great at depicting relationships between men that seem authentic at least to me She has tough guys, but they aren t all I m too macho for feelings They are men with dreams, broken and intact, hearts, souls, and feelings Like real men I liked that they were both pretty straight shooters, and had come from traumatic pasts to become who they are when this story starts Therein lay the connection, I believe Vin was a character I loved from first meeting He made me think of Rehv who I am crazy about He s ice cold on the outside but I always felt like he was a good person at heart I think he was somewhat remote with Devina, but he seemed to really respect women and treat them well I like his ethics about not cheating and abusing women His need for ownership, money and power was fascinating I could totally see why he had that It was a sense of false security when he had none growing up I think there the paranormal elements were obligatory for this story, but it could have worked without him having a demonic influence to make him that way It was great seeing him get some peace and resolution for his life I felt so bad for how he had never had those things Had never known love I felt his love for Marie Therese, and why she was what he wanted As for Jim, he was the other kind of hero I gravitate to Sort of the salt of the earth type despite his past as a lethal assassin He really had a core of goodness His way of taking care of Dog endeared him to me and warmed my heart, but I also liked his innate kindness and care for women I think he found his mission in life, but part of me hopes he ll get a woman of his own one day I think he is a great choice as the narrative focus for this series I also liked Marie Therese It was dicey crafting a heroine who turns to prostitution as a lifestyle For the most part, I think Ms Ward did it well She didn t glamorize prostitution, and she didn t make it seem like doing that for a living didn t have an effect on a woman I definitely believe it does She didn t make Marie Therese into too much of a plastic saint If she was that sainted, she wouldn t have turned to hooking for a living She even admits that she had options, but she chose that as a quicker way out of her problems and for another reason that is a spoiler to discuss I felt for her I couldn t imagine doing that We didn t really get offered the opportunity to analyze too many of the other girls, but we do get a glimpse into the other side Gina is a girl who likes the lifestyle of a sex worker She s up for it, and has no problem with it I think there was a little balance there I m not sure if I wanted to see of Marie Therese, or if I was happy with what I got I get a strong vibe that this is of a story about men and their relationships with each other and with the women in their lives In essence, the male voice is a much stronger focal point in the narrative Much like the BDB books But, by and large, I didn t have much of a problem with Marie Therese I did see that she was determined not to fall back into the old habit of waiting for her knight in shining armor to save her In this case, he s there, but they will help each other I could see her attraction for Vin, why he got in her heart She was afraid that he was the same thing all over again as the man she d made a mistake over, but I feel that she recognized the essential character of Vin, and that s what drew her to him I think she was pretty layered She was a good person, but she had some flaws, and she was passionate and earthy, although that part of her had been suppressed by her troubles in life and current profession I was happy to see her find Vin and the promise of future happiness , and I loved seeing her relationship with her son I think she was too hard on herself, and I hope she learns to forgive herself.The paranormal elements I think this was well done Her view of angels and demons stays on the realism side There aren t wings and halos here I liked how Jim could tell who was an angel or demon by their lack of a shadow That was a nice touch I liked the elements going into the lore and ritual of why Vin was in trouble, and getting him out of his fix That was well crafted and intriguing I think Vin s backstory was fascinating I m hoping that he will show up in later books as a resource to the Fallen Angels in their battle I d love to see of him I liked Adrian and Eddie I wish I had gotten to know them better It seemed like I didn t see much of who they were initially, but as the story built, you could see what they were and how they were powerful assets to Jim I especially liked the role that Eddie played in freeing Vin I m intrigued with finding out what Adrian s deal is What s his power What happened when he confronted the villain My hope is that they will have a prominent part in the forthcoming books.The romance angle I m going to get busted for saying this, but I felt like Vin and Marie Therese had sex too soon I d like to have seen them do romancing and talking before they got physical I think this was the tone for their lives prior although Marie Therese not by choice I wanted to see their relationship start in a different manner, setting a new tone from the past The love scenes were steamy, and I liked that Ms Ward addressed a crucial issue for them both as far as being safe considering their pasts I do feel they had a connection and loved each other, but I probably could have seen a little courtship outside of the physical, to be honest.I m loving Trez He is the man Can t wait to read his book I like the relationship he had with Marie Therese He s a good guy In the prior BDB books, you see him as a bad MOFO, but he seemed very sweet in this book, although the menace was there when it needed to be Oh, can I say I adored Dog What a sweet baby He was so cute I think he was just what lonely Jim needed The villain was a nasty piece of work Completely evil and awful I like to see a genuinely bad female villain, so that was pretty well done I bet she s going to be up to even despicableness in the following books She was also pretty creepy which I like in a good urban fantasy horror setting.What I was kind of meh about I m not sure I really bought the execution of who turned out to be Marie Therese s stalker It seemed a bit anti climactic It played into the story arc very well, but I guess I needed threads and breadcrumbs to buy his connection with Marie Therese It seemed to come a bit out of left field for me.So, my final thoughts I enjoyed this book a lot I did mention some things I thought could have been a little better for me But, overall, I was pretty happy and impressed with this story I like this concept a lot, and I think that the forthcoming stories will be even stronger I think that most fans of JR Ward will like this book If you don t care for the WARDen s hip lingo and brand name dropping, you will probably hurl the book into the corner I am used to that about her, and I consider it part of her style The things I love about her writing are here her detail, her way of putting the emotions and the heart there The characters I fall in love with, and their complex relations with each other She doesn t let me down And, like I said, I love the big stakes battle unfolding in this book Long story short, Danielle was a happy camper Jim Heron, Adrian Vogel, Eddie Blackhawk hmm anybody else sensing a bird theme Rest assured The new JR Ward series is not about birds, it s about angels Sexy, leather clad, Harley loving angels And as cheesy as that all may sound this series promises to be great Covet introduces us to Jim Heron, a carpenter with a secret military background, who gets pinned with the most important job of his life, well of anybody s life he is to help determine whether humanity is good or bad Seven souls for seven sins and thus seven chances for Jim to decide over the fate of everyone on the planet and the Hereafter Poor Jim though has no clue what is laid upon him, but with a little help from the television and a few hundred volts he soon finds his first soul Vin diPietro.Covet is not a paranormal romance It reads like a combination of a suspense and urban fantasy novel but it does have strong romantic influences The story was wonderfully built, the plot was exciting and intriguing, the romance was both sweet and steamy and there were some comical influences The supernatural part of this series is totally different from the BDB There are angels and demons, but vampires and shadows aren t known to Jim In that sense us readers are ahead of him we know his surroundings as the story takes place in Caldwell We visit the Iron Mask, catch glimpses of a few brothers and get to see Trez at work We also get to know Marie Terese, one of Rehv s working girls, who turns out to be an engaging heroine Jim only gets as much info as is required for that moment He doesn t know who to help or who to trust He doesn t know why he is chosen and what the possibilities are in the future for his newfound calling Same goes for us readers Questions arise why has Jim been chosen for this job How come both sides found him to be an agreeable pawn in the game between good and evil What exactly did he do in the military We know he has done morally arguable stuff in his life, but he doesn t seem to be a bad person This indicates we will be seeing of Jim and chances are, this won t be pretty After all Jim has seven chances to decide the game And in order for him to play all seven games, he needs to lose once in a while This series promises to be really intriguing. Fab u lous One of the best books, if not the best book I ve read all year I wasn t sure if JR Ward had another series in her that could rival the best of the BDB series, but this fantastic effort proves she does Part urban fantasy, part romance yes, there s one, and it s touching and hawt part horror, part suspense this book has it all and then some and can keep and hold the weakest of all attention spans I hated to put it down, and when I did, I kept thinking about it, plotting it out in my mind, wondering where it was going to lead, and eagerly anticipating what would happen next.I won t get into the plot much because it would be too easy to let a spoiler slip except to say that it takes place over the course of three days in Caldwell, NY home of the BDB, but not exactly connected to that series, and no, you don t have to read that series to enjoy this one , is about a battle of good vs evil, big choices are made, and has a big be careful of what you wish for theme It s wonderfully detailed including Ward s trademark branding of nearly every inanimate object , has the same wonderfully witty dialogue and male bonding happening much like the BDB books , is laced with some violent and gruesome scenes, has a romance you can root for, but most importantly has some wonderful characters that the reader can fall in love with I just loved all of them One of the heroes of the book, Jim Heron, is charged with saving seven souls from a life of eternal damnation since each are committing one of the seven deadly sins lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride How he got this assignment and how he goes about the saving is the basis for this book Jim, a former Black Ops guy who only seems to know how to live a life based on violence and revenge and whose whole life was affected by a tragic incident in his childhood, ends up at a crossroads in this book and discovers if he has it in him to make the most unselfish sacrifice of his life I loved this guy and was fascinated by his story I loved his interactions with the other male characters throughout the book very BDB like JR Ward does the whole male POV so well I just loved getting inside Jim s head I even loved his interactions with the scruffy, homeless dog named Dog Jim had a good heart Just wonderfully told.So the first sinner that Jim has to save is Vincent diPietro, committing the sin of avarice greed What can I say about the insanely rich, sexy, general contractor and romantic lead I adored him, which surprised me a little His character reminded me a little of Rehvenge Lover Avenged he was sort of an anti hero at first Self involved, remote, all about how much he could acquire , a shady, less than legal past but somehow Ward, with her tremendous storytelling skills, had me falling for him fast as she delved into his background sooo sad and portrayed him in a sympathetic light once she put him in the path of the heroine, Marie Terese Loved the whole meeting of the eyes hit by a thunderbolt first encounter I loved how she developed Vin s story, and she gave him and Marie Terese some of the most smokin hot sex scenes since Zsadist and Bella in Lover Awakened My God, the whole sequence of scenes that ends up with them in the shower H O T no doubt about it, and made me realize that Ward could be an outstanding erotic romance writer if she chose to be Now Marie Terese, a woman running from a past with a controlling, mobster ex and working as a prostitute Ward doesn t take long to reveal the circumstances surrounding that particular choice At first I thought, okay, I get it but there has to be another way Other than having it an easy way to have the H H meet and set the plot in motion, the choice of earning money that she desperately needed that MT made still nagged at me But later in the book Ward reveals why MT chose to put herself in that situation and it was a very reasonable explanation so well done Ms Ward for putting my questions to rest I also liked the whole Mary Magdalene comparison nice touch.Now the horror aspects of the book Very Stephen King like In fact, Vin has a gift that s straight out of The Dead Zone which starts him down the whole be careful what you wish for path I don t want to reveal anything about the evil that Jim, Vin, and Marie Terese find themselves battling, except to say as long as you haven t read any spoilers, it will come as a big, creepy surprise who what the evil is And if you ve read the BDB, this evil may remind you a little of The Omega Some nice, juicy horror here.Fans of Ward s BDB will be tickled by the Phury cameo can t miss it , the Butch sighting pay attention or you ll miss it , and the other small connections to the BDB series You ll be re introduced to Trez Lover Avenged , recognize local Caldwell landmarks the Commodore where s V Jane and feel like at any moment you could run into one of the Brothers I loved the whole atmosphere I felt right at home.The ending What can I say Suspenseful, horrific, sad, yet soooo satisfying although it left me with a few unanswered questions Suffice to say I can t wait for the next in the series and there are six sins to go , I hope we see Vin and MT again, and man, I d like to read this one all over Ward s writing skills knock me out can I give it than 5 stars Opening LineShe wants you Jim Heron lifted his eyes from his Budweiser A PROMISING START ON THE OTHER SIDE OF CALDWELL N.YI m sure most people picking up Covet are fans of JR Ward s Black Dagger Brotherhood and my advice to you would be as hard as it is to forget about the Brothers just for a moment and enjoy this story for what it is Ward has created a whole new mythology here, that of Angels, Demons and the occult and given us some fantastic new characters to play in it Her unique writing style makes this story feel familiar from the get go and I loved revisiting the places I ve come to know in Caldwell N.Y through the Brotherhood Seeing the city in the daylight was especially fun and I revelled in the familiarity of these new yummy characters with their loud music, unique slang and multiple f bombed banter Yes, it s good to be back with the WARDen again I found writing a synopsis really difficult here without giving too much away so I ll just set the story in motion Jim Heron, as one of the main characters is no Angel wink, wink He s lived his life on both sides of the law and that s what makes him the perfect impartial choice for the angels and demons ultimate end game Jim has been chosen as the deal breaker in a game of good vs evil and given the task of saving the souls of seven people from one of seven deadly sins, If he fails so does all of humanity, so it isn t really an option The first soul Jim is sent to redeem is that of Vin diPietro, a wealthy and powerful yet dissatisfied business man He s also Jim s boss Through circumstances Jim finds himself at the nightclub The Iron Mask previously ZeroSum with Vin and his beautiful but mysterious fianc This situation is awkward in a host of different ways no spoilers here but it allows us to see Trez again and for Vin to see Marie Therese across a crowded dance floor and not be able to look away We of course get into Marie Therese s head and learn the whys and how s of her life as a prostitute this is not a spoiler, she was in Lover Avenged And her story is very interesting We then enter a love triangle of sorts and a serial killer sets his sights on Marie Therese Meanwhile Jim adopts a dog and tries to save the world while Vin faces a horrifying ancient evil So, these are the four main characters involved in Covet and they all go through some major personality changes during the course of this story There are also several secondary characters, some of which have been well fleshed out but others like Jim s two Fallen Angel mentors have unfortunately been left a little vague This gets 4.5 stars from me and I would recommend it I become invested in the characters and couldn t put it down, I laughed, I shook my head, shrieked and sighed The love scenes are amazing and I liked Jim as the hero and his little dog too Vin and Marie Therese s evolving romance is captivating and sexy, although those of you looking for a typical romance novel may be somewhat disappointed I didn t feel as though I d learned enough or gotten enough of the Fallen Angels but the antagonists were well done and even a little scary albeit they didn t smell like baby powder The last 100 pages of Covet are heart pounding and in the end Ward left me wanting Do yourself a favour though and don t search for the cameo appearances from the Brothers while you read this, just enjoy the story They are there but be warned they re very brief I will however admit to screaming like a little girl when I found them. *Free Kindle ⇻ Covet ↟ Redemption Isn T A Word Jim Heron Knows Much About His Specialty, Both Personally And Professionally, Is Revenge, And To Him, Sin Is All RelativeVincent Di Pietro Has Surrendered Himself To His Business Until Fate Intervenes In The Form Of A Tough Talking, Harley Riding, Self Professed Savior, And A Woman Who Will Make Him Question His Destiny When you start this book you are thinking it will be a paranormal romance with this Jim guy as the hero, but no He actually ends up being a side guy, even though the book is about him Kinda.See I really know how to clear things up.Jim is given a mission to save seven souls to determine if all of humanity will get to go to heaven and experience its heavenly wonders I m thinking a Chocolate Buffet which by the way, they had on the cruise we went on over Christmas This is what I did for Christmas Except, the heavenly chocolate buffet will have servers that look like Hemsworths and Skarsgaards.OR, if he fails, and 4 out of 7 pick the Highway to Hell, all of humanity will burn forever in agony and wear ragged clothing while being poked by pitchforks All while standing in line for some reason.You think that s bad, you should see the line for the ladies restroom The men s restroom doesn t have a line Some things never change.This is a description of JimA member of the Spare Club for Men, a guy who never used a word when a nod or a shake of the head could get his point across Oh, you mean Southern I swear, the men down here act like they would have to give up their guns if they spoke than three words together.Those are the three words.Jim s first mission is to save the soul of a guy named Vin Vin is about to marry a beautiful model, but then he sees a prostitute and rethinks everything Because, she s not just a prostitute, y all She s a prostitute with a heart of gold who looks like Julia Roberts and really hates her job I m thinking, look girl, everyone hates their job We all have to work with dicks than we would like, and there s always an asshole boss who makes money off of your work But, at least she doesn t have to type It almost makes up for the raging Syphilis So, girlfriend works at Trez s club you know, the guy with one of the worst books in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series And, guess who else shows up in this book The guy with the second worse book Phury Although, his was a cameo Trez had an actual side part in this one.Needless to say, this book had the J.R Ward feel to it Tons of references and the lingo that she always uses I loved this description of a cage dancer girl at the club, totally cracked me upthe cages, where a woman was aglow in blue light, writing as if she d lost a cold penny down the front of her thong and wasn t allowed to use her hands to get it out Isn t that the best To wrap up my rambling, this book will be fun for lovers of the BDB, but I doubt you will like it if you don t like that series It has the same feel, but the vampires are not revealed to be there, so you feel like you know a secret that the characters don t know. Covet is OK, entertaining but nothing special there.I think this series is not for me I am a huge HUGE fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series but this book is vastly different and it doesn t work for me.I am not interested in the romance, I am not interested in the demons versus angels plot, I am not interested in the story line, and I don t care about the characters The whole dynamic of the book is completely different to the BDB series and it just doesn t engage me or even grip my attention in any respect I am so frustrated because I wanted to like it so much but I don t The Fallen Angel Series is of a different hue than The Black Dagger Brotherhood series and not nearly as good In my opinion is an enormous disillusion.