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The book Bringing in the New Year by Grace Lin is a colorful book that tells the story of how a different culture brings in the New Year This short picture book tells the story of a family and their cultural traditions The books illustrations are so colorful and truly pop out of the pages for the reader s eyes As you can see, on the cover almost every color is used The cover shows the character, Mei Mei in a cultural headdress of some kind When you open the book it has small pictures of cultural items Such as a, bunny lantern, spring lantern, kumquat tree, broom, firecrackers, dumplings, and a good luck sign The way this family celebrated reminded of how the American culture celebrates the New Year with good luck s and fireworks One particular illustration I liked in this book was when one of the pages folded into another creating a three page spread of a cultural dragon. Picture book fictionGrades PreK 2Ages 3 7Lexile Measure AD330LDRA Level 18Themes ceremony and tradition, Chinese New Year, Chinese and Chinese American, family life, winterWith the Chinese Lunar New Year starting on February 16, now might be a great time to use this picture book to introduce your children to some of the traditions of this wonderful festival as celebrated by a Chinese American family The art is vivid, and basic versions of common traditions are presented in simple language with single sentences There is also adetailed one page explanation expanding on the event at the back of the book. [Read Epub] ⚆ Bringing in the New Year ⚑ This Exuberant Story Follows A Chinese American Family As They Prepare For The Lunar New Year Each Member Of The Family Lends A Hand As They Sweep Out The Dust Of The Old Year, Hang Decorations, And Make Dumplings Then It S Time To Put On New Clothes And Celebrate With Family And Friends There Will Be Fireworks And Lion Dancers, Shining Lanterns, And A Great, Long Dragon Parade To Help Bring In The Lunar New Year And The Dragon Parade In Our Book Is Extra Long On A Surprise Fold Out Page At The End Of The Story Grace Lin S Artwork Is A Bright And Gloriously Patterned Celebration In Itself And Her Story Is Tailor Made For Reading Aloud Bringing in the New Year written by Grace Lin follows the life of a little girl and her family The story is about the family preparing for the New Year and shows each step the family takes in order to prepare from, setting up decorations, making food, and dressing up The story is very short and has simple sentences The book is made for an audience of Kindergarten to 1st grade The illustrations follow the story of the book and children can understand the story without the words The book is colorful and even in the illustrations, it shows different races that celebrate with the family of the story The book does a great job of showing the New Year Celebration, and compared to other children s book on Chinese New Year, all the ideas and celebrations are the same. Summary Bringing in the New Year is a story about a young girl whose family is preparing to celebrate the Chinese New Year Different preparations are mentioned, such as decorations, food, and traditional clothing The celebration includes a family gathering, fireworks, paper lanterns, and dragons The end of the book provides the reader with factual information about the Chinese New Year Evaluation I liked this book because it had many different elements for the reader to experience The opening and closing pages of the book have illustrations of traditional items that would be found at a Chinese New Year celebration labeled with the correct vocabulary This would help students better understand the context of the story if they know what kinds of things are traditionally used Then, the story describes how a young girl s family prepares for the celebration, and the illustrations givedetail There is even a fold out page with the dragon so that the readers can see its scale and greatness Lastly, the book ends with two pages of factual information about the Chinese New Year, so readers can get ain depth understanding about the Chinese New Year Teacher Recommendation I would use this story to help teach students about the Chinese New Year It would help students to better understand a different culture and extensively celebrated holiday I might first introduce the vocabulary with different pictures to help students build schema before reading the book Then I would read the story to the class, and let students point out some of the objects that were discussed prior to reading Then, I would read them the information about the Chinese New Year After reading the story, I might have the students write about the Chinese New Year, using information from the text, and then make some sort of art like a kimono or paper dragon that represents something from book. A very cute and educational story about the Lunar New Year Grace Lin is a great author and her picture books are just as informative as her longer novels for children. Summary A young Chinese girl and her family are welcoming in the new year The girl and her family go through the preparations involved in preparing for the new near, discussing the Chinese traditions At the end of the story the new year has arrived and the family celebrates with friends Evaluation I gave this story three stars because I felt like it is a resourceful tool to use around the time of the Chinese New Year It is an easy story to read however, it might not catch the attention of all students One thing I really liked about this book is the little girl discussed the role of each member of the family when preparing for the new year and all the things that are involved The pictures show how the Chinese culture dress differently, has different food, different decorations, etc Teaching I would use this book to teach compare and contract By using a venn diagram chart I would ask the students to discuss the different new years traditions between our American culture and the culture of the Chinese This will allow the students to better understand the Chinese culture and give Chinese students a chance to discuss what their new years celebrations are like when celebrating the Chinese New year. K 3rd grade Bringing in the New Year was a very exciting and colorful book to read Being so close to Christmas time and the New Year, I was very happy to run across this book Celebrating the New Year is always a happy time I was able to learn about some of the customs and rituals that go along with the Chinese New Year The illustrator used lots of thin lines that provided an inviting feeling Learning about a new culture can be awkward at times and by using lots of curved and thin lines, the illustrator gave the book a flow that was welcoming and fun Related Content Areas Social Studies, Language ArtsLesson Idea This book would be an exhilarating way to learn about Chinese culture and how they celebrate the New Year The teacher could start the lesson by reading this book and then continue it by comparing China and America, geographically The teacher could point out similarities and differences between the countries and their cultures The teacher could also have the students practice writing certain phrases in Chinese. When my kiddo was around 10, she developed an interest in Chinese myths That interest grew and soon included food, culture and language So, one bitter cold Sunday, we took the subway down to Chinatown in NYC to see the Dragon Parade welcoming in the Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year What an exciting day that was we ate dumplings, sticky rice cakes and drank lots of tea, watched the dragon wake up and just enjoyed the day out despite the 20 F temperature Next thing I knew, kiddo was finished with college, spoke fluent Mandarin and off to China The Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival, is a real family celebration and nothing exemplifies thatthat Grace Lin s Bringing in the New Year This sweet introduction to this holiday, aimed at preschoolers, is as colorful and cheerful as the celebrations themselves There are lots of traditions surrounding the New Year, and Lin gives a wonderful overview of these There is sweeping out the old year similar to spring cleaning , hanging up the happiness poems and bringing in the lions to scare away the bad luck from the old year, all depicted in bright, happy colors, but with red predominating red is the color of luck or good fortune.I liked Bringing in the New Year a lot, except I wish Lin had included somewhere the meanings of the words she used for family members Jie Jie means big sister, Mei Mei is little sister, Ba Ba means daddy Whenever I read this book to kids, they think they are Chinese names, not family designations, even though they are commonly used Other than that, this is a perfect beginner book for kids to start learning about and appreciating the Lunar New Year.This book is recommended for readers age 3 This book was purchased for my personal libraryOh yes, according to the Lunar calendar, 2013 is the Year of the Snake, the Water Snake, to be exact. This book Bringing in the New Year is suitable to use for ages 3 to 6 It was written by Grace Lin It tells a story of young Chinese girl in the U.S celebrate the Lunar New Year with her family and friends together They clean their house, make dumplings, hang decorations, and wear new clothes After dinner, there will have fireworks and lion dancers on the streets I like this book It is a great book for showing customs and rituals of Chinese New Year with everyone New Year s is the most important holiday in the Chinese culture Chinese people follow the traditional Chinese calendar, therefore, the date of New Year s will not be the same for each year The Chinese people who come to the foreign countries will remember and never forget this holiday I can see children and adults with smiles on their faces in every page The new year bring satisfaction and happiness into their life They are exiting to forward to a new year The book provides colorful images When I read this book, I feel excited and fun When the teacher read this book to children, children will have opportunity to learn Chinese culture and they can share the way of another countries celebrate the New Year.