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Almost a complete waste of paper.A lot of the recipes are of things to cook before you even step outside.There are recipes for sandwiches Many suggest ingredients that you are hardly likely to be carrying in a backpack Asparagus, bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh spinach, broccoli, the list is endless.I can only assume the author has never really backpacked herself otherwise she wouldn t write such rubbish. ( Download Book ) ♖ Chef in Your Backpack: Gourmet Cooking in the Great Outdoors ♳ We All Look Forward To Spring And Summer, When The Sun Returns, The Blooms Bud, And We Feel The Urge To Reacquaint Ourselves With The Great Outdoors But Camping And Hiking Trips, Whether Day Treks Or Week Long Journeys, Beg An Age Old Question What To Bring Along To Eat Chef In Your Backpack Proves That Camping And Hiking Meals Don T Always Have To Be About Stale Sandwiches And Bagged Veggies With A Little Ingenuity And Know How, And A Bit Of Advance Planning, You Can Be Dining In High Style Around The CampfireNicole Bassett Is An Outdoors Enthusiast Who Has Been Developing And Preparing Outdoor Meal Recipes For Years She Believes In The Notion That A Great Yet Easy To Make Meal Is Not Only Satisfying, But Is Nutritious And Energizing For Your Hikes And Treks She Also Offers Great Tips For Keeping Your Food Safe From Spoilage And Not So Friendly Creatures, As Well As Nifty Ideas Like Using Film Canisters To Store Spices, And Using Your Camping Mug As A Measuring CupNicole Offers A Wide Range Of Meal Ideas, From Power Breakfasts To Soul Nurturing Dinners, All Of Which Can Either Be Prepared In Their Entirety Outdoors Or With A Little Preparation At Home Before You GoWith This Chef In Your Backpack, Camping And Hiking Never Tasted So Good Nicole Bassett Grew Up In The Wilds Of Northern British Columbia, Canada After Moving To Vancouver To Attend School, She Now Lives In Toronto Where, Among Other Things, She Is Developing A Television Series Based On Chef In Your Backpack